How The Major Arcana Is Associated With Countries Around The World

Many people are aware that geography and astrology are connected. That means countries and cities are represented by different zodiac signs due to their nature. What about other esoteric factors such as numerology? That is true as well. In addition to that, tarot cards are also tied to different geographic locations.  

Let’s now take the time to look at each of the cards in the Major Arcana and learn about the countries that they are associated with.

The Fool

The Fool is the card that represents someone who is innocent going into a situation that they know nothing about. They are ready to learn with the experiences they have with the situation. The ruling planet is Uranus and the countries that this card is associated with are Russia, Sweden, and Iran.

The Magician

The Magician is the card that represents creation, making something new, and starting something new. The ruling planet is Mercury, and the countries that this card is associated with are Switzerland, Belgium, and Greece.

The High Priestess

The High Priestess is about encouraging you to tap into your intuition and to uncover anything that is hidden by doing so and being in touch with your Higher Self. This card is ruled by the Moon, and the countries that are associated with the High Priestess are Holland, New Zealand, and Scotland.

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Empress is the maternal card as it is all about mothering, nurturing, and providing a loving environment, as well as creation. The planet associated with this card is Venus and the countries that are represented are Switzerland, Argentina, and Austria.

The Emperor

The Emperor is a masculine card that represents paternal energy, and it is the card that represents leadership and providing orders and structure. Aries is the sign that is associated with the Emperor. The countries that are associated with this card are England, Germany, and Poland.

The Hierophant

The Hierophant is the card that rules conformity and being part of the community to gain wisdom as well as higher education and places of worship. The associated sign with the Hierophant is Taurus and the countries that this card rules are Ireland, the Greek Islands, and Capri.

The Lovers

The Lovers is the card that represents making a well-thought-out choice and relationships. And many times, our relationships and friendships outside of our family are a result of the choices that we make. You can choose to have friends from work or school, and you can choose not to have a relationship with anyone from those places that you don’t like. Even though, they are in your life. Gemini is the sign that rules this card, and the associated countries are Belgium, Wales, Sardinia, and Iceland.

The Chariot

The Chariot is the card that is about not giving up and persevering even if you want to throw in the towel on an emotional level. Cancer is the sign that rules this card. The associated countries are the USA and Holland.


This card is self-explanatory as it represents one’s inner strength. They rely on it in order to get through difficult situations so they can come out on the other side even stronger. Leo is the sign that is associated with this card, and the countries are associated as well are Macedonia, Romania, Madagascar, and Zanzibar

The Hermit

The Hermit is the card that rules introspection, analyses, and withdrawing from others in order to do soul-searching. The sign that is associated with this card is Virgo. The countries Brazil, Turkey, and Crete are also represented by this card.

The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune turns up when there is a turn of events, and it represents a change of things. Jupiter is associated with this card that represents expansion, and the countries that are associated with this card as well are Chile, Hungary, and Saudi Arabia.


Justice is about balance, fairness, and again, justice. It is a karmic card that represents cause and effect. Therefore, the associated sign to this card is Libra. The countries associated with this card are Canada, Tibet, and Japan.

The Hanged Man

This card is about making a sacrifice or surrendering to a situation that cannot be helped. It may also represent a suspension in time. The associated planet is Neptune, and the countries that are also associated with the Hanged Man are the Scandinavian countries, Portugal, and Samoa.


Death is the most misunderstood card in the deck as it represents major transitions and changes. It means endings as well. It does not literally mean physical death unless it pertains to someone that is terminally ill. A healthy person that pulls this card for themself is going to go through a life-changing transition. Scorpio is the associated sign, and countries associated with Death are Finland, Norway, and Bavaria.


Temperance is about moderation, balance, and patience, and just going with the flow. The associated sign is Sagittarius, and the countries that are associated with Temperance are Australia, South Africa, and Spain.

The Devil

The Devil is the card that is all about having material attachments that are not all that healthy. It also represents obsessions, but it can also represent commitments. The sign that is associated with the Devil is Capricorn. The countries that this card represents as well are Mexico, Bulgaria, and Bosnia.

The Tower

The Tower is the unforeseen destruction that happens to a structure. It is basically the card that means the destruction of the old so that the new can come in. It is a card however that represents crises and anything shocking that happens unexpectedly. Mars is the associated planet. The countries that are tied to this card are Israel and Syria.

The Star

The Star represents hope, inspiration, and the silver lining, as well as faith. Aquarius is the sign that is associated with this card. The countries associated as well are Sweden and Russia.

The Moon

The Moon represents anything that is hidden, and it also represents an illusion as well as deception. A lack of clarity is associated with this card. The sign that is linked to the Moon is Pisces. The countries ruled by this card are Egypt as well as any country in North Africa.

The Sun

The Sun is the happiness, joyous, and brightest card in the deck. This is the card that you want to see come up because it means that life right now is great. The Sun is shining, and this is the ruler of this card. The countries associated with the Sun are France and Italy.


Judgment is the card that represents an awakening and a rebirth and rising to the next level of consciousness. Pluto is the ruling sign of this card and the countries that are associated are Queensland and Morocco.

The World

The World or the Universe is the last card in the Major Arcana that represents accomplishments, achievements, and completion of a cycle. Saturn is the associated planet since it takes hard work to accomplish anything! The associated countries are India and the UK.

The countries that are associated with the cards are the same ones that are linked to the zodiac signs and planets they are related to. Therefore, the next time you plan on visiting any of these countries, you will be thinking of the cards associated with them! Happy traveling.

Miriam Slozberg

Miriam Slozberg is a Canadian mom, blogger, freelance writer, author, tarot reader, and certified astrologer.

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