Cancer Zodiac Sign Explained

Horoscope for Cancer

People born under the astrological zodiac sign of Cancer are those who were born between June 21st and July 22nd. If you were born within three days of a sign change you may belong to a cusp of two zodiac signs (Gemini – Cancer or Cancer – Leo Cusp). Cancer symbol is represented as the primary water sign, followed by Scorpio and Pisces, and it’s the 4th Zodiac sign. The human body parts corresponding to the sign of Cancer are the chest and the stomach.

Cancer is governed by the Moon, its ruling planet. Connected to the Fourth House, Cancer is a cardinal sign whose polar opposite is Capricorn. It is a female sign that has a preference for white and black. The weekday that suits them best is Monday. Their lucky numbers are 5, 17 and 30.

Cancer Zodiac Sign: Characteristics

Cancer, Latin for crab, is in a dark region of the sky, and is the faintest constellation in the Zodiac, with only two stars above the fourth magnitude: Acubens (The Claw) and Al Tarf (The foot). Cancer is visible in the Northern Hemisphere in the early spring, during March at 9 PM and can be seen in the Southern Hemisphere during autumn.

The peculiarity of the sign of Cancer is its imagination. They are not only creative, but also dreamers who often have their head in the clouds. They are visionaries who often project themselves into the future by letting their imagination run free. Cancer people are also nostalgic and love to dive back into their past and remember childhood memories.

Cancer care very much about their own roots. They’re not the kind of people who deny their own origins, because family has a prominent place in their life. Cancer natives show a special dedication to children and procreation. Case in point, in Ancient Egypt, Cancer was associated with the Goddess Isis, protector of children.

On a romantic side, Cancer are very sensitive and emotional. They will try to camouflage this vulnerability with modesty and shyness. Although they are not very talkative, Cancer people cannot bear loneliness. They feel the constant need to interact with the world in order to feel safe.

Too focused in the past and future, Cancer tend to forget about the present. That is why their loved ones believe they have lost touch with reality. They can even neglect, or even run away from, their responsibilities and
obligations. Their being stubborn and obstinate can sometimes make them capricious and whimsical.

Friends and Family

The native of Cancer is naturally hospitable. It is someone you can count on, especially in the most difficult times. Cancer are very understanding people. They do not hesitate to help those in need. They also know how to comfort and give good advice in moments of distress.

However, Cancer are rather demanding when it comes to friendship. For them, friendly relationships with others should primarily be based on trust, respect and mutual loyalty. They have a very hard time with lies and hypocrisy.

Family is extremely important for Cancer people. Their attachment can be seen through a desire to help, but especially to protect each and every family member. This form of protection involves mainly moral, but also material support.

Family also implies children! Cancer people are personally sensitive to anything related to fertilization and birth. Cancer are fascinated by this kind of human conception. Moreover, in the education of their own children, Cancer can demonstrate a huge paternal or maternal instinct.

Cancer Personality in Female Natal Chart

Cancer women have great femininity. This can be reflected by their dress code, the way they express themselves, gestures or simply behavior. This is a woman confident about her sensuality and who can show her femme fatale side without complex.

That said, even if eyes are drawn to her, she keeps a kind of simplicity. Never yielding to any excess, she knows how to maintain balance and stability in her life. On an emotional side, Cancer women are more discreet. They are rather reserved and want to preserve their privacy. They are particularly cautious in their choices and decisions.

She has a close connection to family feelings. Indeed, a Cancer woman finds happiness with members of her own family, whom she trusts completely. Her family guarantees her a certain form of security that allows her to flourish and unveil her full personality. She is not only a loving wife, but also a devoted mother who wants to give her best to make her children happy.

A Cancer is an open-minded woman. That’s why she usually has a lot of friends and acquaintances. Meeting new people allow her to improve herself both culturally and intellectually. She doesn’t like to judge others, because she is naturally tolerant and understanding.

This is a woman who knows how to be attentive and generous to her loved ones, but especially to her family. For her, all relationships must be based on mutual exchange and especially on sharing. She takes a liking to give things away without necessarily waiting for something in return. What drives her is above all the feeling of having pleased her loved ones by giving the best of herself.

A Cancer woman is also a woman with overflowing imagination. She tends to focus all her fantasy side into creation. She also has a penchant for artistic creation. Despite her dreamy side, she is not the kind of woman to lose focus or lose touch with reality. A Cancer woman is a serious and orderly woman, with a keen sense of organization.

But her need to put everything in order and organize everything leads her to be considered as too perfectionist. The main flaw of the Cancer woman is her naive side. She is easily influenced because it is ready to believe anything that she is told. She can also be fickle and temperamental sometimes when she does not get what she wants.

Cancer Personality in Male Natal Chart

The man Cancer is renowned for his wisdom. He is a well-educated, polite, courteous and respectful man. He knows how to make the right decisions and fully assumes his responsibilities and obligations. He tends to lecture his loved ones though, especially his family. If it does so, it is because he wants to fill the protector role towards his entourage.

He is a man who has the particularity of being very understanding. Indeed, he is endowed with a great sense of how to listen. That’s why his loved ones are used to turn to him in times of trouble. He knows how to comfort and raise the morale of people and above all does not hesitate to help when needed.

A Cancer man is a very nostalgic person. He feels the constant need to recall his childhood and adolescence memories. He assumes that it is imperative to know where we come from and be aware of everything we have been through before knowing where we are going. This detour in the past allows him to regain his confidence and get himself together especially in some difficult times.

He is also seen as a very discreet man, sometimes distant even. People say he’s shy. But in reality, it is a false shyness that mainly hides some distrust towards other people. Indeed, it is hard for him to open up to people because very few people receive his trust. The restraint and caution he has shown are mainly the result of his need to protect his intimacy.

Behind this cold and distant façade also hides a hypersensitive man. Cancer men are literally tough men with a tender heart. They are emotionally fragile men who need to be reassured. Case in point, it is mainly this sense of emotional comfort he will try to look for in a relationship.

A Cancer man is rather difficult to pin down. Although he is not very open with people, he feels the need to interact with the outside world. This is a man who cannot stand loneliness, because he quickly feels abandoned, forgotten, and rejected. Leaving him alone for a while could make him anxious, or even hysterical.

But Cancer men don’t just have positive qualities. They are also extremely demanding men. Even if they try to avoid conflicting relationships as much as they can, this does not prevent them from throwing temper tantrums when something does not suit them. This kind of behavior sometimes leads them to speak in a virulent or offensive way.

What Jobs For Cancer?

Cancer is a water sign, so it will be particularly drawn to occupations related to aquatic life. They are therefore likely to become sailors or fishermen/women. Of a very welcoming and hospitable nature, they can make a career in the field of restaurants, hotels or real estate.

People born under the sign of Cancer like to take care of other people. That’s why natives are generally drawn to medicine and professions related to social and humanitarian values. They are fascinated by research and history. Curiosity among Cancer natives will guide them towards a career as historians, archaeologists, or antiquarians.

Compatibility With Other Signs

Although Cancer and Aries do not see life in the same way, they can certainly build a solid friendship. Aries is a person overflowing with energy, unlike Cancer who is more serene and prefers to stay in a kind of comfort zone.

Zodiac signs compatibility


Aries have the ability to share their dynamism with Cancer, without rushing them, so that they can be a little more open to the world around them.

Cancer and Taurus share the same interests, especially concerning a taste for nostalgia. They are more likely to get along than with other signs. Whether on a friendly or professional level, Cancer and Taurus are loyal partners who often manage to implement and undertake joint projects.

Cancer has a harder time maintaining a good relationship with Gemini. The instability of Gemini people is not at all compatible with the tranquility and balance the Cancer wants to create. Relationships between Cancer and Gemini are also excessively based on superficial matters. This kind of relationship will have difficulties to flourish in the long term.

Between Cancers, friendly and professional relationships are more harmonious, because they are made to get along, each being particularly sympathetic to the needs of the other. A collaboration between Cancers based on trust and mutual respect is sure to lead to success and the realization of joint projects.

The relationship between Cancer and Leo is particularly complex. Cancer is governed by the Moon while the Leo is governed by the Sun. These are 2 completely opposite signs. This difference is reflected mainly in the field of work. They will find it difficult to agree on certain points and to try and find common ground.

The relationship between Cancer and Virgo is less passionate. In fact, they have almost no common points and have totally different visions of life. This is why both signs are unlikely to develop a lasting relationship. But no conflict is likely because each will tend to avoid the other.

Cancer is particularly fond of Libra. People born under the sign of Libra are naturally pleasant in life and extremely sympathetic. These two signs can expect to share many good times. On a professional level, they will make very good teammates motivated by a common goal.

Relations between Cancers and Scorpios are a rough ride. Even though they are both Water signs, Cancers and Scorpios cannot agree on anything. The argument-making up-argument cycle is likely to be repetitive. This kind of relationship ends up being annoying after a while.

The Cancer-Sagittarius relationship is emotionally rewarding. Whenever these two signs are together, a certain joie de vivre and a good atmosphere emerge. This harmony ends up creating a special connection between them over time. However, on a professional level, everyone knows how to be serious. They are perfectly aware that when they are at work, common interests take precedence over friendship.

Cancer get along perfectly with Capricorn and share common interests with them. The main problem between them is a lack of communication. This is something that needs to be improved to ensure a lasting friendly relationship. Even if disagreements arise, the key is for everyone to be understanding.

Professionally, Aquarius is the ideal partner for Cancer. Very focused on the future, Aquarius will feel happy to discuss with the natives of Cancer. However, they do not always agree on all points. With a bit of tolerance and understanding, Cancer and Aquarius can accomplish great things together.

Cancers and Pisces, both Water signs, are in perfect osmosis. Each knows how to listen to the other and knows how to be understanding. These are the main conditions that can guarantee a balanced, lasting relationship. The strength of these two signs is mainly based on their ability to communicate and be understood.

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