Numerology 101

Numerology assumes that your first and last names can be transcribed as a series of numbers. Each letter in the alphabet is associated with a number between 1 and 9 (see table below).

Table for a numerological transcription of letters into numbers

Numerology letters and numbers

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You just need to transcribe your first and last name into numbers and add them together, leading to a numerological interpretation. This operation is called a numerological reduction.

It should be noted that when one of your names is hyphenated, you should add all the letters from all the elements that make up your name.

A married person should use their birth name instead of the name of their spouse if

they changed it after the wedding because using their spouse name would falsely alter numerological interpretations of their numerological profile.

Example of a numerological transcription

So, in order to determine the numerological profile of a woman called Mrs. Isabella

Fornal (born Isabella Smith), you shall use the name Smith for the numerological transcription of their last name.

Her first and last names can be transcribed as follows, according to the table for a numerological transcription of letters into numbers.


I = 9

S = 1

A = 1

B = 2

E = 5

L = 3

L = 3

E = 1

So, her first name can be transcribed into these numbers: 9, 1, 1, 2, 5, 3, 3, 1


S = 1

M = 4

I = 9

T = 2

H = 8

So, her last name can be transcribed into these numbers: 1, 4, 9, 2, 8

1st numerological exercise: transcription of your first and last names

Use this method with your first and last names:

Your first name: ______________________________________________________

Its transcription into numbers: _________________________________________

Your last name: ______________________________________________________

Its transcription into numbers: _________________________________________

Numerology: a certain number … of numbers!

You then use combinations of this numerological data to calculate several numbers that will define a person’s numerological profile.

1- The active number

2- The heredity number

3- The soul urge number

4- The personality number

5- The expression number

These various numbers can then be analyzed through a numerological frame of reference.

This lets you know the personality of the person in question, and to know what they should do in order to improve their living conditions overall, or in a specific area (money, love, work…) or to achieve a specific goal.

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