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You were born between August 23rd and September 22nd (approximate dates)? One of the three Earth signs with Capricorn and Taurus, Virgo is a sign governed by the planet Mercury. Influenced by this celestial body of reflection, the natives of the sign of Virgo love to calculate, to think, to self-criticize and to have a solid organization. Virgo are methodical, effective and deeply rooted in the present.

People belong to the Virgo Zodiac sign always seek to make themselves useful. It is very important for them, to such an extent that they lose themselves in insignificant details. They are definitely perfectionists. This Virgo trait offers both advantages and disadvantages to them. In the professional world, they often have a chance to be given great responsibilities. They analyze everything, which is a quality in certain areas, but in love, it is a great flaw.

Virgo: User Guide

Like Capricorn and Taurus, Virgo is an Earth element sign. The influence of this sign is responsible for the strong personality of those belonging to the Virgo star sign. However, this sign also makes them conservative yet practical and disciplined.  Their life is highly organized and even at the time of chaos they seem to know how to bring it back to normal. Moreover, Virgo Horoscope sign is extremely critical and makes sure to look at every possible detail that other people would have missed easily.

Virgo zodiac sign is also ruled by the planet Mercury and symbolizes good communication, sense of speech and writing. This explains why Virgo traits are best suitable for careers such as journalists, typists and writers.

Beige and gray are the favorite colors of the native of Virgo. This Earth sign is analogous to body parts found in the digestive tract and the intestines. If there are strong points that differentiate them from other signs, they are probably logic and precision. Many, however, resent them for their rigidity and perfectionist character, which can sometimes be annoying.

What is a Virgo?

Loyal in friendship, the natives of Virgo get on well with most astrological signs. Their main character trait in friendship is that they are very devoted. Virgo star sign sometimes devotes body and soul to their friends and are much more concerned with their problems than their own. In the long run, it makes them suffer inside.

Virgo appreciates their friends to the point of wanting them to be part of their family. Only then will they feel good about themselves. However, they are very demanding and a little selective with their friends. If they feel that one of them does not live up to their expectations, they will also suffer from it.

Virgo Astrological sign and its relationship with other signs of the zodiac

While Virgo and Aries can become good friends because of their mutual interests, it is not likely to last longer. Similarly, a Virgo is less likely to become good friends with Taurus or Gemini. These signs just do not get along well and in the long run, would end up hurting each other and parting ways.

Keeping in mind Virgo traits, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Libra and Aquarius are their best friends. You will find many common points with these signs of the zodiac and beautiful friendships can arise from your encounters. Pisces and Cancer natives are your worst friends in spite of themselves. You are not part of the same world and your goals and aspirations are very different.

Virgo traits at home and workplace

As a family, Virgo always wishes to bear their responsibilities. It is a very important role for them and they do it brilliantly, even materially. They have the ability to forget a conflict situation and always create a serene atmosphere within their family.

Virgo’s obsession with organization influences the way they act as parents. A Virgo dad or mum likes to allocate roles like a Maestro in an orchestra. Everything must go according to plan. A Virgo parent has but a single priority, the happiness of their children. They are devoted to this noble task.

The word that best describes Virgo is perfectionists. The Virgo symbol also reflects this. At workplace, they are commonly referred to as a workaholic because they are highly dedicated, meticulous and industrious towards their job. Read Top 10 Jobs for Virgo.

At the same time when it comes to work, people belonging to the Virgo sign have high standards because of which many people see them as unrealistic. They would never leave a task incomplete and are so critical that they would always be seen pointing out flaws in others. However, such traits in a Virgo personality might irritate or distant people around them. They are always looking for perfection and would expect the same from their colleagues.

One can recognize a native of Virgo just by looking at their ultra-tidy office. Everything is in its place and disorder is not part of their vocabulary. Capricorn and Virgo are two endless workers who get along wonderfully. As for Taurus, they are Virgo’s best friends.

If Virgo Were… A Vegetable

If Virgo were a plant, they would probably be cereals and lavender. However, the flowers of the fields suit them well. The same applies to poppies, daisies or corn flowers. Clover and thyme are also among the plants that fit them well.

An Animal

If Virgo were an animal, they would no doubt be an ant or a squirrel. Ants are insects with great organizational ability. They are like bees, very strong and effective in groups. This reflects the organized and methodical character of Virgo. The natives of Virgo also correspond to other animals such as the stone marten or the termite.

A Mineral

If Virgo were a mineral, it would be nickel. However, Rose Quartz and Malachite can also help them. These are the belonging minerals that will help to the Virgo zodiac sign to come out of their bubbles, take risks and accept changes.

What Jobs or careers suit Virgo Zodiac sign?

One of the great qualities of Virgo is that they are serious and applied no matter what they do. In addition to being naturally methodical and organized, hating the unexpected, they can sometimes be too perfectionists; A habit that often annoys their colleagues. Virgo tends to be afraid of not being adequate. They lack confidence and hate taking risks.

The natives of Virgo need to feel useful and so they are very helpful. They can very well flourish as mathematicians (logic), computer scientists, physicians, breeders, architects, scientists or accountants.

Virgo’s Career and Success

Virgo sign is all about perfection and they would almost always get things done even if they end up driving everyone crazy in the process. They are not suited to jobs or careers that are prone to change; in fact, they would want a career that involves stability. In terms of work, they demand clear directions and would only panic if this is not the case.

Moreover, being extremely motivated and disciplined, they will make sure to follow and respect the standards and established policy of the respective company or organization. These Virgo traits account for their success and good reputation.  May it be a Virgo man or Virgo woman, both are believed to not perform well in a 9-5 job; they do not like being controlled or instructed. As far as the working environment is concerned, Virgo guys are a good team player who prefers peace and tries to avoid drama at all costs.

However, Virgo Astrology largely emphasis on how the Virgo zodiac sign loves working solo and would do anything to have some alone time in the office. They do not like multi-tasking and hate being instructed. Remote careers, as well as careers in the education sector, highly attract a Virgo where they can be as creative as possible. Dreams careers or jobs for Virgo zodiac sign are College professor, Museum curator, Information technology expert, Librarian, Systems analyst and Designer.

Virgo Money

Since among Virgo characteristics, rationality and intelligence take the lead, Virgo horoscope sign is known for being good savers. However, the influence of mercury also means they can sometimes indulge in impulsive spending. Moreover, they are natural hard workers but this does not mean they do not like comfort.

Virgo Astrological sign just knows how to maintain a balance. They also love to travel and living in luxurious hotels. Overall, they just know how to multiply their money and how much exactly must go into savings. In order to save and invest most efficiently, Virgo sign can read their money horoscope on a daily basis.

Virgo Compatibility with Other Signs

Do natives of Virgo really understand one another? Not quite. These two signs might be very similar, but their compatibility remains thin. On the menu, the routine can rise quite quickly along with conjugal conflicts. Both must provide a lot of effort to make their relationship work. To better understand what are Virgos like, knowing their compatibility with other signs is a must

Virgo and Aries

Virgo and Aries will have a somewhat complicated relationship. If Virgo loves to establish rules, to think before they act, Aries are spontaneous and want everything right away. A quality that Virgo appreciates, however, is that Aries rarely submit to any rule. It is a relationship that might not last.

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Virgo and Taurus

Virgo and Taurus are both earth signs and are hence, very practical. They both value luxury and good things and can help one another achieve what they desire. Taurus is stubborn and would always do what they set their mind to and the flexible Virgo zodiac sign will teach them how sometimes it is important to bend to the need of the others. In addition, they are also in great harmony, which will make their relationship last.

Virgo and Gemini

A relationship between Virgo Zodiac sign and Gemini will be more oriented towards friendship than towards love. If they venture into a relationship, these two signs will get bored over time. They get along very well, intellectually and in thought. However, there is no real attraction or passion. Gemini is a    very active person, unlike Virgo. In the end, they will realize this too great difference and their relationship can end in good terms.

Virgo and Cancer

The orderly and constant character of Virgo is a perfect match for Cancer. In return, Virgo will be for Cancer as a guide who comes to show them the way. Sensuality might not be very present, but their relationship can stand the test of time with many compromises from Virgo.

Virgo and Leo

Virgo zodiac sign is one of the few signs that manage to tame Leo, who cannot manage to understand or dominate them. Moreover, the absence of passion on the part of Virgo also irritates Leo. Their relationship is in Virgo’s hands, and they sometimes let Leo have an illusion of control. However, the patience of Virgo is not eternal and this could destroy their relationship with Leo.

Virgo and Libra

For Virgo and Libra, it is a story that can work under certain conditions. Despite the innate charm of Libra, the very appreciated intelligence of Virgo, the two signs do not unveil much in love. These are the kings and queens of compromise and this is what makes their relationship fragile, even tiresome. However, by adjusting their respective flaws and agreeing on certain points, Virgo and Libra can be a happy couple.

Virgo and Scorpio

Between Scorpio and Virgo stands an atypical and complicated relationship. The Scorpio, as a dominant, wants to impose his or her rules on Virgo on a sentimental level. This is what makes Virgo people flee the natives of this sign although they might feel incredibly attracted to Scorpio at first. Their relationship can only work with a very large concession from the Scorpio and if Virgo is really in love.

Virgo and Sagittarius

Virgo and Sagittarius view life differently. While Sagittarius is known as the energetic explorer, Virgo is exactly the opposite. They are more focused and practical. Sagittarius at times might find Virgo too realistic while Virgo would also not be very comfortable with Sagittarian energy. Moreover, both have a lot to learn from one another. While Virgo can help Sagittarius remain on the track, Sagittarius can add fun and excitement to Virgo’s life.

Virgo and Capricorn

Both have a realistic approach towards life and make sure not to let their impulses or emotions take over. They are pragmatic and rational and have a lot to offer one another. Virgo zodiac sign can help Capricorn to relax and can make them feel better by appreciating their work. Similarly, Capricorn can help Virgo make their dream reality through initiation. They know how to share their experiences, become connected, and are especially effective partners in business. This will enable them to carry out many life projects together.

Virgo and Aquarius

Freedom is very precious to the Aquarius, so they will not really be compatible with Virgo, who love to impose their own rules. It’s a complicated relationship at first. However, Virgo and Aquarius are two signs whose common qualities are patience and understanding. They will get along very well over time.

Virgo and Pisces

Pisces and Virgo are two completely opposite signs in the zodiac. A Virgo is a pragmatic person, rooted in reality and well organized. Pisces are whimsical and tend to project themselves into their own dreams. Their compatibility is very thin. Pisces like their partner to follow them into their dreams. Virgo on the other side avoids anything that is far from reality and will force the Pisces to go down to earth again.

Hence, Virgo Zodiac Sign has a different type of compatibility with different signs of the zodiac. The signs that best complement Virgo traits or Virgo characteristics are Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn. At the same time, the least compatible are Gemini, Libra and Aries. Virgo compatibility with other signs offer the most rational explanation to the question, what is a Virgo.

Virgo Personality: Virgo in a Male Natal Chart

A Virgo guy is helpful, practical and rational. Some of the traits that define him include dependability, honesty and perfection. However, these men are difficult to understand.

Virgo horoscope sign is the sixth sign among the zodiacs and rules over the mind. Virgo dates or Virgo birthday dates start from August 23rd to September 22nd. Moreover, Virgo symbol is ‘The Virgin’, and is ruled by the planets Mercury and Earth.

To be precise, Virgo astrology tells that a man belonging to this zodiac is realistic, trustworthy and observant. He does not like to socialize much rather prefers some alone time. He is also very thoughtful and mysterious, taking a good amount of time to trust people. Being extremely well disciplined, he always stands by the set rules and principles.

Virgo Men in Love

In love, a Virgo man is attractive through his humor and his innate joy. However, he might be a little too reserved, which does not help with seduction plans. A Virgo man thinks that as long as the other does not unveil his or herself, he will also remain in his little hiding place. Moreover, his own shyness does not help him much either. To seduce a Virgo man, one must persevere and not rush it. He will begin to open up when he is convinced that you have a real interest in him.

To hope to build a future in love with a Virgo guy, it will be necessary to be very patient. However, after breaking the ice, the Virgo man will open up little by little and you will discover a caring man. As a couple, he is extremely faithful and loyal to his partner.

Virgo In A Female Natal Chart

A Virgo woman is mostly referred to as beauty with brains. She is highly organized and a dedicated work ethic. She is also very creative in making sure her talents and brilliance is reflected in her work. A Virgo woman personality is quite strong and she is the kind of person that believes actions speak louder than words. The influence of Mercury is responsible for bringing out the creative and intellectual side of Virgo while the influence of earth makes sure they shine and succeed in whatever they do.

On the surface, Virgo personality seems very shy but in reality they are actually fun to hang out with. While a lot of things seem to be happening in the life of a Virgo woman at once, she just knows how to keep a balance and literally excel at each one of them.

Similarly, she is very logical and rational and before deciding on anything important, she would analyze all the possible details and then decide. However, one of the Virgo characteristics is that they tend to be very pessimistic, always looking at the negative aspects of the things first.

The best qualities of a Virgo zodiac sign or Virgo woman specifically are her efficiency, the fact that she is rational at all times, and her self-discipline. However, she is a very demanding woman, unable to improvise and who always sees the glass as being half empty. Her tendency to always want to control everything is also part of her main shortcomings.

Virgo Women in Love

In love, the perfectionist character of a Virgo woman is always in the forefront. Before making any commitment with someone, she will analyze, weigh the pros and cons and ask herself whether she could find someone better. It is often said that one must listen to one’s heart in love. This is not the case with Virgo women who don’t hesitate to use logic and a pragmatic mind in this field.

Women belonging to the Virgo zodiac sign often remain single for a long time. This is understandable, because she is prudent, but also because she cannot make up her mind. Is her choice the best? Should she calculate everything once more, get new data, resume her analysis and make a new decision? Such are the questions that Virgo women can find quite normal in love.

It is quite difficult to seduce a Virgo woman. She is distant and sometimes reserved. She has that calculating and pragmatic side that makes pretenders run away. However, behind this cold and distant appearance is a passionate, tender and faithful person, but extremely shy. She’s a woman you can rely on. Her intelligence and her way of organizing things will lead her couple towards fruitful projects, if, however, her man lets himself be led.

The signs of the zodiac with which Virgo traits could build a relationship are Taurus, Cancer, Pisces, and of course Capricorn.

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