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Numerology is the study of spiritual values associated with numbers. Mundane numbers are 1 to 9. Master numbers are doubles of the mundane numbers from 11 to 55. Angel numbers, Archangels, and messages are triples of mundane numbers (111 to 999).

There are also nine Orders, which quadruple the mundane numbers (1111 to 9999). When Angelic numbers appear in your life, you need to understand the divine message being offered to you and the Angel or Order sending the message.

Angel Numbers: Meanings and Messages

There are 15 well-known Archangels. Among them, 9 matches with the triplicity of the mundane numbers. Numerology represents a method for communication and identification regarding angelic messages. Each one of the 9 Archangel numbers has a brief description here, with a link to a full page of explanation.

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Archangels and Numbers

Angel numbers are believed to be messages from the archangels, who are powerful beings in the spiritual realm who act as messengers from the Divine. When angel numbers appear, it is believed that an archangel is sending a message from above.

Angel numbers are thought to be a way in which the archangels can communicate with us, providing guidance, protection, and blessings. They are believed to be a sign of the Divine’s presence in our lives, offering us insight and spiritual direction. more often than not, angel numbers are seen as a positive sign and a reminder of the Divine’s love and protection.

Let’s then check the numbers and the corresponding Archangels.

Angel Numbers Table of Contents

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111 and Archangel Uriel

When you encounter 111, Uriel is present and delivering a message. Known as God’s Light, he represents solitary strength and the fullness of individual authenticity. While we are all connected, we also differentiate and sometimes need to stand apart. Uriel is the divine spirit of 1, and the light of the individual.

222 and Archangel Haniel

When you see and notice 222, Haniel is present and delivering a message. Known as God’s Joy, she represents happiness through relationships. Haniel is the divine spirit of 2, and the grace of partnership and interconnection. We may be individual, but we are not alone.

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333 and Archangel Jophiel

When you see and notice 333, Jophiel is present and delivering a message. Known as God’s Beauty, she represents creativity, intuition, and self-awareness. Jophiel is the divine spirit of 3, and the need to create and inspire. We grow through our desire to add something to life through art and beauty.

444 and Archangel Ariel

When you see and notice 444, Ariel is present and delivering a message. Known as God’s Lioness, she represents the Great Mother and is a guardian of nature and animals. Ariel is the divine spirit of 4, and the need to establish and persist in the world. We seek to find our role in the natural order of the world.

555 and Archangel Gabriel

When you see and notice 555, Gabriel is present and delivering a message. Known as God’s Strength, he is the Great Messenger representing travel, change, and knowledge. Gabriel is the divine spirit of 5, and the need to explore and understand the world around us. We seek to communicate with others to help us understand ourselves.

666 and Archangel Azrael

When you see and notice 666, Azrael is present and delivering a message. Known as the Angel of Death, he is the Great Comforter, representing the inevitable ending of life in the cycle of life. Azrael is the divine spirit of 6, and our need to experience compassion and service in the face of difficulty, but necessary transformation.

777 and Archangel Chamuel

When you see and notice 777, Chamuel is present and delivering a message. Known as the One Who Sees, he embodies God’s love and compassion for humanity and your human existence. Chamuel is the divine spirit of 7, and our desire to unlock the mysteries of spiritual existence and life purpose. We seek far more than mere survival on the earthly plane.

888 and Archangel Michael

When you see and notice 888, Michael is present and delivering a message. Known as the Protector of the Faith, he represents strength, power, and courage. Michael is the divine spirit of 8, and our need to lead or be led. We learn about the spiritual lesson regarding power because we need to know our place in this earthly existence.

999 and Archangel Raphael

When you see and notice 999, Raphael is present and delivering a message. Known as God’s Healer, he represents the power of faith as a method of healing, keeping yourself well, and rejuvenating your life energy when you are lost, anxious, or depressed.

Raphael is the divine spirit of 9, and the lessons we learn on our journey through the earthly plane within a physical body that must endure suffering to help us grow.

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Meanings and Messages of the Angel Numbers

Besides the 9 Archangels who provide special links to the divine energy of God, there are 9 Angelic Orders, also represented by repeating mundane numbers, this time in quadruplicity. They are ranked lowest to highest, in terms of their “proximity” to God.


When you see and notice 1111, your guardian angel or angels are sending you a message. They realize you need their help or guidance. They are ready to assist you, and you should pray for their intervention or support regarding a matter of concern or importance. This number will often appear through a time when you notice it is 11:11 am or 11:11 pm.


When you see and notice 2222, the Archangels are sending you messages, and are trying to help you realize how close you are to God and where you might need particular help or understanding in life. If you notice 2222, be more aware that an Archangel triplicity number will likely follow, and a specific Archangel has a message for you.


When you see and notice 3333, there is a message related to the Principalities and the Angels who are the guardians of nations and the leaders of the world. There is something you need to understand about your nation and the leader of your culture.

Increase your awareness of your role in your society; what part do you play in the soul of your country?


When you see and notice 4444, there is a message related to the Powers among the Angels, who represent the first Angels God created. They guard the border between Heaven and Earth; they are the elite guard who stands ready to defend Heaven from demonic attack. Therefore, a message with this number has to do with defending or upholding your spiritual beliefs.


When you see and notice 5555, there is a message related to the Virtues among the Angels, who are known as the “Brilliant” or “Shining” Ones. They bring blessings, and encouragement, and perform miracles.

They help support your faith and want you to know the importance of living a spiritual life on the earthly plane. The appearance of this number reminds you to act and be virtuous.


When you see and notice 6666, there is a message from the Dominions among the Angels, who decide the fate of nations. The appearance of this number offers you insight into your country and its current path, whether it is rising or declining.

The message of this number will let you know which direction your nation is going and how best to navigate your life as a member of your country.


When you see and notice 7777, there is a message from the Thrones among the Angels, who are the Angels who surround the Throne of God. They see in every direction and represent the structure of faith.

Very rarely do they send a message to earth, since they are concerned more with heavenly pursuits. Should this number appear, then you should consider the structure of your life and faith?


When you see and notice 8888, there is a message from the Cherubim among the Angels, who stand between the Thrones and the Throne of God. They represent the “inner circle” and rarely turn their attention to earthly matters.

Should they grace you with this number, you must consider the mantle of power in your life and how you address your role as a spiritual being who needs to lead others properly.


When you see and notice 9999, there is a message from the Seraphim, the highest of the orders of the Angels, who spend their time worshiping and praising God. They represent the appreciation of creation and life, and so should you.

Messages from the Seraphim are the rarest, and it is easy to go lifetime after lifetime without seeing a message from them. Should they grace you with this number, you must find appreciation for life, no matter your circumstances.


Mundane, Master, Archangels, and Divine Order Numbers

We all have a personal numerology based on our date of birth and our full birth names. We also all have many different connections to divine energy. If we look at our birth date as both a series of numbers and a total, we can learn about the mundane, master, archangel, and divine order numbers for this incarnation.

Treat your birth date and name as individual; your birth date makes you part of a collective since roughly 350,000 births occur per day (according to UNICEF 2020 figures). Your name is unique and represents your particular divine connections, which may overlap with others not born on the same day.

Birth Date Numbers

Let’s consider a person born on 11/3/1973. The total for this birthday is 25, which reduces to 7. There are two 3s, so the master number is 33. And, there are three 1s, so the divine number 111, and a connection to Uriel.

7 and 9 are mundane numbers for the people born on this day. 7 is emphasized because it repeats the total number for the date of birth.

Birth Name Calculator and Angel Numbers

To calculate your birth name (destiny) number enter your full birth name into the calculator field below. This Birth Name calculator uses the Pythagorean method.

Let’s name the person born on 11/3/1973. She is Sarah Ann Walker. Using Pythagorean number assignments for the letter her full birth name comes out to 56, which reduces to an 11, and a master number, which reduces to 2.

Now, consider each number 1 to 9 and see how many letters in the name match with a number.

  • 1 – A, A, A, A, S (11111)
  • 2 – K
  • 3 – L
  • 4
  • 5 – E, N, N, W (5555)
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8 – H
  • 9 – R, R

As you can see, she has additional connections to the mundane numbers 2, 3, 8, and 9. But she also has connections to the divine orders 1111 and 5555, which special, additional emphasis on number 1.

With these connections, Sarah can easily access her Guardian Angels and be a “Shining One” for others. She may even have the gift of inspiring others with her faith or spiritual beliefs since the number 5555 connects her to the Angels of the Order of Virtues.

Divine Fragments as Lessons for Wholeness

The human experience is fragmented, and purposely so. When knowledge becomes deeply embedded or commonly repetitive, we often lose a sense of appreciation and understanding.

Think about toys or games you played as a child that required assembly or complicated rules that you left behind when you became an adult. If you revisit them, you may have to relearn how to put them together or play again.

They are part of your experience and something lost that you need to regain in a more mature and whole form. We are all divine, part of the divine, and weaving in and out of the wholeness of the divine for the joy of life and living.

Numerology is yet another system that helps you know and understand your connection to the divine in this lifetime.