Sagittarius Daily Horoscope


Luck horoscope Luck

Your luck is not doing you any good. You may not feel like performing day to day tasks to avoid encountering any obstacle but don’t be scared. This is what life is about.

Work horoscope Work

Do you feel like a force has enlightened you with all the ideas of this world? Make sure you implement these in your work, and the outcome will say the rest.

Love horoscope Love

With today’s celestial energy, you will feel on the top of the moon. Make sure to talk to someone who you love; it might turn out to be helpful for you.

Money horoscope Money

You may feel inferior to your friends and family because they are financially more sound than you are. However, do not get too deep within it. Make a strong financial plan and follow it!

Sagittarius Horoscope: Planetary Overview for this Month

On April 7th, there will be a square with Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. Mars is in your 3rd house of communication and networking, and Uranus is in your 6th house of service and duty. On this day, you can be somewhat pushy and overly arrogant or confident in your communication, and you will have somewhat of a “my way or the highway” approach.

You will want to impose your stance and your opinions and views onto others in the workplace, and this might not go down too well. Chances are there might be some changes happening that you are not happy with that you want to voice your discontent about to everyone. Try and accept that things might not always go your way, and you have to let go and move on with life. Try and adapt and adjust yourself to the new circumstances; you are a mutable sign after all!

On April 23rd, Ceres will enter the spiritual and compassionate sign of Pisces. Ceres represents how you nurture and how you heal. With Ceres here, you will realize how you do not need great, luxurious, expensive, or fancy things in life to be happy or to feel complete. Sometimes, in our pursuit to make money and acquire our riches in life, we can forget to pay attention to what really matters, and that is health, spirituality, family, and loved ones.

Ceres will be moving through your 4th house of home and family, and with this asteroid/dwarf planet here, you will be finding new ways to show your family how much you love them, and new ways to nurture them, provide for them and look after them. You will become less inclined to chase fame, money, and status with Ceres here, as your focus will be on caring for those you love. Who needs riches and success if you are surrounded by love?

Sagittarius Personality and Characteristics

Enthusiastic or impatient, independent or rather careless?

Sagittarius people are enthusiastic and intelligent. They love to seek knowledge of different kinds of subjects. They are extremely generous. When it comes to helping others, they have no boundaries and would be willing to do whatever they can to help others achieve their objectives. On the negative side, they tend to be quite careless, taking unnecessary risks which might not always prove to be healthy.

So, what is a true Sagittarius like?

It looks like Sagittarius is full of contradiction but which of the statements above is true? Does it sound like a Sagittarius you know or someone you have met in the past?

Dive in to discover the real face of a Sagittarius with Sagittarius traits explained.

Sagittarius dominant planet: Jupiter

The sign of Sagittarius is governed by Jupiter. People ruled by this planet have a volatile character and can easily become angry or get carried away. They are generally extroverted, active, and like to be noticed. Jupiterians can easily provoke their own luck if they believe in themselves. The planet brings wealth and glory to those who maintain a positive attitude.

  • Sagittarius dates: November 22nd – December 21st
  • Sagittarius House: 9th
  • Sagittarius element: Fire

Born on the cusp: A general rule of thumb states that any person born within 3 days of a sign change occurring in the calendar can be called as those born on the cusp. These people typically experience both the personalities of the signs that are being changed on the calendar.

What does it represent for a Sagittarius born on the cusp? See how cusp affect you:

Scorpio – Sagittarius cusp Or Sagittarius – Capricorn cusp

Sagittarius love & work compatibility

Sagittarius may seem adventurous, but when it comes to love, they are very curious about it. When in love, they are impressed with some effort and a great deal of ambition is required to win their hearts. It is very important for the Sagittarius’ partner to be extra careful in order to make the relationship last.

On the professional side, Sagittarius are open-minded and talk about almost anything; their unique opinion and philosophical perception don’t only motivate them but others too to take part in their exploration. They try to discover as much as possible. The best Sagittarius jobs are in the fields of Arts and humanities, Sales, Marketing or Public Service.

Suitable jobs to Sagittarius: architect, explorer, teacher, PR manager, travel agent and more.

Zodiac signs compatibility


Most compatible signs: Aries, Leo, Libra, Aquarius
Least compatible signs: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn

 CommunicationSexOverall compatibility
Sagittarius and AriesHighHighHigh
Sagittarius and TaurusLowLowLow
Sagittarius and GeminiMediumHighMedium
Sagittarius and CancerLowMediumLow
Sagittarius and LeoHighHighHigh
Sagittarius and VirgoMediumMediumMedium
Sagittarius and LibraHighHighHigh
Sagittarius and ScorpioLowMediumLow
Sagittarius and SagittariusMediumHighMedium
Sagittarius and CapricornLowLowLow
Sagittarius and AquariusHighHighHigh
Sagittarius and PiscesLowMediumLow

Sagittarius celebrities

Whether it is cinema, music, fashion or business, you are surely wondering which famous people are born under the Sagittarius sun sign! Sagittarius celebrities are born adventurers. They have a deep quest for knowledge and experiencing life. They can adapt to any given environment and strive to be a part of it to excel in it.

Famous Sagittarius Women:

  • Julianne Moore
  • Britney Spears
  • Sia
  • Jamie Lee Curtis
  • Tina Turner

Famous Sagittarius Men:

  • Bruce Lee
  • Samuel L. Jackson
  • Brad Pitt
  • Jake Gyllenhaal
  • Frank Sinatra

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