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2023 General Horoscope and Outlook

Well, wasn’t 2022 a doozy? What a wild ride of a year! Could we look forward to something better in 2023? Are all the trials and tribulations finally behind us? Well, not exactly. Each year brings its own set of challenges, but in and amongst those challenges are plenty of cosmic blessings. A 2023 yearly horoscope can certainly help us prepare – prepare for the hard times as well as the times of ease and celebrity.

Overall, 2023 does seem to be quite a big year. We have a total of three big planets changing signs, which is likely to shift the energy in a big way, particularly for certain zodiac signs. Jupiter, planet of abundance, heads into sensual and luxurious Taurus, whilst Saturn, planet of lessons and challenges, heads into nebulous Pisces. And our biggest shift will be the move of Pluto into Aquarius, a move which we have been anticipating for thirty – yes, thirty! – years. This heralds major changes in social groups, technology and freedom, amongst other things.

We also have the move of the Moon’s Nodes, which are ‘karmic’ points – into the signs of Aries and Libra. This brings a strong focus onto relationships, as well as the concept of war and peace.

Read on below to get a summary of which of these Astrological movements are going to affect you the most, and how you can best navigate them in the year ahead:

Aries 2023 Horoscope

This is a huge year for you, Aries. You’ve had some very hard times in the last couple of years, thanks to Pluto being in Capricorn and squaring your Sun. Now that he’s slowly leaving this sign, you can feel a lifting of the pressure that you’ve been under – at last! And with Jupiter, bringer of gifts, still in your sign until May 2023, you’ve got some blessings coming your way, Aries.

Healing seems to be an important theme for you in 2023, says your yearly horoscope. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is still in your sign, asking you to be courageous enough to take risks and to trust yourself. The Moon’s North Node in your sign, from July 2023, will bring you an enormous opportunity to expand your horizons.

Finally, you may find this is the year in which you can finally empower yourself by setting some ambitious new goals – and actually achieving them. You may come into contact with important allies who could help you along the way. Enjoy it all, Aries!

Taurus 2023 Horoscope

Your Taurus 2023 horoscope reading is absolutely fantastic, Taurus! Why, you ask? Well, you have the move of abundant Jupiter into your sign as from the middle of the year. This promises gifts, blessings, hope and optimism, as well as material rewards and freedom. Many of you may decide to spread your wings and fly this year, urged by the transit of Uranus, also in your sign. Uranus, for many of you, has likely been reflecting plenty of unexpected change, offers your yearly 2023 horoscope. But, by this time, you should have hopefully gotten used to it and began to take all this unpredictability in your stride. You dislike getting out of your comfort zone, Taurus, but you also know that it’s been good for you.

The Moon’s Nodes also move out of your sign, mid-year, giving you a little break. Relationships should also become more peaceful, at least for most of 2023. The Eclipses in May and November may bring bout major shifts to your romantic sector, such as inviting new love in or finally being able to let go of a toxic connection.

Gemini 2023 Horoscope

Gemini, your 2023 Horoscope is all about growth through challenge. Before you panic, just remember that you’ve had plenty of opportunity in the last three years to truly step into your authority and learn to trust yourself. Use this as a foundation for what’s coming your way. Saturn – planet of tough love – heads into Pisces, which forms a square to your sign. This means extra responsibilities and obligations, sometimes when you least want them. But the less you resist, the more successful you’ll be.

Neptune is also transiting Pisces, so for some of you, you could have been feeling a little lost and/or confused, or even fatigued. And for some of you, this energy is still hanging around, asking you to surrender, trust and seek spiritual guidance. Your intuition is your greatest gift in 2023, says your yearly reading, Gemini.

You do have powerful Pluto entering your fellow air sign of Aquarius, which will allow you to finally transform your world in the way you envision it. Evolution is on the way, Gemini!

Cancer 2023 Horoscope

Your spiritual and travel areas are about to get a huge boost of energy, Cancer. With Saturn heading into this sector, your 2023 yearly horoscope looks set to be an interesting one, as you face both challenges and important personal transformations. You’re growing up, Cancer, regardless of your age, race or creed. Your belief systems are up for review, and you’ll be asking yourself during the course of the year what resonates, and what doesn’t.

Those of you who do travel, you’ll be in for some big experiences, where you’ll be tested and pushed to take responsibility and structure your journey. The same goes for any of you thinking about studying – this is the perfect year to go back to school and brush up on your knowledge, Cancer.

Your income also looks fantastic for the year, and you could be earning more than ever, what with the move of Jupiter into this sector of your Astrology chart. In the year ahead, you could tick off many goals and aspirations that you’ve always dreamed of, promises your yearly reading.

Leo 2023 Horoscope

The major transit for 2023, Leo, is the retrograde of planet Venus in your sign and the move of Saturn out of your relationships sector. For the first time in about three years, your romantic horoscope of the year actually looks rather good for a change. Saturn has asked you to do the very hard work of restructuring your connections, and if you listened to his lessons, he’s ready to leave you a gift – a long-term, stable love life, or the freedom of being joyfully on your own and ready for new love.

The retrograde of Venus in your zodiac sign does bring some delays from July to September, but the truth is, Leo, she’s going to bless you more than curse you. See, this planet of love, beauty, pleasure and money usually only spends one month in a sign, and this year, she’s in your sign much longer. Over these months, notice all the blessings and admiration coming your way – you’ll be the star of the show!

You’ve had some hard times, Leo, and your yearly 2023 reading promises a much easier road ahead. Enjoy it!

Virgo 2023 Horoscope

Your 2023 horoscope is one that promises plenty of growth over the course of the year, Virgo. This growth won’t come easy, as for the next three years or so, planet Saturn will be in your opposite sign of Pisces, which presents more than a few challenges. Your health will be something to take control of, and you may experience certain restrictions or issues that ask you to review your lifestyle. Don’t worry, Virgo – at the end of it, says your yearly reading, you’ll be a totally different, healthier and wiser person.

You also have the blessings of Jupiter to look forward to, seeing as he enters your fellow earth sign of Taurus. This is likely to bring you luck, growth and opportunities for travel, studies or otherwise expanding your horizons. This should help to ease some of the lessons of Saturn, reassures your horoscope for 2023.

Your ruler, Mercury, will go retrograde four times this year, with one of these times being in your own sign. Over August and September, big personal changes can be made, but you’ll have to go slowly, Virgo.

Libra 2023 Horoscope

The first half of the year, says your 2023 horoscope, looks fantastic, Libra! Jupiter, giver of gifts, is transiting your opposite sign of Aries, allowing you to grow and spread your wings. Take advantage of the opportunities during this time and don’t say no to anything, advises your yearly reading.

From July 2023, the Moon’s South Node enters your sign, which tones things down a little. You may find that certain people or situations leave your Ife, and your job is to not cling too hard. Let go, Libra, and you’ll find that there’s space for so much more.

One of the biggest transits to look out for will also be the retrograde of your ruling planet, Venus, from July to September 2023. In Leo, this will likely be about your friendships, and old friend may appear from the past. There’s something important to be learnt here Libra. You may even make some new friend, or set up new goals during this time.  Big things seem to be developing on the romantic relationship front during April and October 2023, so get ready, advises your relationship reading for 2023.

Scorpio 2023 Horoscope

It hasn’t been the easiest time in the world for you, Scorpio, what with the Moon’s South Noe traveling through your sign for the last few months. You may have experienced some unexpected losses (and gains), or had to let go or empty out certain things and people from your life. Now that the Moon’s Nodes are shifting, from July 2023, you can feel lightness and ease coming back.

Sure, there will still be some changes, as per the transit of Uranus in your opposite sign of Taurus. Roll with the punches, Scorpio – there’s no point in resisting. Major breakthroughs may be on the cards for you, if you just surrender gracefully. This is especially true during the Eclipses in May and November this year.

Finally, Saturn moving into your fellow water sign of Pisces is likely to bring you huge personal growth and maturity, especially in your relationships. If you’re single, this year may kick off something very serious, and if attached, you and your partner may be asked to step up to the next level.

Sagittarius 2023 Horoscope

As always, Jupiter your ruling planet, is the one to focus on for the year 2023, Sagittarius. For the first half of the year, he’s still in fiery Aries, igniting your romance and passion sector and making everything seem like so much more fun. Risk-taking is key during this time, says your yearly horoscope. Take any and all chances that come your way, and don’t be afraid to date, play and let your inner child run free!

Jupiter then shifts into your work sector from May 2023, which could bring you the opportunity to expand your projects, change jobs or generally just have a better time at work. Health should also improve, just as long as you don’t overindulge, Sagittarius.

Some of you, during the course of the next three years, may encounter some issues related to home or family, and you could have a couple of extra responsibilities sitting on your shoulders. You’ll need to try not to run away from these, advises your 2023 horoscope reading. Embrace these as a part of growing up, and it’ll be much easier for you.

Capricorn 2023 Horoscope

Saturn, your planetary ruler, is ready to change signs and head from Aquarius into Pisces. This marks a huge shift for you, says your 2023 yearly horoscope. For the last three years, you’ve likely been very focused on money – making it, earning it, spending it and saving it. Perhaps you’ve learnt a few important lessons along the way about your self-worth too, Capricorn.

Don’t worry – your financial success isn’t going to suddenly disappear. Pluto, planet of power and transformation, briefly enters this sector, from March until June, where you’ll get a taste of things to come.

From March 2023, Saturn enters your communication, travel and learning sector, which offers you the chance to learn something new in these next few years and to structure your knowledge. Many of you are deeply creative, so maybe think about how you can let this part of yourself bloom. Let your voice be heard in 2023, Capricorn, even if you feel insecure about what you have to say. Know that logistics and family issues may come up and feel heavy – it’s going to be up to you to set boundaries, says your year ahead reading.

Aquarius 2023 Horoscope

Finally, Aquarius – Saturn, planet of lessons and hardships, leaves your sign and enters Pisces in March. The last few years have likely been such big ones, where you’ve hopefully learnt to come into your own power and authority. Yes, there have been difficulties, but your 2023 yearly horoscope does offer respite for a change.

Sure, there’ll be a couple of changes that you’ll have to grapple with, and it’s the type of year where you could have breakdowns in order to break through. Be open to shifts and don’t resist, advises your yearly reading. The more you resist, the more things will persist. Money seems to be an important theme in your year ahead, and you may be looking at how you can create better boundaries here, especially after a long period of perhaps have no boundaries and being exploited. Remember to value yourself, Aquarius – you are more than good enough, and what you have to offer is important.

Relationship-wise, your best period is between July and September, when Venus, planet of love, stays for quite a while in your love and romance sector. Yes, she is retrograde, which could have old lovers reappear, but it also offers you the opportunity to close the door – or reconcile.

Pisces 2023 Horoscope

Whilst last year was a golden year for you, this year seems a little more intense, Pisces. You have the entry of Saturn, the tough-love teacher, into your sign. This is a once-in-thirty-year transit, so it’s a big deal and is the main one to look at for your 2023 yearly horoscope. Your identity, personal life and general direction is set to change, and you’re about to grow up and really take responsibility.

That may be a scary word for you, but at the end of the day, we all have to be responsible. You may even find that it’s rather enjoyable, Pisces, and you could feel proud of yourself for dealing with so many adult things. Health and lifestyle are important, and many of you may lose weight or get more structured around your wellness.

Your ancient ruler, Jupiter, also changes signs and heads into your travel sector, so make sure you’ve got enjoyable things set up from May onwards. Get away into nature, take a creative course, and enjoy your community, Pisces.