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If you’ve ever wondered what is a Capricorn or what are Capricorns like then this article is the key to all your answers. Born between December 22nd and January 19th (approximate dates)? Do you know someone tenacious enough to take on the world yet keeps their cool? Then chances are, you or the one you know, belong to the Capricorn zodiac sign. You have a heart that has an unmatchable endurance and a soul that is patient, thus no matter how stressful things get, the Capricorn knows just how to calm everyone down, after all coolness is an essential part of the Capricorn personality.

Capricorns in a nutshell

Your planet is Saturn, a majestic sphere surrounded by hauntingly beautiful large rings. Like the Capricorn personality that may often appear intimidating, cold and distant, Saturn is a giant cool planet found nearly 900 million miles away from home with a diameter of about 75,000 miles.

Astrologically, Saturn is a cold and dry planet. Similar to the outer shell of the Capricorn zodiac sign. To complete its orbit, Saturn takes more than two and a half years and over 29 years to travel the entire zodiac. Saturn rules Capricorn traits and as it symbolizes wisdom, old age, science and knowledge thus those blessed to have a Capricorn birthday inherit these values.

Like Taurus and Virgo, the Capricorn star sign is Earth-based. It is a sign governed by the Tenth House, which is representative of honor. Owing to this, the Capricorn zodiac sign is assertive and sims for personal fulfillment.

The body parts that most correspond to the Capricorn sign are the joints, knees, and skin, thus it’s no wonder that this sign is never afraid to get their hands dirty. If you want to catch a Capricorn’s eye, wear their favorite colors, black and red. Capricorn traits also include strong attachment to family values, traditions and security in every sense of the word.

Capricorn, the lone wolf!

Personally and professionally, Capricorn astrological sign are rather solitary people. They have very few friends, but for them, these are the “right” ones. Their entourage may be small, but it is one they can always rely on to help them stand against the world.  They can often be a bit distant at first but do not mistake these Capricorn traits for rudeness, as the Capricorn zodiac sign doesn’t open up to strangers!

What are Capricorns like, as a… A Plant

If the Capricorn star sign were a plant, it would surely be African violets. Famous for their sweetness and loyalty, these plants perfectly symbolize Capricorn characteristics and their perpetual quest for balance and stability. Capricorn can also be associated with some plants such as fir and thyme, as both provide protection.

An Animal

The Capricorn sign has always fascinated people. In Greek mythology, the legend of the Capricorn symbol is based on the story of the God of wine, Dionysus. He supposedly turned into a half-fish-half-goat animal as a result of Typhon’s attack on Olympus. In the Middle East, this half-fish-half-goat animal represents the God of underground waters, Enki. It is a tenacious and sometimes stubborn animal that does not hesitate to go beyond its limits, a distinctive Capricorn trait. It is also an autonomous animal that does not fear solitude. The animal representing the Capricorn, half-fish half-goat, perfectly illustrates the ambivalence of the Capricorn zodiac sign natives concerning their hesitations between their doubts and their ambitions.

A Mineral

Sapphire and Jade are minerals that compliment the Capricorn horoscope sign. Citrine, Emerald and Rose Quartz help them with emotional expression. Blue Calcite, re ideal for communication and interaction. Additionally, Malachite allows them to overcome Capricorn traits e.g. shyness.

Capricorns in the work field

Capricorn astrology dictates that they are serious and assiduous people. In the professional field, they are orderly and organized workers who care about the quality of their work and pay attention to the smallest details. Thus, the Capricorn zodiac sign is quite the ideal employee and manager. Even if they are sometimes demanding with others, their maturity compels the respect of their colleagues.

Integrity, a sense of duty and obligation, are very famous Capricorn characteristics. Destined for high responsibility roles, they will be able to fill a number of administrative positions or even start a political career. They might also be interested in the field of justice, notably as a judge, lawyer or notary.

Capricorn is highly oriented towards areas related to pedagogy and education thus a Capricorn horoscope sign would make an excellent trainer or university professor. Curiosity is a Capricorn trait that will allow them to open a few doors in the field of research and investigation thus job as a police officer, journalist or university lecturer and researcher are also highly suitable.

As a sign of Earth, it could potentially be drawn to its element. They won’t hesitate to roll up their sleeves to pursue a trade related to agriculture, real estate, the environment, and even archeology. In the world of the arts, the shy Capricorn will find it hard to stand at the front of the stage. They will be much more at ease as a director, producer or even publisher for a literary work. Read Top 10 Jobs for Capricorn.

Capricorn and the world around them

Capricorn zodiac sign can sometimes be demanding with their loved ones, but this is only because they love them so much. Strong like the Capricorn symbol, they may throw a tantrum and try to impose their principles onto others and that is a Capricorn trait they must learn to overcome not many will understand of such behavior.

Capricorn astrological sign often finds itself clashing with the fire ones, for they have absolutely nothing in common with these signs. Case in point, the lack of presence and involvement of Sagittarius people will eventually annoy them one day or the other. However, Leo compatibility people might carry out certain projects with Capricorn even if they don’t necessarily share the same principles. Out of these, Aries compatibility fares the best.

Rather conflicting relationships are also to be expected with Water signs. Capricorn zodiac sign will face an uphill battle when trying to get Pisces and Scorpio to understand them. But the gentle nature of Cancer allows for a harmonious, friendly and professional relationship based on trust.

For Capricorns, relationships are always improving with the Air signs. Even if they do not always see eye to eye, Gemini and Aquarius people share a certain connection with Capricorn. On the other hand, in the professional field, the carelessness of Gemini can vex Capricorn to the point of putting an end to the collaboration. Unfortunately, due to a divergence of ideas, Capricorn and Libra find it difficult to reach a common ground.

Even if there are still some efforts to be made, friendly and professional relationships are much better between Earth signs. The mutual trust and respect that prevails between Capricorns allows them to form the deepest of bonds. The loyalty of the Virgo sign makes it possible to gain the trust of those belonging to Capricorn astrology. Together they make a great team. On the other hand, the more independent Taurus will often be seen butting heads with the Capricorn zodiac sign.

Capricorn Traits: The mysterious Capricorn male

The Capricorn man is discrete and solitary. He is a man who acts in the shadows and has no time for praise or recognition. Team spirit is not a strong Capricorn trait. He is above all an individualistic man who works above all for his personal interests.

However, this facade of a cold and distant man actually hides someone with a tender heart. Indeed, even if he has very few friends, the Capricorn man knows how to make others feel loved and appreciated. His generosity and kindness are the results of his strong ties with his family. Very attached to family ties, the Capricorn man is particularly concerned about the happiness of the members of his family.

Capricorn traits include maturity and seriousness. he is a respectful person who prefers to stick to the rules and traditions. Blessed with intelligence, the Capricorn man is an ambitious man who knows how to seize the opportunities that are available to him.  He does not hesitate to make investments on projects that are close to his heart. From a professional standpoint, his patience will generally contribute to his success.

The main flaw of the Capricorn guy is his lack of spontaneity. He is a man who needs time to think before he makes any decision. Due to his reserved personality, people believe that Capricorn men often hold a grudge. He is someone who has a hard time expressing his anger or disagreement.

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His cool and distant personality is not an asset for him in love. His lack of fantasy and inability to express will be the reason why his romantic relationships will fail in a majority of cases. He is also a very easily offended man who has the unfortunate habit of believing that his loved ones are plotting against him behind his back, a habit that causes them several sleepless nights.

The alluring Capricorn female

The Capricorn woman is an honest and faithful woman. She is a loyal friend who can serve as a confidante and who knows how to keep a secret. Paradoxically, she is not interested in other people’s lives. She believes she should not interfere in the affairs of others so that others do not interfere in hers. On the other hand, she can be extremely demanding towards her family and friends in particular but only because she wants to see them achieve their best.

She is a shy and reserved woman, yet strong and brave when the time arises. The image she projects and the opinion that people make of her are very important for the Capricorn zodiac sign woman. This is mainly why she prefers to remain in the shadows. Besides, the Capricorn woman is a woman who knows how to act according to circumstances. This is not the kind of woman to mix her professional life and her private life.

If the Capricorn woman acts so cautiously, it is because it is very hard for her to acknowledge that she is emotionally vulnerable. Indeed, she is an extremely sensitive woman, especially to the misfortunes of her loved ones. But she shows great restraint because she will channel her emotions internally so as not to let anything show for anyone else to see. So if you ever get a Capricorn girl to open up to you, make sure you cherish her forever!

In the professional field, the Capricorn woman is an assiduous colleague. She loves a challenge, so she is ready to face any trial and she does not shy away from any obstacle. She is a woman who operates intelligently and has a great sense of analysis. Most of the choices she makes are often carefully thought out. She is also a great perfectionist who is determined to give the best of herself and to overcome her own limits.

Even if she prefers to keep a kind of simplicity in her way of life, the Capricorn girl is rather materialistic. She cannot stand the idea of not providing for her loved ones. This facet of her personality sometimes makes her capricious or even whining, whenever she does not get what she wants, but the right man knows that her heart is in the right place.

The main flaw of the Capricorn girl is her lack of self-confidence. She is full of interesting ideas and generally overcomes everything she undertakes. But unfortunately, the list of her exploits is limited, because her shyness and her fear will often prevent her from seeing most of her good ideas through. The Capricorn woman is also a realistic woman thus you won’t find her chasing fairytales or daydreaming.

Capricorn Men in Love

Emotionally speaking, the Capricorn man is hard to pin down. In addition to not letting much show, it seems he rather prefers fleeting and light relationships. But this does not necessarily mean that he neglects the relationship. On the contrary, the Capricorn man takes his love relationships very seriously, even if he does not show it. According to him, it is first necessary first to give it time, learn to know one another before you can make an important decision and take a commitment.

The ideal woman for someone born between Capricorn dates is above all a sensual woman capable of meeting his emotional needs. Since he is a man who does not speak much, he prefers understanding women, able to understand him through a simple glance. A Capricorn guy will never judge a book by its cover.  He is especially attracted to the intellectual potential of a woman and fond of women who have high levels of culture and confidence.

The Capricorn guy will find it difficult to maintain stable relations with the Fire signs. To hope for a lasting relationship, Leo and Aries women will have to try very hard to understand them. Indeed, their characters are completely opposite to that of Capricorn. On the other hand, the Sagittarius woman who has some points in common with the Capricorn zodiac sign might consider building a romantic relationship with him.

Earth Signs

The Capricorn man has more in common with Earth signs. The connection between Capricorns allows them to develop a balanced love relationship that can stand the test of time and multiple arguments. The Capricorn man will be drawn to the family spirit of a Taurus woman, especially her maternal side. Whereas, a Virgo woman is also a smart choice for a mate.

One thing is certain, Air signs are not cannot maintain a relationship with Capricorn traits. He hesitates to get emotionally invested with Gemini women who are too unpredictable according to him. As for the Libra woman, her pessimism will prevent her from hoping for a harmonious future in the long run. Capricorn will find Aquarius women a little too serious for their taste thus become tempted to flee this kind of overly committed relationship.

Romantic Relation

The romantic relationships of the Capricorn birthday man are expected to be more complex with the Water signs. The connection and affinity he shares with a Pisces woman tends to emotionally unsettle him. It is a feeling that he does not really appreciate because it leaves him too vulnerable. The sweetness and balance of the Cancer woman is more likely to seduce him. On the other hand, the pessimism of Scorpio women will prevent him from making any commitment with them.

Capricorn Women in Love

In love, the Capricorn woman would rather play with caution. She is not the kind of woman to open up about her emotions to a man from the get-go. The Capricorn woman is first and foremost looking for a stable relationship based on trust and mutual respect. She would rather take some time to learn to know one another before being committed to a relationship. She needs to be sure of her own feelings and more importantly, to be sure of her partner’s feelings.

The Capricorn birthday woman is gifted with charm and a natural elegance that catches men’s attention. She is also a very demanding woman who seeks emotional security first but also wants material security in the arms of a man. She needs a man to earn her trust. She wants to be reassured every day and that’s why she always needs small tokens of love and compliments in a relationship.

Earth Signed and Zodiac Sign

With the Earth signs, the Capricorn zodiac sign woman is sure to maintain lasting relationships. She can have a wonderful relationship with a Capricorn man, who shares the same perspectives and interests. The maturity and perseverance of the Taurus man are the qualities that will allow him to hope for a stable and balanced love relationship. The Capricorn woman will also be able to count on the Virgo man, who will be very understanding with her.

Too unpredictable, the Fire signs will not mix well with Capricorn traits. It will be hard for her to consider a serious relationship with an Aries man who will sometimes be too carefree. The attraction between her and Leo is more physical than emotional. In the long run, this kind of relationship might well last. The Sagittarius man will tend to rush everything. This is the kind of behavior that mainly irritates Capricorn women.

Romantic Relationships

Her romantic relationships may sometimes be antagonistic with Air signs. Too spontaneous for her tastes, the Gemini man might emotionally unsettle her. The Libra man’s vision of life is too abstract, which risks displeasing the more serene and thoughtful Capricorn woman. The Capricorn woman thinks Aquarius men are too irresponsible for her because she is searching for a serious and balanced relationship.

A woman born between Capricorn dates will feel more comfortable with Water signs. Cancer is well known to be affectionate and attentive. These are qualities that will certainly seduce a Capricorn woman. Even if a Scorpio doesn’t always share the same points of view as the Capricorn woman, he will always be sympathetic towards her. It is quite the opposite of the Pisces man who will tend to be stubborn and pig-headed, a quality very displeasing to the Capricorn zodiac sign.

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