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If you were born between November 22nd and December 21st (approximate dates), you are a Sagittarius. These are commonly referred to as Sagittarius birthday dates or simply Sagittarius dates. This is the third sign of autumn and a Fire sign just like Aries and Leo. Governed by Jupiter, the Sagittarius zodiac sign receives the influence of excess, ambition and fulfillment from this planet. It is a mutable or double sign, represented by a centaur holding a bow with an arrow pointing up towards the sky.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign, Sagittarius Traits, Sagittarius Symbol

The Sagittarius zodiac sign is represented by the myth of Chiron. This centaur once taught medicine and the arts. He was also immortal and endowed with great wisdom. According to mythology, Hercules wounded the centaur with an arrow. It was an immortal wound, just like Chiron, son of Cronus. The pain of this wound prompted him to ask Zeus to let him die. Zeus, who accepted his request, turned him into a constellation.

Sagittarius is a sign that represents an evolution in the higher sphere. These concerns, among others, spiritual and intellectual growth, and a superior mind. They are great thinkers, skilled experts in philosophy, religion, theology or esotericism.

On the one hand, they embody human beings, which they consider to be an animal more evolved than others. And on the other hand, they embody the animal in its most primitive representation. This duality is seen through the mythological animal that represents it: the centaur, half-man, half-horse.

For a Sagittarius, the half-man part might be dominant. In this case, they will have a rather reconciliatory character and will seek to bring people together rather than divide them. They will set noble goals for themselves and make sure to better themselves. When the half-horse part is dominant, the Sagittarius will be carried away in actions and material desires that are purely primitive: party, sex, etc. Du to the excesses of Jupiter’s influence, they tend to live beyond their means.

Sooner or later

Fortunately, Sagittarius natives will always find the means – sooner or later – to stand between the two and find the right balance. Under the influence of Jupiter, the planet of expansion and evolution, Sagittarius are lucky people. They also constantly need space to evolve, like a stallion that needs to travel the world free.

Royal blue and violet are the colors that best fit Sagittarius zodiac sign. If it was a body part, it would be the thighs, the buttocks, and also the liver. Sagittarius symbol is Archer. Taylor Swift, Brad Pitt and Scarlet Johansson are some famous celebrities under the sign of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius and the World around them

Sagittarius is someone well appreciated. In friendship, their vitality, good humor and enthusiasm do not go unnoticed. They can make friends from all walks of life. However, they are very attached to their independence and freedom, so Sagittarius prefer to avoid any hard commitment. They do not hesitate to put some distance when things become too sentimental for their own tastes.

Apart from their particular attachment to freedom, Sagittarius are very sociable people, provided they are motivated and have something to gain from it. Accordingly, their main centers of interest are adventure, travel, big projects, etc. Their relationships are more or less superficial, for they avoid any kind of ties that could limit their thirst for freedom.

The best friends of Sagittarius are Libra and Aquarius. Libra is a sign that also craves discoveries and great projects. As for Aquarius, they can adapt to any situation. They are in perfect harmony with Sagittarius, and they surely won’t run out of topics to discuss.

Humor and enthusiasm

At work, Sagittarius is the one who, through good humor and enthusiasm, raises the morale of the team. Sagittarius people, like most Fire signs, are ambitious, in the same away as Aries or Leo. Sagittarius can work very hard and respect the hierarchy. Provided however, that there is a promotion to be earned eventually.

Boredom is the nemesis of Sagittarius. And for them, it creeps closer and closer, shortly after they start to work. Sagittarius are a little scared of responsibilities. Even more so if they are imposed out of the blue. Besides, Sagittarius often have a hard time with rules and regulations. Their attachment to freedom and independence can lead them to misdemeanors sometimes. They are the kind of people who can drop everything suddenly, just because they want some change.

Sagittarius also bring enthusiasm and good humor to their family. They like to move and are full of energy. As a brother or sister, a Sagittarius often solicits their loved ones to have fun, laugh and fool around. Sagittarius are very attached to their family, brothers and sisters. Even when everybody has flown from the family nest, they still want to maintain the relationship they had as children.

Sagittarius is among those who think that it is never the right time to start a family. They often marry very late and as a parent, they are often afraid of their responsibilities. When they overcome this innate fear, however, they are affectionate and not really authoritarian parents.

They try to pass on to their children their love of freedom and openness.  It is not surprising then that in the house of Sagittarius parents there are always many people.

If Sagittarius Were… A Vegetable

If Sagittarius were a plant, it would probably be a Sandal. Other plants such as Thuya or Sage may also represent Sagittarius. In general, Sagittarius are particularly fond of exotic and spectacular plants: chervil, cinnamon, dandelion, vine, etc. Carnations are also plants that characterize them best: passion, thirst for adventure, intellectual, strength and endurance.

An Animal

If Sagittarius were an animal, they would obviously be a horse or a stag.  In general, the animals that are the best fit for them are an equine and hunting game (deer, buck, etc.). They can also be represented by animals that have eyes turned to the sky (like their bow) like the giraffe or the ostrich.

A Mineral

If Sagittarius were a mineral, they would be very well represented by Silica or the carbuncle. In general, Sagittarius are associated with stones with a blue or turquoise color. Celestine, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli and Rose Quartz are also amongst the stones associated with them.

Jobs for Sagittarius zodiac sign

Sagittarius are more fulfilled in a job where there is not too much pressure. They love to practice their profession freely, ideally with the prospect of traveling. A civil servant career is not really made for them, for they will feel imprisoned. On the other hand, they will be very comfortable in field positions. The professions that suit them best are in the tourism industry.

Keeping in mind Sagittarius traits, they may also have a career as an interpreter, ambassador, or special correspondent in investigative journalism. They may also join the navy or become pilots. By nature they feel close to humanity, so they can also feel fulfilled in humanitarian missions within non-governmental organizations, etc.

Sagittarius and Compatibility with Other Signs

Keeping in mind Sagittarius traits, its compatibility with different signs varies. While it is extremely good with some, with others it always seems a struggle. Its compatibility with others also best answers what is a Sagittarius.

Sagittarius and Aries

Aries and Sagittarius are fun, quite active signs that like having a social life and happily welcome new adventures and challenges. Their coming together is all about fulfillment and joy and are both equally optimistic.  Aries is believed to make the best playmate for Sagittarius. When it comes to partying, their boundless energy means no one can host a better party than Aries and Sagittarius couple. While the two are likely to adore one another, there are certain things that would them off each other.  While Aries does not like Sagittarius’s perpetual lateness, Sagittarius does not like Aries being too bossy almost all the time.

Sagittarius and Aquarius

The coming together of adventurous Sagittarius and intuitive Aquarius proves to be one of the best matches. Their common goals, aims and attributes would only make their relationship harmonious and strong.  In terms of a physical relationship, they are extremely good in the bedroom, since both love having an innovative, active sex life.

Moreover, they are very fun and interesting to hang out with. They have the ability to initiate healthy conversations and both struggle and demand adventure, change and variety. After Aries, Aquarius is most compatible with Sagittarius since this zodiac sign is all about being philosophical, social and adventurous.

Sagittarius and Leo

Sagittarius and Leo are likely to form a mutual admiration the moment they come across. Sagittarius love Leo’s being all warm and Leo love how Sagittarius is always full of life. Both, Sagittarius zodiac sign and Leo are associated with having quite a lot of energy and have a common love for travel and sports. Just like any other relationship, the two are likely to suffer from problems.

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Sagittarius might at times be too impractical for Leo’s while Sagittarius might not like Leo being too possessive in the relationship.  However, since they are really fond of one another, they can work on these differences.

Worst Matches: Sagittarius and Taurus

Sagittarius zodiac sign and Taurus is definitely not one of the best matches. The fact that Sagittarius loves activity, variety and adventure would not go well with Taurus’s preferences. Taurus is more about sticking close to home and revolving life around it only. The difference in preferences often makes it impossible for them to appreciate one another’s strengths. While Taurus is a good homemaker, Sagittarius would still feel they are not doing enough which again would lead to conflicts. Similarly, Sagittarius’ need to keep moving and try new things, would only conflict with Taurus’s need for security and peace.

Sagittarius and Capricorn

Again, Sagittarius star sign and Capricorn is not a good match where Capricorn may be too conservative and practical for the fun-loving Sagittarius. In a relationship, Capricorn would start to feel they are burdened with all the responsibility while Sagittarius would feel Capricorn’s sense of responsibility and dedication has restricted them in so many ways.  Moreover, the carefree attitude of Sagittarius would also make the security minded Capricorn feel their comfort is at stake. In short, this is not a couple that is likely to last longer.

Sagittarius and Virgo

To best explain the relationship between Sagittarius horoscope sign and Virgo, it would be helpful to compare them with a mixture of water and oil. Just how difficult if not impossible it is to mix water and oil, the same goes for the relationship between Sagittarius and Virgo. The Sagittarius zodiac sign which is all about fun and adventure would not be able to cope up with Virgo’s need for commitment, security and order. Moreover, the fact that Virgo’s tend to criticize literally everything and are always finding faults, would only encourage Sagittarius to back out and look for warmth and love elsewhere.

Wild Cards: Sagittarius and Sagittarius

The coming together of two Sagittarians definitely means more fun. They will be more adventurous and their sex life is likely to be way more interesting.  It would be fulfilling, rich and adventurous. However, the pairing of two Gemini’s also means that there won’t be sufficient responsibility and direction on either partner’s side which would only result in a relationship that lacks security and peace. In the future, hence, they might just part ways and move into separate directions.

Sagittarius and Gemini

The best part about the relationship between Sagittarius zodiac sign and Gemini is that both are almost equally forgiving and light-hearted. To life, life is all about adventure and fun.  The two signs of the zodiac also love to seek knowledge and are natural intellectuals which mean there is a lot of potential for a stimulating, healthy conversation. However, one thing that can come in way of their beautiful relationship is that both lack common essential traits that include steadiness, accountability and frankness. Just like in any other relationship, the absence of these important traits can invite a lot of troubles and have adverse effects on a relationship.

Just like any other sign, Sagittarius zodiac sign is not compatible with all signs of the zodiac. This is mainly because Sagittarius characteristics or Sagittarius traits do not go well with certain signs of the zodiac. This brings us to say that signs most compatible with Sagittarius horoscope sign are Aries, Aquarius and Leo.

Similarly, signs not very compatible with Sagittarius sign are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. However, this does not strictly mean that Sagittarius Astrological sign cannot be paired with them. It definitely can and in fact their relationship can be made better by daily accessing Sagittarius today.

What Is A Sagittarius? Sagittarius Personality

The Sagittarius man is a very dynamic, enthusiastic, and optimistic person. He is fiery, like all Fire signs. Dominated by Jupiter, he tends to give in to excesses. He loves traveling and is very attached to his freedom and independence. The Sagittarius man always thirsts for knowledge and always wants to explore new universes.

Sagittarius in a Male Natal Chart

The Sagittarius guy is a very good orator who has no difficulty in captivating his audience thanks to his innate dynamism and his talent for communication. His main enemy: routine. That is why he tends to keep changing jobs. He is always looking for novelty, and for a profession in agreement with his constant need to travel and be free, without pressure.

The impulsive side of a Sagittarius sign can sometimes become very difficult to live, especially for those around him. Mr. Sagittarius is a man who finds it difficult to settle down or to raise a family. He tends to flee all forms of obligations that might curb his freedom. His quest for adventure often leads him to accept rather unnecessary challenges that could cause problems in some cases.

In the professional world, Mr. Sagittarius is a man of action. He likes deeds, not words, which usually well by the whole team who appreciates his work. He loves challenges, but he is not a strategist either. He is rather a man of the field, strong and combative in what he does.

The main qualities of the Sagittarius personality are his natural dynamism, his constant good mood, his spontaneous side and his taste for change. In spite of everything, he is an impulsive man and a little imprudent in the decisions he makes.

Sagittarius in a Female Natal Chart

As per Sagittarius Astrology, which is based on Sagittarius dates or Sagittarius birthday dates, woman under this sign is idealistic, honest and possess a great sense of humor. She is not the kind of person to take instructions or opinions from others; rather she likes learning from her own experiences. This explains why she loves to meet new people, share experiences and try new things.

Moreover, she is very philosophical and always curious to learn or experiment with new things.  A woman born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign is beautiful, charming and capable of doing a lot of things. She believes in going with the flow and taking things easily. Unlike many other women, Sagittarius zodiac sign woman is not very sensitive and is quite broad-minded. She does not take criticism negatively, and when she is given feedback, she makes sure to take it seriously and work on it. This is one of the best Sagittarius traits or Sagittarius characteristics.

Negative traits

However, one of her negative traits is that the Sagittarius girl does not think much about how her words or actions would affect others. She is always honest, even if this means this can hurt her immediate family relatives, and close friends. While this is not exactly a negative trait, many people do not like this about the person belonging to Sagittarius zodiac sign. In fact, this trait of hers ends up in many people parting ways from her.

Also, the fact that she likes to live in the present moment and would not compromise her freedom at any cost, be it professional, financial or emotional. This might sometimes result in financial problems because she does not believe in savings. Moreover, this can be made better by following Sagittarius Astrology or accessing Sagittarius today regularly.

Overall, Sagittarius astrological sign woman has a great sixth sense and is good at judging people correctly. She also makes sure to always look at the larger picture. She is extremely resourceful, intelligent and more than ready to start new innovative projects. She just knows how to put her organizational skills to best possible use. In terms of her professional work, she always has an alternate plan ready.

Sagittarius star sign Men in Love

In love, being very intimate or chained to someone is out of the question for a Sagittarius man. He does not particularly appreciate possessiveness, and jealousy even less. He is particularly attached to his freedom even regarding his own feelings. When the pressure becomes too hard  for him or when his partner demands some commitment from him, he does not hesitate to give everything up. To seduce a Sagittarius man, do not talk to him about marriage on the first date.

A relationship with a Sagittarius zodiac sign man needs space to last, like the Mustangs who need space to run through the valleys and feel the winds of freedom blow through their manes. However, Sagittarius men do not want to live alone either. At some point, he will end up putting his suitcases down and settle with his beloved, with some reservations. Indeed, he will not hesitate to stop everything if the relationship becomes too cumbersome or complicated for him.

As a couple, the Sagittarius guy is a romantic and very creative person. But to awaken these qualities, one must have a thirst for an adventure like him and give him the space he needs to express himself. The most compatible signs in love with a Sagittarius man are Aries, Aquarius, Libra, and Leo.

Sagittarius star sign Women in Love

In love, the Sagittarius woman does not like to be withdrawn or locked up in a relationship. She wishes to preserve her freedom. For her, her partner must love adventure like her and have an open mind. The ideal partner for her is someone athletic and active, who appreciates traveling as much as she does.

With a Sagittarius girl, good humor, laughter and positivity will always be present as a couple. She is a faithful woman, capable of giving everything for her lover, as long as he respects her boundaries and her love of freedom. The best partners for a Sagittarius woman keeping in mind Sagittarius traits are the natives of Leo, Aquarius, Libra, and of course Aries.

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