The Star Tarot Card

The star tarot card offers a stark contrast to the bleak scenery of the previous arcanum (the Tower). The first in a succession of three major arcana named after celestial bodies, the Star heralds the first steps in the final path leading to enlightenment, where all the lessons of the previous major arcana start to fuse together to make sense of the world.

Traditional meanings associated with the Star card

Like a star shining bright like a beacon in the night sky, the meaning of the start tarot card is extremely positive and bears a message of hope, an urging to put your trust into the stars above and let you guide you back out of despair and into joy. If this card is drawn as the outcome or result card of a drawing, this is a very encouraging sign that tends to imply that whatever was the subject of the reading will come to an extremely positive conclusion.

Upright: Hope, inspiration, serenity, positivity, positive forces, and healing.

Reversed: Self-doubts, loneliness, and disease.

Description of the Star tarot card

In the foreground of the star tarot card you can usually a naked figure (usually a woman) with one knee on the ground and one foot in the water, a reminder of the duality found in the temperance tarot card. She holds one jug in each hand and pours its contents on the ground and in the water. In the night sky behind her stands a huge star surrounded with seven smaller stars.

Upright star tarot card

Taken out of context from the rest of the tarot reading, the meaning of the star tarot card is usually connected to your inner faith, and to the purest form of hope. Indeed, when you feel lost and blind in the night of your life, the bright light of the stars that pierces the darkness in the night sky can often fill you up with renewed hope and dissuade you from giving up right away.

The star tarot card can also be a reference to the Querent’s secret dreams and desires, wishes that are not necessarily spoken out loud but that provide them with a goal in life.

Finally, in context of a more complex reading, the Star tarot card also acts as an enhancer, stressing and amplifying the positive aspects to be found in other cards in the drawing.

Reversed Star card

The reversed star tarot card can twist its meaning around and focus on the negative aspects of the card. It can be a sign of extreme loneliness, a feeling of being left out alone and excluded from your friends and family.

At worst, it can be a setback to the fulfillment of your hopes and dreams as the reversed star car entices you do doubt their eventual fulfillment, and this doubt can lead you on a dark path pushing you further and further away from your own goals. The best way to avoid this problem is to take a step back on your own situation and recognize all the positive aspects that can still be found within, as well as all the wonderful steps you have made so far.

The Fool’s Journey

The Fool now gets to enjoy some sweet respite after the turbulence of the previous lesson. The star tarot card is arguably the most positive one in the entire deck, and as such this is also a very positive and important lesson to be learned on the Fool’s journey.

After the tempestuous elements breaking down the tower, the Fool gets to enjoy a peaceful serenity. The human character that can often be seen depicted on the Star card is usually naked, teaching the Fool that their walls crumbling down has left them naked too, figuratively speaking, free from prejudice and misconceptions, free to start over again, and hopeful that everything will turn out for the best. When everything that was superfluous is gone, it is easier to see the light of hope, shining like a beacon within their mind and soul. Shining like a star.

The Star in love tarot

The Star major arcana is an excellent card when drawn in a love reading. It usually echoes the kind of wild and careless passion that can be found in the early days of a relationship, and such sheer joy can easily rekindle a flame that was fading away.

The Star can also open a desire to define long-term goals and desires in your relationship, and facilitate this kind of open-heart discussion between you and your significant other.

The Star as a focus for meditation

When you feel lost or think that you have lost sight of your hopes and dreams, the Star tarot card is the best meditation focus to find your way back into these dreams and try to make them come true. The goal of such a meditation session is to lift your spirits up, so it works even better if you set up a comfortable space.

You can meditate in the darkness of your own room, with a few candles spread around the room like a constellation of flames. Think about the things that make you happy, and if you think of anything that used to be positive for you but that faded away, try to understand why, and see whether you can flip that sentiment around.

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