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Were you born between May 21st and June 20th (approximate dates)? These are Gemini dates or Gemini birthday dates; hence you are a Gemini. The sign of Gemini is the first air sign with the signs of Aquarius and Libra. Governed by Mercury, the messenger of the Gods, Gemini are in perpetual evolution. They are very agile and adapt easily.

Gemini are intelligent, communicative and sociable. Johnny Depp, Naomi Campbell, Angelina Jolie, J.F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe are all celebrities born under the Gemini Zodiac sign and have strong Gemini traits. The numbers that bring them luck are 5 and 9. Gemini symbol is twins.

Gemini Zodiac: User Guide

The aforementioned agility and adaptability are qualities that many appreciate in Gemini zodiac. It is a sign that is able to communicate easily, to foster relations and exchanges. Gemini draw these qualities from the Third House. It is a house of air that greatly influences this third astrological sign (Gemini). It is a house that symbolizes ease of adaptation and relationships with close people.

Green and silver are the favorite colors of Gemini people. These are signs that control the arms, the thorax, but also the lungs. Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini people, is about 36 million miles away from our star. A very variable distance depending on the orbit of the planet. It goes around the sun in about 88 days.

The element of Mercury is Earth. It is a dry and cold planet. It obviously governs the sign of Gemini, but also Virgo. It is known as the planet of exchanges and intellectual activities. In Egyptian mythology, Mercury is associated with Set and Horus. Indeed, the Egyptians believed that they were two different planets. One appeared in the morning and the other in the evening, when in fact it was the same planet Mercury.

Roman Mythology

In Roman mythology, Mercury is the son of Maia, the nymph and wife of Jupiter. Maia is none other than the daughter of Atlas. Mercury is quick and lively. With his winged helmet, his two wings at his feet, he is known as the messenger of the Gods. This is where part of Mercury’s duality comes from, which is why he is so suited for being Gemini’s ruling planet. It symbolizes knowledge, intelligence, travel, communication, etc.

What is a Gemini

What kind of friend is Gemini? Gemini is known as the social butterfly friend. While they are quick at making friends they are also quick at breaking friendships if they realize the friends they made are not cool enough. Gemini zodiac sign gets tired of the people very easily and this explains why they are always seen around new people. However, they hate being alone, so they make sure to always surround themselves with people. Moreover, the Gemini sign is all about fun and adventure so their friends love coming to them. This Gemini trait is the reason people stick to them even though Gemini star sign is known to go through phases with friends where a majority of the times Gemini themselves are at fault.

As far as friends are concerned, Leo and Aries get along well with Gemini horoscope sign. Leo and Gemini have a lot in common where both like adventure and believe in living in the moment. Similarly, Aries and Gemini equally value friendship and since both demand intellectual freedom, there are more than ready to offer this to one another. Hence the signs of Leo and Aries are Gemini’s best friends. Gemini traits and those of Aries and Leo complement one another well.

Gemini Zodiac sign at work

At work, Gemini people are nice colleagues. They will be very comfortable with Fire sign colleagues: Len, Aries and Sagittarius. They will have rather dynamic and enriching relationships with them. The Air signs will also be very good colleagues for Gemini people, including Libra and Aquarius. Their connection will generate very good ideas, both creative and innovative.

Gemini people are versatile. Employers appreciate the Gemini for their ability to adapt to a new environment or a new situation with a lively and imaginative mind. They are efficient and are able to always succeed in anything they undertake.

Gemini are eager to learn and this one of the best Gemini traits. That is why they are not a good fit for jobs where there is no prospect of evolution. They enjoy progressing while learning new techniques or knowledge. As a team, Gemini people can almost be seen as the driving force behind the group. They can socialize and energize the team. They like to gossip, a little too much maybe, but are very much appreciated by the group in which they find themselves.

Gemini Zodiac sign with Family

As regards family, Gemini is the source of most of the joy of living. Since relationships and communication are precious for them, they won’t really get along with people who are withdrawn. However, aware of this difference, they will try to bring their good humor and joy to the family wherever they go.

Gemini mum or dad, a Gemini parent will always try to get closer to their children. They are like teenagers who want to be their children’s best friends rather than an adult who scolds or reprimands them. A Gemini parent will have a hard time in the beginning when their children are born. However, once they start communicating, Gemini mums and dads will know exactly what to do to please their child.

If Gemini Were… A Vegetable

Honeysuckle, verbena or mint are quite characteristic of Gemini people. However, if you wish to offer flowers, you should prefer flowers with changing colors. Gemini worship calathea and caladium leaves. Plants like cumin and anise are reputed to be the protectors of Gemini people. The intoxicating fragrance of gardenia or lavender is also very much appreciated by Gemini.

However, to really please Gemini-born people, offer them roses. They can express so many feelings and messages. Symbol of love and good company, roses are in tune with the main characteristics of Gemini people

An Animal

If they were an animal, they would rather be a fox, a monkey or a parrot. Animals that fit them well in relation to their various aspects. Gemini likes to gossip and have a wide vocabulary just like a parrot.

With a noted intelligence, Gemini people are tricky as a fox. They like to make jokes, laugh and have fun just like monkeys. Butterflies, birds and the gossipy and thieving magpie are also animals that are a good reflection for the sign of Gemini.

A Mineral

If Gemini people were a mineral, they would obviously be a rock crystal, amber, aquamarine or citrine. However, the stones that will reinforce their traits of character are numerous. Imperial topaz, for example, will strengthen their quick-wit and intellectual side. The tiger’s eye promotes creativity and stimulates Gemini’s willpower. Moreover, it is a stone with protective elements for this sign of the zodiac.

Chalcedony promotes balance. It is especially in harmony with Gemini people who can sometimes emotionally let themselves go. They are known to be slightly nervous. Chalcedony brings peace and calm to Gemini people.

Career opportunities for Gemini

Gemini are twins, which implies you would have to engage two people, so there needs to be a lot of work going on. Gemini star sign is not one of the signs that can perform a repetitive task, in fact, that demand change and would rather do something that is interesting. Social networking jobs or jobs that involve traveling suit Gemini sign the most. They are extremely energetic and optimistic and in order for them to succeed, they must be allowed to be as creative as possible. Hence, best career opportunities for the Gemini Zodiac sign as per Gemini Astrology would be teacher, journalist, rescue worker, stockbroker, technical support, architect and etc.

Gemini and Money

Everyone has always wondered what are Gemini’s like. Gemini Zodiac sign does not value material goods much, in fact would prefer goods and possessions that can personal satisfaction. This explains why people belonging to Gemini star sign might be seen working as volunteers and in other low paid jobs simply because they carry satisfaction and prestige. Gemini Zodiac sign is very concerned with what they bring to the table, it simply has to be the best and most creative. They do not mind if this does not bring many monetary benefits. This is deeply rooted in Gemini personality. However, a very common Gemini trait is that they love showing off because of which at times they might prefer unnecessary spending over the much-needed saving.

However, a Gemini is advised to learn prudence and plan ahead for bad times. To make this happen, Gemini horoscope sign can access Gemini today on a regular basis. This would serve as being authentic because it is based on Gemini Astrology that makes sure to include Gemini dates or Gemini birthday dates in their analysis.

Gemini and Compatibility with Other Signs

Generally of a cheerful temperament and always a source of good humor, Gemini personality is not always compatible with certain signs of the zodiac.

Gemini and Aries

Gemini and Aries are very energetic and share many mutual goals. Gemini is a great thinker, taker and makes sure to look at all sides of an argument. Aries, on the other hand, loves to jump on new projects and Gemini would make sure to support them in this regards by looking for the reason behind Aries falling for a particular project. Both can form a good relationship as long as Aries is ready to give Gemini intellectual space.

Gemini and Taurus

On the other hand, Gemini will be drawn to Taurus people, hoping they might offer them stability. However, it is a relationship that is likely to be a failure. Gemini are always on the move, driven to travel and go on an adventure. Taurus would rather remain anchored and are not at all interested in traveling.

Gemini and Gemini

Among themselves, Gemini will feel better as friends rather than lovers. Like two teenagers, they will play, have fun, laugh and why not, travel. They will get along very well.

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Gemini and Cancer

With people born under Cancer, Gemini tends to be spiritual guides or mentors. They are driven to offer some advice and help Cancer take charge of their own life. The understanding between these two signs is fascinating.

Gemini and Leo

The relationship between Gemini and Leo will not always be good. Leo like to boast and see themselves as the best. Gemini will always let them know that they are not fooled and that they see everything that is going on. Friction is often inevitable, although sometimes Gemini can have fun using flattery on Leo people.

Gemini and Virgo

Gemini and Virgo view life so differently that it would be extremely difficult for them to accept one another’s diversity. This especially becomes a problem since Virgo is extremely critical and Gemini does not like anyone invading or disrespecting their intellectual freedom. However, if the two realize they have a lot to offer one another. Virgo can help Gemini to look at details in more depth while Gemini can bring excitement and fun to Virgo’s life.

Gemini and Libra

Libra and Gemini are both Air signs and can get along really well. Gemini can use the wisdom of Libra, which also exercises some control over them. As for Libra, they will enjoy the humor and constant good mood of Gemini people.

Gemini and Scorpio

They love to laugh together and enjoy life. Gemini and Scorpio get along very well. However, no serious relationship can arise between them. On the other hand, they will be good lovers.

Gemini and Sagittarius

If there is indeed a sign of the zodiac that wishes to be with a Gemini, it is Sagittarius. And it goes both ways. They get along wonderfully and are drawn to each other. It is an ideal Partner for Gemini natives.

Gemini and Capricorn

The perfect business partner for Gemini is a Capricorn. Together, they can wreak havoc in business and be extremely successful. This should be the limit of such a relationship however, because a romantic relationship would be catastrophic unless one of them is ready to compromise.

Gemini and Aquarius

Gemini and Aquarius is extremely energetic and are always full of ideas and determination to do whatever they desire. They are both spontaneous and do not like wasting time. Similarly, both signs have a lot to offer one another. Aquarius can help Gemini focus on one thing at a time for they tend to change directions too fast. However, they must be careful enough to give Gemini their much needed mental freedom and space. Gemini on the other hand, can help Aquarius become more social since they prefer isolation.

Gemini and Pisces

Pisces natives with their complex and sometimes elusive nature will not get along with Gemini who have trouble understanding them. Whether for a friendly or loving relationship, these two signs are not made to get along.

Therefore, the signs most compatible with Gemini Zodiac sign are Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius. Similarly, signs least compatible with Gemini zodiac sign are Virgo and Pisces. Their compatibility is important to know to better understand what is a Gemini or what are Gemini like.

Gemini Personality: Gemini in a Male Natal Chart

A Gemini man is a master of communication that can literally have a conversation over anything with anyone. He is highly intellectual, always on the lookout to learn more. A man belonging to the Gemini horoscope sign is unlikely to be boring, and is in fact quick-witted, mercurial and bright.

Since Gemini Symbol is twins, they can see both sides of an argument and mostly express a very balanced, unbiased opinion on topics that could be both controversial or simply ordinary.

A man having Gemini Astrological sign is known as the jack of all trades. His interests are quite broad that include reading, gardening, rocket science, ancient history and etc. Moreover, the Gemini Sign is highly social. He loves having interesting people around and when in a social gathering, he soon becomes the life of the party.

Gemini in a Female Natal Chart

A Gemini woman is more like two or more women combined into one. This is why some people view them as very challenging and difficult to handle. Women born under Gemini Zodiac sign have a lot of mood swings which makes her highly unpredictable. While she is unpredictable and wild, she is also extremely fascinating.

Moreover, women belonging to Gemini star sign are very smart and can talk about any subject on earth, may it be travel, religion or politics. Much like Gemini man, women born under Gemini Astrological sign are spontaneous in response, witty and tend to remember the tiniest of details.

Although, she loves communication, she would never indulge in unnecessary conversation but one that is informative and can generate important ideas and opinions. However, one bad Gemini trait particularly found in Gemini woman is that they are so health-conscious they would always be worried and stress over little health issues. This sometimes might prevent them from having fun.

Gemini Men in Love

Renowned to be unfaithful and fickle, a man under the influence of Gemini zodiac sign avoid commitment or complete transparency at all costs. This is a fear of being trapped and disappointed above all, but also because they hold their cherished freedom dear. Living as a couple with a Gemini might not be so fun. However, he is an intellectual and if his partner knows how to play on this aspect (mind, intellect) he or she has a chance to make their relationship last.

Despite everything else, even if a Gemini man may not want to fall in love for fear of loving, he is a very generous being who does not hesitate to give quite sincerely. In seduction mode, he first seeks to understand how the other person’s mind works. He thus bypasses natural and primal things like attraction and desire. A Gemini man needs a strong woman to be happy.

Fire and Air signs are compatible in love with a Gemini man. He can thus get along well and build a relationship with a Leo or Aries woman. On the other hand, perfect love may be possible with a Libra or Aquarius woman.

Gemini Women in Love

The Gemini woman tends to neglect this part of her life. She is not really interested in anything that is emotional, including love. If she seeks her soul mate, it will be someone with whom intellect comes first. To seduce a Gemini woman, one must, therefore, forget all heart and feelings and replace them with word games and mind games.

A woman born under the influence of Gemini Zodiac sign is independent. It is very important for her. When she is in a couple, her partner must preserve this independence. The worst thing she feels as a couple is when she lacks her own space. Forget any idea of jealousy or possessiveness.

It should be noted, however, that a romantic relationship with a Gemini woman is always fragile because of its unstable nature. On the other hand, she will appreciate anything that can stimulate her intellect and her curiosity. This is what will make her happy and she expects her partner to be creative about it.

Aries men, intelligent and born leaders, are most compatible with Gemini women. They understand each other and get on with each other perfectly. Routine is their worst enemy, they both love being in motion, moving and traveling. The Aries man, a charming person who loves intellectual games, the Gemini woman, calculating, methodical and full of strategy.

However, a love story can also arise between a Gemini woman and a Libra man. An Air sign like her, who will certainly appreciate her company. Similarly, the Aquarius man will also make a perfect companion for a Gemini woman. Another Fire sign, Leo is also compatible with Gemini women.

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