July 15, 2024
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Aries sign

The Ram ♈

/ March 21st – April 19th
Symbol :

The Ram ♈

Dates :

March 21st – April 19th. If you were born at the beginning or end of the dates for a sign, then you would be “on the cusp” of one of the signs and feel the influence of the other sign

Element :

Fire Sign

Quality :


Natural House :


Ruling Planet :


Key Phrase :

“I am”

Motivations :

Survival and Independence

Energy :

Yang (Masculine)

Lucky Day :


Lucky Numbers :

1, 6, 7, 10, 15, and 25

Colors :

Yellow (primary), additional colors include: white and grey

Body Associations :

Head and Neck

Birth Stones :

Diamond (primary) – additional stones

Tarot Cards :

The Emperor and the King of Wands

Herbs Flowers :

Honeysuckle and Thistle

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, ruled by the planet Mars, and ruling the First House. It is a male sign. Aries symbolizes action and daring.

Fire signs possess huge amounts of energy that let them go about their tasks with fierce intensity, passion, and creativity. Besides the four elements (Water, Fire, Earth, and Air), the twelve signs of the Zodiac have qualities. There are three qualities in astrology: Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable. Aries is a Cardinal sign.

Cardinal signs are the initiators. They are the pioneers and the project starters, the ones to get things moving. Cardinal energy represents beginnings, inspiration, and action. Aries marks the start of Spring, Libra marks the start of Fall, Capricorn marks the beginning of Winter, and Cancer marks the beginning of Summer.

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Aries Personality Traits

People with Aries Zodiac Sign are ambitious and extroverted. Often, they charge headfirst into action and can achieve prodigious amounts in short order to meet their goals. The list below highlights fourteen Aries traits.

14 key Aries Traits


1. Determination

They are incredibly determined. Aries keep their eye on their goal and pursue it no matter what, and have the inherent ability to overcome any obstacles thrown in their way. They do not allow anything to stop them and push through all challenges vigorously.

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2. Courageousness

Aries people will walk where angels fear to tread. They dive into the unknown and are willing to take risks to achieve results. Where other people might be fearful and hesitant to do something, Aries proceeds without any hesitation.

3. Independence

Arians prefer to do things on their own terms and avoid getting bogged down by restrictions or people that can slow them down. They can quickly cut ties with people that threaten their independence, people that are needy, and people who do not give them the freedom to do as they please.

4. Maverick Individuals

Aries has no problem pushing boundaries, and will often buck trends to see how people react. They happily fight for and with the underdog, so they have no problem challenging norms and doing things their own way.

5. Excitement/Extroversion

Being a fire sign, they possess high levels of energy, which they use to tackle any task or challenge. They get excited and achieve their goals faster than most people. If you are not careful, they will leave you behind if you do not keep up, not because they do not care, but because they rarely look back.

6. They Live Life to the Fullest

An Aries will live life with gusto. They accept every opportunity and challenge with open arms, and they will never allow themselves to miss an exciting, enriching experience.

7. Positive Outlook

Arians always see the glass as half full, instead of half empty. Their endless enthusiasm to reach their goals causes them to see the good in any situation. When faced with adversity or challenges, they do not become discouraged, negative, or pessimistic; instead, they focus on how they can overcome those challenges.

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8. Thoughtless

Since Aries like to go their on way and will do so impulsively, they often act thoughtlessly when it comes to other people’s feelings. They get so focused on what they want that they fail to consider how their actions may harm others.

9. Selfishness

They are natural-born leaders, they do not like it when others give them orders or instruct them, and can react negatively when someone tries to tell them what to do or how they should do things. Aries has a “my way or the highway” approach to life.

10. Impulsiveness

Diving in and passion are second nature to Aries; which leads them to want to achieve instant results. Often this energy leads to thoughtless action, which will make them regret their decisions afterward. They can be known to jump off a cliff and suddenly realize that they need to sew the parachute on the way down.

11. Rebellious

Independence and freedom are what an Aries person needs to feel happy in life, and when a person or situation halts their freedom and cages them in, they will become rebellious and angry. A rebellious Aries can be irrational, as they will be reckless in trying to take back the freedom that has been taken away from them.

12. Overly Competitive

They always want to be first, no matter what. They want to be ahead in the race and want to achieve things before other people do. This can cause them to become overly competitive and to see everything in life as a competition that they need to win. For this reason, Aries people struggle to work in teams, as they are always trying to one-up their fellow team members, and have a more competitive instead of cooperative approach.

13. Arrogance

They know what they are capable of. They know their strengths, and they are fully aware of what they can bring to the table. Having such a high awareness of their capabilities causes them to have an arrogant, self-righteous, and overly assertive approach toward specific situations and people.

14. Impatience

Always wanting immediate results, Aries people lack patience with processes that require time and dedication. They want instant results, and they can quickly become impatient and agitated when the results they want are taking too long to manifest. They get frustrated with people that are slower than them, which can cause them to come across as rude and abrupt.


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Oprah Winfrey
Millie Bobby Brown
Jennifer Aniston
Freddie Highmore
Ellen DeGeneres
Elizabeth Olsen
Ed Sheeran
Christian Bale
Alicia Keys
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The Aries Woman

Aries women are full of energy. True warriors, like the Amazons. The influence of Mars, their planet, and fire, their element, has something to do with it. They are remarkable women who can succeed in any endeavor. They may not always meet their goals, but they will surely give it their best effort. The Aries woman has a thirst for action.

She naturally shines through her skills and daring, a source of awe for her colleagues and loved ones. Just like Aries men, Aries women go straight to the point when they speak. In a professional environment, they tend to take on individual tasks with glee. It is not unusual for them to meet some goals that many would find impossible.

For her, competition is just more motivation to succeed. Doubt and hesitation are foreign concepts. She believes she will be successful from the beginning, even if the energy does not hold up over the long run. She loves adventure, exploring new horizons to satisfy her willingness to give anything a go, and enjoying adrenalin-intensive activities.

By striving to be active, their health can often suffer from overdoing. Aries women are nonetheless very optimistic and rarely feel moody or low. In many societies, an Aries woman can come on too strong and must overcome typical feminine stereotypes, which she is happy to prove wrong.

The Aries Man

Aries men are gifted with the kind of charisma that makes everybody love them. They are natural-born role models; and when they have a goal in mind, it would be best not to stand in their way. In addition, they are maverick and aggressive; and unlike some other horoscope signs, they are not afraid of a little competition. They do not see competition as a threat but as a source of inspiration.

People find them passionate and open-minded. Aries men love an adventure and trying something, or someone, new. They are full of gusto and have a generous nature. Their willingness to dive in and non-judgmental attitude are among their best merits. They will be unafraid of failure, which often leads to their many successes and failures.

Aries men are brave and courageous. Keep in mind that they want to be the hero, the righter of wrongs, someone fighting crime or injustice with a valiant heart. Aries men (like all Aries people) love to take risks that other people would find reckless, always in the heart of the action, always finding something to do to feed their fiery energy. Resting is the most tiresome activity for them.

The Aries Child

Aries children prefer to figure things out for themselves. They need plenty of autonomy and only need rules when they run up against a boundary. Any time they transgress or need correcting, it should be done swiftly and with little fanfare. Get to the point and move on. The Aries child will certainly move on, and they will also bounce back from a reprimand or punishment if it is justified and fair.

The best rule of thumb is to let them try and fail until they figure it out or they ask for help. If the parent intervenes before the child is ready for help, it will not go well for anyone. They can be successful with more freedom than most, so long as the limits and rules are clear. They will not lie and do not want to be lied to; deal with them honestly and the parenting experience will be positive.

The Aries Parent

The Aries parent prefers to be hands-off and would rather engage only when necessary. If the situation calls for dealing with a crisis, the Aries parent will jump right and look for the swiftest and fairest solution. Punishments should not be elaborate and the freedom they give had better be respected. When they engage, they will be fully present, but they are as far from the helicopter parent as one can possibly be.

In Friendship

Aries people are straightforward in friendship. They love to say what they mean without beating around the bush. They get along best with fire and air signs because their energy matches or compliments those signs. Water and earth signs can find it difficult to deal with Aries impulsiveness and individualism, except for Scorpio, whose traditional planetary ruler is Mars, which also rules Aries.

Friendships come rather easily, and they can go rather easily too. It is not unfair to say that once you or the Aries leave the room, whatever is next and present will be the focus of the Aries individual. They are wonderfully loyal, and will drop anything to get to a friend in need. If you want something done immediately, ask an Aries friend to do it.

In Love

Aries loves to flirt and fall in love. They are great out of the gate but need regular stimulation to stay interested and committed. It is not to say they cannot have long-term relationships, but one-night stands are not a problem. What makes them so much fun is their passion and their presence. They can come on strong and really mean it in the moment. But if the fire goes out, they will look for another spark.

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At Work

An Aries individual wants to be doing this when they are working. They hate inaction and boredom is their worst enemy. Aries always want to engage: help their co-workers and customers, create, or find solutions.

They are self-motivated and task-oriented, so they work best with deadlines and time does the work at their own pace, which is usually fast. This drive to be autonomous can put Aries in a difficult position when they must operate under someone else’s management. Therefore, they do best when they can be entrepreneurs, contract workers, or mostly independent employees.

While it is part of traditional astrology to suggest some jobs are Aries jobs and other jobs belong to other signs, that concept is outdated. Essentially, any sign can do any job, whether the person is a hairdresser, surgeon, stay-at-home parent, fighter pilot, and on and on. Ideally, the person doing the job needs to be able to do the work in alignment with his or her sign. Aries prefers to be independent, maverick, and complete tasks at his or her own pace when it comes to work and career.