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If you were born between March 21st and April 19th (approximate dates), you belong to the Aries sign! These Aries dates are what astrologers use to differentiate other signs from Aries. Full of energy, the Aries sign is the first of the fire signs, with Leo and Sagittarius. This is also the first cardinal sign. The sign of Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, exalted by the Sun, and reined over by the First House. This is a male sign, and if you had to draw a quick portrait of Aries, it is an impulsive sign that symbolized action and daring. In mythology, Aries references Jason and the Golden Fleece.

What is Aries? A Little More into the Aries Zodiac Sign

Aries traits have an equal amount of advantages and disadvantages to a person. Their main aspects are impulsiveness, impatience, and stubbornness. However, they are often put in managing positions for they are excellent leaders. Aries are often successful and are never discouraged by failure. They love being challenged, which is a sign of bravery and combativeness.

An Aries man tends to be ambitious and an extrovert. They have big plans for everything and do not hesitate from going to great lengths to achieve them. They often charge headfirst and can achieve prodigious amounts of efforts to meet their goals. These Aries traits ensure that an Aries person achieves all that they want in their life.

Things an Aries man needs to worry about

In his ambition, an Aries man may sometimes not realize that he is biting more than he can chew, and this can lead to troubles. He may be stubborn to the point of carelessness sometimes. In addition to that, an Aries man is full of energy and love changes and new things. This might set him off course and keep him away from his goals.

Among people, they are warm and sympathetic people, though quite authoritative. Their outspokenness is a source of unintentional gaffes or blunders. They can get along with almost anyone, but it will be slightly harder with Cancer, Capricorn, and Pisces. Just like Lady Gaga, Robert Downey Jr. or Elton John, people belonging to the Aries zodiac sign are very creative and original.

Aries Traits and More

In a professional environment, Aries seems to be always in control. This calls for always being on top of everything. You can expect an Aries man to work round the clock, and still be energized to work more. All of this is thanks to the drive that Aries exhibits, with the passion for inventing, creating, and finding solutions.

Aries traits include being motivated by their drive to become leaders and let this show through a sometimes overwhelming urge to be a decision maker. Dates for Aries play a significant role in all of this. The constant struggle in trying to be on top of everything may sometimes demand a lot from an Aries person. They like competition and are very protective about their independence.

More on the Aries Astrological Sign

In friendship, the Aries zodiac sign is unpredictable. Fleeting as fire, Aries people can change their group of friends overnight, especially if they see that their friends do not share the same interests as their own. These interests can also change overnight.

Aries are the people who are expected to initiate a friendship, and if they like you truly, this friendship is bound to go on for a lifetime. They speak a lot, too much maybe, whenever they feel enthusiastic about becoming someone’s friend. Aries people are straightforward in friendship. They love to say what they mean without beating around the bush. Trigger warning.

Gemini and Aquarius signs are Aries people’s best friends. However, this is a sign that can get along well with other fire signs. Rivalries and jealousies can exist between them, but in the end, they will have extremely constructive relationships.

If the Aries zodiac sign were… a vegetable

If the Aries zodiac sign were a vegetable, they would be represented by primrose or holly. In the language of flowers, primrose is a symbol of renewal and newborn love. This is a flower that represents youth. In its white variety, primrose expresses pure love. There are other kinds of primroses like mauve primrose that represent innocent love, or first love, like pink primrose.

The character traits expressed by primrose are in synch with those of Aries people. Daisies, hollyhocks, fern, or carnations are also vegetables that are in perfect harmony with the Aries sign.

As for holly, this is a plant that acts as a lucky charm according to some beliefs. It symbolizes life because it is evergreen no matter what the season is. It is used in religious celebrations, or as an ornament in a home. Holly is in perfect harmony with Aries who also loves life, luxuries, and celebrations.

What is Aries as an animal

If the Aries zodiac sign were an animal, they would be a ram. A dynamic go-getter, the ram is an animal that wants to lead. It is at the head of the herd. It shares this personality trait with the astrological sign it represents. The horns of the ram, highly symbolical throughout history, are represented on some helmets, some weapons (ram as a siege weapon) and some boats (figurehead), etc.

These Aries traits, protectors that are sometimes violent, impetuous and manly, can be found among Aries natives. Just like being gentle, warm, and sympathetic.

Considering the Aries Zodiac Sign as a mineral

If the Aries zodiac sign were a mineral, they would most likely be a heliotrope. Halfway between black and green, heliotropes have some blood-red spots due to iron silicate. This stone has an exceptional look and is kindly nicknamed the Bloodstone. It can also be called blood jasper. Red is the dominant color for Aries but also like the planet Mars. Heliotrope is a stone that grants you luck and protection.

What are the jobs for the Aries Horoscope Sign?

Influenced by Mars, Aries are drawn to heroic jobs, or those who imply tough competition or wars. Aries traits make it very specific for an Aries zodiac sign person to go into certain careers and fields. They can join the military, or law and order like police officers, SWAT team members, or firefighters. Aries like to shine, become leaders or bosses. These jobs will help them sate their deepest ambitions. They can also become excellent lawyers with a passionate, stubborn, extremist, and single-minded character.

Other heroic jobs might also seem appealing to Aries zodiac sign people from their idealistic side, like being a surgeon, psychiatrist, or veterinarian. Saving lives, comforting and mending broken people, or doing the impossible are the kind of activity that Aries natives particularly appreciate.

Monotony and routine are Aries zodiac sign people’s worst enemies. They constantly need change, motion, rhythm, or they might die of boredom. They are also drawn to jobs like stunt doubles, making their own business.

Aries and its Compatibility with Other Signs

What star signs would an Aries woman prefer? Or what star signs are the most compatible with an Aries woman or man? Libra is the best friend of Aries. They can get along perfectly. They are also complementary and resourceful, each in their way. Aries can also get along well with other fire signs, most notably Leo and Sagittarius. Their soothing character that lives fast and loves adventure and freedom will trigger a sense of kinship among Aries people.

Zodiac signs compatibility


Seeing Aries Compatibility in light of Aries Traits

The Aries zodiac sign loves new challenges so that they will be in perfect harmony with Aquarius natives. Gemini is also a sign with which Aries people can get along well because they will never get boring.

An Aries woman may have a harder time getting along with the star signs of Capricorn and Cancer. Indeed, Cancer people can have a hard time with their domineering nature. As for Capricorn people, Aries natives tend to find them a little dull for their taste.

Aries Personality

The fact that the animal representing Aries has solid and particularly thick horns does not come as a surprise. They often manage to get what they want. Thanks to their determination and stubborn nature, they manage to overcome obstacles without too many problems. If they fail, they get back on their feet and rush back in without getting tired. They are full of energy and do everything they can to meet their many goals. This is often what will make them successful.

Aries Men

Aries Astrology in a Male Natal Chart

Aries men are gifted with the kind of charisma that makes everybody love them. They are natural-born leaders, and when they have a goal in mind, it would be best not to stand in their way. Mars, the planet that rules Aries, but also the God of War in mythology, has a strong influence over Aries men. They are persistent, serious, and unlike some other signs, they are not afraid of a little competition. Aries astrology ensures that an Aries man goes out and wins every competition if he truly wants to.

People find them curious but also open-minded. Aries men particularly love an adventure. They are full of passion and have a generous nature. Their stamina and boundless ambitions are among their merits. They will see these ambitions through relentlessly, no matter what.

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What are Aries like? (The Men)

Aries men are brave and courageous. Keep in mind that they want to be the hero, the righter of wrongs, someone fighting crime or injustice with a valiant heart. Aries men (like all Aries people) love to take calculated risks that other people would find reckless. They stem from one of these signs that almost never rest. Always in the heart of the action, always finding something to do to feed their sparkling mind. Resting is the most tiresome activity for them, according to Aries astrology scriptures.

Aries males have numerous merits, to be sure, but they have their share of flaws too. Aries men are aggressive and stubborn, which can be good or bad. Fortunately for them, they get back on their feet quickly when they fail and can swiftly move on. They are not the kind of people who will complain on and on.

Aries Personality: More on Men

Aries men are never wrong. They seldom acknowledge their own mistakes and are not quick to apologize. This can be annoying for their loved ones who can often see them as tyrants. They are indeed quite domineering and tend to try to be in charge at all times. Quite intelligent, they often speak too much just to show off their knowledge, which can be irritating. Their legendary outspokenness often triggers unexpected blunders.

Aries men often hit the walls due to their obstinate and stubborn character. They don’t like to work as a team and cherish their independence. They tend always to want to do everything on their own. However, they love to lead and have people obeying their orders. The other way around is almost unbearable for them because they have a hard time acknowledging authority. In other words, the main flaws of Aries men are they’re being authoritarian, impulsive, and self-centered.

What are Aries like in Love? The Men

One thing men with an Aries birthday truly hate is when things are easy. For them, seduction has to be a challenge. They do not fall into any woman’s clutches as easily as others. If a woman wants to seduce one, it would be best for her not to try and seduce him… By staying mysterious and seemingly indifferent, she will naturally draw the curiosity of an Aries man.

This is a game that Aries men particularly like because they always want what they cannot have. Seduction thus turns into a challenge that can match their ego. In love, Aries men are not overflowing with kind words or compliments. They are not very good at romance. This is why they love women of character, independent and confident.

Routine is their worst enemy, at work like in love. They constantly need to move, to be surprised, and to surprise. The lover of an Aries man must prove she can live without him so that he stays by her side. She must be able to astonish him and dazzle him without revealing too much of herself. Aries men are conquerors, and they will move on somewhere else once they have nothing left to conquer.

Aries symbol men can easily be drawn to Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, or Aquarius women. However, Gemini women will be particularly in harmony with them. Cancer women are much too sensitive for them, while Virgo women will have to make a lot of efforts to seduce them.

Aries Women

Aries in a Female Natal Chart

Passionate, ambitious, Aries women are full of energy. True warriors, like the Amazons. The influence of Mars, their planet, and fire, their element, has something to do with it. They are remarkable women who can succeed in any endeavor. They always meet their goals, personally or professionally. A dedicated worker, the Aries symbol woman, has a thirst for action.

Aries women naturally shine through their skills and daring, a source of awe for their colleagues and loved ones. Just like Aries men, Aries women go straight to the point when they speak. In a professional environment, they tend to become the leaders of their group, and they energize it so that they might meet some goals that many would find impossible.

Aries Personality: More on Women

For them, competition is just more motivation to meet their goals. Doubt and hesitation are foreign concepts. They already know that success awaits at the end of the road. Traveling is a common hobby. Aries women love adventure, exploring new horizons to sate their boundless curiosity. They love extraordinary, adrenalin-intensive activities like scuba diving or bungee jumping.

By striving to be active at all times, their health can often suffer. Aries women are nonetheless very optimistic and rarely feel moody or low. In society, an Aries woman likes to scrutinize merits and flaws among the people around her. They might, in turn, find her reserved and aloof while she is in truth sensual and passionate.

What are Aries like? (The Women)

As for their flaws, Aries women tend to think they are the only ones who are right. They will never admit they might be wrong. They rush in headfirst (like a ram) without heeding any warning from their loved ones As soon as they have a goal in mind, nothing else matters, even if people get hurt in the process. It would be best not to stand in their way whenever it happens.

Another flaw that Aries women have to endure is that they tend to overestimate themselves. Being confident, in oneself and one’s values, is great, but overconfidence often leads to complicated issues. Aries women often make a mistake and don’t listen to what others have to say, following their mind instead.

Bolstered by her element (fire) and her planet (Mars), an Aries woman tends to stand at all fronts with several projects underway at the same time. As a consequence, she can end up lost and unable to see any project through. This flaw can be corrected by focusing on a single goal that is the most likely to succeed.

The Aries Astrological Sign and Women

A flaw that can often irritate people around an Aries woman is her tendency to make decisions for other people. Aries women love to decide, to lead, to be at the head of a group. But she forgets that in personal matters, you need to let other people (her loved ones) build their own experiences. She thinks that these people cannot do it and she tends to try and impose her own decisions.

What are Aries like in Love? Women

In love, women with an Aries birthday are shameless and sexually fulfilled. An Aries woman particularly values sexuality. She is a very sensual woman with almost no taboo, willing to enact several fantasies. She easily lets herself be guided by what she wants and has a strong temper. With slightly masculine energy, Aries women do not shy away from a conquering role and often make the first move whenever they are interested in a man.

Aries women are very attractive through their naturally irresistible charm. They are predators for men. However, once one has found her soul mate, she goes all in. She loves head-over-heels and gives everything of herself. Failure at this point and in this domain could prove unbearable for an Aries woman.

The Aries Astrological Sign Women in Love

Aries women are very independent in love, just like in life. Being a housewife is out of the question. They need a strong but tender man, one who will know how to accept her independence and somehow domineering nature without feeling dominated. Having a strong character is a given to stand a chance.

The perfect lover for an Aries woman is a Libra man or Libra ascendant man. Driven, a Libra man will always know how to charm her and surprise her. They are complementary. She can also get along well with another fire sign, Leo, with which she shares outstanding energy, important life aspirations, and a kind of nobility.

A Sagittarius man can also seduce an Aries woman who will notably appreciate the adventurer/free spirit side of the Sagittarius man. He is someone strong who moves a lot, and these are qualities that Aries women appreciate. Gemini and Aquarius can also seduce an Aries woman for their original and epicurean sides.

However, Cancer and Pisces men won’t last long with an Aries woman because she will scare them. These moody, dreamy, extremely sensitive signs won’t be compatible with an Aries woman. Taurus and Capricorn men are too tough and won’t find favor in an Aries woman who likes to be in charge and have the upper hand with some challenge… but not too much.

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