Aquarius Zodiac Sign Explained

Horoscope for Aquarius

Aquarius are born between January 20th and February 18th. If you were born within three days of a sign change you may belong to a cusp of two zodiac signs (Capricorn – Aquarius or Aquarius – Pisces Cusp).

3rd Air sign with Gemini and Libra, Aquarius is also the 4th fixed sign, with Uranus as a ruling planet. It is a male sign in analogy with the Eleventh House of the zodiac. The body parts that best represent Aquarius astrological sign are the ankles and the legs.

The favorite colors of Aquarius are blue and indigo. Among the days of the week, Saturday is the one that suits them best. Their lucky numbers are 7, 14 and 20. Tarot card associated with Aquarius is the Star. The Aquarius star sign is also ruled by Saturn in addition to Uranus.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign: Characteristics

Aquarius the Water-Carrier is one of the oldest identified constellations of the Zodiac (meaning that the sun, moon, and planets all occasionally or regularly pass within its boundaries) It’s a big though faint constellation located in the southern hemisphere and is one of the oldest constellations known to the ancients, it’s appearance almost universally associated with water and the rainy season.

Able to adapt to any situation, Aquarius is a sign that always wants to build its own roots. It is a changing sign endowed with a strong will for independence and affirmation. For Aquarius, the word “freedom” takes on its full meaning. They are original and non-conformist people looking to seize any opportunity offered to them.

Aquarius are unpredictable in every aspect of life and hence it is sometimes difficult to know exactly what Aquarius are like. They are cunning and always plan for a way out, even in love. Their main enemy is boredom. Just like Gemini, Aquarius love to keep their mind busy and hate lack of activity. This is a quality that he also shares with every Fire sign, including Aries.

They are very attached to humanity and believes they have been vested with a noble mission: to offer all the help (and healing) they can to other people. In spite of their very independent nature, Aquarius natives are always surrounded by people and always want to make new friends. They are all willing to fight for freedom and justice. These traits are justified by the symbol of their astrological sign: a water bearer.

Aquarius is someone you should not try to control or cage. They need to move around and talk as they like. Otherwise, another facet of Aquarius will appear. They are said to be cold and distant, but in truth, they are mainly cautious about their emotions and feelings. It is hard for them to trust anyone, but once it is done, they are gentle and caring beings.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign: Friendship and Family

Related to the Eleventh House of the zodiac, the house of friendship, the sign of Aquarius is the ideal friend. They adapt perfectly to other people and to the different types of friendly relationships that may arise.

Even though Aquarius are surrounded with many people and has many friends, they keep themselves in check and let themselves keep some distance. Very attached to their freedom, Aquarius people cannot be the kind of friend evolving into something sentimental.

Friendly relations with Aquarius are always intellectual or ideological then. As soon as this line has been crossed or they feel that their freedom is in jeopardy, Aquarius will withdraw. Sentimentalism in friendship makes them uncomfortable. Their best friends are Aries and Sagittarius, two Fire signs, with whom he gets along wonderfully well.

As regards their family, Aquarius extend their understanding of the word beyond the ties of blood. It is more about intellectual relationships than about family ties. As parents, many might say that Aquarius are a little lax. They prefer to let their children discover things by themselves, instead of trying to impose them. Aquarius parents are therefore very open-minded, free, and tolerant.

Aquarius Personality in Female Natal Chart

With a lively and creative spirit, Ms. Aquarius is a complex and mysterious woman. Queen of improvisation, she dreams about changing the world in her own way and does not hesitate to suggest many creations and innovations.

It is not at all surprising that celebrities that are seen as visionaries happen to be Aquarius, like Oprah Winfrey.

The Aquarius woman cares a lot for humanity. She is an idealist who loves to help everyone who needs it. The Aquarius woman is very optimistic in life. She is also enthusiastic and her good vibrations are very appreciated around her. She is a warm and sociable woman. However, she can become distant and cold especially when she finds no interest in a situation or in someone.

Freedom is very important for the Aquarius woman. She will fight tooth and nail for her independence. The main qualities of the Aquarius woman are her ingenious side, her passion and her idealism. On the other hand, she is an unpredictable, very sensitive and sometimes extravagant woman.

Aquarius Personality in Male Natal Chart

The Aquarius man symbolizes independence and freedom, which is difficult to define. He is a very creative person, and this is reflected in the way he thinks. Often an adept of personal development, his life goal is selfrealization. The Aquarius man is discreet, sometimes cold and aloof while being rebellious.

The Aquarius man is astonishingly wise even though his head is in the clouds. He is a tender and caring man. He is a determined, especially notable for his ability to find new solutions to various problems. Mr. Aquarius does not lack imagination and intuition in anything he does.

In spite of these qualities that make him an exceptional man, the Aquarius man tends to dream more than to work on making these dreams come true. Sometimes he starts elaborating utopian projects that he will never see through. His ideas, on the other hand, are recognized as innovative and fresh.

The main strengths of the Aquarius man are his intelligence, his creativity and his generosity. On the other hand, some flaws are that the Aquarius man is a little disorderly, unstable and impulsive.

What jobs for Aquarius?

Trades in the field of transport are made for Aquarius, eager for mobility and freedom. Aquarius can flourish in professions related to travel networks (road, river or air). They will also be excellent electricians thanks to Uranus. A profession in media or journalism would also be a good fit, as are professions associated with new technologies. As such, they might be good computer scientists, researchers, astronauts…

Aquarius with Other Signs

Looking at Aquarius compatibility with other signs helps one understand what is Aquarius. This also sheds light on how Aquarius personality or Aquarius characteristics complement the personalities of other signs of the zodiac.

Zodiac signs compatibility


Aquarius and Aries

It is Aries that gives people belonging to the Aquarius zodiac sign the confidence to put their words into action and not just sit and wait for a miracle to happen. Similarly, Aquarius can bring stability to Aquarius’s life, helping them to finish their incomplete projects first and then move forward. Both signs of the zodiac admire and respect each other a lot and this is what helps them resolve any conflicts that come their way.

Aquarius and Taurus

Aquarius and Taurus are two signs with completely opposite characters. Where Aquarius craves freedom and independence, Taurus isn’t independent enough. While they might be drawn to Aquarius, over time they will eventually be disappointed by their partner’s lack of attention. Another negative point in this relationship: the excessive jealousy of Taurus people will certainly scare Aquarius away.

Aquarius and Gemini

Both Aquarius and Gemini demand independence and since they value it themselves they are more than willing to offer this to each other. Conflicts can only arise if Gemini finds Aquarius too stubborn which is a strong Aquarius trait. Similarly, Aquarius can be irritated if Gemini is not able to cope up with Aquarius’s forward-moving standards. However, they can work this out.

Aquarius and Cancer

Aquarius and Cancer are two signs of the zodiac that can get along very well. Aquarius will know how to give Cancer a more creative and dynamic life than what they used to live. However, with Cancer rooted in the past and Aquarius contemplating the future, their relationship could be short-lived. Another negative point is the way Cancer tend to have an almost symbiotic relationship. Aquarius are extremely protective of their freedom, so this is definitely unpleasant for them.

Aquarius and Leo

With Leo, a Fire sign, Aquarius can build something serious and lasting. Together, they have the required energy and strength to make their dreams come true. Among the signs of the zodiac, Aquarius is one of those who can and do tame the fiery Leo. These are two complementary signs that can live a healthy and happy relationship.

Aquarius and Virgo

Aquarius zodiac sign is all about passion while Virgo is more rational and methodological. Virgo is organized but Aquarius does not like a monotonous routine and so tend to be not very organized. Conflicts are likely among them where Virgo might not like Aquarius being too artistic and casual and Aquarius might get upset by Virgo’s criticism.

Aquarius and Libra

For Libra and Aquarius, two Air signs, the relationship is very complimentary. Both very creative, they will accomplish great things together. Libra will help Aquarius make their dreams come true and will even be very creative in doing so. This will only make Aquarius fall even more in love.

However, the indecisive character of Libra could ultimately fail this relationship. Aquarius will feel like they’re carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Aquarius and Scorpio

Aquarius and Scorpio are very passionate beings. They can get along well and build a strong relationship. The dominant tendency of the Scorpio does not concern Aquarius who will not lack the imagination to adapt to it. However, one should note the very jealous nature of the Scorpion, which can be a problem for the Aquarius who craves freedom. With some compromises, these two signs are made for each other.

Aquarius and Sagittarius

With Sagittarius, a Fire sign, Aquarius as an Air sign can envision quite an interesting relationship in every way. Very social, both signs love to share and so live their relationship in full. As always, Aquarius know how to adapt thus leaving Sagittarius free in their actions. They will be a kind of well- appreciated couple with a lot of friends. It is a relationship that is made to last, an excellent combination.

Aquarius and Capricorn

Capricorn looks for a particular result in life while Aquarius views life as a random exploration. While the two are quite understanding, conflicts can occur between them. This can happen if Capricorn becomes very dominating or if Aquarius becomes too unrealistic. In order to keep going whatever relationship or bond they share, Aquarius and Capricorn need to understand they both view life differently but that does not necessarily invite conflict. In fact, this implies both have a lot to learn from one another.

Aquarius and Aquarius

Life is beautiful between two natives of Aquarius. Both of them are free-spirited and are looking for adventure and travel plans, so their relationship is made to last. These are two complementary signs in perfect harmony. In love, two Aquarius have a strong connection and even tend to isolate themselves a little.

Aquarius and Pisces

On the same wavelength and sharing many affinities, Aquarius and Pisces were made to be together. It is especially the mysterious side of the native of Pisces that will lure Aquarius in. They are both sensitive and passionate beings. They will make a very beautiful couple and will certainly experience many moments of happiness.

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