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Horoscope: September 22 – October 23, 2022

starGuide of Mercury Direct In Virgo


Aries Symbol

October 2: Mercury Direct In Virgo

After the 2nd, you will overly focus your mind on work, and removing your mind from the responsibilities you need to tend to can feel tricky. Watch out for becoming overly obsessed with work and your duties, as this can temporarily take over your life and cause you to tunnel vision onto responsibilities and work, causing you to avoid everything else during this transit.


Taurus Symbol

October 2: Mercury Direct In Virgo

After the 2nd, your mind will be thinking a lot about casual flings and romance, but nothing too serious. You might think of that hot guy you saw at the gym or that gorgeous waitress at the restaurant and what the possibilities are. A sensual mood will likely overcome you, and you will be in the mood to give and receive affection without significant strings attached and without it needing to lead to anything serious.


Gemini Symbol

October 2: Mercury Direct In Virgo

Your feelings of love and care toward your blood relatives and family will be super potent after October 2. There will likely be strong feelings of attachment towards your home and family, and intense emotions can surface when loved ones in your comfort zone surround you. As a result, you will likely feel more introspective and less outgoing. You won’t have much of a need to impress the world around you as you focus on those closest to you instead of focusing on strangers and acquaintances. 


Cancer Symbol

October 2: Mercury Direct In Virgo

After October 2, communications with others will be intense now, and you will try and get your point across with tenacity and vigor. Others can be a little put-off and intimidated by your intensity, so try to tone it down a notch, as others might not feel as strongly about things as you do. Avoid getting overwhelmed by too many tasks and conversations now, as there might be an important opportunity headed your way which you risk missing by being overly distracted on too many other things that do not serve as much importance in your life.


Leo Symbol

October 2: Mercury Direct In Virgo

After October 2, you might be thinking more about your money. You will feel somewhat cautious and protective over your finances. You could feel a more solid attachment to your material environment as you notice the importance of specific items in your life and the purpose they serve in your life. This month could be a month where money is less than usual, so you need to be more careful and mindful of your expenses. The other way things can go is you might get more money than expected. In this case, it will be best to save any extra cash and be mindful of what you spend it on.


Virgo Symbol

October 2: Mercury Direct In Virgo

From the 2nd, you will feel quite confident in yourself and hyper-focused. You can think more clearly, understand things more efficiently, and feel more intelligent than usual. Express yourself as much as possible now, as you will be able to say just the right thing. The likelihood of you feeling confused and unsure of what to do after the retrograde is over is very low.


Libra Symbol

October 2: Mercury Direct In Virgo

After the 2nd, you might feel more inclined to be in your own space and have time to contemplate your thoughts without others’ disturbances or input. You are usually exceptionally verbal and open in your expressions; however, with Mercury in Virgo, you choose to keep quiet and keep your thoughts to yourself. You will realize that not every idea needs to be expressed, and others might say you are much quieter than usual.


Scorpio Symbol

October 2: Mercury Direct In Virgo

After the 2nd, you will be quite serious about getting yourself out there to meet new people. You might’ve been super serious about work and commitments, and you will realize you have neglected socializing, mingling, and connecting with others. While Mercury is direct in Virgo, it is the best time to revamp your social life, open yourself up to new contacts and allow yourself to get immersed in the lives of others.  


Sagittarius Symbol

October 2: Mercury Direct In Virgo

Work and career problems can seem endless during this retrograde, causing consistent nightmares and headaches for you. After the Mercury retrograde, you might consider whether the current field you are in or the current professional path you are on is right for you. Maybe a change of direction is needed, or just a new fresh perspective and something new. Opportunities can come to you while Mercury is in Virgo to possibly change the course of action you are on regarding your career.



October 2: Mercury Direct In Virgo

After October 2, you might find some weird and interesting scenarios, topics, and people being presented to you, allowing you to open your mind to possibilities you have never thought of. For example, you could be invited to travel to an interesting new location or meet up with an interesting new person. This encounter will give you a fresh perspective on life and how you see things. You could find a new passion and hobby during this time as well.


Aquarius Symbol

October 2: Mercury Direct In Virgo

From the 2nd, you will be getting very in touch with your deep emotions. A lot of thought will go toward how much you value your connections in your relationships with certain people. You might be in the mood for intimacy more than usual. There can be a few issues relating to money that come to the surface for you to address.


Pisces Symbol

October 2: Mercury Direct In Virgo

After October 2, you will feel quite outgoing and in the mood for constant chit-chat. Relationships with others are significant now, and you are more willing to compromise and level with others. You will be thinking about love, affection, and intimacy a lot; however, these thoughts might not be something you will directly act upon and can remain merely daydreams. If you are in a relationship, you will feel a little obsessed with your relationship and partner.