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by Ella

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Hello, I’m Ella! I have been doing Natal chart readings for more than 8 years. I believe that everyone can improve their life, yet they do not have access to the information they need to do so. My ability to observe the planets’ movements allows me to pick up on important details regarding what we can expect to happen in our lives.

Your zodiac sign and horoscope are related to the planetary movements! The starGuide, interprets the planets’ movements to help you gain awareness of what you can expect to happen and current mental, emotional and spiritual state. Live a more self-aware life!​ 

Venus enters Pisces

February 25 – March 21

Venus is the planet that rules over our love style, and when Venus is in Pisces, we wear rose-colored glasses when it comes to love. Venus is exalted in Pisces, which causes us to approach love and relationships with an optimistic, romantic, and idealistic perceptive. Our ability to understand the emotional needs and wants of others is at its all-time highest. We can foster connections with people in a way we have never been able to because we can understand and connect with them easier.

We will see things through others’ eyes, which will allow us to create relationship dynamics where both parties are happy. While Venus is in Pisces, it is the ideal time to fall in love. We connect more with people’s emotional side and overlook logic and reason, which can often stop us from interacting with certain people or just enjoying ourselves and living within the moment. Connections and relationships you establish with others will likely be profound, spiritual connections that will transcend the material and physical reality. 

How to avoid issues & use your full potential? 

Focus on how you feel around others while Venus is in Pisces. Your inner voice will be telling you alot now, and even though a logical mind might tell you not to engage with a person because of x,y, and z, your soul can connect with them and see past physical hindrances. Do not ignore what your intuition is telling you now, as you will be able to identify people you can spiritually connect with and people you should disconnect from.

Allow yourself to spend time and connect with people, but avoid making any commitments during this time. Although you will be feeling many positive emotions, Venus in Pisces does cloud your judgment to an extent, and there might be essential pieces of information not being presented to you now, which can be vital to know. Allow yourself to feel and live within the moment, but do not become too attached to others now. You do not always need to be attached to someone for the interaction to lift your spirit. 

Zodiac Signs with positive impact 

Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces

Our ability to understand and forgive others is increased now, so it is beneficial to clear out any bad vibes and toxic air in your existing relationships during this time. Establishing a deep, spiritual connection with your partner is very accessible now. It is important to set time aside to work on this spiritual connection with those we value now. Suppose you have a reactive or critical attitude to emotional situations. In that case, you will now be able to take a step back and not give in to negative emotions that might damage your relationships. The love we can feel and give during this time knows no limits.

Make time to see your family, spend some quality time with your partner, and make sure to meet up with your closest friends while Venus is moving through Pisces. Our ability to connect in a much more profound way is higher, which is why we must take advantage of this to strengthen our existing relationships. When you aren’t spending time building spiritual connections with others, explore your creative ability. We will be more in tune with our inner creative side, and creating artistic or musical masterpieces is very accessible now, as we have a brighter sense of imagination. 

Zodiac Signs with negative impact

Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Aquarius

It is easy to fall in love with the idea of something or someone now. Make sure you ask others what their desires are and what they are comfortable with, as we can quickly get disillusioned and push another person’s boundaries during this time. We might get exhausted and overwhelmed by all the emotions we are picking up from others, and we will feel an inkling to reach out a hand and help wherever and whoever we can, and this might be strange if you have been overly focused on yourself lately.

Being charitable and reaching out a helping hand, or being a shoulder for someone to cry on, can go a long way now, so even if it causes you to be pushed out of your comfort zone, just do it. You will be surprised to see how connecting with others helps you connect with yourself and your own emotions more. Avoid drinking or taking any substances that cloud your mind now, as this can damage our ability to listen to our inner voice and establish authentic spiritual connections with others during this time. We must allow ourselves to be vulnerable and intimate during this time, so let your walls down and let others into your world.