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Scorpio sign

Scorpion, (Classical: Eagle or Serpent) ♏

/ October 23rd – November 21st
Symbol :

Scorpion, (Classical: Eagle or Serpent) ♏

Dates :

October 23rd – November 21st. If you were born at the beginning or end of the dates for a sign, then you would be “on the cusp” of one of the signs and feel the influence of the other sign

Element :

Water Sign

Quality :


Natural House :


Ruling Planet :

Pluto (Classical: Mars)

Key Phrase :

“I transform”

Motivations :

Regenerating and Penetrating

Energy :

Yin (Feminine)

Lucky Day :


Lucky Numbers :

2, 3, 5, 8, 20, 21, and 41

Colors :

Black (primary), additional colors include: maroon and brown

Body Associations :

reproductive system, sex organs, bowels, and excretory system

Birth Stones :

Topaz (primary) – additional stones

Tarot Cards :

Death and the Queen of Cups

Herbs Flowers :

Geranium and Red Flowers

Scorpio is the eighth sign in the Zodiac, ruled by Mars (traditionally) and Pluto, and ruling the Eighth House. Scorpio symbolizes regeneration, transformation, and sexuality.

The water signs correlate with human emotions, the feelings we experience in our families and with our friends, the power of intimacy, and the need for purpose in our lives. Besides the four elements (Water, Fire, Earth, and Air), the twelve signs of the Zodiac have qualities. There are three qualities in astrology: Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable. Scorpio is a Fixed astrological sign.

Fixed signs fall in the middle of a season. These natives are the foundations of society. They are the builders and the preservers. Fixed signs take the ideas initiated by the Cardinal signs and put them into motion to create something physical and substantial. Where the Cardinal signs are the “initiators,” the Fixed signs are the “establishers.” Their nature is incredibly reliable, and you know what to expect from them, and what you see is what you get.

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Scorpio Personality Traits

Scorpio people are intense and powerful. They act as change agents and prefer to move in the direction of a crisis rather than away from the crisis. The list below highlights fourteen Scorpio traits.

14 key Scorpio Traits


1. Steadfast

Scorpio is a fixed sign; and once a Scorpio has set their sight on a goal, they will pursue it faithfully until the end. Scorpios are determined. And, you can always trust that a Scorpio will remain true to their word and devoted to their responsibilities at all costs.

2. Brave and Courageous

A Scorpio will face danger to protect those they love and care for no matter what the threat. If a Scorpio needs to go where angels fear to tread, they will do it, and they will not back down. Since Mars is the traditional ruler for Scorpio, they have a fearless, heroic side to their personality, just like Aries.

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3. Devoted and Loyal

It is not easy to win the heart of a Scorpio, but once you do, they will remain faithful to you until the end. When a Scorpio devotes themselves to a person, it is for life, unless you break their trust. A Scorpio will stick by your side no matter what, and they will never do anything to make you feel insecure, or to make you doubt them.

4. Authentic and Sincere

Scorpios do not sugarcoat anything, and when they tell you they feel a certain way and how they feel about you; you can honestly believe them. A Scorpio will never be pretentious with someone they love. Most Scorpios despise anything superficial and inauthentic and only surround themselves with people they can genuinely appreciate.

5. Intelligent and Observant

Scorpios are incredibly perceptive, and they pick up on things around them that others easily overlook. It is impossible to keep a secret from a Scorpio, as they will always figure out a way to uncover the truth. It is also very tricky to fool them, as they can see straight through lies.

6. Magnetic

Once a Scorpio has set their eyes on you, it can be challenging to resist the magnetic pull of the alluring and seductive Scorpio charm. Scorpios have a reputation for being some of the best lovers in the world since they know exactly what the object of their affection desires.

7. Deep and Complex

Scorpios feel emotions deeply, and they want to truly connect with others on a soul-to-soul level. Therefore, they are instantly put off by shallowness and ignorance. Most Scorpios value people that are true to themselves, and who have pure intentions and sincere motivations. A Scorpio will only truly give their heart to another pure-hearted person.

8. Jealous and Possessive

Once a Scorpio has committed their heart to someone, they will protect that person at all costs. A Scorpio can quickly feel threatened when their partner pays attention to other people, and they will act out to ensure that no one gets too close to their beloved. Trust issues can often lead to problems in their relationships.

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9. Secretive and Reserved

Before a Scorpio opens up to someone, they first need to build trust within the relationship. Scorpios can often hide how they truly feel if they fear getting hurt by being too open and honest. For this reason, it can take a long time for Scorpio to share their true feelings, which can cost them a relationship they really want to have.

10. Belligerent and Unforgiving

Once a Scorpio’s trust has been broken, and once they feel that they are being threatened in any sense, they can become aggressive and hostile. It is best to avoid getting on a Scorpio’s bad side. If you do, you can experience the cold and bitter side to their personality. A Scorpio can hold a grudge their entire life, and never forgive or forget.

11. Obsessive

Once a Scorpio has their mind set on something or someone, they will not let it go. This can be detrimental to them since they can obsess about things and people. As a result, they can weigh themselves down with their own negative emotions, and their compulsive thinking.

12. Pushy

To some Scorpios, when a person says “no,” they hear “try harder.” The passion that burns inside the heart of a Scorpio is so strong that they will stop at nothing to get what they want. Scorpios can often come across as overbearing; they can sometimes push too hard and be invasive and forceful.

13. Moody

With Scorpios, things are usually black or white, and rarely grey. Scorpios usually experience two moods, one where they are incredibly passionate and full of life and vigor, and the other where they are hurt and disappointed. When in a negative space, they retreat into isolation to process their thoughts and emotions.

14. Judgmental

Scorpios often struggle to give people the benefit of the doubt. They often make up their minds on the first impression that they get about people. With a Scorpio, it is either hit or miss. You either get their attention, and they genuinely adore you, or they are just not interested in you whatsoever and will not give you the time of day.


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The Scorpio Woman

The Scorpio woman hardly ever compromises and tends to do whatever she wants. She is relentless when pursuing her goals, or as a person. She will study others “from the shadows” to anticipate their moves and outcomes. As a keen observer, she detects the strengths and weaknesses of situations and people to gain her advantage.

Scorpio women have iron wills and infinite determination, which is why they overwhelm most people in intimate relationships. For her, there is never too much of a challenge. She also loves extreme competition and trials. Coal becomes diamonds under pressure, and she becomes more powerful under pressure. The Scorpio woman is a mystery, and the archetype for the femme fatale (emphasis on feminine and fatal).

Among the greatest qualities of the Scorpio woman are her tenacity and the fact that she never gives up. She also has a very special way of seeing things; and, as such, she can see what others do not see. This is a very popular quality in many professional fields. Scorpio women are formidable.

The Scorpio Man

The Scorpio man excels in many areas, but not diplomacy. Just like Aries, his legendary outspokenness stings. He does not suffer fools lightly; usually willing to crush them beneath the heel of his boot! He does not beat around the bush when he has something to say.

Unlike Leo man, he does not like to stand in the spotlight; she prefers to work behind the scenes, wielding hidden power to his best advantage. If he is forced out of cover, he does not hesitate to show his stinger to protect himself. He is the definition of intensity and passion if he chooses to reveal himself.

The Scorpio man likes to stand back in order to better observe other people. He is a fine strategist who has the ability to anticipate the next actions of people around him. It is a quality that does not go unnoticed by employers. This is also the reason why Scorpio men have successful careers.

The Scorpio Child

Scorpio children are intense, and often very private. They can keep to themselves and be very keen observers. They can spot a lie better than any other sign and are not beyond manipulation as a way to test the power and authority of their parents. Any time they transgress or need correcting, it should be done decisively and thoroughly. These children do not like weakness, wishy-washiness, or leniency; pressure a whetting wheel sharpens knives.

The best rule of thumb in teaching these children is to let them try and fail until they figure it out or they ask for help. If the parent intervenes before the child is ready for help, it will not go well for anyone. As a fixed sign, they can be very determined, so it helps to make sure they have high expectations and plenty to do; otherwise, trouble could be afoot.

The Scorpio Parent

The Scorpio parent will have the second highest expectations of his or her child, just behind Capricorn. They are here to teach their children power dynamics, how to identify power in the world, how to wield it, and how to deal with it. Punishments can be severe, to leave a lasting impression, or get as close to real-world consequences that are hard to come back from when you are out of the safety of the home. Scorpios can be generous parents so long as the child shows proper respect and works hard.

In Friendship

Scorpio people make intense friends; one may be all you need or can handle. These individuals make the perfect confidants; they will take your secrets to the grave, into the afterlife, and reincarnate with those secrets still unshared. A Scorpio friend will be with you in your darkest hours, through your most difficult experiences, and have your back in any struggle. You just need to share your soul with them to get all their benefits.

Friendships do not come easily, but they will last. Scorpios are extremely loyal, but also demanding friends. They will not pull any punches if they feel like you need “straightening out” or “the brutal truth”. And do not be surprised if your friendship with them is tinged with sexual energy; they represent the femme fatal and the rakish man.

In Love

Scorpio loves to be intense and fearless in love. They should all have a t-shirt in their closet or drawer that says, “brace for impact”. This sign likes to go in deep, really penetrate in an intimate relationship. And, as the sign that rules sexuality, they bring their intensity and fearlessness to the bedroom. What makes them so powerful is their willingness and strength to go into the darkest corners of love and lust and enjoy themselves. It is in their nature to transform themselves and anyone who gets intimately involved with them.

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At Work

Scorpio makes some of the best change agents and transformers when it comes to evolving a business or organization. Their sign is known as the “whistleblower”, which often makes them perfect for the tasks that require a company to evolve or die. If you need to regenerate your business or organization, then invite a Scorpio in to assess the status of your company and give them the power to make any necessary changes.

They love to uncover problems, break through stagnation, and upheave complacency. In fact, these are the people you want to hire or call upon when there are hard choices to make and inevitable changes to address. Scorpios make the perfect eliminators, process “improvers”, and disruptors; when situations re-balance or stabilize, it is time for them to move to the next place in need of transformation.

While it is part of traditional astrology to suggest some jobs are Scorpio jobs and other jobs belong to other signs, that concept is outdated. Essentially any sign can do any job, whether the person is a hairdresser, surgeon, stay-at-home parent, fighter pilot, and on and on. Ideally, the person doing the job needs to be able to do the work in alignment with his or her sign. Scorpio prefers to be transforming, regenerating, and eliminating when it comes to work and career.

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