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The dates starting from October 23rd to November 21st (approximate dates) make you a Scorpio sign. A resolutely female sign, Scorpio is the 2nd water sign in the zodiac with Pisces and Cancer. Scorpio is a sign governed by the planet Mars, but also by Pluto. In astrology, it corresponds to the Eighth House. 3rd fixed sign, Scorpio is in analogy with the genitals.

Of a very creative nature, people of the sign of Scorpio always want to go to the limit of anything they undertake. It is a sign driven by passion in all things. They have a lot of potentials but tend to misuse it. Scorpio is very instinctive under the influence of its two ruling planets, Mars and Pluto.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign: Characteristics

Dark black and red are the favorite colors of Scorpio natives. Tuesday is the day of the week that brings them luck and their lucky numbers are 4, 13 and 21. In astrology, Scorpio means great transformation, death, the end of a cycle, or a major turning point in life. It also represents sexuality and sensuality in its bestial and primal form.


In mythology, Scorpio tells the story of Orion, the great hunter who saw Artemis naked as she bathed. He wanted to rape her. However, she pulled out a scorpion that stung him at the heel. The animal was then turned into a constellation in thanks for its bravery. The sign of Scorpio is a show of power and magic. They are mysterious beings, sometimes extreme in what they do.

Scorpio people often have sex on their mind, yielding to base human impulses. They might appreciate anything that is erotic, sensual, or even more. They can detect the slightest weaknesses in anyone. This is one of the most gifted signs for psychology. When a Scorpio manages to realize its enormous power over others, he or she can become very manipulative.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign: Friends and Family

Overflowing with emotional energy, the Scorpio is a trustworthy and loyal friend you can rely on. However, at first, Scorpio may seem distant and cold to others. They radiate out-of-control magnetism on other people, which is why they are often well appreciated within a group. Scorpio are always ready to make a new friendly relationship, even more so if there is anything to be gained.

They love to explore, to go on adventures and to live unique moments with their friends. Scorpio people love risk. They can often lead their friends to risky situations, not out of spite, but because it is in their nature. Scorpio carefully choose the members of their inner circle. They have something on their mind, but will strongly defend their friends whenever needed.

In friendly relationships, Scorpio can offer very good advice to their friends. They also support them unconditionally in complex projects, adventures, and even love stories. In truth, anything that is intriguing, dangerous and mysterious fascinates him. On the other hand, it is better not to argue with a Scorpio. They are very vindictive and resentful and they never forget.

Family-wise, Scorpio natives are very demanding people. Scorpion are very attached to their family, to the point of sometimes being annoying. Building a family is part of the life projects that Scorpio natives are very attached to.

At home, a Scorpio woman needs someone stronger and tougher than her. Someone she can count on. As for Mr. Scorpio, he also needs to have someone strong, but someone he can tame on occasion.

As parents, Scorpio natives are like wolves protecting their children. Mr. Scorpio wants the future he never had for his children, while Mrs. Scorpion tends to be a little overprotective. Scorpio natives are also care very much about their family assets, which they are delighted to pass on to their children.

Scorpio in Female Natal Chart

Equally adept of the “all or nothing” philosophy, the Scorpio woman hardly ever compromises and tends to do whatever she wants. Rigorous, she executes her plan meticulously and eventually always gets what she wants.

She tends to analyze others in order to anticipate their every action. From this analysis, she detects the weak points of her loved ones to use them when the time comes.

For those who do not know the Scorpio woman well, this trait can be very irritating. This is the reason why so many suitors run away. The Scorpio woman also tends to become very irritated and nasty whenever she fails to get what she wants.

The Scorpion woman is a determined woman, with an iron will to achieve her goals, whatever the obstacles. For her, there is never too much of a challenge. She also loves extreme challenges and trials. It is there that she can really express herself and be herself. The Scorpio woman is quite a complicated person, difficult to pin down.

Among the greatest qualities of the Scorpio woman is her tenacity and the fact that she never gives up. She also has a very special way of seeing things, and as such she can see what others do not see. This is a very popular quality in many professional fields. Determined, armed with endless willpower, ambitious, and with a critical and analytical mind, Ms. Scorpio is undoubtedly a formidable woman.

In spite of it all, the Scorpio woman has many flaws that can annoy her loved ones. Her sometimes-excessive jealousy, her inflexible character, or her dominant, sometimes-authoritarian side are also part of her main flaws. Above all, the Scorpion woman is also a resentful person.

Tip: Scorpio…The Celestial Scorpion 

Scorpio in Male Natal Chart

The Scorpio man excels in many things, but certainly not diplomacy. Just like Aries, his legendary outspokenness stings quite violently. He does not beat around the bush when he has something to say. The Scorpio man is a discreet and introvert being.

Unlike the Leo man, he does not like to stand in the spotlight, just like the animal that represents him. When out of cover, he does not hesitate to show his sting to protect himself. Behind this domineering, aggressive, and sometimes selfish mask hides a very sentimental being however, overflowing with passion.

The Scorpio man likes to stand back in order to better observe other people. He is a fine strategist who has the ability to anticipate the next actions of people around him. It is a quality that does not go unnoticed by employers. This is also the reason why Scorpio men have successful careers.

The Scorpio man more or less sees things in black or white. For him, it is all or nothing, extremely positive or the negative. He can be a perfectionist, eager for power or the exact opposite, powerless and careless.

Apart from that, a Scorpio man is very sociable. Honesty is one of his main strengths. He is a determined being who won’t let any obstacle stand in his way to success. He is also ambitious and is not afraid to show it.

As for flaws, the Scorpio man is domineering. Combined with his lack of diplomacy, he can be difficult to live with sometimes. He is also a very jealous person with a tendency for self-destruction. He is a complex being, but passionate, who could do great things if he does not self-destruct before that due to his constant anxiety.

What Jobs For Scorpio?

Scorpio natives are people who like to get to the bottom of things. They love to explore everything from top to bottom. They particularly appreciate anything extreme. The trades that suit them best are those related to death. They can excel in criminology, forensic medicine, and so on.

Scorpio is a sign that does not shrink from anything to meet their goals. They are obstinate people who know how to wait patiently, without losing any willpower. A job in research can also be a good fit. They could be excellent detectives, scientific researchers, surgeons, gifted psychologists or parapsychologists.

Scorpio With Other Signs

Scorpio and Aries

Between Aries and Scorpio stands a complex and very intense relationship. Aries is someone overflowing with energy, sometimes aggressive, always looking for a new challenge. Scorpio, deeply sentimental and very carnal, are also full of energy. As a couple, they can live a great love story, painted with mad escapades and passion. However, Scorpio’s strength of character will push Aries to their own limits and might split this excellent Fire and Water duo.

Scorpio and Taurus

If there is indeed a sign of the zodiac that attracts the Scorpio, it is Taurus. Two opposing signs drawn to one another as if by magic. Taurus are naturally attracted to the sensuality and sex appeal of Scorpio. For Taurus, Scorpio are another of their many challenges, but the most valuable one. They always wanted to conquer them. It is an extremely rich relationship, very far from routine, and that has every chance to succeed.

Scorpio and Gemini

In love, Scorpio always seem in a hurry, the price of passion. It is a trait of character that does not fit the lightness and thirst for freedom of Gemini people. Between these signs of Water and Air, a relationship will require a lot of effort to work. One of them, concession after concession, could become very unhappy. And the one who will yield most will certainly be the Gemini, a white knight or warrior ready to do anything to make his or her partner happy.

Scorpio and Cancer

Between Cancer and Scorpio, two Water signs, it is a relationship where passion is key. However, the somewhat possessive and impetuous character of the Scorpio might frighten the Cancer. The latter, however, has the ability to gain control in a subtle way. This is one of the best compatibilities in astrology.

Scorpio and Leo

Leo and Scorpio resemble Fire and Water. Leo always have this need to live their life intensely. Conversely, Scorpio are very passionate, compulsively. It is a relationship that may not last forever. It will be full of conflicts and confrontations. A breakup can be avoided, however, as Leo and Scorpio are both driven to be the other’s master. This kind game will please both signs and could make their relationship last much longer than expected.

Scorpio and Virgo

Between Virgo and Scorpio stands a seemingly doomed relationship. The domineering Scorpio draws the Virgo into its web. The Virgo, on the other hand, will flee once when they understand that the Scorpio truly want to dominate them. This relationship may however last if the Scorpio learns how to compromise.

Scorpio and Libra

Too different, Scorpio and Libra natives are rarely drawn to one another. The natives of Libra avoid complicated beings like Scorpio with all their strength. However, when love at first sight happens, they could experience a growing and exciting love. Dominators by nature, Scorpio people can become difficult to manage for Libra. It will no doubt be a short-lived but passionate relationship.

Scorpio and Scorpio

Intensely carnal, the relationship between two natives of Scorpio is however likely to be quite complicated and dangerous. They each want to live their passion to the fullest. A passion that can be destructive for both signs in the long run. Indeed, their strength of character will certainly lead them to drift away towards an almost inevitable breakup.

Scorpio and Sagittarius

Unlike other signs, a Sagittarius is not easy to tame and the Scorpio will soon realize that. For once, they found an opponent worth their while. The relationship between these two signs may last as long as the Scorpio accepts the Sagittarius as they are. That is to say, a free being, sometimes acting alone and according to their own rules. The eternal anxiety of Scorpio people, however, will make the Sagittarius run away, for they see life in a much more positive way.

Scorpio and Capricorn

With the sign of Capricorn, Scorpio has found its alter ego. They are made to be together. These two signs are alike and sometimes enter an unrivaled competition. It is as if they have found themselves, two complex beings, though slightly anxious for the Capricorn unlike the Scorpio. It is a lasting relationship that can know happiness.

Scorpio and Aquarius

Between Aquarius and Scorpio stands an extremely passionate relationship that will last over time. Aquarius can obviously adapt to the character of the Scorpio, thanks to their patience and imagination. As for the Scorpio, they will have a hard time with the need for freedom and openness of the Aquarius. They might threaten this good understanding by resenting the Aquarius for their need for freedom.

Scorpio and Pisces

Scorpio and Pisces are two sentimental signs that can get along wonderfully. Scorpio fawn over the Pisces who do not hesitate to express their feelings. Moreover, Pisces will not try to resist the domination of the Scorpio. It is something that will make them even more in love. Between Water signs lies ecstasy, a good start for a lasting relationship.

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