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Love Horoscope:  5 June – 11 June 2023

Your love horoscope for next week, when it comes to love, romance, and dating, based on your astrology sign.


Aries weekly love horoscope

Did you take a breather last week, Aries? Hopefully, because this is one bumper of a week when it comes to Astrology! You have the much – anticipated move of lady Venus into your love and passion zone. Seeing as this planet is also all about romance, it’s a double-whammy of deliciously yummy times in your love life! Plus, Aries, she’ll stay here for longer than usual, due to her retrograde in July. Whatever your relationship status happens to be, rest assured that things are about to get steamy.

If you’re on the market for love, make these next few weeks your best yet for flirting. Get on that app, go out and meet people, accept every invitation that comes your way. Confidently go after what you desire. Your charm and magnetism will be irresistible. If attached, then know that your relationship is about to heat up a notch. There may be a brief difficult moment at the start of the week, but that will soon fade away.


Taurus weekly love horoscope

Your ruler, Venus, sidles into passionate Leo this week, Taurus. This brings a warm, loving and affectionate energy to your domestic life. So, if you’re coupled up, be sure to stake some time out at home with your honey. Go shopping together. Make your space even more beautiful and luxurious than it already is. Have a party right in your doorstep. Invite friends and family, and share the love you have. It’s all sunshine and smiles for the next few months, Taurus, so make the most of it.

If there a catch? Just one. Right at the very start of this transit, you could find that a brief power struggle takes place. Maybe you or your partner is trying to dominate the situation. Work together as a team and you’ll find a way out of this – stronger and better. Now, if you’re single, you may find that the pleasure of your own company is more than good enough at the moment. That doesn’t mean you won’t be flirting. In fact, that seems to come with this week’s cosmic territory.


Gemini weekly love horoscope

Mercury, your ruler, slips into your sign this week. After a very long spell in Taurus, you’re more than ready to finally air out the ideas you’ve been sitting on for the last couple of weeks. Maybe you’ve even been uncharacteristically quiet, preferring to listen than offer much of an opinion. Rest assured that this all changes now, Gemini. Your partner will probably wish for the days where you weren’t talking their ear off! With that said, you are very entertaining at the moment, and extremely engaging. Coupled up or not, people won’t be able to resist your humor and charm.

What’s more, the planet of love – Venus – enters your communication zone, enhancing this Mercurial energy even more. Whatever you say, you’re saying it with complete love and affection. You’re spicing up your words with creativity, and you’ll know exactly what to say, and when. This is especially great if you’re single. So, work it, Gemini.


Cancer weekly love horoscope

For a very brief time – just a few months – Pluto is back in your relationship sector. This may bring back certain themes from the last decade and a half, and not all of it is necessarily easy. Before you panic and resist the process, see this as a chance to clear up and purge whatever isn’t serving you or your relationships anymore. If there’s a breakup pending, now would be a good time to make it happen. Claim back your power, Cancer. If you don’t want to take that path, then be open to letting the relationship transform. Maybe that means facing some fears, but it will be well worth it, Cancer.

Another possible outcome of this transit may be that there’s someone you’re completely obsessed with, which has become unhealthy. If that’s the case, find a way that you can focus back on yourself, Cancer. Love yourself. Make yourself the center of attention. You are, and will always be, your own greatest love story.


Leo weekly love horoscope

This is the week to celebrate, Leo! Why? Well, you have the move of lovely lady Venus into your sign, where she’ll be staying for much longer than she usually does. This is because she’s going retrograde in a few weeks, allowing her to linger a while. As such, you’ll be feeling more attractive and confident than ever before. It’s also a perfect time to revamp your look. Go shopping, get your hair done and generally spruce up your image. If you’re single, you’ll be getting plenty of attention, without even needing to lift much of a finger. You’re exuding magnetism, Leo – make the most of it!

Also, what also may come up for you is a stronger desire for self-love. Maybe you’re realizing that looking outside for love and approval can only go so far, Leo. You need to like and adore yourself. Then, that love just beams out of your heart, bright and shiny. What make you feel loved? Is it saying nice things to yourself? Spoiling yourself? Taking yourself out for a good time? Do what makes you feel cherished and valuable.


Virgo weekly love horoscope

Pluto, planet of evolution moves into your romance and dating zone for the next few months from this week onwards. This is an echo of the last decade and a half, when he spent an extended period of time here. What came up for you during that time, Virgo? What transformations did you experience in your relationships? How did you grow? It’s time to reflect and tie up any loose ends when it comes to love. Maybe you need to finally say goodbye to an ex, or purge a toxic behaver that you’re finally ready to be rid of. Either way, it’s transformative, Virgo.

It’s possible that you get a little obsessed with someone, so keep a good eye on yourself. Virgo. It’s never healthy to be so focused on someone else that you forget all about yourself and your needs. Look after that Inner Child carefully this week. They need you. Avoid relationships that become too much of a sacrifice or are worse, unavailable. This will only end up hurting you in the long run.


Libra weekly love horoscope

Venus is changing signs this week, Libra, and because she’s your planetary ruler, you’ll be feeling this move. She’s heading into the sector connected to love-received and social relationships, so you may find that both of these get a lovely boost. If you’ve struggled to receive care from your partner before, then these next few weeks are an ideal time to open your heart wide. The chances are great that your lover will be grateful – and happy – to be able to give to you for a change.

When it comes to your friendship, you should also be feeling all the love at the moment. So much so that romantic relationships may take a backseat. Go out and party, Libra. Throw a dinner. Enjoy quality time with your nearest and dearest. Let this fill you up with shine from the inside out. Finally, don’t allow anyone – sweetheart or not – make you choose between them and your people. That’s not the type of partner you want in your life.


Scorpio weekly love horoscope

None of the planets are hitting your love zone this week, Scorpio, except for one, small aspect. The square between Venus and Jupiter shows up in your commitment sector, but unlike other squares, this one isn’t much of a drama. All that it may indicate is having to reshuffle your priorities when it comes to work and romance. Or, perhaps you’re spoiling your lover a little too much, which may lead to entitlement. If this is the case, Scorpio, think about scaling it back, just a tad.

Other than that, most of your energy is likely to be focused on your vocation. The funny thing is, Scorpio, the more focused you are on work, the more that people seem to be attracted to your ambitious, charismatic energy. Don’t be surprised if you get hit on while simply going about your business. And don’t be shy to use your charms to get ahead in the game. As long as it doesn’t harm anyone, it’s totally acceptable.


Sagittarius weekly love horoscope

Mercury, planet of communication, moves into your relationship sector this week. This brings a compromising energy to your connections, Sagittarius. So, if you’ve been struggling lately, then rest assured that things are about to get so much better for you and your honey. You’re also going to be in a space where you’re more willing to listen and take in information than necessarily share your opinions. Because of this, your partner is likely to feel that much closer to you and open up to you even more. This also opens up the opportunity to negotiate on seeming that you may have gotten stuck on before.

What’s more, Mercury and Pluto connect in a flowing trine aspect, allowing for depth to come into your conversations. You may find it much easier to share your deepest and darkest secrets, Sagittarius, and so will your lover. If you’re single, you may have a breakthrough moment about a past relationship that helps you to understand how to navigate future connections.


Capricorn weekly love horoscope

Pluto moves back into your sign this week, Capricorn. Before you groan in dismay, know that this is just a short visit. He’s visiting in order to help you ensure that you’re still very much in your power. That the transformations and changes you’ve been going through are sticking. Maybe there are a few more things that you need to do right now to make it so. Perhaps there’s something you need to stand up for yourself in when it comes to love. Or some way the you need to claim back you rpower. Go ahead, Capricorn. The Universe has got your back.

What helps to soften this energy is the move of Venus into your intimacy sector. She’s been in your relationship zone for a few weeks, and now, she’s ready to show you how to share power, how to merge, how to give and take in equal measure. Your partner may also want to help you in some way, so let them. Allow them in, Capricorn.


Aquarius weekly love horoscope

The start of this week holds so much promise, Aquarius. You’ve got the move of Venus, planet of love and relationships, into your commitment sector. She’s staying here for a few weeks, making all your connections so much sweeter.

Yet, as she moves, she makes a hard opposition aspect to Pluto. This will only last a day or two, but it is a tricky energy. It requires a strong level of awareness, especially of the ways in which you may need to take accountability. It’s possible that you’re exerting a certain amount of control over your lover. Even if it’s subtle, they won’t much like it. Stop and check yourself, Aquarius. You’re not usually the type to do this, so there must be a good reason behind it. Maybe you’re feeling a little unsafe, or possibly even disempowered. Rather communicate this – Mercury is on your side at the moment – than act out in ways they could be destructive. You’ll become closer if you’re honest, both with yourself and with others.


Pisces weekly love horoscope

All of this week’s transits miss your romance sectors. Does that mean no love for you? Of course not. All it indicates is that you’re probably going to have your mind focused on other things. For example, Venus moves into your everyday work sector. Thus, you’ll be thinking of all kinds of creative ideas on the job. Even if you don’t work, you’ll still be feeling quite inspired. You may even desire to make your sweetheart’s day to day better by picking up on chores and showing your love through these acts of service. In fact, when it comes to the routine of your relationship, that’s the area that’s likely to receive a major boost. Simple acts like brushing your teeth together become that much sweeter from this week onwards, Pisces.

If you’re eager for some attention, then look no further than your work environment, your daily coffee run, or your gym. These are the areas and situations that offer the most potential in the months to come.

By Margarita

Margarita Celeste is a passionate, practicing Astrology & Tarot Teacher and Consultant living in sunny Cape Town, South Africa. She has been interested in the deep symbolism of the stars and planets ever since she can remember and specializes in Relationship and Psychological Astrology. You can reach Margarita via her website: