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Weekly Love Horoscope: 13 July – 19 July 2020

Discover your horoscope for the week ahead, when it comes to love, romance and dating, based on your astrology sun sign.



This can be a tough week for your ego, Aries. Your ruler, Mars, connects with the “wounded healer” Chiron, in your own sign. Even if you’ve been in a great space recently, these few days could have you going inward and investigating feelings of shame, guilt, and “not good enough” feelings.

This, of course, can be projected onto your relationships, and it’ll either be a week where you deal with the wounds and find healing with your partner. Or, you react defensively and try to fend off the experience of feeling so very vulnerable! Here’s the thing, Aries – if you do the latter, you’re only going to heap more problems on your plate in the long run. Even if you’re single, this week may have you acting out in all kinds of strange ways. This is an invitation from the cosmos to open up and ask for help and support if you need it.



This week may feel as if someone is blocking you from growing, Taurus. This may very well feel like a partner or even someone you perceive as a teacher. You’re feeling restless and the desire to express your true opinion is strong, However, be careful of becoming so emotional than you lose the point entirely. This may lead to pointless power struggles with the people you actually care about.

You may also need to look within and see what is fuelling this desire to speak up. This week’s configurations indicate a woundedness, feelings of shame around your past, and specifically your desires when it comes to a relationship. Remember, you are only human, and you have the power to act on a desire – or to control it. Controlling the desires that will bring you harm in the long run, Taurus, and indulging the ones that bring you and your partner will bring you joy and satisfaction.



This week is an intense one when it comes to love and money, Gemini. On one hand, you are desiring to keep everything you have for yourself – all your resources. This may come from fear of “lack”, or a simple desire to be a bit selfish with what’s yours.

However, this may be a block to true intimacy and support. It’s easy to get into conflict this week. You may start by going over the top, and then panicking and trying to regain control of the situation. Practically, you and your sweetheart disagree over your money, your home, your bank accounts, or a bond. It may even be as small as whose turn it is to pay the gas bill. Try and resolve these tensions in a rational and reasonable way, even if you’re feeling more emotional than usual. Talking it out will bring you that much closer and cultivate real intimacy. Remember – you’re a team.



This week indicates a showdown between you and someone else, more than likely a love partner, and if you’re single, a friend, business partner, or someone you are close with. It’s a power struggle, Cancer, and you’re feeling very torn. You want your way, and you want to nourish and nurture yourself. Yet, you have opposition and responsibility to a particular relationship.

What to do, Cancer? Firstly, negotiate. Take care of your responsibility to someone else- this may even be an ex. Find a way to meet your own needs, too. There really is a middle ground in this situation. Don’t become so confident that you slip and give away all power – you need to be a team this week, as much as you can. This tension, at the end of the day, can be completely transformative (believe it or not!). In fact, if you do your homework, you can emerge from this so much stronger, Cancer.



Unexpressed anger may reveal itself in destructive ways this week, Leo. It’s possible, that with this Mercury Retrograde, you’ve been holding onto a few things that explode now. That’s okay – no one’s perfect. But check yourself before you wreck yourself, Leo. You don’t want or create necessary issues with your partner. Sit down and talk about it, and find room for compassion – for yourself.

As the week progresses, things ease a little and you’re feeling more on the flow when it comes to yourself and your personal relationships. You may even start thinking of wrapping a connection up, if it hasn’t been working for you, or saying goodbye to an ex for good. Either way, it’ll be freeing for you. if you’re with someone, and it’s solid, you’ll have moments of deep and true intimacy over the week. It’s as if you are diving into each other, and enjoying what you find. Sharing power feels good, right, Leo? It also feels nice to be truly vulnerable sometimes, too.



This is a tricky week for relationships, Virgo. Especially if you’re just on the dating scene – but also if you are committed. There’s going to be a situation presented to you in which you have to make some sort of choice. You may start out feeling incredibly confident with a “can do” attitude. In fact, you could go over the top (which is unlike you) and over-promise. You may even say yes when you mean no when it comes to love and romance.

However, very soon, this becomes a power struggle to regain control of the situation, and you are torn between your vision for the future, versus what’s happening right now. You might have to make a choice between a friend and a lover or partner. Do you really have to pick a side? The short answer is no – but you need to find a way to make both parties happy (as well as yourself!).



This week, Mars and Chiron, the wounded healer, meet in your commitment zone, Libra. This can indicate problems when it comes to aggression and asserting yourself in your relationships. Whether you’re committed or in the playing field, it’s going to be a week where you will be quite challenged. Are you allowing yourself to be truly vulnerable, or are you trying to put up your defenses?

This exact same question might be applied to your partner or the person you’re dating. They may be acting out in ways that seem extremely strange, and it’s up to you to apply consciousness to the situation. Otherwise, you’re just going to keep reacting to each other, and it won’t be pretty. However, if you’re kind gentle and self-aware, then this week can bring enormous growth! The choice is always yours, Libra, and you usually make the very best choices. The last word – there’s a great deal of pressure on you from all sides at the moment, so don’t inflict that onto your relationships.



Communication, communication, communication, Scorpio. If you don’t get that right this week when it comes to your relationships, then you’re going to be in for a tough time. Could you be snippy or even slightly aggressive at the moment? That’s’ not what you want because you’re in a period of growth right now. Make that growth about the way you say your words. This extends to both your commuted relationships, as well as any others, and especially if you’re in the market looking for love. First impressions, in a COVID-driven world, are driven by your language these days!

Your co-ruler, Mars, is also having a moment this week, which furthers this sharpness if you really examine yourself, Scorpio, you’ll find that this may stem from feeling as if you can’t be truly vulnerable. You may be focussed on feelings of shame or guilt around relationships and your desires. However, Scorpio, your desires make you human, and as long as you don’t let the selfish ones get of control, you’re doing just fine!



You may be overreaching yourself in your generosity this week. Sagittarius. Maybe you’re giving your sweetheart way too much benefit of the doubt, or you’re literally giving away your hard-earned dollars. Do they deserve it? If they do, go ahead. But beware that there is a payback on the way, and you may try to regain control of the situation just as soon as you lost it.

The trick here is to try and focus on being a team. One day you may need support, or perhaps it’s the other way around. You value your freedom, and you hate obligations, but relationships are obligatory, just as much as they are fun and pleasurable. Try and find the balance between these ideas this week, if you can. If you’re playing the field, this week can bring a few sexy lessons, but it may also bring up some wounds around romance and sexuality. Try and be gentle and kind with yourself either way.



This week indicates a decision to be made, specifically, a decision around relationships, Capricorn. It could be that you are your committed partner have to make a decision together, and they are the ones pushing it. Being the type of sign the likes to be in control, you may try and handle the situation with a sense of authority – and even bossiness. That’s not the right way, Capricorn, you are a team, and you make decisions together – you don’t get to be the leader one hundred recent of the time. So, take your partner’s desires into account, just as much as you prioritize your own desires.

You may find that this decision or situation involves family or home in some way. If it doesn’t, then there can be a strain on the home or family front that triggers the past and has you putting up defenses. If you’re not going to be vulnerable, don’t expect softness, Capricorn. You have to lower these defenses to let the love in!



It’s up to you this week, Aquarius, to prioritize what you want from your relationship on a day to day basis. You may have to draw up some sort of roster or plan that divides the daily chores and mundane errands into a structure. As boring as that may seem, it’ll help settle most of the gripes in your relationship over the long term. Otherwise, you’re just going to overextend yourself and hold your sweetheart accountable for it. Try to find ways to collaborate instead of going head to head.

The truth is, Aquarius, this week holds quite a bit of anxiety for you, and you’re dealing with a lot of personal issues. This may be projected into the everyday “stuff” with your mate. The best thing to do is to find some time alone to process. This same rule applies if you are single. After all, it takes work on yourself to attract the right kind of love, eventually.



Parts of this week, when it comes to love, are very sweet and tender, Pisces. And some parts are very tough, too. You may feel like you’re trying to please everyone, from friends to romantic partners or lovers – or even your kids. You may even try and do too much, to be everywhere at once, which just isn’t possible, you know. The people who truly love you will know that sometime, you can’t be there for everyone.

This is also a good week to look at how much love you’re giving and how much you’re getting back. The chances are good that you are giving far more than you get, or perhaps even feeling a little unloved. This is a great week to look at patterns around self-worth, whether you’re in a relationship or settled down. There’s nothing wrong with regular reflection, Pisces, so don’t try to avoid it.

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