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Weekly Love Horoscope: 28 September – 4 October 2020

Discover your horoscope for the week ahead, when it comes to love, romance, and dating, based on your astrology sun sign.



This week offers a resolution in your relationship, Aries. The Full Moon in your sign is one that really highlights your love zone and speaks of a time where some important decision will be made along with your love. It could be a little hard, Aries, so be prepared. Insecurity or a power struggle may come up, especially when it comes to your work-relationship balance.

Fortunately, you do have a sweet connection between Venus and Mars to look forward to! Both of these love and desire plants are in fire signs, which lends a spark to your romantic life! However, it’s more about growth for you, Aries – personal growth. This ties up to the Full Moon in your commitment zone, and perhaps you’re looking to spread your wings a little. Try to find a good balance of freedom and responsibility. If you’re single, you can look forward to some sexy encounters with someone exotic and inspiring!



Your ruler, Venus, shifts into compatible Virgo this week, Taurus, and into your romance zone! This is great for you, especially when it comes to physical attraction and connection! Whether you’re looking for love or with someone already, it seems like things are looking up.

However, Venus is not always that comfortable in Virgo, so you’d need to be mindful or either over-sacrificing in your current relationship, or even nit-picking and flaw-finding. If you’re single, you’re much more critical than usual and may even expect more than what’s possible when it comes to love. People are only human, Taurus – and so are you. Go easy on yourself and others, and that will make your love life that much easier, and help you to enjoy what’s right in front of you. There are frustrations running in the background, which may be influencing your behavior in destructive ways. Try and figure out what these are, Taurus.



There’s a Full Moon in your creative and romance zone, Gemini. This can be excellent for your love life, showing that some sort of decision or culmination that takes place. For some of you, this can be a time of release, too, especially if the relationship has been toxic or unfulfilling in any way. Be prepared for intense emotion and even a little insecurity to arise. It’s important to focus on the positive as much as you can, Gemini.

Fortunately, the earlier part of the week is much more pleasant and helps you deal with the latter part of the week. The Venus-Mars trine in your commitment zone invites passion into your love life, and for some of you, this can invite a smoldering liaison with someone in your friendship circle! Have a little bit of fun, Gemini, and let your hair down! Remember that sometimes, passion goes hand in hand with conflict. 



Cancer, this week, Saturn goes Direct in your relationship zone, which spells big things for you. If you’ve been feeling that things have just been testing after test, then you’re in for good news! Saturn moving Direct means that issues will start getting resolved and decisions made. Commitment is available to you – or not, depending on whether or not your relationship withstood the testing of the last few months.

Pluto also moves Direct here, which can balance the power dynamics in your relationship as a whole. There may have been moments in the past while where you were either giving your power away or holding it over someone else. Now, it’s time to move forward, Cancer. You’ll potentially experience a little bit of frustration, still, with the Saturn-Mars square going on. it’s likely that your parterres limiting you in some way, and where all you want to do is push ahead. There’s a reason why this is happening, Cancer.



Pooh, Leo! This week starts off on a very sexy note for you, with the Venus-Mars trine in fellow fire signs! This is the last boost from Venus having been in your sign, so make the most of it! Go out on a sexy date, plan a little liaison, or head out dancing! Your magnetism is at an all-time high, and there will be very few that can resist you! Yes, Leo – you’re that yummy right now.

The Full Moon in Aries can also be helpful to you. She lights up your communication and learning zones, reflecting an important relationship decision to be made. A balance to be struck, a conversation to be had. Some of it might be hard, and while it seems to be around every day, there’s more that lies beneath the surface. Try and see past the words into the feelings beneath with your lover, Leo. Big strides can be made when you’re conscious.



Virgo, Venus head into your sign this week, which can only bring you good things in love! Venus does this but once a year, lending you all her powers of attraction and magnetism. You’re either one that needs to make the most of it, Virgo. Notice that people are drawn to you that much easier now and that it’s not hard to get what you want!

This is the ideal time to focus on your appearance. Venus wants you to look good, smell good, and well, feel good! Get a snazzy new haircut, buy a wow-factor outfit, or jazz up your approach in general! Whether single or dating, Venus is here to help you out. She may reflect a more critical state of mind in relationships, and you’ll have to be mindful of fault-finding, as that can be a problem that turns a great relationship into a struggle. Focus on the good, Virgo.



This Full Moon is an important one for you, Libra, and for your relationships. Happening in your commitment zone and in Aries, you’re dealing with a balance thatches to happen, or even a choice to be made right now. it’s been a build-up over the last several months, so shouldn’t come as a surprise.

It could feel like this decision, choice or issue is tough, though, Libra. And it is, in some ways. it’s possible that certain things just have to come to an end for a new beginning to happen. Full Moons are about releasee after all. Exhale the bad and inhale the good, Libra. Your ruler, Venus, moves into a new sign, Virgo, and into the hidden zone of your astrology chart. This can indicate too much sacrifice being made, a love affair behind the scenes, or a loss of some kind. On the upside, this can indicate a quiet, spiritual time with your sweetheart.



Your modern ruler, Pluto, moves Direct this week, Scorpio. This is great for you, as it means that the delays and power play in your relationship recently can now start getting resolved and moving forward.

This holds particularly true for any communication issues that have been going on. For example, Scorpio, you may have felt like you “lost your voice” in recent months, that there were just so many obstacles in the way of you and your lover when it comes to truly understanding each other. Now, you’re ready to reclaim your voice and say what it is you want to say. This also indicates a time where you will make very important decisions when it comes to love and relationship – and life in general. This week, you have to make it your mission to get through the obstacles that come your way between you and someone important, however frustrating it is.



This week starts off beautifully when it comes to love and passion, Sagittarius! Venus and Mars in fellow fire signs are talking beautifully to each other, indicating a time of increased passion and attraction. Single or not, you’re ready to rumble, and there will be very little to stop you from getting what you want!

Things do slow down as Venus shifts signs, but as she heads into your professional zone, she can bestow blessings at work. Blessings in the form of people whom you form a relationship with, or have one already, who can get you ahead. In some cases, this may even bring an attraction at work! Finally, the Full Moon in Aries is all about finding the balance between your love life and your social life, both of which seem to be going quite well. However, don’t sacrifice one for the other, Sagittarius. You can please everyone – and yourself.



Saturn and Pluto move Direct in your sign now, Capricorn, after many moons of Retrograde. This can be very good for you, as it’s empowering! This week is less about relationships, and more about you, really. Some of you may even decide to be single, or that following your own path is more important than compromise.

And, with Venus heading into your personal growth zone, you’re eager to explore things – and people – from different cultures, different belief systems. This will help you learn that much more about yourself at the end of the day. Try not to nit-pick and find flaws though, Capricorn. Look for the good in people, and you’ll find it. Look for the bad, and that’s all you will see. Finally, the Full Moon in Aries is a lovely one for home and career matters, though it can bring problems, too. What do you need to let go of in your home life, Capricorn?



Go out there and have yourself some fun, Aquarius! With Venus leaving your commitment zone, things are going to simmer down a little, but she offers one last sexy fling before she leaves! It’s a great time for a hot date or a steamy night in with your sweetheart. You’re feeling adventurous and all kinds of spontaneous!

Then, as Venus shifts into your intimacy zone, she brings with her feelings of intensity and depth. This may be uncomfortable for some of you, and interesting for others. She wants you to dive deep with your beloved, or else, find within yourself what past patterns are no longer serving you. Venus here brings some changes in your relationship, and you may have to be mindful of drama. Try to balance the physical give and take of resources too – in other words, money, Aquarius. Is it balanced between the two of you? Make it so, if not.



This week, Pisces, Venus moves into your commitment zone, which spells many good things for your relationship. She lends passion and a hunger for togetherness, but there is a catch. She’s not entirely comfortable in the sign of Virgo, your opposite sign, and she can be critical and fussy.

She may expect perfectionism here, and could even be flaw-finding. Whereas you, Pisces, only see the good in people and things (sometimes blindly so), Venus in Virgo sees only the problems. Neither approach works, so you have to find the middle ground. Maybe you are over-criticizing, or maybe your partner is. Instead, fix the real problems that do exist, and let some others go. Pick your battles, Pisces. Your relationships can take on healing energy over the next few weeks, and improve immensely if you do the hard work. On the whole, you’re also going to generally feel more loved as Saturn and Pluto move Direct in your love-received zone.

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