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Love Horoscope: 3 October – 9 October

Your love horoscope for next week, when it comes to love, romance, and dating, based on your astrology sign.


Aries weekly love horoscope

This week holds a Full Moon in your very own sign, Aries – what a treat! Full Moons are always about something important culminating, and for you, this is likely to specifically happen in the sector of relationships.  You see, while the Moon is in your sign, the Sun and Venus are in your opposite sign of Libra, which happens to fall in your love zone. 

This reflects a push-and-pull energy in your romantic world, and it’ll be important for you to own and acknowledge any healing that needs to be done. Healing around your past relationships, as well as your current ones. There are likely to be quite a few wounds that get illuminated during this time, so do your absolute best not to become defensive. Lower your weapons and allow others in, Aries.  This will breed closeness and connection. Close the door on an ex, and put it all to bed. This will help you get ready for a better and brighter future where you can open your heart again.


Taurus weekly love horoscope

Important conversations seem to be taking place this week in your love life, Taurus. Big ones. If you have a partner, this reflects a week where you’re going to be sharing all of you deepest and darkest secrets, your passions, your kinks and so much more. Your sweetheart will respond in kind and bring their own secrets to the table, too. This fosters intimacy on a whole new level, Taurus, so jump right in!

If you’re just dating and getting to know someone brand-new, this week also offers an intense, deep energy. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself talking about your childhood, your wounds and your past. it’s almost as if you can’t quite help yourself. There’s something that you need to let go of now, some cycle that needs to come to an end, and perhaps talking about it is the first step. Finally, a few of you may experience the end of a relationship, but only if it’s been on its last legs for a while already.


Gemini weekly love horoscope

This Full Moon lands smack bang right in the middle of your romance sector, Gemini. So don’t be surprised if there are very rapid developments that happen here, such as letting go of deadweight and welcoming new opportunities, for example. It may also be that you’ve realized that you deserve more, and are ready to take that leap and tell a lover that you’re looking for greater commitment.  Of course, this does have to be a negotiation rather than a dictatorship, so keep that in mind. There are certain sore points that are likely it get pushed at the moment – both ways – so it’s important to approach things with care.

Some of you may face a choice where you have to decide whether to keep someone on as a friend or shift the relationship into lover’s territory. It’s always scary to risk a friendship, but would you take the chance on missing out on true love?


Cancer weekly love horoscope

There are two major alignments to look out for this week for your love life, Cancer. The first of these is Pluto going direct, after many, many months of retrograde motion. This has probably given you issues of power, control and intense change in relationships. Since 2008, you’ve been faced with all kinds of romantic challenges, and you’ve had to learn a great deal about how not to let others take your power and control you. Now, with Pluto direct, there’s an opportunity to put to good use some or all of the lessons you’ve been grappling with.

This may look like standing up to a sweetheart and letting them know they’re not the boss of you anymore. Or perhaps it’s going to be about completely letting someone go, someone who is just proving too toxic. More likely, it’s a conversation that happens (seeing as this the second of the two alignments in your romance sector), a conversation that finally sets the record straight.


Leo weekly love horoscope

This week, it’s all about the conversations you’re having, Leo. With the Full Moon illuminating the communication sector of your Astrology chart, you need to sit down and have a good heart-to-heart with your sweetheart. Now, be prepared for some sharp words to be exchanged. It’s all too easy to push on each other’s buttons at the moment and open up all kinds of hurts and wounds. But, as they say, the wound is the place where the light comes in. If you don’t open these things up and address them, they’ll just stay repressed and build up. Consider this as an opportunity to finally clear the air, Leo.

If you aren’t in a serious relationship, this week could open up the chance to connect with someone on an intellectual level. At the same time, you could also decide to cut someone loose, just because they’re not all that interesting anymore or perhaps you realized that you’re not very compatible. That’s okay, Leo – there are plenty of fish in the sea.


Virgo weekly love horoscope

Two great alignments are supporting your romantic world this week, Virgo. The first of these is the lovely trine aspect between your ruler, Mercury, and planet Pluto. This is a very communicative, deep energy. You may feel as if it’s easier to say what’s in your heart and soul and be understood and heard for it. It might also be that you feel incredibly empowered by communicating in this way to your beloved, an energy which they pick up on and respect you for. It’s a win-win situation for you at the moment, Virgo.

The second alignment is the direct movement of planet Pluto, occurring in your love and dating sector. If you’ve been dealing with difficult power dynamics and toxic situations (think jealousy, possessiveness and drama), things should start getting sorted out as from today. Sure, there will still be some intensity – you can’t get away from that – but it’s more of a pleasant kind of intensity than the destructive kind.


Libra weekly love horoscope

A Full Moon in your opposite sign of Aries is definitely something to take notice of, Libra. It falls in your relationship sector, after all. You may notice that something is coming to culmination now, such as a decision or a step in a different direction, for example. This has likely been building up for quite some time, at least six months, so think back to what was happening earlier this year around March and how it’s linked to whatever is going on right now. Maybe you’re ready to move in with a partner, or perhaps it’s time to call it quits, depending on how things have panned out.

Either way, you’re at a crossroads now, and it’s up to you to choose which way you want to go. There will be a few wounds and hurts that come up as a result of this Full Moon, but at the same time, this is your opportunity to heal, Libra. Heal your past, heal your relationship and heal yourself.


Scorpio weekly love horoscope

Pluto, your modern ruler, Scorpio, is going direct as from today. Now, although this isn’t necessarily hitting your love life sectors, it does affect the thinking and communication zone of your Astrology chart. For example, you could have been completely obsessing about a particular person, either past or present, which has probably been rather unhealthy for you. But you haven’t been able to help it – it’s almost as if it’s been a little compulsive.

Now that Pluto is resuming his usual motion, you have the chance to correct your thinking, and get your head out of self-destruct mode. If you’ve been doing any therapy around love and relationships, then this is the time when you’ll be getting those much-needed breakthroughs. If not, it’s not a bad idea to be going and getting that therapeutic support, whatever your relationship status is. The Full Moon in Aries is also likely to reveal to you any problematic patterns that need to be released.


Sagittarius weekly love horoscope

The Full Moon in Aries falls directly into your romantic sector, Sagittarius. For many of you, this is the time when you have to choose where a particular relationship is headed. Themes that may come up for you include the balance of giving and receiving love, as well as balancing friendship and romance. For example, if you’ve been the one constantly in the giving seat, well, you’re going to realize that it’s time for the power to shift and for you to receive, for a change. 

When it comes to friendship and romance, this may be a very literal situation where you’re deciding whether or not to keep someone on as a buddy or make it something more. Or, you have to get into balance the actual time you spend with friends versus the time you spend with your lover. Whatever you do, Sagittarius, know that hurt feelings are very possible during this time, so tread with extra care and watch that sharp tongue of yours.


Capricorn weekly love horoscope

Pluto, currently in your sign, moves direct as from this week. This is a very subtle energy, but certainly one that you could pick up on and use constructively in your love life. If you’ve been feeling slightly disempowered or reluctant to take the reins of control, this direct movement gives you all the fuel you need to move forward. Since 2008, this planet has been involved with you, teaching you all kinds of lessons about how important it is not to try and control others but to rather control yourself. See if you can put this into action now, Capricorn.

You could also experience a powerful shift of energy in your home environment, where you and your sweetheart may, for example, decide that this is the time to move home or change something important in your personal, private life. Maybe this simply means getting your work-life balance in order so that you can spend more time with each other and your family.


Aquarius weekly love horoscope

One of the most important ingredients in a romantic relationship, for you, Aquarius, is the art of communication. Without good communication, you don’t really see the point of being with someone. You need to get along on a mental level even more than a physical one. This week, the Full Moon highlights this issue and asks that you speak up and talk to your sweetheart. Talk to them about your beliefs, your hopes, dreams, your philosophies. Be very sure to hold a safe and conscious space for them to do exactly the same. It’s crucial that you don’t push your own ideologies onto others, even if you feel like they are right. If you do, you’ll only invite conflict and mistrust.

It also looks like you’re finally getting to a point where you feel empowered enough to assume more control over your life and relationship direction. This may come as a shock to your partner, especially if you’ve been behaving in a very disempowered, meek way. Make sure to let them know what’s going on behind the scenes for you.


Pisces weekly love horoscope

It looks like you’re dealing with themes of self-worth this week, Pisces, especially when it comes to love and relationships. Things may come full circle to show you just how much – or how little – you’ve valued yourself lately. The way that others treat you – especially your partner – is very much a reflection on how you treat yourself. You teach others whether or not to respect you, Pisces, so think so yourself how you could have been coming across on these last several months. It’s never too late to change, and to gently let your lover know that certain treatment is just no longer acceptable. Go slowly, because this may come as a shock, especially if you’ve set up a precedent.

Finances also look to be a theme, and it’s important that you find the balance between sharing versus having your own safety net on the side. While it’s always essential to be independent, there’s also got to be some give.

By Margarita

Margarita Celeste is a passionate, practicing Astrology & Tarot Teacher and Consultant living in sunny Cape Town, South Africa. She has been interested in the deep symbolism of the stars and planets ever since she can remember and specializes in Relationship and Psychological Astrology. You can reach Margarita via her website: