Love Horoscope

Love Horoscope for 12 Zodiac Signs

Week: 19 – 25 April 2021

Discover your horoscope for the week ahead, when it comes to love, romance, and dating, based on your astrology sign.



This is quite a week, Aries! Your ruler, Mars, shifts from social and busy Gemini to emotional Cancer. Cancer falls across your domestic zone, Aries, so it’s likely you’ll be seeing some increased action – and reaction – on this front.

Be careful, Aries, that your temper doesn’t get the better of you, upsetting the peace and harmony in your space. You’ll find that you’re so much more prone to bouts of sulking and may even feel like everyone is against you – but don’t buy into that story, okay? It’s not worth it. Instead use this Mars energy to provide more protection and more nurturing for your loved ones, especially your sweetheart. Besides, as Venus is now in her home sign of Taurus, you may find yourself focussing on just how much you value yourself when it comes to love and relationships. Don’t be surprised, Aries if things change rather suddenly and unexpectedly when it comes to these topics!



It’s a very interesting week for relationships, Taurus – not just for you, but for everyone! There’s frenetic, busy energy in the air when it comes to love and relationships, and you may not like it all that much, Taurus. You’re also possibly feeling rather insecure. However, if you can just tap into the excitement and be with the uncertainty, you may find that these experiences are actually rather thrilling!

And, in fact, Taurus, you may be the very one responsible for all of this! You may not see it right now, but there’s a side of you that’s restless, that’s looking for space, freedom, a side that’s feeling slightly suffocated. You’re level-headed enough to not throw the baby out with the bathwater, so try and keep that groundedness about you. Yes, you will be prone to saying something out of the blue, and it is likely to be shocking, and you are going to change your mind. If you’re prepared, you can warn your partner beforehand.



Mars is finally leaving your sign, Gemini! On one hand, you’ll miss that sexy, primal, and lusty energy you’ve been putting out there. Yet, on the other, it’s a relief for you – and your partner – to know that you’re no longer going to be so touchy and reactive anymore! You can take a deep breath now, Gemini, and feel a bit more like yourself again.

However, you’re still going to feel like throwing all of your relationship responsibilities out of the window. However, this may be a subtle, restless feeling, potentially erupting in a way that has you running for the door and for room to breathe. If you can catch yourself beforehand, Gemini, you’ll limit the potential drama and even destructiveness that this inner claustrophobia could cause.  For some of you, this week might welcome in a secret, exciting relationship, but just as likely, there may be some deeper issues around loss and abandonment to work through.



Mars is entering your sign, Cancer, after quite a long sojourn in an area of your astrology chart connected to loss, suppression, and difficulty. This move may come as a welcome relief to many of you, and spur you into action, relationship-wise. You’ll be exuding a sexy, magnetic air which can make it hard for others to resist! Plus, you’ll be keen to start working up a sweat, which will have you looking and feeling hot, hot, hot!

However, do be careful, Cancer, as Mars here can also indicate frustration, reactiveness, and anger projected into the world – and the most dangerous thing about this is that you may not see the energy you’re putting out there. In fact, you could see everyone else as confrontational and attacking, which could drive your sweetheart crazy! Practice total awareness, Cancer, and own your stuff. Other alignments this week could make it harder to look your insecurities in the eye, but you can come out stronger for it.



In all honesty, Leo, this week may feel a little tough on your relationships. It’s as if the wind has been taken out of your sails, and all the fun is gone from love – for now. That’s the key, Leo, is to keep in mind that this really isn’t forever. The feelings you have now shouldn’t be reacted to, and if there is a trigger that comes up – such as being ignored, dismissed, or outright abandoned – this is simply an opportunity to be worked through.

So, Leo, though you may feel there is a wall between you and your beloved, it will change. Go within, examine any feelings of insecurity that you may have, and nature yourself through the process. You’ll come out stronger for it! Whatever you do, don’t project too much negativity into the future, and avoid taking yourself too seriously. As the week progresses, you’ll find yourself slowly regaining confidence, thanks mostly to some exciting career changes and developments.



This week has much more to do with your personal life and your career than your love life, Virgo. But, of course, these things are always connected, because they can spill into each other. There’s a bit of a stressful situation in the workplace, Virgo, where you can feel your voice is blocked or squashed. It’s possible your partner is the one making you feel intellectually stifled, so it’s important you try and find constructive ways of communicating.

This is especially true for any topics relating to your personal freedom, and the direction you want to grow in. Perhaps your partner feels threatened, so take a moment to truly talk. Everyone is feeling slightly insecure, one way or the other this week, making it harder to share deep feelings and vulnerabilities. The comfort lies in knowing you aren’t alone in your suffering, and in the fact that the wind of change will bring in some freshness and breakthroughs when it comes to relationship matters.



Your ruler, Venus, is up to no good this week, Libra and you will feel it! Yes, she is in a great sign, in her home sign of Taurus, so in the long run, everything will be okay, Libra. You just need to get through the next few days without too much drama!

You see, Libra, Venus will be throwing a tough square to Saturn in your romance zone, reflecting deep feelings of insecurity and even abandonment. It may be harder for you to show your true feelings, and some old, old baggage may come up, which results in throwing up walls. It’s also possible that sexuality is a topic that comes up for healing, so make it about that- healing. Whether you need to do with and for yourself or work through things with your partner, this week can have you experiencing revelations and breakthroughs. On a more mundane level, you may have some financial disagreements and changes you need to navigate as a team.



Oh, Scorpio – are you ready for a roller-coaster of a week? Venus, in your commitment zone, is lining up with restless, rebellious Uranus, the planet of abrupt change. This can indicate, very simply, that things shift in your relationship, and there’s just no real way to predict whether it’s going to be a positive or negative experience. If you are open to flow, and if you try not to hold on, you may find this a rather exciting week, a week in which you experience more personal freedom and space.

Try and see it like that, Scorpio, and don’t give in too much to the feelings of unworthiness or self-doubt. There are deeper issues at play here, related to your early conditioning, which is simply coming up to be resolved. If you hold strong and give yourself loads and loads of love, you’ll find that this can, in fact, be a transformative week for your relationships – past, present and future.



As usual, Sagittarius, you’re avoiding most of the major relationship drama that most people are going to be going through this week. Sure, you’re not oblivious to it, and there may be one or niggly issues that arise for you, but nothing major to worry about.

If you can take your focus to the small things, that would be positive for you, Sagittarius. For example, your conversations. Just the way that you talk to others, your sweetheart or your crush, has a big knock-on effect. This week may have you feel slightly insecure about what you have to say, resulting in your not saying anything, and holding onto resentment. It seems like a little topic – like the trash not being taken out – but, as you may already know, it symbolizes something else. Note that, this week, Sagittarius. You’re in a much less combative mood as Mars moves out of your relationship zone, yet tension around money may become an issue in the next two months.



Mars is heading into your heliothid zone for the next two months or so, Capricorn, so get ready! This can bring increased passion and fire into your existing relationships, or invite a sexy liaison in! Mars is, after all, the planet of sexual desire and passion!

There is a catch, Capricorn. Mars is also the planet of tension, anger, and division. So, whilst he can bring you all kinds of lovely physical connections, he can also reflect a time where you are much more prone to losing your temper, disrupting the peace of your relationship. You or your partner may be passive-aggressive, tending towards sulking and tantrums, or there may be an air of irritation in your relationships. The advice? Get active – together. Take a boxing class, try power yoga and figure out ways to dissolve that tension with each other and alone. Luckily, Venus is in your romance zone, helping things to stabilize, though she does have a moment this week where nothing feels very certain at all.



Aquarius, gear yourself up for a week in which you are going to have most of your insecurities triggered. It’s best not to beat around the bush about it so that you can prepare yourself emotionally and mentally. Maybe it’s an ex who pushes your buttons or an existing relationship that brings up feelings of insecurity or unworthiness inside of you. it’s also possible a new connection opens up tender places that you weren’t prepared for.

As with all astrology, this is a cosmic invitation to process some unhealed “stuff”, Aquarius. There’s a lot going on in the depths of your soul, and you’ll be surprised at what’s emerging for your subconscious. On a more physical level, domestic problems rear their heads, which may be the very issues that push you to the edge. The best thing you can do is take some much-needed space and get a change of environment, Aquarius.



Mars is shifting into your romance, pleasure, and fun sector, Pisces, which can bring some increased energy and revelations to these areas! You may find yourself being very attracted to certain people in your life, and it’s a great period to go out there and be a little bit dominant when it comes to getting the person you desire!

On the other hand, those of you in a committed or semi-serious relationship could find this a period where there’s much higher tension than usual, and that the reactivity is turned all the way up. This can be especially true of having children is a topic in your life, or if you already have kids – arguments about whether or not have them, how to nurture them, and so on, maybe be challenges to work through in the next few weeks. It’s important, Pisces that you find an outlet for your frustrations instead of holding onto irritation. Getting physical – in many ways – with your person is one of the solutions to dissipate the frustration!

By Margarita Celeste

Margarita Celeste is a passionate, practicing Astrology & Tarot Teacher and Consultant living in sunny Cape Town, South Africa. She has been interested in the deep symbolism of the stars and planets ever since she can remember and specializes in Relationship and Psychological Astrology. You can reach Margarita via her website: