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Love Horoscope: 25 – 31 January 2021

Discover your horoscope for the week ahead, when it comes to love, romance, and dating, based on your astrology sign.

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There’s a lovely Full Moon in your romance and creativity zone this week, Aries. Make the most of it! This could indicate a creative project that’s coming to a climax, or a relationship that has developed nicely over the last few months. Those of you in a committed relationship may find that this is the time where the topic of children comes up, and it doesn’t seem too scary, does it?

However, for some of you, this may be a time where you’re forced to choose between your personal freedom and your relationship. It’s easy to go back and forth over the subject but consider to yourself that perhaps the best way forward is to find balance. It’s also going to be important to find the balance between giving love and receiving, Aries, as you may be either too demanding right now, or not giving enough of your heart. Which one is it for you?



This can be quite an intense week for you, Taurus. Your ruler, Venus, links up with Pluto, the planet of drama and obsession. But also, Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth, and so it is possible to feel as if your relationships, in general, are going through this purging process. It’s getting rid of all the muck, Taurus, so do try not to resist it! Because whatever you resist, really does persist.

Many of you will find that this week challenges all of your preconceived ideas about love and relationships. Maybe some of you need your belief systems changed around this irritant topic. For example, who did you learn about relationships from? Your mum and dad? Upon reflection, was their relationship healthy? What have you absorbed about their bond? These are all things to ask yourself this week, Taurus, whilst you try your best to avoid destructive or toxic behavior.



Oh, Gemini! You know that your ruler, Mercury, is going Retrograde, right? This does spell confusion in general for you, with regard to relationships and, well, everything else. For most of you, this will reflect mainly in upside-down conversations with friends, teachers, and students, but it can spill over to your love relationships too.

Your challenge, Gemini is to rest, reflect, review, renew. Instead of trying to force a conversation, use this time to look back and go inside. Be ready for any communication with your sweetheart to be fraught with anxiety, and try to focus on channeling that into physical passions such as running or another exercise. Be aware of any underlying issues around power, vulnerability, and sharing, Gemini. this week may bring all these tricky topics up, and it won’t do to try and avoid them. Instead, dive deep and enjoy this intense process. And don’t give in to any power dynamics!



There’s a lovely and fiery Full Moon this week, Cancer. It happens in your self-worth zone, giving you quite a big boost and helps you to do right by yourself in your relationships. It also may boost your bank balance, or bring a certain financial matter between you and your lover, ex or spouse ahead.

However, you’ll need to be mindful of the Venus-Pluto conjunction in your relationship zone. This can bring up a certain level of toxicity and manipulation, particularly on the part of your partner. Be aware of your boundaries, and avoid getting drawn into the drama. Be aware of how you yourself may be a part of creating that drama, Cancer. Remember, it takes two to tango in this relationship. Some people just don’t always bring out the very best in you, unfortunately. This can be a transformative experience if you are open to changing things around completely.



There’s a Full Moon in your sign, Leo, so you get to be the star this week! All eyes are on you, and you may have a personal accomplishment see completion. Your confidence can be turned all the way up, and it helps to have a supportive partner at your side.

What you’ll have to consider at this Full Moon is the fact that the Sun lies in your relationship zone, indicating that this, too, is a Full-Moon theme. Some of you may find it necessary to release a relationship from your life, past or present, and start anew. Others among you may find this is also a satisfying time of renewal for love, and you may even enjoy a new direction in your relationships. There’s definitely a feeling of freedom and joy now, but at the same time, you could be acting quite disruptively, Leo. You need independence now as much as you need time together. Try and balance that.



This week, Virgo, your ruler Mercury goes Retrograde. This brings quite a bit of confusion in general to your life and difficulty making any sort of decision. Day to day tasks with your partner may prove challenging, and you could easily have a bunch of miscommunications when it comes to sharing chores. Try not to let this get to you, and instead take this opportunity to reflect on what might need to change in the household.

For some of you, the Venus-Pluto conjunction can bring a time of intense, all-or-nothing energies in romantic relationships. This may revolve around the topics of sexuality or children, and there are certain wounds that may (re) appear. Don’t let this be a power struggle, Virgo, but rather, an opportunity to work together to banish the past. You are a team – never forget that. Casual relationships may turn a little dark and intense, and old jealousies may turn up. If It’s toxic, turn around and run, Virgo.



The week’s romantic energies feel very intense, Libra, – far too intense for you! Family issues rear their heads, as well as the power dynamics in the house if you are co-habiting with a partner. You may experience him or her as extremely controlling, always trying to run the home their way, This, in turn, may bring up past wounds.

Being such a conflict-avoidant person, you may find yourself trying to just brush it all under the carpet, Libra, But, this week, you can’t. You have to turn and face it and find a way through. Finding compromise and the middle ground is your special skill, but never let yourself be overpowered or manipulated just because you are a peacemaker. With this week’s Mercury Retrograde, you may easily feel confused and as if you’re not quite getting your point across. This may be a good time to take a step back and reflect before opening up the door for conversation.



You need to check yourself this week, Scorpio. Might you be behaving or speaking in a way that’s manipulative, trying to get your own way with your lover? It’s never great to look at our own shadows, Scorpio, but it does bring growth. Of course, the opposite may be true as well, and someone is trying to dominate you through a conversation. The truth is, now’s the time to work together to find a solution rather than trying to always “win’, Scorpio. Getting on-up on your partner will only bring a hollow victory.

You’re also feeling, on many levels, the strong urge and desire to break free this week. Your partner may also be feeling this way, so just check yourself and be aware of what’s really going on right now. there are things that seem to be floating along with the subconscious mind that might need to be addressed over the course of the week.



Relationships are the very last thing on your mind right now, Sagittarius. So then, what is on your mind? Freedom! You’re itching for an adventure, and you have a million good ideas of how to make your world a more adventurous place. If someone can fit in with that, that’s great, but if not, you’re not really interested.

You’re looking, right now, for someone with who you can share your mind. It’s not enough to just have physical passion – you want the intellectual connection, too. However, with Mercury going Retrograde in your communication zone, you are going to have to contend with conversations going upside down, especially if you are flirting online. Try or read between the lines, Sagittarius. There’s more going on than what meets the eye right now. for those of you in a long-term relationship, be aware of the financial power struggles that may be happening and find a place of compromise.



This week, Venus joins Pluto, Capricorn, bringing you a certain amount of simmering intensity that is very hard to ignore! You’re practically oozing with sexy magnetism, so whether you are with someone or not, do try and take advantage of this! You have all the powers of seduction right now!

However, do also be aware of any underlying or overt mannerisms in which you try and control your loved one. You may try and be the one to decide how things go, and it could be tough to have you compromise or see your sweetheart as on the same team as you. you are not their manager, Capricorn, so do try and get out of that role. It’s great for work, but not good for love. There’s also a sense this week that finances between you and your lover are a little unstable or unpredictable, which leads to trying to control the situation. Try not to give into that.



This Full Moon is an important one for your relationships, Aquarius! Falling in Leo, your relationship zone brings some sort of climax or culmination of a relationship. This may mean clearing the past and moving ahead getting engaged or achieving something as a team. Or, it could mean the and of the road, if you’ve been struggling. The next few weeks are, after all, very focussed on you and not on another.

Mercury is also going Retrograde in your sign which does bring a certain level of confusion to all decisions, which includes love relationships. It’s also possible that you’re coming off as dictatorial, so learn to just listen this week. Deeper issues around power and control are what’s behind this, so take a moment to step back and reflect on your baggage, trying to transform it rather than let it control you. Big strides can be made in your relationships when you are willing to look under the hood of your own personality.



This week, Pisces, most of your angst is focused on friendships. Many of you may find a very extreme, all-or-nothing type of situation come your way, and it could make you feel rather disempowered. This can also happen in a friendship-turned-love situation, which feels dramatic in some way.

Your challenge here, Pisces, is to let go and release. Release that person, your hang-ups around that person, your own toxicity in friendship or relationships. Release control, release their hold on you. Transformation is possible once you do the purging and the inner work. Yes, there’s confusion with Mercury Retrograde, and you will be examining your past and what brought you here. But this can be a very productive process, too. Just do your best not to avoid the issues, because all that will happen is that they come back to bite you in the future! There’s a certain amount of pleasure that lies in the internal growth this week, Pisces.

By Margarita Celeste

Margarita Celeste is a passionate, practicing Astrology & Tarot Teacher and Consultant living in sunny Cape Town, South Africa. She has been interested in the deep symbolism of the stars and planets ever since she can remember and specializes in Relationship and Psychological Astrology. You can reach Margarita via her website: