May 28, 2024
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Love Horoscope:  27 May – 2 June 2024

Your love horoscope for next week, when it comes to love, romance, and dating, based on your astrology sign. Select your sign to discover more about your love horoscope:

Aries Love Horoscope:

Aries weekly love horoscope

Feeling wounded? Touchy? Hurt? Most likely, seeing as Mars, your ruler, is linking with Chiron, the Wounded Healer, on Wednesday. This may have you lashing out in hurt at your sweetheart, so tread carefully. How you’re feeling is not their fault, nor is it their problem. Your hurts, your pains, are your responsibility. Take radical ownership this week, Aries. It’s not up to your partner to decipher what you need, nor should they be saving you or putting up with any defensiveness. The more maturely you can handle this energy, the better for your relationship. Plus, there’s enormous personal healing available should you choose to go there.

For those of you who are single, this is a great week to work on yourself. Think about what you truly want in a relationship and maybe schedule a session with your therapist to talk it through. Often, we just need a sounding board to figure ourselves out.

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Taurus Love Horoscope:

Taurus weekly love horoscope

Oops. Did you really just say that? It’s not like you to blurt out an insensitive thing, but for some reason, you just can’t help it right now. You know what, Taurus? Perhaps it needed to be said. Perhaps it was entirely necessary. Maybe you don’t need to actually apologize, but rather, own it. Own what you said. Stand by your words. Sure, it’s shocking, but isn’t it a relief to unburden yourself in this way? What you have to say may be as extreme as deciding to spontaneously break up with your partner (although it’s never spontaneous, is it?), or announcing that you want to try opening up your relationship. Or, you might be telling them that a quality you used to think was endearing is actually very annoying. Or, you’re asking for more space. See what we mean, Taurus? Your words are going to be, well, interesting this week.

If you’re single, you may even decide to tell someone how you truly, deeply feel about them. This might also come as a shock, but a very nice one, potentially. Look at you, being all brave, Taurus.

Gemini Love Horoscope:

Gemini weekly love horoscope

This week sees a powerful alignment of Jupiter, currently in your sign, with Pluto. Now, this configuration doesn’t necessarily fall across your relationship sectors, but it will probably have quite an impact there in any case. What seems to be unfolding is a sense of your own immense personal power. You’ve learned an enormous amount in the last year or so already, and it’s time to show the world what you’re made of. This is an alignment that gifts you with magnetism beyond your wildest dreams. Use it to your advantage, whether you’re single or with someone. Don’t be afraid to step into your power, Gemini. To draw towards you wealth and prestige. It makes you all the more attractive, not to mention powerfully sexy.

Other alignments this week suggest that you might be a little on the anxious side, especially if you’re considering ending a certain connection. You could even change your mind a million times over. With this in mind, hit the pause button. There’s no rush.

Cancer Love Horoscope:

Cancer weekly love horoscope

Being someone ruled by the Moon, you know that change is a major part of life. You yourself are always going through some kind of phase, making it easy for you to understand phases in other people. This week seems to see you changing your mind at a speed that no one seems to be able to keep up with, especially when it comes to your future goals. New information seems to be coming at you faster than you can possibly imagine, prompting you to radically and drastically shift the way you see your future.

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The thing is, Cancer, it’s important that you don’t settle on any one decision, even if it feels right in the moment. Because you’ll probably change your mind again tomorrow, you see. If you’re with someone who needs to have things orderly and predictable, this might be very triggering for them, so bear that in mind, Cancer, and be kind. Not everyone is as comfortable with change as you are.

Leo Love Horoscope:

Leo weekly love horoscope

This week sees Pluto, currently in your relationship sector, being connected to by Jupiter in a powerful, transformative trine aspect. What does this mean for your love life, Leo? Well, it’s highly likely that your partner, someone you’re seeing, or maybe someone you have a crush on, is going to be that much more compelling, magnetic, and alluring. There’s something about them this week that you just can’t help but be drawn to, Leo. Sure, it may be a little uncomfortable not being the one in the power seat, so you’re going to have to work with that, Leo, and just be in the feeling. Don’t run away from it. Be okay with other people being in power for a change. Hand those reins over—you might find yourself enjoying the feeling.

If you’re single, you might find that there’s a powerful, intense attraction that develops within your social circle this week. It’s irresistible. It’s magnetic. It could be something very real, so go with this energy, Leo.

Virgo Love Horoscope:

Virgo weekly love horoscope

You’re probably going to be so knee-deep in work this week that it’ll be impossible to come up for air. This means that your relationships are probably going to take somewhat of a backseat, Virgo. You’re climbing the proverbial ladder at the moment, so focus on that. Don’t be ashamed to put yourself first for a change. You’re so used to putting your lovers first that it’s perfectly okay to shift gears, you know.

If you happen to be single, your powerful energy is likely to be something that draws people towards you, like bees to a honeypot. You could have your pick of lovers at the moment if you wanted to, Virgo. But, again, you’re so focused on building your professional reputation that you probably won’t care very much for love and relationships right now. Nevertheless, it’s lovely to be admired. It always is. Just enjoy this. Plus, there are other wonderful aspects this week that suggest enlightening and deep conversations with your lover or lover-to-be.

Libra Love Horoscope:

Libra weekly love horoscope

This week sees the conjunction of Mars and Chiron unfolding in your relationship sector, Libra. This isn’t an easy energy. It may have your sweetie feeling defensive, self-protective, and wounded. They may even lash out at you, Libra, in an attempt to cover up their soft side. If you know them well, you’ll see right through this energy. You won’t take any of it personally. If you’re only getting to know them, you may be a little stung by some of their actions. But now that you’re aware of what’s going on, it’s important that you take a moment to breathe. If things are getting too heated, don’t be afraid to walk away if needed, even just for an hour. Press that pause button, Libra. It’s the best way to handle your relationship this week.

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Fortunately, the trine between Jupiter and Pluto in your relationship sector helps to bring you closer together and dive deep into heartfelt conversations that help you both to grow.

Scorpio Love Horoscope:

Scorpio weekly love horoscope

There are two lovely aspects that are bound to help build your relationship this week, Scorpio. These include the sextile between communicative Mercury and grounded Saturn, as well as a sextile between the same planet and romantic Neptune. What this seems to bring about is, firstly, the ability to get on the same page when it comes to your shared growth and the commitment to the relationship. Secondly, the Neptune energy brings the romance, the dream, and the fantasy, which is precisely what you want after a serious conversation. It’s perfect, Scorpio—just what the doctor ordered.

If you’re not yet in a relationship, you might find yourself drawn to mystical types, spiritual people, people from a different country, or simply people who have something beautiful to teach you this week. Stay open to what they have to say. You never know what you might learn. Take this opportunity and reach out. Connect. Grow.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope:

Sagittarius weekly love horoscope

This week sees the alignment of Jupiter and Pluto across your opposite sign of Gemini—the sign that just so happens to rule your relationship sector, Sagittarius. What does this mean for your love life? Well, it means that you’re likely to be enjoying a period in which you and your partner are connecting very deeply and very intensely. There are conversations unfolding between the two of you that could drastically shift and change the direction of your love together. Yes, it’s that dramatic, Sagittarius. With this in mind, go all in. Don’t hold back for even a second. Give this everything you’ve got right now.

If there’s someone new in your life, this might well be the conversation—the one that you’ve been hoping and waiting to have all along. Together, you seem to be creating something quite magical, Sagittarius. Get excited. This connection could really go somewhere very important and meaningful if you let it.

Capricorn Love Horoscope:

Capricorn weekly love horoscope

This week sees you potentially having a conversation that you would never have anticipated in a thousand years, Capricorn. An open conversation. A conversation about openness. A chat about freedom, space, and how to integrate these qualities into your relationship a little more. As someone who prizes tradition and values commitment, this might feel, well, a little foreign to you. Yet, it’s important to realize that the world is changing drastically, Capricorn. The framework of relating is changing along with the world. You need to keep up. And to do that, your connection needs to feel safe, first and foremost. If the foundation of your relationship is shaky, this may well be the week where you decide to take some space, Capricorn, so that you can reassess where things are going right now.

On a lighter note, these energies may simply bring along the need to try something new in your relationship, be it a new venue for date night or something a little more experimental.

Aquarius Love Horoscope:

Aquarius weekly love horoscope

What a week you have ahead of you, Aquarius. A delicious, sensual, deep, and intense week. You see, Jupiter is currently in your love and romance sector, casting a powerful trine aspect to Pluto, who just so happens to be in your very own sign. What does this all mean? Well, it means that you’re going to be the one holding all the cards, Aquarius. You’re going to be the one with the power. You can have anything—and anyone—you want. People might be practically throwing themselves at you, eager to have even a small piece of you. Be careful what you decide to do with all of this power, Aquarius. Use it wisely. Be picky.

If you’re with someone already in a relationship, then this week may see you getting closer than ever. You’re the one in charge, Aquarius. You get to direct the flow. Isn’t it fun to be in the driver’s seat?

Pisces Love Horoscope:

Pisces weekly love horoscope

This week is all about great communication, Pisces. You’re saying all the right things at all the right times, and not because they’re the right thing to say necessarily, but just because it’s coming from the heart. This is the place that you should always be communicating from, Pisces. People can feel it when you’re being genuine, when you’re being authentic and real. Not only are you saying things in a way that’s mature and grown-up, but you’re also making plenty of room for sweet nothings. The combination is extremely attractive, you know.

What’s more, you also seem to be in a place where you’re ready to commit to others. Where you’re ready to show up and take greater responsibility. This is so very admirable, Pisces. It shows just how far you’ve (finally) come. You’ve grown up so much, and it shows. As a result, your relationships are ready to step up a level, too.



By Margarita

Margarita Celeste is a passionate, practicing Astrology & Tarot Teacher and Consultant living in sunny Cape Town, South Africa. She has been interested in the deep symbolism of the stars and planets ever since she can remember and specializes in Relationship and Psychological Astrology. You can reach Margarita via her website: