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Love Horoscope: 23 May – 29 May 2022

Your horoscope for the week ahead, when it comes to love, romance, and dating, based on your astrology sign.


Aries Symbol

Get ready for a fabulous week of love and everything else, Aries! Things seem to be falling into place for you quite nicely, what with your planetary ruler, Mars, moving into your very own sign. Seeing as Mars is the planet of desire, lust, and sexuality, you should be feeling quite passionate and confident, ready to take anything on. Confidence is attractive, so don’t be surprised if you have a queue of admirers waiting in line. Just make sure that this doesn’t boost your ego to such a level that you become selfish or arrogant, Aries.

What’s more, Venus, planet of romance, moves into a very strong sign as well, giving you a wealth of self-worth and boosting your value system. In other words, you’ll know what you want, and you’ll know just how to get it. This may be intimidating to some, so you’ll need someone who’s secure in themselves to handle your powerful energy at the moment.



A stunning week lies ahead of you, Taurus! Your ruler, Venus, moves into her home sign of Taurus, bringing along sweet, sweet romance and the feeling that you are lovable, sexy, and attractive. For the next month or so, you’ll enjoy being the center of attention, and it’ll seem as if everyone around you is practically falling over themselves to be with you. The same applies if you’re in a relationship – your sweetheart is bound to be giving you even more love than usual, so lap up the adoration – you deserve it!

What will benefit you, whether you’re single or attached is spending some extra time, money, and energy on your appearance. This is the perfect moment to get yourself a new haircut or try out a new style. Venus visits this area but once a year, so you’ve got to make the very most of her gifts. Plus, your libido should be sky-high, although just be careful it isn’t out of control or making you do things that you end up regretting.



It may be tempting over these next few weeks to indulge in a little bit of forbidden romance, Gemini. You see, Venus, planet of love, is heading into the area of your Astrology chart connected to secrecy and self-destruction. So, as delicious as things might feel, be very, very careful to look after yourself. A relationship begun now, behind the scenes, has the chance of not working out in the long run, unless you endeavor to make sure that you bring it out into the open soon and be honest with yourself and everyone else.

However, it’s not all bad, Gemini. You may simply decide to withdraw from the world with your sweetheart and spend time alone together. This is the most positive outcome of this transit. Be aware that it may be difficult to balance your social life with your love life, as it seems you want to be out and about just as much as you want to be alone and wrapped up in your lover.



Relationships look a little difficult at the start of this week, Cancer. The reason for this is because Venus, the relationship planet, casts a tough square to Pluto in your commitment zone. This could reveal some sort of problematic power dynamic, or perhaps issues of jealousy, possessiveness, or some other kind of toxic issue. You’ll need to be very careful of not allowing yourself to be overpowered, and stand your ground. It won’t be easy, but this energy will pass quite quickly and be replaced with a much gentler, more sensual, and connected vibe as Venus changes signs. 

The sector that she will move into is one that’s connected to friendships, socializing, and what’s called ‘love received’. This means that for the next few weeks, it’s likely that you’ll be spending quite a bit of time with close friends, and feeling very adored by others. If you’re single, this could indicate falling in love with someone in your social circle, so keep your eyes and heart open, Taurus.



With Venus moving into your career sector this week, Leo, you are much more likely to be focused on building your professional foundations. Relationships at work may feel much more important to nurture than personal ones, so keep this in mind if you’re in a relationship, as your sweetheart could feel neglected at times. If you’re single, this may well bring in an office romance, or a work crush. Does it go further? Only time will tell, Leo, but there is a chance, what with Saturn in your commitment zone, of establishing something long-term.

You’ll also likely be enjoying the entry of Mars into your adventure zone, which could welcome in a passionate new connection with someone not of your own country or city, or perhaps someone from a different culture. Be open to all possibilities over these next few weeks. If you’re with someone already, this is the ideal time to plan or take a spontaneous trip together.



Communication looks good this week in love, Virgo, despite your ruler, Mercury, still being retrograde. You have the opportunity now to say your piece and say it with care, gentleness, and honesty. So, speak up, Virgo. Let your lover know how you truly feel, what you really believe. Don’t be shy to share your beliefs, your spiritual direction, and your personal philosophies on love and relationships. Talk about your dreams for the future together. And if you’re single, this is a lovely time to connect with someone from abroad. Just get chatting, Virgo – you never know where this could lead!

Beware that early in the week, you may have a bit of a bumpy road to get through. Jealousy might be something that comes up for you, or perhaps you’re feeling as if your intimate life is something of a problem – it could be that you’re not getting enough physical attention, or that you’re so obsessed with it that you can’t think straight. Rest assured that this will pass quickly, so don’t give in to the temptation to start a fight about it.



Things should start getting pretty steamy in your love life this week, Libra! First of all, Mars, planet of lust and passion, heads into your opposite sign of Aries, which is your relationship sector. This indicates a strong and irresistible attraction to either your sweetheart or someone new. Just be aware that with this uptake in libido, comes a high chance of conflict and tension, too. Mars is, after all, the planet of war. You’ve got to take the good with the bad, enjoying the sexy moments whilst carefully navigating the difficult ones. Whatever you do, Libra, don’t allow yourself to be bullied and be very mindful of running away from conflict. Rather face the issue head-on, be open to dealing with it in a transparent way.

Your ruler, Venus also changes signs and moves into your intimacy zone, which adds to the energy of Mars. The next few weeks could have you getting really close to someone, and it’s likely that this someone is willing and eager to share everything that they have with you.



A fabulous few weeks of love lie ahead of you, Scorpio! Venus heads into your opposite sign of Taurus, which is your commitment zone. This brings the chance to deeply connect with your lover, and get even closer. Romance is likely to be high on your list of priorities, making it easy to woo and win over the one you love. If you’re single, this transit could bring along a gorgeous attraction to someone new – or maybe even more than one person. It’s raining opportunity, Scorpio, so take full advantage.

What’s more, your ancient ruler, Mars, changes signs and shifts into Aries. He’s very strong here and lends you plenty of physical energy to get your body whipped up into shape. This will build confidence in you and help you feel empowered and sexy, not to mention strong and confident. You may even entertain a flirtation with your personal trainer or someone that you work with over these next few weeks.



Sagittarius, you have some of the best weeks coming up for love than you could have ever anticipated! Mars, planet of passion, moves into your romance zone, where he’ll stay for about two months. He joins Jupiter here, making chemistry run high. It’s as if you can’t keep your hands off your sweetheart, so they’d better get ready to indulge your every whim. It’s time to go out and have fun, to arrange date nights, and to simply enjoy every single second with the one you adore.

If you’re single, even better, Sagittarius. This energy is well suited to you, allowing you to engage in some fun, no-strings-attached connections. Play the field, be a little reckless and blow off steam – there’s no need at all to get serious with anyone right at the moment. An office romance may even appeal to you right now, but just be careful that you don’t push it too far in your current mood.



The start of this week is tough, Capricorn. Venus and Pluto meet in a square, which reflects in you perhaps feeling quite disempowered and helpless in your romantic life. As a result, you may try and control the situation, which is simply a waste of your time. You can never control what’s outside of you, nor can you control others. Keep this in mind and focus on controlling only your response to the situation.

Luckily the situation changes quickly as Venus moves on and heads into your zone of pleasure, romance, and dating. Single or attached, this is going to give you a much-needed boost in your love life, and welcome in an era of sensuality and passion. Having fun is number one on your list of priorities, so go out of your way to create pleasurable experiences. Relax into love, and don’t be shy to bring up the topic of commitment at some point.



Aquarius, your domestic life, from this week, looks like a source of pleasure and harmony. If you are with someone special, take time out to be alone together, in your home. In fact, make these next few weeks a time to redecorate and spruce up your space together, whether or not you already cohabit. What counts is that the moments you do spend alone are rich with sensuality, beautifully planned, and well thought out. A fluffy blanket, roaring fire, and delicious snacks in the fridge are all ways to enjoy time at home.

This transit also makes family life easier, so arrange a get-together with your sweetheart’s parents, or invite the nieces and nephews over to hang out. This will make your bond that much stronger in the long run. And if you’re single, it’s better to connect with others behind a screen and get chatting than to necessarily go out and meet people. Your couch is just too comfortable at the moment, Aquarius.



You have the gift of the gab from this week onwards, Pisces, as Venus heads into your communication zone. This helps to smooth over any conflicts, issues, or problems in your current relationship and makes it easier to get your point across. So, if there is a tough problem you have been shelving for a while, now’s the time to bring it up, as there’s a good chance of resolution. This transit is also great for any kind of chatting, even if it’s online. Flirting should come very easily indeed, so go ahead and use your words, Pisces!

One thing you may have to watch for is financial conflict, as you could be somewhat impulsive at the moment. Your partner may feel a little uncomfortable with your spending habits, so tread with care. Don’t take unnecessary risks, and consider others before you act selfishly. If you’re single, these next few weeks lend you the confidence you need to put yourself out there!

By Margarita

Margarita Celeste is a passionate, practicing Astrology & Tarot Teacher and Consultant living in sunny Cape Town, South Africa. She has been interested in the deep symbolism of the stars and planets ever since she can remember and specializes in Relationship and Psychological Astrology. You can reach Margarita via her website: