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Weekly Love Horoscope: 21 – 27 September 2020

Discover your horoscope for the week ahead, when it comes to love, romance, and dating, based on your astrology sun sign.



This week proves to be a bit tough when it comes to love, Aries, particularly when it comes to communication between you and your sweetheart. Mercury, the planet that rules the mind, thoughts, and speaking, has some nasty aspects to both Saturn and Pluto, but most especially, to your ruler, Mars.

When Mercury and Mars get into a tussle like they do this week, sparks fly – and not the right kind of sparks! You and your sweetheart could have a showdown of note, reflecting all kinds of tension and frustration. As if it’s not enough that Mars is Retrograde! However, there is hope, Aries. if you can figure out a way to compromise, to meet in the middle, then you’ll find a way through. Just remember that attack and defense are not the way to talk to each other, no matter how pushed you feel. In other words, Aries – be nice!



This is the sort of week, Taurus, where no one is able to space or avoid the conflict going on. Mars is Retrograde, yes, but Mercury, the planet of communication, is up to all kinds of nonsense. Problems crop up in our day-to-day life with your partner, and you could find yourselves arguing over the smallest things.

However, Taurus, the idea is that the smaller things are often a signal that bigger problems lie beneath the surface. As much as you hate confrontation, it’s better to air things out than let them fester. It’s possible that your beliefs clash with theirs, and it’s very important that neither of you tries and force your own dogma onto each other. If you’re single, lay low this week, Taurus. This is not a week for a light romance, and the chances are very high that you’ll just misunderstand each other anyway. Focus instead on your beliefs around love and security, and see what needs work!



Your mind is your biggest enemy this week, Gemini. Your ruler, Mercury, is up to all kinds of nonsense in your romance zone, making flirtation almost impossible. In fact, Gemini, whether you’re in a long-term relationship or not, be careful that manipulation isn’t taking place.

This manipulation is reflected by the Mercury-Pluto square, and it’s going to be hard to find your voice or see things in a positive light due to the Saturn-Mercury square, too. To make things even trickier, Mercury opposes Mars, which may indicate that things end up in a fight between a friend and a lover. Ouch! What can you do to make the best f this, Gemini? Firstly, notice where you may be responsible for some of the drama, and own your part. Secondly, take things seriously, have that important conversation, and don’t run away from confrontation. Finally, find a middle way, a compromise. Things do become much better by the end of the week.



This week, Cancer, your subconscious beliefs have a huge influence on your relationships. You might find old memories surfacing, perhaps of an old wound or trauma, that deeply affects how you relate. The truth is, this won’t be easy, Cancer, as it’ possible you push others away or even try and exert control over them to avoid facing your own darkness.

However, if you’re working on yourself, this could also bring you some much-needed clarity or even closure on an old relationship or what you want from a new one or your current relationship. As Mercury moves from his hard square to Saturn and Pluto in your commitment zone, to a sweet position in Scorpio in your romance zone, your mind does shift. You’ll still crave deep and meaningful conversation, but it’s sexy rather than painful. Whatever you do, Cancer, don’t allow passive-aggression to taint what could be a perfectly great relationship.



It’s a hard week for everyone, Leo, including you. Communication is the main issue, and as much as you’ve been sweet, charming, and gracious over the last few weeks, this week sees all of that going out the window. In fact, you might find yourself going head to head with your sweetheart, colleague, or anyone else in your daily life. It could be that someone is trying to silence you, or that you’re the one dominating the conversation without listening.

Either way, work needs to be done, Leo. This week urges you to really look at the way you talk to others and the way that they talk to you. Find constructive ways of communicating, as this Mercury-Mars opposition could easily indicate blow-ups over what you think is right, and what another thinks. Fortunately, your ruler, the Sun, shifts into a much better position by the end of the week, giving you back the power of persuasion and a willingness to negotiate rather than bulldoze.



Your ruler, Mercury, is misbehaving in a big way this week, Virgo! There’s action happening in your romance zone, and not much of it very easy at all. Most of the tension seems to be financial in nature, and you could feel like your limits are being pushed. You and your sweetheart may have some serious conversation that needs to be had on who spends what, and how it gets spent before it completely negates the passion in your relationship.

If you’re still on the market, this week could reflect a new or old conversation that comes up which hurts your self-worth in some way. It could just be a passing comment or even a memory of the past. Virgo, be careful of judging yourself too harshly and work on forgiving yourself for being human, as well as learning to discern what’s true, and what someone might just be saying to hurt you.



Libra, this week is all about confrontation, as tough as it is to hear. Mercury is in your sign at the moment and stays there until the end of this week. He’s configured to both Saturn and Pluto in a harsh square, reflecting tension and swirling undercurrents when it comes to your domestic life. It’s possible that you’re, as usual, trying to be nice and pleasing everyone, but that issues just keep coming at you, testing your patience.

Mercury and Mars also don’t help the situation, as they meet in a tough opposition across your relationship zone. This week, Libra, you just have to batten down the hatches and ride this one out. Confrontation is inevitable, and you just have to find a way through. Whatever you do, don’t allow your partner to bully you. Stand up for yourself, Libra. This is what the Mars Retrograde is trying to teach you.



Things get worse before they get better this week, Scorpio. With you, there seem to be some deep undercurrents that are running your thought programs. You may find yourself falling into obsession, insecurity, and rumination if you’re not careful. For example, you might be thinking about the past to the point where it becomes destructive to your future happiness, Scorpio. Can you find ways to turn your thinking towards the positive?

Fortunately, the planet responsible for the mental drama, Mercury, moves out of your sorrow zone and into your own sign by the end of the week. It’s as if here’s a light at the end of the tunnel Scorpio and you’re feeling much more confident about yourself and your relationships in general. Partnered or not, this is the end of a month-long period of mental introspection. You’re ready to say your piece, whether or not people like it.



This week holds a confrontation of some sort, Sagittarius. Specifically, it’s a blowout between you, a partner or lover, and a friend. Maybe you’re caught between the two, and it’s a difficult process to navigate. You’re also not feeling all that sensitive, and, as usual, you have zero filters! Sometimes, Sagittarius, you have to realize that although people need to hear the truth, you can soften the blow for them, too.

Neither way in which this week might manifest is a passionate interaction with someone you know if you’re single. Conversation is sexy at the moment, and you’re on fire with a Mars Retrograde in your romance zone. Just watch that this doesn’t go too far, and veer into the wrong kind of tension, which is a theme that’s going to be around for the next few months at least. The best way you can use this energy is by planning a sexy date, Sagittarius!



This week in love, Capricorn, watch the way that you’re coming across and portraying yourself. It might seem as if the whole world is against you right now, especially with the squares between Mercury and Saturn and Pluto in your sign. Your boss, parents, or someone else in your life are pushing you, but you are also pushing, and this will all have an effect on your romantic relationship.

You don’t need to control everything and everyone, Capricorn. This is the key to finding peace and stability this week. Let things go, and be open to compromise at all times. Yes, you may have some deep-seated anger arise, which ultimately affects all your relationship interactions, but if you’re conscious, you can make this work for you and potentially, quite transformative. As the Sun moves into Libra, the charm is on your side, and you’re the star of the show, making it easy to attract people over to your side.



Aquarius, this week is a very hard one when it comes to your inner world and psychology. Although you may present a cool, calm exterior, you’re in turmoil on the inside. This, of course, affects all of your relationships, including your romantic ones.

What you need to focus on this week is figuring out which relationship beliefs are actually working for you, and which ones are ultimately destructive. For example, do you believe that all relationships lead to sorrow and endings? Or do you believe that love is only hard work? Examine what programs are running your life will be the key to improving all of your relationships, whether right not, in the past, or in the future. Whatever you do, find ways to laugh this week – go to a comedy show, spend time with beloved friends, or plan a favorite date night with your sweetheart. This will help you clear the mental cobwebs.



You avoid a lot of the cosmic drama this week, Pisces, luckily. However, you’re not totally exempt, sniff there does seem to be some tension, especial when it comes to money. Although you’re not typically materialistically-minded, this week sees stress being put on you and your partner when it comes to joint expenses and the goals you have in mind. For example, you might want to save for a trip, and your sweetheart would prefer to spend what you have on a renovation.

You’re going to have to find a way that everyone gets what they want, Pisces. That’s the nature of relationships, and how compromise works. You don’t have to lose out, become a victim, or sacrifice what you desire to make things work, you know. As the week progresses, you do find yourself negotiating the balance of power between the two of you and possibly going deeper than you ever have before.

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