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Love Horoscope:  11 December – 17 December 2023

Your love horoscope for next week, when it comes to love, romance, and dating, based on your astrology sign.


Aries weekly love horoscope

Adventure beckons this week, Aries, what with the New Moon in Sagittarius. Does this adventure have space for one more? That’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it? The answer is entirely up to you. If you want to bring someone special along in your journey, then by all means, invite them. But do remind them that they must strap in and get ready for a wild ride. The next few months look to be full of exciting twists and turns, and who knows where you may end up?

See, the thing is, Aries, there’s a tricky square aspect between the Sun and Neptune this week, indicative of confusion and potential uncertainty. It’s not that you’re unsure about your sweetheart. No, you’re unsure where you stand in your world. You may have one foot in the future and one in the past, which is quite unlike you. This will pass, Aries, so try not to project these feelings onto your relationship.


Taurus weekly love horoscope

If there’s one thing that gets your guard up, Taurus, it’s the whisper of impending financial issues. This week sees the potential for that development, which could drive a wedge between you and your sweetheart – if you let it. You get to choose what you’d like to do here, Taurus. You can either clamp down and shut them out due to your fear or open up to sharing and healthy interdependence. In relationships, when one goes down, the other steps up to support, and vice versa. Seeing things from this team-based perspective is so much better of you and your lover, Taurus.

Of course, if you’re in a situation where your partner is taking blatant advantage of you, then it’s absolutely essential that you put in boundaries. Being exploited never feels good for anyone, and you’ll know, deep down, when a line is being crossed. It’s a matter of learning to distinguish fear from reality – not an easy task, but certainly one that you can handle Taurus.


Gemini weekly love horoscope

Your ruler, Mercury, goes retrograde this week, Gemini. Thankfully, it’s the last one for the year, so take heart. He‘ll be doing his backward dance in two of your relationship sectors, one your intimacy sector and the other your commitment sector, so heads up. You’ll have to get your communication game in order if you want to avoid misunderstandings and crossed wires. Most importantly, the two, if you need to learn to talk about money, as uncomfortable as that is. It may bring up a few triggers for both of you, yet has the potential to bring you that much closer. See, money is often a doorway to talk about deeper things – more vulnerable things. Gemini, you have a solid relationship if you can get this right.

Some of you – especially those who are single – may experience the usual exes reappearing out of nowhere over the next few weeks. Should you go there? That’s always the question, isn’t it? The answer is, most likely not, Gemini. You probably just need some closure.


Cancer weekly love horoscope

Mercury, the planet of communication, goes retrograde this week in your relationship sector, Cancer. This will undoubtedly bring up some misunderstandings between you and your partner, yet it’s nothing that you can’t handle. As long as you remain grounded, calm, and ask the right questions, Cancer, you’ll do just fine. Keep in mind not to project fear onto your relationship and think that things are completely falling apart when, in fact, they may be falling together. These retrograde periods are the ideal time to review your relationships and deal with the weak areas so that you emerge on the other side, stronger and more of a team than ever.

If you’re single, then this could be a time in which you’re dealing with a past relationship – perhaps you’re wrapping it up or negotiating the terms of your separation. This isn’t easy, Cancer, but it is necessary. You need to close this door so that you open yourself up to new experiences.


Leo weekly love horoscope

There’s a New Moon this week in your romance sector, Leo, which promises all kinds of delicious potential in the weeks and months to come. If you’re single, then this is an excellent sign of things to come. The next several months may have you falling head over heels in love or simply spark a crush on someone delicious. The only catch is that you could project somewhat of a fantasy onto this person, so be careful, Leo, that you’re not putting them on a pedestal. When we do this, we inevitably end up being disappointed. Stay grounded and realistic about whoever you engage with, Leo. See them as they are, not as you’d like them to be.

If you’re coupled up, then this New Moon may bring about a rebirth in your current relationship. You may also be talking about having children together or taking on a creative project. The only issue is that you don’t seem to be absolutely sure about your decisions just yet – there’s something that the two of you aren’t seeing. With this in mind, pump the brakes, Leo. Go slowly.


Virgo weekly love horoscope

The square between the Sun and Neptune this week is bound to bring about confusion and uncertainty regarding love and relating, Virgo. It may be that you’re subject to deception, whether it’s intended or not. Or it’s a case in which your partner is feeling very lost within themselves and leaning heavily on you, expecting you to rescue them. Be careful, Virgo, that this doesn’t become enabling. If you see a pattern like this, step aside and compassionately observe instead of becoming lost in the situation. You love to help and be useful, but there must be boundaries. A line must be drawn, one way or the other, Virgo.

The same goes with each other’s families. You must work together as a team to support each other in creating these boundaries, Virgo, otherwise you’re going to end up turning on each other. Try not to make any significant decisions right at this moment. Wait for the mists to clear before the two of you agree to anything, whether that’s in terms of promises to each other or family commitments.


Libra weekly love horoscope

Being an air sign, you’re well aware of the fact, Libra, that for any relationship to be strong and robust, it needs good communication. When you can’t talk things through and come to a deeper understanding, you end up feeling inevitably frustrated.

So, for the next three weeks, do your best to say what you mean and mean what you say, Libra. You do tend to be the typical people-pleaser, which, as you know, seldom ends up working out for you. If there is an issue that comes up – primarily related to home or family – address it. Just understand that you may not get the clarity that you want until the retrograde is over. Yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t attempt to talk it out. You may even be entertaining the idea of ending your relationship, Libra. Don’t make that decision just yet. Sit with it. Reflect. Think whether this is going to be worth the heartache or not.


Scorpio weekly love horoscope

Relationships seem to be on shaky ground this week, Scorpio, much to your discomfort. You like to feel secure and certain – who doesn’t? Yet, you’re going to have to get comfortable with the uncomfortable if you want to make it through. The most important thing is to be as transparent as possible, especially when it comes to topics like money and your personal values. If you’re manipulating the truth to be loved and accepted, you’ll end up feeling as if you’re not living true to yourself. Ultimately, you’re endangering the relationship in the long run. So, tell the truth, Scorpio, even if it feels risky.

You also have every right to demand the same treatment in return. If you suspect your lover isn’t telling you the whole story, point it out. Give them the chance to come clean. If they don’t, then maybe they’re not worth your energy. Or, there’s something deeper going on – something that’s their responsibility to share with you. Otherwise, show them the door and let them know they can return only when they’re prepared to be honest.


Sagittarius weekly love horoscope

A New Moon in your sign is an important omen, Sagittarius. Of what, exactly? Well, firstly, it’s got to do with your personal growth and development. This New Moon has practically nothing to do with relationships or dating. In fact, it’s the time to be dating yourself. To be putting yourself first. Some of you may see this as a golden opportunity to walk away from a relationship that’s no longer serving you. This may not happen immediately, as New Moons usually take several months to kick in. Yet, you may begin the process now.

Of course, that doesn’t have to be the outcome. If your sweetheart is supportive of you doing your own independent thing and wholeheartedly wants to see you grow, then the relationship has a good chance of withstanding this phase. It means that your relationship is a safe enough place that they don’t feel threatened by your expansion, which is a very good, healthy sign that you’re on the right track – together.


Capricorn weekly love horoscope

Although this week’s New Moon talks about new beginnings, Capricorn, it’s one that seems to indicate endings for you. This may be the ending of a relationship or, perhaps, the ending of a certain cycle or pattern in your relationship. Hopefully, it’s the latter. Unless you genuinely want to walk away from what has felt like a challenging relationship. If that’s the case, then this is your chance, Capricorn. The Universe seems to be supportive of you, even if things feel uncertain and confusing. Trust the process – even if it’s not easy.

With all of that said it could be wise to wait a few weeks before making any final choice. New Moons take about six months to manifest, so there’s no pressure. See, Mercury is going retrograde in your sign, making it potentially challenging to see the wood for the trees. You do need to do some reflection, Capricorn. To do that, you need alone time. Can you make that time for yourself? Of course, you can.


Aquarius weekly love horoscope

How much do you allow yourself to receive love, Aquarius? This seems to be the question the Universe is asking you. It’s a question you might face a few times in the coming months. Being so independent and self-sufficient, you tend to push others’ way, preferring to look after yourself and expecting them to do the same. But this doesn’t allow for a two-way exchange, does Aquarius? It doesn’t make room for a healthy kind of relationship, nor does it create an atmosphere of intimacy.

So, this is your challenge, Aquarius. The next several months ask you to make room to gracefully accept all that your lover, or potential lover, has to offer. Trust that the scales will balance and give you the chance to return the favor(s). That time is not now, however. Let yourself be loved, Aquarius. You may be pleasantly surprised at what happens when you open up. 


Pisces weekly love horoscope

It’s not altogether the easiest week when it comes to love and romance, Pisces. You see, your ruler, Neptune, is currently receiving a confusing square aspect from the Sun. This is mainly unfolding in your career sector, so shouldn’t be too much of a negative impact on your love life, but you know how things tend to have a domino effect, right? If you’re taking on extra stress at work, it’s bound to create problems when it comes to your relationships. You’re not great with overwhelm, Pisces, so do your best to manage it by turning to tools and techniques you know work for you. This way, you not only look after yourself, but you also take loving care of your relationships.

With Mercury’s retrograde, you may also need to relook at your shared goals for the future. It’s possible that some of them need to be reworked, Pisces, or even reviewed. You don’t have to make any big decisions just yet. But it’s a good heads-up, isn’t it?


By Margarita

Margarita Celeste is a passionate, practicing Astrology & Tarot Teacher and Consultant living in sunny Cape Town, South Africa. She has been interested in the deep symbolism of the stars and planets ever since she can remember and specializes in Relationship and Psychological Astrology. You can reach Margarita via her website: