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Weekly Love Horoscope: 6 July – 12 July 2020

Discover your horoscope for the week ahead, when it comes to love, romance and dating, based on your astrology sun sign.



Cruel words make for wounded hearts this week, Aries. Be ever so careful that you mean what you say, and say what you mean. With a harsh square between communicative Mercury and your ruler, Mars, you may be jumping into the fire. And this won’t go down well with your beloved.

However, if this does happen, there is hope. The Sun and Neptune make a forgiving trine and all will be well, once you open up and be vulnerable. It’s likely that family issues or wounds may have come up, or perhaps you just have a disagreement over a family situation. Use this opportunity to control your temper, and to be as kind as possible. Fortunately, Mercury also goes Direct by the end of the week, starting the opportunity to smooth over all the mishaps created in the last 3 weeks. Things have certainly been emotional, even for you, Aries! But there have been some fantastic insight into what makes you tick in a relationship, too.



This week has you feeling inspired, Taurus. Your creative juices are flowing, so apply these great ideas to your relationships, why don’t you! for example, you may think of a dream date, or a way to please your beloved that you’ve never thought of before.

It’s also a much better week for communication overall as Mercury goes Direct. Topics of conversation have been quite emotional, but hopefully, you’ve used this constructive energy to develop a closer connection. Those of you who are single may have connected with someone online (or still will) in a more meaningful way than usual. As Mercury moves forward, it’s a good time to make some decisions on how you want to handle this new connection. Here’s a tip – follow your gut, not your head. This is not the season to allow the rational to get in the way, whether for good or for bad. What is your heart saying to you, Taurus?  Listen closely.



It’s a week for celebration as your ruler, Mercury, moves Direct, Gemini. Yahoo! It hasn’t been an easy ride for you or your beloved, as you’ve been so much more confused. It’s as if your rational mind just stopped working, and your heart took over. Usually, most people would say that’s a good thing, but for you, it’s just been stressful. You prize your intellect, and you don’t always trust emotions.

However, can you see that this period has perhaps lent you a bit of balance in your relationships? You have been pondering your self-worth lately, and this week is a time to move forward with the insights you gained. That could mean making some changes in your existing relationship or approaching relationships with a point of view of your real worth. Some of you may be dealing with finances in your relationship and may be faced with a small skirmish over the week. Don’t let that upset you too much.



The beginning of this week feels far more stressful than the rest of it, Cancer. Mercury and Mars meet in a stand-off, which indicates problems on the communication front. This is more likely career rated but can spill into your close relationships, too. You may be coming off a lot more reactive than you know, so try to take a step back and breathe.

Luckily as the week moves along, Mercury in your own sign begins to move Direct once again, which spells a return to normal when it comes to your relationships. Confusion begins to clear, and you can start making wise decisions again. A supportive link between Neptune and Mercury in water signs helps you to be more tuned in than normal, and to forgive where needed. Your willing to grow with your partner this week, and if you’re not in a relationship, you’re feeling a lot more independent than usual. This is a special end to a reactive beginning.



Unexpressed anger may reveal itself in destructive ways this week, Leo. It’s possible, that with this Mercury Retrograde, you’ve been holding onto a few things that explode now. That’s okay – no one’s perfect. But check yourself before you wreck yourself, Leo. You don’t want or create necessary issues with your partner. Sit down and talk about it, and find room for compassion – for yourself.

As the week progresses, things ease a little and you’re feeling more on the flow when it comes to yourself and your personal relationships. You may even start thinking of wrapping a connection up, if it hasn’t been working for you, or saying goodbye to an ex for good. Either way, it’ll be freeing for you. if you’re with someone, and it’s solid, you’ll have moments of deep and true intimacy over the week. It’s as if you are diving into each other, and enjoying what you find. Sharing power feels good, right, Leo? It also feels nice to be truly vulnerable sometimes, too.



This week may hold a special connection for you, Virgo, either with your existing lover or with someone new and special. The reason for this is the meeting of Neptune and the Sun in your personal relationships zone, sparking a great depth of feeling. It may even be that you feel this with a good friend – someone right under your very nose! go ahead and explore it, Virgo, but take care not to make any major decisions until a little later this week when your ruler, Mercury, goes Direct.

Once Mercury moves Direct, you’ll be feeling a whole lot clearer about where you and your relationship are headed. Things have been confusing for a while, and perhaps your shared goals and visions haven’t been aligning. However, it’s been a great period of reflecting on where you want to go, and where you want your relationships to go, whatever your relationship status is. Whatever you decide, let your heart rather than your head lead the way.



Work is taking most of your attention this week, Libra. This means that your relationships are second place, and this has been a theme for quite some time already. You’re usually so focussed on your loved ones that this is a needed break from romance. Throw all your energies at the day to day in order to succeed in the bigger picture. At the end of the day, your relationships will survive this period of professional growth.

There’ll be a moment early in the week of stress when it comes to communication. Mercury and Mars meet in a challenging square, reflecting tensions bubbling up and over in your relationship. You may have a sharp fallout, which can stress you out, as confrontation is not your strongest point. Just be aware that fiery drama meets oversensitivity this week, and try to be as calm and rational as possible. Peace will be restored a little later in the week and there’s definitely forgiveness and understanding, so don’t worry about it too much.



This can be a beautiful week in love, Scorpio, especially towards the end. Right now, there are a bunch of planets in compatible Cancer and in your zone of personal growth. The best thing about this is that these planets are communicating well with Neptune in your romance sector, reflecting a particularly tender time.

For those of you in a relationship, this spells a period of passion and openness, of lowering your usually high boundaries and really letting the love in. this can lead to profoundly romantic moments, Scorpio. For those of you who are single, this is a time to explore your creativity and maybe even entertain a dreamy flirtation. It doesn’t have to lead anywhere unless you really want it to. However, with the energies around this week, be aware that your heart is wide open, and even a light flirtation might be more profound at the moment. The mists will clear next week, and with Mercury Direct, you will be thinking very clearly.



Oops, it’s a bumpy start to the week, Sagittarius! Fiery Mars, in your romance zone, meets communicative Mercury in your intimacy zone, and it’s a bit of a clash. This intimacy zone is also your shared resources zone, meaning money. In short, Sagittarius, you’ll have to hold your horses when it comes to financial spats. Perhaps the blowout is what’s needed, though, and the feeling is that the rest of the week is a lot more tender.

The lesson behind this is learning a fair balance of give and take. Mars in Aries and in your passion zone may be very fiery, but it can be selfish energy, too. And Mercury in Cancer is quite emotional and even passive-aggressive. Phew, Sagittarius! That’s a lot to deal with. Thankfully, the storm passes and gives way to a compassionate vibe. Forgiving is forgetting, and you’ll soon feel like kissing and making up. For those just casually dating, sexual compatibility fallouts may be a thing, as well as obsession, so go carefully.



There is a great deal of emotional energy building in your committed relationship zone, Capricorn, and has been for some time. Topics that are important to you, such as home, family, and nurturing, are very prominent in your realities at the moment. It may be that a move of home is imminent, or you’re figuring out how to live like a family or with one another’s families.

A little battle may happen at the beginning of the week around these topics, and you’ll have to find a way to play nice, Capricorn. Let the storm blow over, find the middle ground, and be kind to each other. Remember, you are each other’s family now. A compassionate, tender and vulnerable energy comes in towards the end of the week, and you’re far more willing to negotiate the boundaries. Communicating will seem more in-tune and you can go with the flow more easily. In fact, it’ll be as if you’re reading each other’s minds.



As Mercury goes Direct, Aquarius, you’re going to finally feel as if you’re thinking straight again. That’s a relief, as it’s been tough to do the day to day routine with your partner at the moment. You could have been arguing about the smallest, mostly inconsequential things. It could reach a crescendo as Mercury and Mars meet in a challenging square in your communication zone.

Remember to keep an eye on the bigger picture, Aquarius, and pick your battles wisely. There’s no point in sweating the small stuff, after all. Besides, as the week winds to a close, you’re feeling a lot more willing to compromise and forgive. Whether or not you’re actually in a close relationship makes no differences. This energy can be the same with an ex or a new flame, or even a work colleague. This is the time to use your level-headed rationality to its very best, but temper that with kindness and empathy, too.



This can be a very sweet week – towards the end. Initially, Pisces, issues around money may come up in your relationship, which may leave a sour taste in your mouth. You’re usually very giving and sacrificing, Pisces, but you could have just have had enough. Don’t be afraid to assert your boundaries – for once.

It may be the other way around, and you’re the one that’s guilty, Pisces. Look at yourself carefully and take accountability if you want peace in your relationships. As you do, you’ll move towards forgiveness. In fact, you may have an end to the week that surpasses even your own expectations. If single, this can be a good week for a passionate dalliance, or a simple focus on your own creative energies. You’re feeling very sexy regardless of your relationship status, so work it in whichever way you want to! People will be attracted to your energy when you allow yourself to embody your power, Pisces.

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