Astrology Planets

We’ve all been reading about the astrology planets since a long time. When we were younger it was merely referred to as the solar system, but as we grew older the terms became fancier, and the concepts became more complex, the basics of the astrology planets, however, remain the same. The world out there is a big unknown with a lot of things that haven’t yet been discovered by man. We read about celestial bodies and astrology planets today, try to find out what do the planets represent in astrology and their meanings. 

Some of us do this out of sheer curiosity; others do it because it’s hard to ignore something that’s part of the universe we live in a while still others are intrigued by the magic surrounding them trying to make sense of the wonders that come together to form the world. If you’re looking for astrology answers, you’re in just the right place. We will answer all your queries about astrology planets so that when you help your child make the solar system, you can see what it all really means. If you’re a student of astrology, you may find this information on astrology planets extremely interesting.

Astrology planets – basics first

Before we can understand the meaning of planets in astrology, we need to define what makes up our solar system. At the heart of the system is the Sun. Everything else revolves around it. The center of the universe then we have our planets. Closest to Earth is Mercury, then Venus, then we have our very own Earth where life thrives, then comes Mars where a lot of space missions have been sent over the years, and it continues to intrigue scientists, then Jupiter, then comes Saturn with its halo, then we have Uranus and Neptune followed by the last one, Pluto.

The Sun, these nine planets, and their moons make up the solar system. These are the planets that we make out of clay and hang them in a shoe box as a representation of what lies beyond. But is it really that simple or is there more to this?

What do astrology planets mean in the zodiac circle?

Are you confused about the connection between the planets and astrology and zodiac circle? Well here is a simple explanation for you. In the world of astrology planets and signs, their astrology planets aren’t just cousins of earth that keep revolving aimlessly. Their movements are thought to directly affect the life and events in a person’s life. This is where astrology comes in; it is all about reading the movements and interpreting them to predict what will happen in your life.

These aren’t exactly like where you will go on Friday night or the name of the person you will marry, but it’s more symbolic. It gives clues about how the planets and luminaries will bring about a change in your life, whether good or bad. Some people think that this is bogus and is a made-up phenomenon to fool people and make money, but others are true believers who think that everything in the world is connected, and so are the astrology planets and humans.

Astrology planets – which ones to focus on?

It is said that there are a lot many planets than we know about. New discoveries are made every day so which ones should we study and which ones should we ignore? For this, it’s important to make the distinction between different types of astrology planets like dominant planets astrology. There are terrestrial planets, Jovian planets, and dwarf planets.

Terrestrial planets are the inner four with the rocky surfaces while are the larger outer four. This leaves us with the dwarf planets. Pluto is a dwarf planet. This is because its small. However, the point here is that the dwarf planet might be small in size, but that doesn’t mean that the movements don’t have any effect.

While studying the different astrology planets to make predictions for the different signs, take all of these into account because sometimes even asteroids have an effect. We all are in constant search for astrology answers, but the process is slow. Make sure you do thorough research so that no stone is left unturned.


Mars that is named after the Roman god of war, it is also referred to as the “Red Planet” because the color of the planet appears to be red when it is viewed with a naked eye.

planet Saturn

This planet is largely known as the Lord of Karma. The ruling planet is strongly based on, “We reap what we sow.” This is what scares people when it comes to Saturn in astrology.

The Sun

Just like every planet (or celestial body, whichever way you put it) rules over a certain zodiac sign, the Sun rules over the Leo zodiac sign. We would require you to recall your third-grade science now.

planet Pluto

“Pluto in astrology” Before we can delve into any details, let’s start with the basic. Pluto is the ruling planet of Scorpio. So, the movements of Pluto directly influence people who have the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

planet mercury

Ancient astrologers believed Mercury to have a great role in being the messenger of gods. This role came into being because legends formed around the fact that it is the closest planet to the sun.

planet Jupiter

The planet Jupiter is widely known to be as the thinking person’s planet. Whereas, the literal Jupiter meaning emerges from the Romans, as according to Roman methodology Jupiter was considered to be the Supreme God who was responsible for protecting laws of the Roman state as well as he presided over light and heaven.

planet Uranus

Uranus is the seventh planet from the sun and while Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are easily visible, the planet Uranus was not discovered until 1971. It was seen before too but was always confused for not being a planet.

planet Neptune

There are contradictory things about planet Neptune that are often difficult to believe in. It stands for deception and is also known as the “planet of illusions,” but at the same time, it stands for trust. How can deception and trust be present at the same time?

planet Venus

Interestingly enough, it is the only planet in the solar system to be named after a female. Other than Venus, all planets have been given names that are masculine. This goes on to show that although limited, the female side does have its own representation in space as well as astrology.

planet moon
The Moon

The moon in astrology is believed to be the most personal among all the entities. It speaks to us at a level closer than any other planet does, and that is one of the reasons that astrologers in the east hold it in so much high esteem.

How to read each astrology houses and planets?

This is not an easy task. If you want to interpret a planet, you will need to study everything about the astrology planet in houses. The good idea is to start from the basics about Astrology Houses. Once you know the characteristics, movements and other details about the planet then move on to the movements in the years before to be able to come up with a proper link between the events that really happened and the state of the planet at the time.

This will help you greatly in coming up with predictions for the future. Astrology planets are complex things that need full focus and concentration. The study requires immense patience because you have to map it over long periods of time to get accurate astrology answers. The key lies in trying to build a relationship with these planets rather than just viewing them as objects. This will help you understand the story that each planet has to tell. Relax and let the vibrations of your body align with those of the planets. Only then will you be able to unlock the secrets of the planets astrology.

Personal planets in astrology and how does it work?

So, we’ve heard a lot about this concept but what does it really mean? We are individuals, but like we need air, food, and water for survival, we need our family, loved ones and companions as well. We might not die without them as we would without air to breathe, but our interactions build the world. The signs and the stories they tell are all based on the people in our lives, the challenges that we come across and how we eventually resolve them.

We all have a story to tell, a story that belongs to us and us alone. So where do the astrology planets come in here? They are the ones that help us understand everything that is happening around us. They throw us a rope to climb on and keep moving ahead with our lives. The story of our lives can be read from our natal chart if we try to read between the lines and draw the right connections. They give us an idea, and it is up to us to use that idea to the best of our abilities to comprehend and appreciate life.

Astrology planets and signs!

Different astrology planets are said to be in control of different signs. So, the movement of one planet might affect Libra more or differently than it affects a Leo.  We will make this easy for you by telling you here just what you need to know. First comes Leo.

Leos are always described as being the center of attention, so it doesn’t come as any surprise that the Sun governs their sign. It actually explains a lot of characteristics of people born in late July and August.

Next, we have Virgo which is governed by Mercury that influences their intelligence. Venus governs Libra and helps them build strong and lasting relationships. Pluto, the planet of transformation, governs Scorpio. Jupiter is in charge of Sagittarius. Thank your planet for your good fortune. Saturn controls the people born Dec-Jan. Capricorns usually take well-calculated steps. Uranus controls the ever-mysterious Aquarius.

Neptune governs Pisces. They are usually caught daydreaming; now we know why. The planet is all about fantasy. Aries is governed by Mars, Taurus by Venus and Gemini by Mercury. The softness about the Cancer people is all thanks to the moon. Now when you read your daily horoscope, this will also give you an insight into the characteristics of your astrology planets.

The moon and the astrology planets

We have given you a lot of information about the astrology planets, but now we would like to mention a few bodies that are usually left out in discussions. The lunar nodes are said to have a lot of influence on the events in one’s life. Let’s first define the lunar nodes so you can understand better. In simpler words, these are the orbiting nodes of the moon. They give a lot of information about the changes in one’s life.

We often go through experiences that leave us different forever. Astrology planets, especially these nodes, help us understand and predict these events and how they will affect us. But we need to keep in mind that these nodes are just points. It is often very hard to monitor and note the movements of these. This is why they are often missed.

Every action that we take has a consequence. The nodes help us determine what will inevitably happen. So, if you take every step keeping this in your mind, you may avoid a bad situation. Always think before you act.

Everything you’ve learned about astrology planets!

We hope that after reading this article, you’ve gained a lot of knowledge about how to find astrology answers for yourself. But there is an important thing that needs to be stressed at this point. To truly understand what astrology planets are trying to tell you, you need to make sense of the world around you and the people within. Every person in your life comes for a reason. You can’t just expect your personal planets in astrology to magically send you a list of rules to follow or a timeline of how things will go. You need to resolve issues yourself, forgive and forget and learn to move on with your life.

Once you try to understand the role of every person in your life and the reason behind every event, whether good or bad, you will see that the planets will make more sense. If you are in the middle of the conflict, talk to the person. Take hints from your planets. They have something to say to both of you. Don’t ignore the world beyond, but don’t depend too much on it taking every step after consulting astrology planets. Find the right balance for yourself.


This is a lot of information to take in, and we have tried our best to keep it simple and gradual, so you enjoy the read. This world is so much more than what meets the eye. Have you ever lied down under an open sky? You look up, and you see a sky full of stars. But is it just that? The stars have a story to tell. There is the North Star and the shooting star. We might not believe in it, but we all secretly wish on a shooting star hoping our dreams will come true.

You don’t have to be a complete believer in all things. This world is full of puzzles waiting to be solved. You can learn and choose to believe whatever you want. The world of astrology planets, their meaning, zodiac circles, and signs is vast and complex. Take it one at a time to put the pieces together. Good luck with your search for astrology answers.


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