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Leo astrological sign is the 2nd fire sign, with Leo dates or Leo Birthday dates starting from July 23rd to August 22nd (approximate dates). A resolutely male sign, Leo is dominated by the Sun and the Fifth House. Like the Sun, its master planet, Leo radiates and shines like a diamond. Impossible to miss, they know how to be admired and they excel in many fields.

Leos are always sharply dressed. They are elegant and catch many eyes by radiating some uncanny aura. Renowned for being intransigent, proud, demanding and sometimes authoritarian, people with Leo zodiac sign nevertheless constantly need love, but above all to be recognized. They can also be generous and warm.

Leo Astrology based on Leo dates or Leo birthday dates: User Guide

The planet governing the sign of Leo is the Sun. In astrology, the Sun, like the Moon, is considered as a planet. It is a star about 110 times the size of the Earth with a mass of more than 330,000 times that of our planet.

In Egyptian mythology, the Sun is represented by Atum, the Creator God, while in Greek and Roman mythology he represents Apollo, the son of Zeus. Apollo is known as the God of light, music, the arts and also divination. You easily understand that the Sun is very important in the natal chart of an individual.

In addition to being governed by the Sun, a luminous star, the Leo zodiac sign is also part of the Fire signs with Aries and Sagittarius. Fire signs are said to have strong characters and this explains why Leo personality is so dominant. They ignite quickly like a brazier. Dynamism is what characterizes them and they are overflowing with energy. Passionate, spirited, aggressive and sometimes violent, they share that legendary outspokenness that not many people appreciate.

The favorite colors of Leo people are yellow and orange. The body parts that correspond to them are the heart, the eyes and the arteries. It is a sign with a golden heart like the metal that represents it. Their main assets are nobility, royalty, goodness and organization, but many resent them for their ill-placed pride and their authoritarian character.

Leo symbol

Leo symbol depicts the Lion with a head presented through the circle and the body with a tail. Overall, Leo symbol represents dominance, independence and freedom. These are exactly Leo traits.

Leo and the World around Them

Already very attractive by his personality, Leo zodiac sign is the center of attention of the other signs. Warm and generous, endowed with outstanding charisma, Leo sign has many friends and it is not at all surprising.

Leo and Friendship

In friendship, it is hard to describe the amount of loyalty a Leo star sign possesses. This is one of the best Leo traits. While they might not show it, at a time of need and emergency, Leo zodiac sign would be the first to help their friends or loved ones in trouble. The fact that Leo brags a lot, their first impression does not come out to be really good. They appear to be too self-obsessed and selfish, however, once people get to know them they completely fall in love with them and are more than willing to make them the center of attention of every social gathering.

One way through which Leo shows their affection towards friends is by pampering them with expensive gifts. However, this affection must not be taken for granted but reciprocated, may it be in form of monetary gifts or verbal praise. This is sometimes recognized as a negative Leo trait but if one tries to understand they would see that the only reason behind this is to feel loved and valued. They would be more than happy if their appreciation is only reciprocated with verbal praise.

To sum up Leo can along well with the majority of the signs except for Scorpio, Pisces and Leo. With Scorpio, they would only seen entering into unnecessary arguments and same is the case with Pisces. They would have a hard time understanding each other. As far as Virgo is concerned, Leo zodiac sign and Virgo have nothing in common.

Leo at the Workplace

In a workplace, Leo zodiac sign would immediately become the center of attention, whether it is an important project or just a normal, regular project. Similarly, if a Leo has made possible a deal, he demands appreciation and recognition in public and not just behind closed doors. On the other hand, if a boss thinks that every successful outcome produced by the employee is his or her duty and does not need to be appreciated every single time, he is certainly wrong. This would not work with a Leo; he demands credit where needed every single time. This is to say that a Leo zodiac sign person would always know their worth and in order to get the best work from them, there is a need to make them feel superior, appreciated and valued.

Leo and Family

A little conservative and anchored in their own traditions, Leo people cheerfully take up the role of head of the family. They are very close to their family. As a parent, they are very authoritarian people. Success and victories are their main concerns, especially for their children. Leos might put them under pressure, always raising the bar of success a bit higher. Pride about their children’s success is something that Leo dads or moms love most.

If Leo Were… A Vegetable

If Leo were a plant, they would, of course, be the Sunflower or the orange tree. Leo loves sumptuous and exotic plants that are full of color. This reflects their personality quite well, with a desire to attract attention and awe at almost every opportunity. Thus, other plants are also associated or beneficial to Leo natives such as cinnamon of Ceylon, bay tree, rosemary, saffron, angelica…

An Animal

If Leo were an animal, they would obviously be a Lion, the king of the jungle, ferocious, but also intelligent. They reign supreme over all animals. They can also be associated with other animals of great nobility such as eagles or even deer.

A Mineral

Gold, sparkling and brilliant, obviously corresponds to the various facets of the sign of Leo. However, it is often associated with bright or translucent stones such as rock crystal. Quartz is also associated with them, as well as diamond.

What Jobs For Leo?

Leos are born to be leaders, so jobs or careers that demand a dominating, authoritative employee, a Leo would be the best choice. Moreover, Leo star sign loves having a team of loyal people around them. They also yearn for new opportunities so it would be better if they are surrounded by smart, rational people. Leo Zodiac sign hates being bored and hence, would only prefer jobs that are interesting and can keep them busy in the most productive way.

Hence, keeping in mind Leo characteristics or Leo traits, career opportunities that would suit them the best are corporate leadership or careers in the tech and entertainment industries. To know more details, read Top 10 Jobs for Leo.

Leo Zodiac sign Compatibility with Other Signs

Leo Astrology tells us that they are known for their somewhat domineering and sometimes egocentric character. However, they can very well get along with those who know how to appreciate and understand them. Their compatibility with others helps to understand what is a Leo or what are Leos like.

Leo with Aries

With an Aries, it will be a little different. The Leo will tend to compete with the Aries to stand out and shine. These two signs will be a permanent struggle for power and success. Who will dominate the other? Who will be better than the other? For a relationship to be possible, both signs would have to show tolerance and let the other have what he or she wants. A great proof of love both for Leo and Aries.

Leo with Taurus

Taurus is one of the signs that are incompatible with the natives of Leo. The character of the Leo always wants to be first and to impose their opinion will eventually tire Taurus. If they have one thing in common, it is probably their generosity. If this trait is dominant in both signs, a relationship can be considered. The jealous and possessive character of Taurus natives must also be taken into account. This is a trait that Leo do not appreciate at all.

Leo with Gemini

Between Gemini and Leo, passion is a given. Gemini appreciates the strength and power of Leo. For their part, Leo are naturally drawn to Gemini and their legendary charm. A very intense relationship that may not last, however, because it breaks very easily between Air and Fire signs.

Leo with Cancer

With the natives of Cancer, Leo will live a fickle relationship. Cancer are terrified by the strength of Leo, their influence over other people, their appearance. A native of Cancer will avoid all confrontations with a Leo and this will harm their relationship. However, love at first sight between these two signs is quite possible. But unless you have patience and hard work, it’s a relationship doomed to fail in the long run.

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Leo with Leo

A relationship between two Leo signs is fragile but it can very well work. However, any crisis will be irreversible. Both Leo will always be prone to arguments. Who will love the most? Who will be the most loved? To get along well, the two felines will have to balance their strengths. This union will give birth to the most incredible and enduring of relations. It will be like looking at each other in a mirror, one reflecting the success and pride of the other. Leo compatibly with Leo can best explain what are Leos like.

Leo with Virgo

Leo people won’t trigger any spark among the natives of Virgo, because they cannot figure them out. Instead, they will seek to provoke disputes and disorder within the couple. The Virgo won’t be impressed and will soon realize that they are in control of the situation. It will leave the Leo with an illusion of control, but ultimately irritation will wear out their patience, which will put an end to the relationship.

Leo with Libra

Leo natives are naturally seduced by the beauty of Libra. With them, Leo will be able to exercise their dominion and strength very well. They will manage to do what they want and the Libra will submit to it. He or she will suffer internally, but know that they are entirely dependent on the Lion. This relationship will know happiness if the Libra is a woman. Conversely, a Leo woman will get tired quickly enough and will look for other challenges in love, leaving the Libra man aside.

Leo with Scorpio

The compatibility of Leo and Scorpio natives is very thin. It is a relationship that might not be stable. Both signs need to be in control and have power. These traits of character will breed permanent struggles as well as conflicts, real battles of egos. A game that can please both signs at first, but with each side waiting for the other to be defeated and raise the white flag. It is a relationship that can be devastating for both signs.

Leo with Sagittarius

Sagittarius and Leo, two Fire signs that can get along wonderfully well. Unlike the Aries and Leo tandem, Sagittarius will join forces with Leo to achieve a common goal. These are two signs that naturally accept and understand one another. They share the same interests and are also attracted to one another. Passion, love, happiness, a Sagittarius / Leo couple is a happy couple.

Leo with Capricorn

A Leo is like a magnet for the natives of Capricorn. These are seduced and drawn to the strength and power of Leo. However, in a couple, the Leo will ultimately be dominated by the Capricorn. The natives of Capricorn do not show their feelings at first in order to keep control. With Leo being accustomed to being put on a pedestal by their partners, this situation will irritate them, but in the end, they will succumb to the domination of the Capricorn.

Leo with Aquarius

With the natives of Aquarius, Leo will be emotionally fulfilled. Aquarius, altruistic by nature, will calm and comfort Leo. These are two complementary signs that are both generous. They will help each other achieve their dreams. It is a relationship that will know happiness and success and that can last.

Leo with Pisces

Two completely opposite signs, Fire and Water, Leo and Pisces can be physically drawn to one another. The Pisces charm appeals to the Leo, but once in a couple, these two signs rarely agree on anything. The whimsical nature of Pisces and their tendency to isolate themselves is annoying to Leo, who prefer dynamism and being surrounded with friends.

Hence, Leo zodiac sign is most compatible with Aries, Libra, Sagittarius and Gemini and is least compatible with Taurus, Virgo and Scorpio.

Leo in A Male Natal Chart

A Leo symbol is the warmest and loving of all the zodiac signs. They are very generous and make sure to treat their loved ones with love, showering them with gifts, usually for no reason at all. They like to stay happy and keep the others around them happy too. Leo guy is also naturally attracted to people with positive attitudes and does not waste time on people with little or no enthusiasm.

Moreover, a male with Leo astrological sign has a lot of confidence and is always demanding attention and power. He likes to be surrounded with people who adore and love him. Referred to as lion, Leo horoscope sign male is a natural leader and many people look to him for advice and solutions to their problems.

A man born under the Leo sign is extremely passionate and is always willing to accept challenges. Leo zodiac sign is also attracted to luxuries and would always choose the best hotel, the best restaurant and the best automobile. Being very hardworking, creative and intelligent, he can easily afford such luxuries.

As far as negative Leo traits are concerned, he is very possessive and jealous. He wants to be everyone’s priority and would want to come even before children. Hence, in a relationship he might appear to be too demanding and possessive. When a male born under Leo zodiac sign does not feel loved or wanted, he might just have an explosive temper. This Leo trait sometimes attracts a lot of criticism.

Leo in a Female Natal Chart

Regal Lioness, the Leo woman is nothing less than a queen. She is extremely strong, dominating and assertive. Most of Leo traits come from the planet, the Sun. While as compared to the Leo Man, she is slightly sweet natured, she can get aggressive in no time if she is annoyed. It is hence, best to not trigger a Leo woman. A Leo woman must not specially be messed with when it comes to her home, income and family.

Moreover, as far the Leo personality is concerned, Leo woman is full of life and so enthusiastic that she can literally cheer up everyone around her. Leo woman is the best choice to have fun or hang out with. However, even in a friendship she likes to dominate and exert her autonomy.

Woman belonging to the Leo Zodiac sign also does not like being told what to do or given instructions. Their demand independence and freedom at all costs and would show the worst temper and they feel their freedom is being challenged. When it comes to partying, a Woman born under the Leo zodiac sign would be the first to be spotted on the dance floor. Such Leo traits tell how they do not care about what others think and are extremely self-assured. They are also bothered about fitting in a certain crowd; they naturally steal the show wherever they go.

In addition to this, Leo horoscope sign woman is somewhat dreamy and only think big. However, their passion and hard work can help their dreams come true. A Leo woman is so inspiring that even those around her fell inspired and feel the need to think and achieve big. One of the negative Leo traits particularly common in Leo woman is they tend to spend a lot on luxuries and goods which later they might regret.

Leo Men in Love

Like the animal that represents him, the Leo man is a hunter when it comes to love. His quest for a soul mate is a challenge worthy of princes in fairy tales. He does not want an easy prey and appreciates resistance in his princess. The assurance of achieving his ends sooner or later motivates him even more.

What the Leo zodiac sign appreciates above all else is being admired and recognized as someone extraordinary. To seduce Leo men, it will be necessary to use this ruse. Flattering his ego and narcissism will be the best way to attract him into your nets. The Leo man, for all this demonstration of strength and power, is, in fact, a passionate being capable to love with all his might.

In love, the Leo guy is the ideal partner. He is a person who gives royal importance to being faithful. Above all, he likes to be recognized as the husband and father of a family. His loyalty is flawless; however, it will be necessary to keep his tendency to constantly want to please in check. This could attract other people seduced by his charm or other kinds of conflict.

Leo Women in Love

For the Leo zodiac sign, particularly woman, love is intense and passionate. She is among the zodiac signs that have a natural inclination for flirting and one-night stands just like the Scorpio woman. She is a hunter with great confidence. As soon as she has laid eyes on the object of her desire, she is positive that she will get it. She is not interested in easy prey. To seduce her, resisting her charms is the key.

In love, the Leo woman knows how to behave once she has found her soul mate. Another side of her comes forth: a faithful, affectionate and warm woman. However, she will always have this need for passion and adventure. Her partner must make her live an extraordinary relationship by not letting routine and monotony settle down in the couple. In order to know about Leo Women in love and how their behavior is prone to change, one can read Leo today on a regular basis.

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