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2nd fire sign, Leo is the astrological sign for people born between July 23rd and August 22nd. A resolutely male sign, Leo is dominated by the Sun and the Fifth House. Like the Sun, its master planet, Leo radiates and shines like a diamond. Impossible to miss, they know how to be admired and they excel in many fields.

Leo natives are always sharply dressed. They are elegant and catch many eyes by radiating some uncanny aura. Renowned for being intransigent, proud, demanding and sometimes authoritarian, Leo people nevertheless constantly need love, but above all to be recognized. They can also be generous and warm.

Leo Zodiac Sign: Characteristics

The planet governing the sign of Leo is the Sun. In astrology, the Sun, like the Moon, is considered as a planet. It is a star about 110 times the size of the Earth with a mass of more than 330,000 times that of our planet.


In Egyptian mythology, the Sun is represented by Atum, the Creator God, while in Greek and Roman mythology he represents Apollo, the son of Zeus. Apollo is known as the God of light, music, the arts and also divination. You easily understand that the Sun is very important in the natal chart of an individual.

In addition to being governed by the Sun, a luminous star, the Leo zodiac sign is also part of the Fire signs with Aries and Sagittarius. Fire signs are said to have strong characters and this explains why Leo personality is so dominant. They ignite quickly like a brazier. Dynamism is what characterizes them and they are overflowing with energy. Passionate, spirited, aggressive and sometimes violent, they share that legendary outspokenness that not many people appreciate.

Already very attractive by his personality, a native of Leo is the center of attention of the other signs. Warm and generous, endowed with outstanding charisma, Leo have many friends and it is not at all surprising. However, they don’t really get along with everyone.

The favorite colors of Leo people are yellow and orange. The body parts that correspond to them are the heart, the eyes and the arteries. It is a sign with a golden heart like the metal that represents it. Their main assets are nobility, royalty, goodness and organization, but many resent them for their ill-placed pride and their authoritarian character.

Personality: Leo in Female Natal Chart

The Leo woman is easily noticed in everything she does. Governed by the Sun, the Leo woman is radiant and is very warm. She particularly likes to be front and center on stage and she is quite comfortable there. All that glitters attracts her: jewelry, haute couture, luxury and overpriced cosmetics. Despite this attraction for luxury, the Leo woman has a heart of gold and does not hesitate to share her generosity with the most disadvantaged.

A Leo woman has a strong personality. She does not hesitate to go out of her way to win or defend her rights. She particularly hates when somebody else steals her show, both in her professional life and in her private life. She seeks above all to shine and become the best in everything she does. In addition, she is convinced that she has all the skills to do so and would not want to deprive herself of it. Her optimism forces respect.

The Leo woman has great confidence and does not impose limits on herself. People recognized this as a  character trait when she keeps fighting when everyone else has already given up. She is an outgoing person  with an innate charm. Her natural charisma often propels her towards a leader position in a group. She is able to find ingenious solutions to the problems that are submitted to her, whether at work or in private life.

Despite these undeniable qualities, the Leo woman is known for her arrogance. Like the Leo man, she tends to overestimate her worth and make unreasonable decisions. Her biggest flaw is her tendency to spend a lot of money. Her taste for beautiful things, luxury and prestige drives her into dangerous financial territory.

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Personality: Leo in Male Natal Chart

Dominated by the Sun, the sign of Leo in a male natal chart unveils a luminous and warm being. A Leo man always wants to shine in everything he does. He can easily fill the shoes of a leader. Besides, it is always what he wants and he cannot stand being relegated under someone else’s authority.

The Leo man is ambitious and he has great confidence in himself and his own abilities. He loves showing off his talents and being in the spotlight. Working as an actor, animator or director suits him well. Like the animal that represents him, the Leo man always wants to be the alpha male, the star to admire and let anyone trying to steal the spotlight beware. In truth however, behind this facade hides a sympathetic and generous man, very much appreciated by his loved ones.

A Leo man is often very confident about himself and his ability to succeed professionally. However, like the king of the jungle, he has this unfortunate tendency to always want to delegate as much as possible until he loses control. It is a flaw that will earn him many setbacks until he finds the motivation to revive his project.

One of the strengths of the Leo man is his legendary optimism that allows him to experience many successes. He is also an idealistic and extremely ambitious person. His close friends often resent him for it. He likes to be independent in every way.

Despite his qualities, the Lion man is known for his envious character. He also tends to overestimate himself, which drives him to take risks needlessly. A little narcissistic, the Leo man has a very dominating character, even tyrannical when he is in a group.

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What Jobs For Leo?

The profession that suits them best? It is a job that allows them to have an excellent social status. They need to be recognized and envied by all. That is why CEO, leader or manager jobs are particularly well suited, especially in areas related to politics, religion, etc. Given that they have little appreciation for a higher authority, natives of Leo may well flourish in independent white-collar professions.

Compatibility With Other Signs

Leo are known for their somewhat domineering and sometimes egocentric character. However, they can very well get along with those who know how to appreciate and understand them.

Leo and Aries
With an Aries, it will be a little different. The Leo will tend to compete with the Aries to stand out and shine. These two signs will be a permanent struggle for power and success. Who will dominate the other? Who will be better than the other? For a relationship to be possible, both signs would have to show tolerance and let the other have what he or she wants. A great proof of love both for Leo and Aries.

Leo and Taurus 
Taurus is one of the signs that are incompatible with the natives of Leo. The character of the Leo always wants to be first and to impose their opinion will eventually tire Taurus. If they have one thing in common, it is probably their generosity. If this trait is dominant in both signs, a relationship can be considered. The jealous and possessive character of Taurus natives must also be taken into account. This is a trait that Leo do not appreciate at all.

Leo and Gemini
Between Gemini and Leo, passion is a given. Gemini appreciate the strength and power of Leo. For their part, Leo are naturally drawn to Gemini and their legendary charm. A very intense relationship that may not last, however, because it breaks very easily between Air and Fire signs.

Leo and Cancer
With the natives of Cancer, Leo will live a fickle relationship. Cancer are terrified by the strength of Leo, their influence over other people, their appearance. A native of Cancer will avoid all confrontations with a Leo and this will harm their relationship. However, love at first sight between these two signs is quite possible. But unless you have patience and hard work, it’s a relationship doomed to fail in the long run.

Leo and Leo
A relationship between two Leo signs is fragile but it can very well work. However, any crisis will be irreversible. Both Leo will always be prone to arguments. Who will love the most? Who will be the most loved? To get along well, the two felines will have to balance their strengths. This union will give birth to the most incredible and enduring of relations. It will be like looking at each other in a mirror, one reflecting the success and pride of the other.

Leo and Virgo
Leo people won’t trigger any spark among the natives of Virgo, because they cannot figure them out. Instead, they will seek to provoke disputes and disorder within the couple. The Virgo won’t be impressed and will soon realize that they are in control of the situation. It will leave the Leo with an illusion of control, but ultimately irritation will wear out their patience, which will put an end to the relationship.

Leo and Libra
Leo natives are naturally seduced by the beauty of Libra. With them, Leo will be able to exercise their dominion and strength very well. They will manage to do what they want and the Libra will submit to it. He or she will suffer internally, but know that they are entirely dependent on the Lion. This relationship will know happiness if the Libra is a woman. Conversely, a Leo woman will get tired quickly enough and will look for other challenges in love, leaving the Libra man aside.

Leo and Scorpio
The compatibility of Leo and Scorpio natives is very thin. It is a relationship that might not be stable. Both signs need to be in control and have power. These traits of character will breed permanent struggles as well as conflicts, real battles of egos. A game that can please both signs at first, but with each side waiting for the other to be defeated and raise the white flag. It is a relationship that can be devastating for both signs.

Leo and Sagittarius
Two Fire signs that can get along wonderfully well. Unlike the Aries and Leo tandem, Sagittarius will join forces with Leo to achieve a common goal. These are two signs that naturally accept and understand one another. They share the same interests and are also attracted to one another. Passion, love, happiness, a Sagittarius / Leo couple is a happy couple.

Leo and Capricorn
A Leo is like a magnet for the natives of Capricorn. These are seduced and drawn to the strength and power of Leo. However, in a couple, the Leo will ultimately be dominated by the Capricorn. The natives of Capricorn do not show their feelings at first in order to keep control. With Leo being accustomed to being put on a pedestal by their partners, this situation will irritate them, but in the end, they will succumb to the domination of the Capricorn.

Leo and Aquarius
With the natives of Aquarius, Leo will be emotionally fulfilled. Aquarius, altruistic by nature, will calm and comfort Leo. These are two complementary signs that are both generous. They will help each other achieve their dreams. It is a relationship that will know happiness and success and that can last.

Leo and Pisces
Two completely opposite signs, Fire and Water, Leo and Pisces can be physically drawn to one another. The Pisces charm appeals to the Leo, but once in a couple, these two signs rarely agree on anything. The whimsical nature of Pisces and their tendency to isolate themselves is annoying to Leo, who prefer dynamism and being surrounded with friends.

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