Psychic Reading

Psychic readings can be done through various types of processes. Some psychics employ their own mind to find out the future through their psychic connection, while others use objects or other divination tools to predict the future. Psychic readings are usually divided into two groups; Structured readings and Unstructured readings.

Structured Readings

The one involving divination tools such as your head, palm, date of birth, astrological symbols, rune stones, tarot cards, and numbers is called a structured reading. This type of psychic reading can predict the past, present, and future without the presence of the client, the psychic involved will use the specified information to predict the future.

Unstructured Readings

The other type of psychic reading is known as unstructured reading, these predictions are completely dependent upon the psychic power of the medium. The mediums use their psychic powers to connect with people you have known in the past; some can connect with people who you are in contact with at present. These mediums use their knowledge of the beyond to ask those questions that can predict an accurate future. A good unstructured reading could easily predict names, dates, and other important information that is often kept a secret.

A psychic or a spiritual healer could also perform unstructured readings. The healer will look into the natural flow of chakra in the person to see obstructions and open pathways, through which there can identify various issues. They might call on their angels and divine spirits to help them unblock the pathways, which is very hard to do without a divine guide.

Another ability that falls into the unstructured reading category is clairvoyance, it uses spirits to see and hear from the beyond. These type of psychics can predict very clear futures through personal psychic readings. They hear the sound from beyond, sometimes a person spirit to guide their client on a proper path of life that would make them successful.

Psychic readings through Astrology

Astrology has proven to be one of the most popular and the most commercialized type of psychic reading. The online community favors it because it uses zodiac symbols to predict the future. Psychic reading through astrology is also available on many websites because it uses the astrological movements of the star and the zodiac signs to predict the future with ease.

Astrological Houses and Elements

Astrology mainly uses the twelve astrological houses, which is used to identify a zodiac sign. These astrological houses are assigned to each person according to an astrology birth chart, the 12 set of dates would offer some attributes and challenges into the person’s life. These houses may influence a person more intensely if they share the same Sun sign and the Ascendant sign.

Astrological psychic reading offers an accurate prediction about the difficulties, challenges, prominent traits, and lucky traits through the Astrological houses and signs. Each house has a set of attributes that were appointed from the beginning at a specific place and time, including specific planetary movements.

Most psychic reading from a virtual source is done by interpreting the position of the planets at the given time with the house associated with it. Let us see the traits and challenges each house can influence during an astrological psychic reading.

house 1
Aries rules the first house

Aries rules the first house, it is also known as the Rising sign. This signs can influence the personality, self-image, and perception of others of a person. As the House of self, it can influence the health and personality of a person if they share the same Sun sign and the Ascendant sign.

House 2 possessions
Taurus rules the second house

Taurus rules the second house, it is commonly known as House of Possessions. This sign usually influences the personal values and finances of a person. It can also affect the self-worth of a person.

house 3
Gemini rules the third house

Gemini rules the third house, it deals with neighbors, siblings, schoolmates and other communicative relationships. It can influence day-to-day activities, learning, short trips, communications skills, and social behavior. It is also known as the House of Communications.

House 4 family
Cancer rules the next house

Cancer rules the next house, which is known as the House of Home. This house can be associated with childhood, parents, family environment, and other child influences that can later affect an individual in life. It builds an emotional foundation of a person, it can also influence the sense of security of a person.

House 5 pleasure
House of Creativity and Pleasure

Leo rules the House of Creativity and Pleasure, it is the fifth house in the astrological houses. Creativity, entertainment, self-expression, and all other recreational forms of leisure activities can be affected by this house. Risky activities and ventures can also become prominent due to this house.

House 6 health
House of Health and services

Virgo rules House of Health and services, this house may affect a person’s routine, daily chores, personal hygiene, and health status.

House 7 partnership
House of Partnership

Libra rules House of Partnership, it may influence any contracts to be it personal or financial such as committed relationships, legal transactions, and other partnerships.

House 8 sex
House of death, rebirths, and Sexuality

Scorpio rules the house of death, rebirths, and Sexuality. This house will represent any intimacy, committed relationships, and other intimate acts. Death and rebirth are not represented literally by this house; rather, they can be a symbolic representation of a new gift or a lost love.

House 9 philosophy
Ninth house

Sagittarius rules the ninth house, this house represents a person’s beliefs and spiritual learning. It can also affect the behavior pertaining to politics, religion, culture, and other long distance and foreign nuances.

House 10 social status
Tenth House

Capricorn rules the tenths house, it is also known as the House of Career. It will govern accomplishments, achievements, reputations, and other positions of authority in a person. Other than career goals, career, and career path, Self-responsibility is also an important matter in this house.

House 11 friendship
Eleventh House

The next house is ruled by Aquarius, which is also known as the house of friendships. It will govern and influence close non-sexual relations such as with your parent, partner, child, or friends. It will influence a person’s desire to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

House 12 subconscious
Last House

Pisces rules the last house, this house hides all the dark secret and desire of a person. This house is also known as the House of Karma and Self-Undoing. This house might influence a person’s self-indulgent tendencies, which may lead to substance abuse in some cases.

Psychic readings through Angel Cards

Angel Card readings are far easier than Tarot Card readings, they do not require psychic energies to offer a prediction. Angel card readings offer a prediction with a phrase and an image through angelic powers. Many online psychics offer angel card readings because of the simplified method of prediction.

These cards will have a straightforward message such as an affirmation or inspirational phrase. Usually, these cards have their own psychic energy, they draw on the intuition and guidance offered by the guardian angels of a person.

DIY Angel Card Reading

Often times, you will see that psychics lay down the cards on a table, they ask a person to pick a card and from those cards, they explain some events. However, through Angel Cards you do not need a psychic, you can pick your own cards and do your own predictions. Here are some of the things that might help with the accuracy of the reading.

Personality and Guardian Angel

Clothes can ground the Angel Cards to your own personality and guardian angel. The accuracy can improve greatly if the cards are presented on a treasured clothing that you own.

Energized Crystals

Adding energized crystals can also empower the reading as they can improve the flow of energies from the spiritual world and the psychic world. You can use clear quartz that will offer a clear reading, you can use rose quartz that offers readings about relationships, or you can use an amethyst stone that can store and enhance psychic energies.

Future & Angel Figurines

Angel card psychic reading offers a better outlook for the future presented in the cards in the presence of angel figurines. These figurines can channel the Angel energies towards the cards, making them more accurate.

Calm Mind

The accuracy of psychic readings also improves if you keep a calm mind, this can be done through breathing techniques. It is best to do Angel Readings in a calm and peaceful state of mind.

Close Friends

You can even perform your own virtual psychic readings for viewers or close friends through angel cards. It is better to start with a three-card reading, which will represent the past, present, and the future.

Psychic readings through Tarot Cards

Tarot cards, like many other divination tools, can be used to predict a potential outcome or challenges a person might face in the future. Tarot cards can be used for psychic reading performed in-person or online. This type of psychic reading is known as a taromancy, which is also a subsection of cartomancy. Tarot cards might be the second most popular psychic reading that is performed nowadays.

Getting an online tarot reading has its pros and cons, some sites might offer tarot card predictions without a psychic’s guidance, which can contaminate the accuracy of the cards. Albeit, tarot cards are hard to read by themselves, some people still offer fake readings just by showing the cards.

Tarot cards need to be spread in a certain way to predict a specified future. Such a reading would also need a psychic who would explain the meanings of the card. Usually, online psychic readings performed by real psychics employ two common spreads such as the Celtic Cross and the Three Fates. The Three Fates spread offers a reading of the past, present, and the future. While the Celtic Cross offers a deeper reading about conflicts and hopes about the future. Other more personal predictions using a tarot card reading would require the physical presence of the client.

Major and Minor Arcana

The difference in the Major and Minor Arcana can be used to predict the future or understand the present. This depth of card allows Tarot Card readings to be more precise than Angel card readings.

Major Arcana are mostly used to understand a person’s life, they give us a bird’s eye view of a person’s life so we can understand it better. Psychic readings through these cards allow the client to know their challenges and personal issues. They can also offer insight into life-changing decisions such as marriage and true love. They allow a person to become aware of their spiritual connection, which is being guided or misguided by spirits.

Minor Arcana are used to find out the smaller more precise details that might be affecting the future, such a future is represented in the Major Arcana cards. These cards can also show the day-to-day nuances and challenges that will play a dominant part in our life. The Minor Arcana has four divisions, which is represented by pentacles (money), cups (emotions), swords (thoughts and words), and wands (passions). Each division represents a specific meaning, the psychic reads the card through its harmonious energies and the represented division.

Types of Tarot Decks

Each Tarot Deck has a different meaning and can be interpreted in different ways. Their imagery and symbolism hold specified energies that can allow a customizable psychic reading in the hands of an expert. The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck has classic and modern symbolism, it has well-detailed imagery. The Zerner-Farber Tarot Deck is used for lighter, more whimsical readings. The New Mythic Tarot Deck offers classical imagery to offer mythical symbolism. The Deviant Moon Tarot Deck is used to delve into deeper parts of the subconscious.  The Legacy of the Divine Tarot Deck uses vibrant and realistic imagery to offer a very modern psychic reading experience.

Psychic readings through Palmistry

Palm readings can offer a personalized prediction about the future. These psychic readings use the size, shape, and lines of the hand to predict the future. There two divisions in palmistry; left-hand palm reading and right-hand palm reading. For right-handers, the rights hand signifies the purpose and direction, while the left hand signifies personality character traits and destiny. For left-handers, the predictions for each hand are observed in a reversed order.

Palm Readings and Major Lines

Palm readings mostly utilize three major lines, the heart line, headline, and lifeline. Through a closer look at the lines, you can easily get a psychic reading by a palmistry professional.

Life Line

The Lifeline begins at the base of the index finger and curves towards the base of the thumb. Most people believe that this line predicts the life and death events of an individual, which completely wrong. These lines can predict important encounters, physical and emotional turn-over, or a relationship. A deep life line will have a smooth lifestyle, while a person with the faint line will have a less exciting life. Broken lifeline can indicate a physical or emotional turnover due to emotional or physical trauma. Branched lines can have two meanings; the upward branch shows growth and success, while downward forked lines show negligence and wasteful energies.

Heart Line

As the name suggests, this line deals with personal emotions and relations of a person. The psychic reading of this line can also show the health of the heart. The topmost horizontal line above the lifeline and the heart line is known as the heart line. The position of the heart line can predict the satisfaction of a relationship. If the line starts from the index finger, then you will or have a gratifying relationship. If it starts at the middle finger, then you desire a self-centered love.

A long heart line predicts a heart-warming relationship, while a short heart line would show a self-centered relationship. A heart line that is faint would mean that the love life of a person has little importance. Other important characteristics also influence the psychic reading of a heart line.


The headline can offer insight on the psychological and mental health of a person, it also gives a prediction about intuition and intellectual development of a person. This line starts right beside the lifeline, it runs across the palm horizontally for most people. If the headline starts at the same position as the headline then that person would have a strong will. A longer headline shows a good memory and success through the use of an intellectual mind. Short line points out a non-complex individual with a practical mind.

Broken lines indicate mental exhaustion or anxiety in a person, while a chained headline would point out to a conflicting personality and mind. Double or sister headlines could indicate increased intellectual abilities, which can be used for good and evil.

Psychic reading through Runes

Rune readings are done through rune stones, sometimes run cards. These stones are used as a divination tool to predict the future. Each rune stone has an ancient alphabetical symbol, there twenty-four rune stones in total. The rune stones can be made of different materials such as wood or stone. The best place for keeping a rune stone is a leather pouch or a wooden box. Each ancient symbol has a definite meaning behind, usually, the stones have a manual that helps the psychic understand the message on the stones.

In an ideal setting, rune stones are cast on a white cloth, the psychic should be facing east-west. While casting the stones it is important that the question to be predicted is kept in mind. Those stones that are cast right side up will predict an answer to the question, reversed runes will have a different meaning.

Virtual psychic readings can also be done through rune stones as they have their own divination power.

Below we listed the simplified rune stone names and meanings.

FEHU/F (Cattle)

FEHU/F (Cattle) shows a material gain, an abundance of effort, happiness, and success. Its reverse is loss and disappointment.

URUZ/U (Brute Strength)

URUZ/U (Brute Strength) shows health, masculinity, home, and strength. Its reverse is weak will and lack of motivation.

THURISAZ/TH (The seeing of the future)

THURISAZ/TH (The seeing of the future) shows luck, protection, and truth. Its reverse shows stubborn mindedness.

ANSUZ/A (references the ancestral god, Odin)

ANSUZ/A (references the ancestral god, Odin) shows chance encounters, intuition from within, and careful assessment. Its reverse is trickery and failed communication.

RAIDHO/R (Journey)

RAIDHO/R (Journey) shows a journey to find oneself or a healing trip. The reverse is upsetting plans and unpleasant journey.

KENAZ/K (Beacon or torch)

KENAZ/K (Beacon or torch) shows various possibilities from the darkness, while the reverse shows loss and withdrawal.

GEBO/G (Gift of Harmonic Relationships)

GEBO/G (Gift of Harmonic Relationships) shows ascendance to a higher self, it cannot be reversed.

WUNJO/W/V (Bliss and Glory)

WUNJO/W/V (Bliss and Glory) shows serenity, joy, self-worth, pleasure, and harmony. The reverse shows friction, delay, possession, dissatisfaction, and sorrow.

HAGALAZ/H (Destructive forces)

HAGALAZ/H (Destructive forces) shows destructive forces, it cannot be reversed.

NAUTHIZ/N (The Negatives of Human Needs)

NAUTHIZ/N (The Negatives of Human Needs) shows distress, delay, caution, and reflection. Its reversed shows improper actions and hasty decisions.

ISA/I (Ice)

ISA/I (Ice) shows the inner truth, non-action, calm, frozen in time, and letting go. It cannot be reversed.

JERA/J/Y (The Cycle of One Year)

JERA/J/Y (The Cycle of One Year) shows reward, a good harvest, fruition, and good things in time. It cannot be reversed.

EIHWAZ/EI (Yew Tree)

EIHWAZ/EI (Yew Tree) shows endurance, patience, stability, perseverance, and accomplishments. It cannot be reversed.

PERTHRO/P (Initiation)

PERTHRO/P (Initiation) shows hidden and unexplainable things. It can be spiritual or divine intervention. Reversed rune means an unpleasant surprise and binds of the past.

Psychic readings through Numerology

Numerology uses the language of numbers and their divine connection with the spiritual realm. The numbers also hold a spatial connection with the divine and spiritual realm. The psychic readings through numbers can predict various things such as relationships, personality, love life, and destiny of a person. Numerology use nine numbers from one to nine, the number zero is also considered a part of the readings but holds a definite meaning.

According to the numerology beliefs, our souls choose our date of birth so they can have a specific fate. This numerological belief allows an accurate reading of various natures. We can clarify decisions, life path, and purpose through numerology. There are many different kinds of numerology numbers such as destiny number, soul number, name number, and life path number.

Her we offer insight on the most important numerology numbers known as the life path number.

Numerology Reading of Numbers

The life path sub-category uses the nine numbers in numerology to offer a prediction. Each number holds different meanings, which can direct the predictions.

Numerology number 0
Number 0 is not used for prediction but it holds meaning in numerology. It holds all questions and answers, all beginnings and ends, as an infinite universe of possibilities.

Numerology number 1
Number 1
offers the qualities of a leader, a person associated with this number will have a charismatic and leading personality. Co-dependency and relationships will be hard for such a person.

Numerology number 2
Number 2 offers qualities of harmony and stability, a person associated with this number will be friendly, romantic, and self-sacrificing. They also hold good teamwork abilities.

Numerology number 3
Number 3 offers qualities of teamwork and sociality, a person associated with a number will be playful and an enthusiast.

Numerology number 4
Number 4 offers qualities of planning and organizing, a person associated with this number will have the ability to look at the bigger picture.

Numerology number 5
Number 5 offers qualities of free-spiritedness, a person associated with this number will have the opportunity to travel and move about, kind of like a vagabond.

Numerology number 6
Number 6 offers qualities of love and affection, a person associated with this number will have sincere and long-lived relationships.

Numerology number 7
Number 7 offers qualities of logicality, a person associated with this number will lead a practical life. They will also enjoy intellectual pursuits and philosophical discussions.

Numerology number 8
Number 8 offers motivated qualities, a person associated with this number will have an ease of access in financial matters. They will have an analytical and intellectual mind.

Number 9 offers humanitarian qualities, a person associated with this number will have a spiritual interest in humanity and religion.

Psychic readings through Yes No Oracle

Divinations are a way of fortune telling, there are many ways through which you can predict a future. Some use tarot cards, numerology, oracles, while other act as a medium for psychic predictions. Yes No Oracle uses divine guidance from the spiritual realm surrounding the client to predict the future.

This type of reading does not need a divine tool or a psychic medium, you can use an online yes no generator or a piece of paper to get a semi-accurate reading.

The Yes No Oracle can offer future psychic readings free of charge because they do not require any effort on the part of the psychic. The client needs to keep their mind clear except for the question at hand to get a clear answer. Oracle readings also employ a real psychic at times, however, other items can also be considered as oracles to give an accurate reading.

Throughout history, it was never clarified whether the oracle was human or an object. Instead, the purpose of an oracle was given importance at all times. Oracles become a mystical portal that joins the spiritual and the physical realm, an easier access of communication, the better the communication will be. Yes No Oracle works on the same principle.


Psychic readings predict one of the possible futures of a person, it is possible for a person to delicately turn their fate around. However, it is important that this person realizes the risk of working against their fateful journey, as it can cause a karmic backlash. None the less, often times these changes do not affect the overall destiny of a person, it can be diverted for a short time, but it will always fall back in line with the plans made by the spiritual and divine realm.

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