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General Comments & Astrology

Jupiter, the planet of growth, opportunity, and optimism is happy at home in mystical Pisces the Fishes for most of the year. Jupiter rules Pisces so it is at home in this sign, and the effect is only ramped up April 12 by Jupiter’s (rare conjunction) with dreamy, mysterious deep-water Neptune.  

This is a lot of water influence going on, in astrological terms. This can be understood literally, as in rain, or metaphorically, as in mood, emotionally intense, maybe in a good way, imaginative and creative- even inspired. But it could by the same token, be detecting occasional moods of suspicion, delusion, or paranoia, such as we have seen in 2020 and 2021, with the social disorder in consequence, protests, demonstrations, or episodes of collective psychosis, as with the storming of the Capitol in the US, January 2021.

Jupiter re-entered Pisces on December 29th, 2021, stays in Pisces until May 10th, 2022, leaves for a bit, and comes back again into Pisces from October 28th, 2022 until December 20th, 2022. 

Jupiter is the planet of joy, growth, opportunity, optimism, expansion. This year it escapes its celestial confrontation with Saturn, the planet of restriction where it has spent much of the last two years. This, despite the new omicron variant, suggests overall progress in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic and lightens the mood.

2022 will be intense but more buoyant than 2021. This is a good year to push hard on a long-cherished aim. Jupiter in Pisces is considered lucky. Of course, to get lucky, if you want to make a dream come true, you actually have to do something. You will have to do rather a lot, and keep doing it, too. But if there is such a thing as divine luck to put the wind behind your sails, then Jupiter in Pisces is it.

Every planetary influence has its potential downside. Jupiter can be a giant bully. We could see a sharp escalation of maritime territorial disputes (Watery Pisces and Neptune are both about ‘blurring the boundaries’)

There will be more trouble this year in the South China Seas, the Indian Ocean, the Straits of Hormuz, and the Black Sea. There could be serious trouble ahead in 2022 attached to China’s ambition in Taiwan, possibly around midyear, and Russia’s relationship with Ukraine, specifically, borders, power supplies, and the Nordstrom undersea gas pipelines.

2022 looks fast-moving, intense. There are bound to be plenty of surprises, more than usual; political, social, and economic, as well as extreme weather events; in particular rainfall, flooding, volcanic or seismic events. Poseidon or Neptune, the god of the seas, was not for nothing known in classical mythology as the “Earth-Shaker,” the connection being that earthquakes or volcanic events will sometimes create tsunamis.

US and the Pluto Return

Pluto takes 248 to orbit the solar system, meaning that a nation’s Pluto return only happens every two and a half centuries. Pluto is the planet of Death and Transformation. Heavy stuff. February 2022 marks the first-ever Pluto return of the United States and it will be happening in Capricorn, the zodiac House of material status, prestige, and power, with three exact degree-based returns: February 20th, July 11th, and December 28th.

What affects the USA spreads its ripples very wide. This does not mean the US will cease to be a superpower – though it could. The Roman Empire fell at its second Pluto return. England rose higher at its second Pluto return, with Elizabeth 1 and a new Golden Age, and declined in power after its third Pluto return. Superpowers are constantly rising and falling. In China, it has been observed that the great dynasties typically each ruled for about 250 years. But the Pluto return for the USA does suggest some kind of karma, a revisiting of roots, profound shifts, and adjustments this coming year, both inwardly looking and in world relations.

Mercury Retrogrades in 2022

Not all astrologers agree on their significance, but in 2022 there are four Mercury retrogrades, rather than the three which occurred in 2021. All of these will be happening in ‘intellectual’ air signs. These could mirror real-life events, legal matters, and continuing challenges to do with the covid situation (the connection here is airborne infection) and air travel.  Be ready and prepared for surprises or possible disruptions to plans.


January 14 to February 3

May 10 to June 3

September 9 to October 2

December 29 to January 23, 2023

Tarot for 2022

Cards from The Gilded Tarot
Author’s own photograph. Cards from The Gilded Tarot, artwork by Ciro Marchetti.

The spread denotes the wheel of the year 2022, starting at the top with January, Capricorn, and the Nine of Pentacles; the card with the lady holding the falcon.

Each card corresponds with a month of the year, but more significant is its correspondence with a House of the Zodiac, each denoting a particular concept, life area or department, Home, Work, Money, and Travel, etc.

So for instance we start with the Nine of Pentacles, representing the month of Capricorn/January 2022, but more importantly, this is also representing the Tenth Zodiac, House of career, status, and public life.

We then carry on reading the cards anticlockwise, counting through the zodiac signs and their corresponding Houses for clues about the year ahead, and the personal opportunities and challenges we might be dealing with.

Card 1 – Capricorn: 10th House

Professional status/career, public life

Tarot card 9 of Pentacles

The Nine of Pentacles is to do with money earned by skill and hard work (rather than say, via inheritance) It is to do with beauty, luxury, and enjoyment. The lady is enjoying her garden, holding her falcon on her wrist. The falcon denotes that she has mastered her impulses, attained maturity with self-discipline. She learned how to wait, and she was prepared to forego the pleasures and distractions- and spending of the here and now, in exchange for greater long-term rewards.

World Finance, the so-called Green Revolution, crypto-currencies, and strategies for long-term investment will dominate the news this year.

This is a wonderfully positive card for personal achievements and attainment in 2022. Determined efforts should deliver clear results, and this card sets the tone for 2022, with an aspect of beauty, magic, and luxury besides.

On a personal level, this is a year for ‘getting real’ and re-examining our basic needs and how we meet them, chiefly, our relationship with work and money.

The lady in this card has achieved a level of comfort and security, but none of it was given to her. She has got where she has needed to be largely by her own efforts. She is determined, focused, independent, proud, and generous to others. She knows what it is like to struggle. She remembers. But she wants you to know you can do it too.

Luck does, of course, have something to do with it, and a little luck can go a long way. But far more importantly, we make our own luck by taking a few chances- Jupiter is a gambler- and by finishing what we start, seeing things through, sticking it out for the long haul, and it really could come good.

Card 2 – Aquarius: 11th House

Humanity, ideas, dogmas, technology

Tarot card 8 of Wands Reversed

This volatile, fast-moving card suggests continuing social unrest in many parts of the world in 2022, not just in February.  This card is about sudden arrivals, departures, and developments, and suggests protests and demonstrations do with restrictions on movement. The Eight of Wands is all about fast travel, including phone calls

This card suggests issues to do with power lines. It also asks what do we do when our IT goes down without any warning at all?

How can we protect our home environments with low-tech emergency provision, back-ups for circumstances in which power or IT can go down (for example, alternative lighting or heating or analog telephones during power cuts, when mobile phone masts can go down too) At the time of writing, homes in the UK are still without power nine days later in the aftermath of Storm Arwen, and with another Storm (Barra) shortly due to arrive.

It also suggests we review our own personal use of IT, and the amount of extra personal information we gratuitously share on social media. Who are we actually talking to?

There could be government moves to control the power of the IT tech giants this year. They now command more financial clout than governments but were never elected, and they know far too much about us.  But if we were to clip the wings of companies like Amazon, would we merely give more power to their even huger counterparts and global rivals, such as the likes of Ali Baba?

Card 3 – Pisces: 12th House

Sacrifices, borders, boundaries

Tarot card The Hanged Man Reversed

This deep, watery card, drawn for March, is a double dose of wateriness, doubling up the Fishes with the outer planet again, Neptune, the planet of charisma, dreams, visions, inspiration, illusions, delusion, confusion, alternative realities, and lack of boundaries.

This card is about looking at things in a new way, trying a new approach to an old problem, honoring our responsibilities, not hiding our heads in the sand.

We are reviewing our priorities, thinking carefully about what we really need, as opposed to what we fancy right now.

It is about what we owe to ourselves, but also to others. It is about restoring and keeping order in our personal lives, and establishing- and protecting our personal boundaries.

There may be habits- or people- we need to let go of this year.

Again, there could be flooding, or major maritime events in the news, any time this year, but likely late February-late March 2022.

Card 4 – Aries: 1st House


Tarot card Temperance

On a personal level, self-discipline, self-control, patience, and timing are key factors in making the best of the challenges in 2022, and maximizing opportunities. This year, it is all about the longer game.

Someone is just biding their time. Russia? China? There will be others.

Card 5 – Taurus: 2nd House

Material & money matters, arts, agriculture

Tarot card King of Swords

The King of Swords can be a regulator or ombudsman. World finances may come under strain in April 2022, around the time of the 30 April eclipse in Taurus, though the UK and other countries might buck this trend to an extent. The financial effects are expected to last at least six months or so following such an eclipse, and certainly, things look better for the UK by autumn 2022.

On a personal level, the King of Swords knows exactly where his money is, online and offline, and keeps a close eye on his financial security. Beware, scammers.

This advice is simply common sense, and it applies every year, but the appearance of the intelligence gathering, law and order vigilante, the King of Swords, makes that advice doubly important in 2022.

Card 6 – Gemini: 3rd House

Communications, IT, trade, air travel, siblings

Tarot card 3 of Wands

The Three of Wands drawn in the third House is a really upbeat, positive card for scientific and medical innovation in 2022, and for travel, trade, supply chains, and communications, and for launching new businesses and enterprises this year. There should be significant progress by this point, with covid vaccination programs in those developing nations asking for this help.

There could be happy family meetups in 2022, the first perhaps, in a long time.

Card 7 – Cancer: 4th House

Home, family, mother, security

Tarot card 4 of Cups

We may be feeling restless from time to time this year, mildly unsettled, and possibly a bit low on energy or bored, but at the same time, unsure what, if anything, to do about it. This is only natural. The last couple of years have been difficult for many of us.  The trick here is not to do anything destructive on an impulse, not to upset an applecart in a moment of frustration, just for the sake of it.

Card 8 – Leo: 5th House

Heartland, creativity, passion, romance, royalty, children

Tarot card 3 of Swords Reversed

This is always a challenging card, but is one of those cards that are actually better news, being drawn reversed or upside down. The Three of Swords is about grief, loss, bereavement, arguments, Drawn in the Fifth House, it suggests that tensions between certain countries may ease. On a personal level, we are coming to terms with a family loss, or quarrels may be settling down.

Loss, sadness, or disappointment. No one escapes these experiences. How we deal with them determines whether we learn something new, and grow bigger and stronger, or whether take things personally and see ourselves as victims and dwell on our grievances, thereby adding to the damage.

In the news during July/August, there could be announcements to do with changes of leadership from North Korea, Afghanistan, Pakistan or South America, perhaps Bolivia or Nicaragua – countries ruled by Leo, while well-known media psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker has suggested there could be a coup or attempted coup against President Bolsanaro during 2022.

Leo is the zodiac House of royalty. There could be national mourning in 2022 for a much-loved figurehead.

Card 9 – Virgo: 6th House

Health, hygiene, harvests, crafts, routines

Tarot card Page of Cups

This card of healing, happiness, invitations, and offers –and births of all kinds- is a cheerful sign for late August-September in particular, but in fact, any time of the year in 2022. In terms of Virgo, its zodiac sixth house ruler, the appearance of this card suggests encouraging progress in respect of the ongoing global pandemic management.

Card 10 – Libra: 7th House

Justice, diplomacy, partnerships

Tarot card 6 of Swords Reversed

Globally and politically, old alliances are changed, as with NATO, or dissolved, as with Barbados and UK in December 2021. Migration laws undergo major reviews in Europe, the UK, and the US in response to unprecedented pressures of mass migration.

There seems likely an escalation of tensions to do with military or commercial shipping in disputed waters, as previously mentioned, in the Black Sea, the South China Sea, Indian Ocean, or the Straits of Hormuz.

The disputed legalities, ethics, and practicalities of mandatory vaccinations will continue a red hot potato in the news from 1 February 2022 when vaccination becomes mandatory in Austria, the first compulsory vaccination requirement in Europe. This pandemic WILL pass. Global travel is the reason it won’t settle down and become endemic as quickly as we all want to see.

Card 11 – Scorpio: 8th House


Tarot card Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles is associated with the earth signs; Capricorn, Taurus, and to a lesser extent, Virgo. There is a theme in 2022 of a cycle of Taurus-Scorpio eclipses, making this a year with a focus very much on the basics and fundamentals of everyday living, personal finance, and other material matters.

Curiously, we have a total lunar eclipse in Taurus right in the middle of Scorpio season on Nov 8, 2022. The Tarot has somehow detected this and is reflecting and projecting the now clearly noticeable after-effects of previous almighty social and financial shakeups dating back to January 2020.

 There is big news this year to do with money and mining. This could be literal mining, as in mining for minerals, or it could be big news to do with crypto-currencies and crypto-mining. It could mean a boom or bust- something really big.

More social unrest can be expected for a number of reasons, depending on where these happen. Saturn continues to hold strong in Aquarius as forces of tradition and of law and order (Saturn in Aquarius) resist activist forces of revolution and rebellion (Uranus in Taurus.)

Card 12 – Sagittarius: 9th House

Far travel, friendship, foreign shores/powers

Tarot card 6 of Wands Reversed

The Six of Wands when drawn upright is an extrovert card, representing heat, speed, victory, competition, sports, riding high – a triumphal procession. I once drew this card for a young man who was physically, very severely disabled. I asked him about sporting activities and he told me he had been selected to represent GB in the Paralympics, in basketball.

Conversely, this card when drawn reversed represents bad luck in competitive sports, losing, failure, lack of achievement, recognition, endurance, confidence, or support. The Six of Wands reversed signifies disadvantage, disgrace, disloyalty, treachery, and broken promises.

This may be detecting ongoing controversy attached to the safety and well-being of the Chinese tennis player, Peng Shuai, and/or associated political tensions surrounding the Beijing Winter Olympics, 4-20 February 2022.

The advice here for foreign travel is that disruptions due to covid, but possibly other reasons, may still be anticipated during 2022, particularly early and late in the year. Travelers should take precautions and book on a free cancellation basis or take out insurance against last-minute cancellations.

Central Cards

Tarot cards – Strength and the Seven of Cups

These cards are reflecting core themes for the year ahead and how best to navigate them.

The Strength card means exactly what it says. This is a year of international power struggles, competition, and for making our health, comfort, and security a top priority, and not wasting valuable resources on people, places, or habits that cost more than they are worth.

The dreamy, visionary Seven of Cups show us that we have many possible paths in life and that life presents us with many choices. One is not necessarily better than another, just different.

Conspiracy theories are not going to get any quieter any time soon in 2022. Asking questions is healthy. Challenging tyranny is essential to survival. But there is a difference between healthy skepticism and paranoia, while true tyranny in the world right now is going largely unchallenged, as in Myanmar for instance.

On a personal level, should someone intrude on our personal space this year, we do not have to put up with it. We should trust our instincts, no apologies or self-justification needed, and act to safeguard our personal and online space, security, and privacy. Mute, block, avoid.

Year of the Water Tiger

Happy Chinese New Year Tiger

2022 is the year of the Water Tiger, starting with the celebration of the Chinese New Year on February 4, 2022.

A baby born on or after this date in the year 2022 will be a Water-Tiger. If a baby is born in 2022 but before February 4, the baby’s Zodiac animal is the strong and loyal, productive, and trustworthy Ox.

The Water Tiger is proud, smart, humorous, socially in demand but rather independent as you might expect. They are agile as – well- cats and adaptable to change. The Tiger is a symbol of power, prestige, but this is a cat that walks alone. Power is a burden and brings great responsibilities. There is independence, and this can mean solitariness, isolation, sometimes even loneliness.  

Independence is another recurring theme of 2022. We need one another, but this is a year to consider to what extent could we become more self-sufficient if we really needed to be? Maybe it is time to step up a gear, even on a domestic practical level, and learn a few basic plumbing or other DIY skills.

This may sound a bit downbeat, or doom-laden, or even a bit ‘zombie apocalypse’ but it is nothing of the kind.  2022, in all its wide and watery dreaminess, is also calling for a healthy and timely reality check on a few things, including our buying habits. What price are we willing to pay? What would we do without, in order to reduce our reliance on others, and protect our independence? Safety and comfort versus freedom. This has always been an ever-shifting balance of bargaining.

2022 is a Yang-Water Tiger year, representing the idea of flowing water – or rivers or clouds, rather like mixing up the Tropical western zodiac signs of Aquarius and Pisces.

The Water Tiger can be imagined as a boat on a river, or a ship at sea, as a symbol of exploration, adventure, taking risks, launching bold new ventures and start-ups. According to Chinese astrology, thanks to the Water Tiger, 2022 is a great year to launch a new idea and to start a brave new project, business, or career. We should expect further expansionist moves from China this coming year based on this astrology.

This is a fast-moving year, deeply challenging, but for many of us, brighter, more inspired, more so than 2021, much more so than 2020.

Here’s wishing you a prosperous and Happy New Year in 2022!

Katie-Ellen Hazeldine
Written by Katie-Ellen

Katie-Ellen Hazeldine, BA Hons, Cert Ed, is an intuitive Tarot reader, consultant, and variously published writer in the UK. She has been reading the Tarot professionally since 2006 and has been featured for this work in “Fate and Fortune” magazine. Katie-Ellen’s Website | Twitter