Psychic Reading 101

There are many types of psychic readings that can tell you a lot about yourself and what to expect from a life based on such behavior. But before we move on, let us give you a brief overview of what lies behind the science of psychic readings, and how do the various psychic reading services work.

What is a psychic?

First off, who do you really call a psychic? It is someone with a little-advanced set of skills that can seemingly tell you all about the unknown. They may tell you what will happen to you or the world tomorrow or may tell you what food you like the best without even knowing you.  Some of they may even tell you your wife’s name without ever having known or met her. This kind of stuff might sound scary at first; however, if used properly, a psychic reading can help you a lot in terms of making your life better.

Is a psychic reading worth it?

Psychic readings are basically a result of a person’s use of his or her heightened sense of abilities in determining things about your future. They may get something from as simple a clue as for how you tie your hair or even the color of your eyes. Although psychic readings remain a point of conflict among people, with some people not believing it to be true, there have been ample instances that prove otherwise. There have been moments seen where people healed their chronic diseases with the power of psychic readings.

Let us not get carried away for now, however, as we explain to you the various types of psychic readings that you can get help from. This mainly depends on which method out of all seems the most suitable for you depending on your location and the things you have available with you, among other factors.


The first and perhaps the most commonly known type of horoscope prediction is through astrology. Every reader we have here must be aware to some extent of the star signs like Libra or Leo, and how they affect the personalities of the people belonging to them. This then translates into their life too, as their behavior is believed to dictate the circumstances and situations that come into their lives.

With that being said, astrology is basically a way of making psychic predictions through the knowledge from celestial bodies. Do not get confused with all the technical terms that we used here; we will explain everything! Celestial bodies are basically all the planets, stars such as the Sun (and not forgetting our natural satellite, aka the Moon), and anything in the sky that exists apart from our earth.

Astrologers believe in an old saying which goes something like as above, so below. This is often interpreted to mean that whatever the movements of planets and other celestial bodies above are, it is translated exactly down into the lives of the people who live on earth. This can be calculated and known by natal, or birth charts, which record the position of all celestial bodies at the time of a person’s birth and can then be used to tell what kind of a personality that person will have. You can easily get a psychic reading for astrology through our web pages, getting solutions for wealth, health, and even love problems that you may be facing in your life.

Aura Reading

If you go out and speak to a psychic, there is quite a chance that he will tell you of your problems and their solutions using the knowledge from your aura. This is another very interesting type of psychic reading that involves the divine knowledge of interpreting auras. Through this observation, a psychic can make notes about your future, your past, what kind of people you usually connect with, and your work life too. The science behind this is quite simple, yet very interesting. Aura readers believe that every person has a certain glow or aura to them.

At all times, people radiate this aura. It is something of a spiritual garb of people. People who are into mischief all the time have an aura that tends to be on the evil side, while people who are humble have this bright halo of goodness around them. Based on this knowledge, psychics can tell you your future as they can predict how you will behave in certain situations. Psychic readings can tell you what kind of an aura you have and radiate, and what it means for you in the future.

Cartomancy or playing card tarot reading

This is an art of psychic reading that is older than most of the other types. After all, playing cards have been around for ages. While there is a very well-established psychic reading ring running for tarot cards, there has been a small subcategory for playing cards too. Using playing cards to gain psychic knowledge may seem like an absurd thing, but with the reliable results it brings about, people have never let go of their trust.

If you want to get your personal psychic reading, we would definitely recommend that you give cartomancy, or playing card reading by a psychic a try, since who knows what results it might yield. In addition to that, this is probably as simple as psychic reading gets because all this method involves is a deck of playing cards.

The major difference over here is that this method is used to dictate fortune-telling, and not generalized yet very specific reading that astrology or aura reading tell otherwise. Astrology tends to cover every single thing in its entirety like health or love issues. However, playing card reading tends to tell you, your fortune for the next day or week in general, not talking about specific things like money or success.


Cleromancy is yet another form of psychic reading, often available online too, that works on the principle of randomization. With that being said, incorporating it online becomes rather easy due to the use of various random functions that have now become widely available for use in computer software and programs. Cleromancy is basically the age-old tradition of drawing lots, which is also seen today as a legitimate method of randomization.

The main principle behind this is that the universe has everything planned in a certain order, so even if something seems to happen at random, there is a certain meaning behind it. The calculation of this meaning and its impact on one’s life is what cleromancy is all about. Your personal psychic reading might get a lot more interesting if you choose to take help from a cleromancy expert because they use the most bizarre of methods at times.

Although rolling a common dice is a common practice, it may sometimes involve things as different as picking a straw from a haystack, or other such things. With that kind of random order in place, it leaves little doubt to question the authenticity of it, because after all, nothing is tampered with in this procedure.

Distant Readings

While there are types of psychic readings that can range from your psychic telling you about your zodiac signs, or simply gaining knowledge through tarot cards or such, there is an entirely different dimension to them, which is distance readings.

This type of psychic reading involves a remote connection, as a psychic reader and their client never come into clear contact. People often trust this more than the rest because it leaves no chance of a psychic having prior knowledge about you due to living in the same vicinity or town.

After all, if a person sitting on the other side of the globe can tell you stuff only you knew about yourself, you would trust them, right? You would believe that they do have a certain level of authentic spiritual knowledge with them. Distant readings are often carried out through email, phone, or webcams.

In the old times, they were even conducted through letters and telegrams. With the influence of technology, psychic readers from across the globe have not only become more accessible but also more popular.

Lithomancy and Crystallomancy

This might come as a surprise to you if you are considering remote psychic reading. It is simple because crystallomancy or lithomancy involves the use of gems and precious stones to determine the unknown about your future and personality. The science behind these is quite simple, again. It involves tossing the gems of precious stones in the air, or water at times, and then studying the pattern that they settle in to tell a person about what their future holds. It also has various complexities to it involved, just like any other psychic reading method.

Specific stones are used and thrown to determine specific areas of life. A stone could only be used to make readings about finances and money, while another could be used for success. With these kinds of issues involved, it becomes a process that only the most seasoned and professional psychic readers adopt in their business.


Numerology is something that has become quite common and popular over the last few years. It involves using numbers to see through the future of a person. There are various methods that can be adapted to this, as specific numbers are used to determine specific knowledge about one’s life. There is a personality number, which is calculated using one’s birth name. It tells one how they react and behave in situations, and how their personality is built out to be. Just try to have in mind all the symbology and meaning that is behind the number 7.

The second number among others is the birth number. This one is used to check the life and future of a person. It is calculated using the date of birth of a person. With that in effect, one can sometimes even determine what these numbers mean by themselves with a little help from the internet. However, a psychic’s interpretation is always professional and never generic. As for the rest, you know what to do.

Palm Reading

Public places like shopping malls and parks may even have the stalls of a palmist, telling you a fortune reading of your stars based on the lines of your hands. The science behind this is quite ancient, with a lot of research involved since the old times. Scriptures tell us that each line on our hand means something, with one indicating love and the other indicating life in general.

In addition to the lines, it also involves reading the little wrinkles that may otherwise appear on your palm or its sides. The shapes, curves, or even birthmarks on the palm of one’s hand each have a specific meaning relative to their positions, telling very accurate results. Although it is often not considered to be a strictly psychic domain as it involves previously held knowledge and not divine intervention, it still means a lot in the world of astrological and future predictions.


This is another one of the types of psychic readings that psychics the world over use in order to know more about the personality of a specific person. The major principle behind this is something that has been in effect for ages and can be seen in legends, old scriptures, and even some of the classic and modern literature of all languages. It has particularly been popular in the Indian subcontinent as well as the rest of Eastern Asia.

The theory suggests that every person has an object that they either hold very dear to their heart or have a constant, daily use for. This could be something like a wedding ring, or even a wallet, something that is always with you. Psychometry experts believe that people tend to transfer some of their energy to it all this while, which can be read and interpreted to guide them and advise them on their future. This knowledge is strictly psychic, unlike palmistry.

Rune Reading

You may have heard of ancient runes as a subject in the Harry Potter books and movies. Guess what? It is not something fictional! Runes are a set of alphabets that were used as the script for a lot of languages that have Germanic roots.

This is before the Latin script was adopted. With the psychics’ love for all things ancient and their subsequent knowledge, rune reading becomes not just an art, but a way to determine the future and personalities of people too. It is one of the most important and old ways of divination reading and interpretation. Ancient knowledge also attributes them to have magical powers and the ability to predict future events. This is why runes have also appeared in ancient tablets as well as burial places of kings and queens.

Tarot Reading

Although they are usually seen as a form of entertainment, tarot cards hold great power when it comes to fortune telling and personality assessment. Bookstores and even general stores can get you a pack of the regular deck for a very cheap price.

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