The World of Oracle Decks

Nowadays, an oracle is used to receive a message or a specific answer, usually through careful reading and interpretation of a deck of cards. The answer to your question can be found on a simple draw, especially in situations in which you can feel stuck or don’t know certainly what the most convenient next step is.

There are many oracle decks available online or in retail stores. Anyone can select and choose the one that will seem or feel the most suited to them. But remember, having an affinity with a certain type of decks can help you find the best interpretation of the message that the cards are trying to tell you. Here are a few examples of oracles that you might choose if you feel like it:

Belline oracle

This is one of the most popular ones. It was unearthed by the famous psychic Belline, who was inspired by a deck of cards designed by the Mage Edmond, a famous French psychic who predicted Victor Hugo’s exile, and great literary success to Alexandre Dumas. This is a very simple oracle that provides relevant answers through a special 53-card deck.

The cards in the Belline oracle can unveil the future rather beautifully. Usually, these cards will bring a message of hope that can dispel any anxiety or doubt that might disturb your everyday life.

This oracle is meant to guide the reader into the world of the Mage Edmond through the symbolism on its 53 cards, a universe where it gets easier for someone to understand their life path.


Gé oracle

This French oracle can be used by beginners and by professionals. Interpretation comes easy and allows for chronological identification of events.

Composed of 61 cards, its creator combined artistic talent and clairvoyance gifts to design a deck that is powerful and pleasant to use, which could come as a surprise when you learn that it was initially designed for his exclusive personal use.

The greatest strength of the Gé Oracle lies in its ability to pinpoint events in time divided into seasons. Its other defining aspect is that a set of 17 cards can lead to various interpretations depending on whether the cards of the reading are upright or reversed.

It lets you ask very specific questions about your future in love, at work, about your health, spirituality, or even your personality

Oracle of the triad

This deck has one of the most contemporary designs. Its creator managed to combine his love of calligraphy and the letters of the Greek alphabet with symbols found in alchemy and astrology.

This is a kind of oracle whose symbols are inspired by Greek and Roman mythology, Christianity, Kabbalah, numerology, astrology, Judaism, and Freemasonry. Everything relies on the number 3, the name and number of cards included, 57. It can provide specific dates for upcoming events.

This is also a mighty tool for divination, with cards that can be read clearly without ambiguity. This oracle makes divination almost as easy as reading a book.

Oracle of the angels

This is a rather specific oracle that is not used in the same way as other tarot or oracle decks since it is meant to provide angelic advice.

The Oracle of the angels includes 44 cards and a small instructions booklet. Each card provides a well-meaning piece of advice, with a more detailed description.

Likewise, all the messages are phrased as advice, and in a positive way.

Blue oracle

This was born of a fruitful collaboration between two famous people in the world of card reading psychics: a natural born medium, and a seasoned painter.

There are 73 cards in the blue oracle, a combination of characters and seasons, kind of like the Gé Oracle. The blue oracle is intuitive and easy to handle.

However, you need to decipher and interpret the cards.

Oracle of the fairies

This is a very charming and beautiful deck that can generate a lot of emotion. It was created by a woman, with wonderful illustrations of fairies found in nature.

Intuition, combined with the meaning of the cards provides additional personalized advice.

Oracle of the mirrors

It was designed on a psychoanalytic and divinatory basis. It can lead you to a whimsical world full of life and multiple symbols.

Oracle of the Tao

This oracle of transformations inspired by the I-Ching is a brand new and more straightforward way to access the wisdom of the Tao because in its traditional form the I-Ching refers to Ancient China, which can make its content difficult to grasp at times.

Using current language, as much for written comments than for the visual aspect, the Oracle of the Tao lets the consultant access a larger perspective about the mechanisms influencing their life at any given time, and find ways to live this life in harmony with the inescapable power of the Tao.

The Oracle of the Tao is offering to be a gateway to the inner world.

The images and keywords found within can be interpreted in a playful and original way.

Each and every person, through each mirror, can learn to know themselves better and find ways to think about it, developing its potential to overcome further obstacles.

Chinese oracle

This deck of cards usually uses 120 cards that are each connected to a unique proverb. These cards thus have a specific meaning attributed to each of them.

The Chinese Oracle must first pay attention to the twelve signs in the Chinese zodiac and the twelve palaces. These must then be connected to the five life forces and the five elements. Once the subject has finished opening the doors relating to these palaces and signs, they will have a chance to understand the interpretation and paths that will help them to find wisdom. This means that regardless of the questions or topics at hand, the oracle will be able to provide a relevant answer and solution.

In short, the Chinese Oracle is used with the goal of predicting someone’s future – their own future of that of their loved ones – and know which path to take or which decision to make. The Chinese Oracle is the most commonly used way to learn beforehand about events that might happen in someone’s life. This oracle does not necessarily use cards. It can also use the I-Ching, a book that can be used along with the same principles as those of an oracle made of a deck of cards.

Other oracle cards

On top of all the examples previously listed, there are many other oracles used in the world of divination, with methods that can be extremely diverse and varied in order to receive a reading about the future.

This is the case of the Oracle of the fountain, of the I-Ching, of the Lenormand deck, or even the Mythical Tarot. In order to know the future, it is clear that there are a plethora of oracles available.

The hardest thing is actually to select one of them. And no oracle can help you with this decision: only your ability to choose is required.

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