Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

April 2019


This will be a favorable month on a financial level. You will have profitable ideas and you will move forward with your projects aiming to increase your income! If you dedicate all your conviction and all the energy you can muster when you are properly motivated, this auspicious astral period will offer you a lot of satisfaction. This will require you to steadily ramp up in power during the first half of the month, then to run at full throttle for the second half.


Your health should mostly improve this month. This should enhance your vitality at the very least. Use that energy to perform any physical activity with regularity. You should also monitor your diet, especially food quality, by favoring organic products. Do not skip meals even if you want to lose some weight. This would impart some physical trauma on your body, and it would have a hard time recovering.


If you are working this month, you can broaden the horizon of your current ambition to take a look at the bigger picture, in the long term. Examine your work from a more general point of view and ask yourself how you could improve your efficiency in that area. Positive astral influences should trigger new ideas in your mind that should allow you to see things from another angle. Indeed, the situations you will have to face will require original and different solutions. Deal with any new problem immediately without putting off their resolution, as you would have to deal with them again later.

Astrological Advice

You will have many decisions to make this month: some of them minor, but others will be crucial to your future in every domain. Consider every choice you make just as seriously, because sometimes a slight neglected detail might make a difference between success and failure. As such, do not take any problem or obstacle lightly because they might be the key to quite interesting and important improvements or progress in your lifestyle, to the acceleration of your accumulation of wealth, or to the fulfillment of certain wishes you have been dreaming about for so long!

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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope: Sagittarius Horoscope

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