Sagittarius Horoscope Tomorrow


Luck horoscope Luck

Don’t try to achieve something too far-reaching today. Luck won’t be enough to compensate for the sheer depth of any project that would find you out-skilled. Choose your battles carefully.

Work horoscope Work

Don’t hesitate to speak up whenever you feel that a suggestion coming from higher up isn’t realistic or might actually be detrimental to your productivity overall. If you do it respectfully and show that it comes from genuine concern for the company, it will earn you some points, not a grudge…

Love horoscope Love

You need some flexibility in your relationship if you want it to run. If you never put yourself into question and expect the other to “fall in line” every time, you are in for a nasty surprise…

Money horoscope Money

Don’t be too eager to sign on any legally binding contract today, no matter how enticing and promising it looks. Give yourself 24 hours to really think about all the consequences and any potential loophole.

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