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Luck horoscope Luck

Uranus will boost your intuition to incredibly high levels today. As a result, it will seem like a “lucky” day to you because every decision you will make today will probably be the right one. It’s not luck, you’re just particularly talented now.

Work horoscope Work

There are a lot of people who seem more than willing to abuse your goodwill at work. While nurturing positive relationships between colleagues is never a bad thing, keep in mind that you also have your own workload to deal with.

Love horoscope Love

Get out of your shell and try to meet new people. If you are single, you might plant the seeds of a future relationship. If not, you might meet someone new that will bring a lot of joy to your couple.

Money horoscope Money

There might be a particularly lucrative option standing before you, but it will require a lot of movement from you. You need to decide if this is acceptable for you.

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