Libra Monthly Horoscope

May 2019


The beginning of the month might be slightly complicated, as you might run into some financial troubles. Do not react hastily. Ask for an extension if you have some ongoing debt, to the administration, to loved ones, or any debtor. If you do not owe any money, think twice before you invest in anything. If you act wisely for the first half of the month, while thinking positive thoughts about money, the last two weeks should smile on you and bring new profitable ideas to earn more.


You will have to monitor your physical health and your mental vitality because they will both receive negative astral vibrations trying to prevent your success. Beware, and react immediately at the first sign of fatigue or low spirits. Do not worry: you will have enough time to see it coming, because it will not happen in the blink of an eye. Whenever you feel tired, you should react and take a short break or lower the pace of your activities. When your spirits are low, react immediately by thinking happy thoughts and strengthening your confidence.


If you are working this month, brace yourself for many disturbances and events during this period. You need to be constantly aware and never let your guard down. Indeed, sometimes you will need to react swiftly to some situations. Your ability to react, analyze the problem, and mainly to make a decision will be decisive factors in your professional success. You will have some opportunities to score points for the rest of your career. Do not waste them. Most notably, take care not to let any detail slip by. This will ask for flawless organization, and meticulous monitory of your plan of action.

Astrological Advice

This month, you should not disclose too many secrets in any domain, or people will try to use whatever you tell them to steal your ideas or reap all the praise from your success! Keep any information you share to a minimum, and keep your projects under close control. To do so, do not disclose any essential information ensuring the success of your own plans.

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That being said, your Libra zodiac horoscope is your ultimate guide for the whole month, telling you exactly what to expect in what weeks. Just one checking of our Libra horoscope monthly can relieve you of many tensions. Know more about the Libra Zodiac sign.