Gemini Monthly Horoscope

January 2020

Money horoscope Money

Astral vibrations will not be really favorable to new incomes this month. Capitalize on this financially neutral period to invest’ your energy, in the restoration and furthering of your plans to improve your finances. Save money where you can, and keep your goals clearly in mind. If you keep a positive frame of mind, you will attract positive astral influences.

Health horoscope Health

You should be in good health if you avoid any overwork and the bouts of exhaustion or low spirits that might affect you. Fortunately, they will not happen overnight and you will see them coming. You should react swiftly though, to prevent any lasting exhaustion or depression.

Career horoscope Career

If you are working this month, you will manage to meet some of your goals. To that end, you need to throw yourself into it and avoid any temptation from other activities, no matter how interesting they are, as they would keep you away from your primary goal. Indeed, you should receive a lot of requests, but do not let them turn you away from your objective. Focus on your priorities, those that can help you to improve your income. Your knack for innovation and your patience will be your best assets. Above all, do not commit to any project under pressure, or just to please someone.

Astrological Advice horoscope Astrological Advice

You will need to be patient this month, but it will not be easy for you because you would like your dreams to quickly come true. Do not challenge everything you are building up just because of the setbacks met during this rather quiet time for your projects. These setbacks also have a good side. Do not hesitate to ask for advice, even if you do not usually like to. This time, you will find something that will trigger some ideas that might slightly alter your plans.

Gemini Horoscope February 2020: Planets Influence

A lot is going on in the sign of Pisces and your 10th house this month. The 10th house is your house of career, social status, and reputation. Your focus is mainly on work and how others perceive you, and you are dedicated to your workplace or your career. Professional growth is your primary goal, and you do not allow trivial things to distract you. You are performing better in the workplace than you usually do.

Your 8th house of personal transformation is also very active this month. Together with the 10th house being busy as well, it causes a harmonious blend between your want to be successful professionally, and you receiving inner fulfillment as you go about finding out more about yourself every day as you dedicate yourself to your duty. Through this, you are on a path where you are discovering yourself. You are busy transforming yourself into a career dedicated person who loves what they do, and you are letting go of your old self.

We are entering another Mercury retrograde period in the sign of Pisces on the 17th of February. Mercury rules your 1st house of self-identity, and your 4th house of family and home life. When Mercury retrogrades, it has an impact on your self-confidence and your self-perception, as well as your home life. You might feel less confident and self-assured than usual, as your own appearance and image has not been a focus lately. There can also be some misunderstandings in the home with your family members or roommates your work with, so watch out and think before you speak.

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Gemini Monthly Horoscope: Gemini Horoscope

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