July 19, 2024
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the truth about taurus

The Truth About Taurus

Taurus is the second sign in the zodiac and is affiliated with luxury. As an earth element, Taurus is very grounded by nature and is not usually the type to talk to much.

Taurus is material, yes, but they do know what to value in another person.

The Inner Taurus

If you have a strong Taurus influence, then you are someone who takes the long-term view and moves very slowly but confidently through life. Taurus is only concerned with the best that life has to offer.

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They want the best of everything. They believe that the best is worth waiting for and they will wait if they must. Or Taurus will keep working until they achieve their goal.

Taurus fears being disturbed or being left wanting. They say that Taurus will wait for anything, and this means they even get upset. Taurus can keep their temper on lock for an exceptionally long time, but when they do explode, they will be very much like a bull in a China shop.

When Taurus does get mad it can be so upsetting that it takes them a while to recover. After Taurus loses control, they will have to re-find their composure and their self-esteem.

The Ruling Planet of Taurus

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which means this planet will have a strong influence on personal values. Astrologically, Venus is the planet of love, values, sensuality, and affection. Like Venus, Taurus can be very tender, affectionate, and attracted to a good lifestyle—as long as it’s peaceful and secure.

Taurus lives for love. Taurus almost never distracts from their personal code of what is right—or at least what they think is right, and there will be many things that are coined as being signature to your Taurus.

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Taurus has an immaculate concept of beauty and what that looks like. It is a high possibility, in early life stages, that Taurus was and still is very self-conscious about his or her body.

The home is a place to feel completely safe, at ease, and secure. When at home Taurus usually does not like for anything to be moved around. They enjoy comfort, familiarity, and luxury.

Taurus tends to have well-tried habits and prefers to live in a well-ordered household. They don’t say no to routine and order. They almost always prefer to do things in their own home.

They try to make their place like a castle and might fill it with furniture that will only increase its value.

Taurus at Work

Taurus is a very diligent worker and will work hard and steadily at achieving what he or she values. Taurus cannot bear interference. They have profound respect for institutes.

Regardless of what Taurus does, they require work that gives them a lot of respectability. They are a qualified person to manage money. They are dependable and honest. Practical, sensible, and down-to-earth.

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Taurus has the ability to enjoy sensible routines. They display foresight and are seldom thrown off balance. They are strong and can handle emergencies.

As a boss, Taurus is fair, they give everyone a chance and evaluate out the employees. They stick to their principles and will fire anyone who goes against their trust.

Taurus is often self-made and will do well for themselves. They do not make hasty judgments and they want things done their way. They are kind and patient, but they expect absolute loyalty. Taurus will respond well to plain facts but not to flattery.

Taurus and Love compatibility

As for love compatibility, Taurus sees Love as a physical, sensual romance that can last forever. Taurus is attracted to looks and is extremely sensitive to perfume, color, light, and sound. Taurus in love will be devoted and steadfast.

They will settle quickly into a stable affair. Taurus isn’t really the one-night-stand type. They can try to be, but they can become very vulnerable to those who accept their affection but only want a flirtation. Taurus will never forgive a betrayal. Taurus men are generally the strong silent type. While the female is like the earth’s mother.

Taurus men might fancy their women to be very feminine. Taurus women might look for their man to be all men. Still, they are looking for a promise to be kept and never broken. They crave an organic, wholesome take to physical love, to sometimes wait for a commitment to be formally made.

Taurus takes forever to decide if they want to leave a relationship. They find it hard to believe that they were wrong about a person. Once the mind is decided, there is never any turning back. Taurus will walk away forever. Still, the last time we checked Taurus had the least likely divorce rate in the zodiac.

Taurus and Friends

Taurus is attracted to a friend who is dependable, unchanging, and not prone to making a sudden change of plans. Taurus isn’t one to take well to spontaneity. They don’t want to wait for you either.

The Good Stuff

Taurus is very tender and affectionate towards their friends. They love someone with good taste who they can have an enjoyable conversation with or watch the game with. They will admire people with qualities of strength like their own.

They will recognize their level of endurance. Towards these friends, Taurus is gentle, loving, warm, caring, and trustworthy. When Taurus has your back, they really have your back. They won’t say a bad word about you, and they will keep your secrets.

The Bad Stuff

Taurus can be jealous of the attention their friends give other people. Taurus doesn’t fancy signs of weakness of either physical or emotional and might be quite direct about this.

Sometimes Taurus can get judgmental and negative, and it puts a damper on the evening.

Taurus Compatibility

Taurus gets along better with some signs than others. Harmonious signs for Taurus are:

Difficult relationships for Taurus are with:

Turbulent relationships for Taurus are:

All this compatibility can vary depending on your full birth chart reading, this will conclude your rising, moon, Venus, and mercury sign, which will indicate more about your actual sign.