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There are numerous types of relationships to explore when considering compatibility between two signs. We grow up in a parent/child dynamic. Outside our family, we form friendships with other children and eventually other adults. We look for and find love. And, we go to work and have careers, interacting with employers and co-workers.

Each sign-to-sign interaction guides our behavior in every relationship. Read through this section to find out how each of the above dynamics works astrologically so you can experience the optimal way to communicate and get along with your sign and all the other signs.

Generally Speaking

The Taurus-and-Taurus interaction is fixed and determined for both individuals. As the “I establish” sign of the Zodiac, these individuals can really build something long-term and consistent. It is important that they share the same values; otherwise, they can be equally determined in their disagreements and resistances, which can be especially hard on the parent/child dynamic. Overall, though the common values will be “what must be done to survive” and “what must be done to get one’s needs met”, in practical and reliable ways

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Taurus Parent/Taurus Child

The Taurus parent and Taurus child can do very well together. The Taurus parent wants to be sure their child or children know what it takes, in real, practical, day in and day out terms to make it in this world. And the Taurus child wants to know those things. The idyllic vision would be the farmer who loves his or her farm that has a child that loves the farm as well and will be happy to take over when his or her time comes.

Taurus Friend/Taurus Friend

Taurus to Taurus friends will have a lifelong friendship, knowing they can count on each other in practical and consistent ways. These are friends who love a routine and will build a tradition together that will easily outlast other aspects of the world around them. Their story might go, “we met for coffee every morning for 20 years at Mack’s, until the owner died, and it closed; now we meet a Mabelle’s. That owner is pretty young, so maybe we will die before she does.”

Taurus Lover/Taurus Lover

This romance, love, sex combination is at the heart of monogamy and “until death do us part”. Venus rules Taurus, so this sign is one of the most physical and sensual. This sign works hard and loves physically. These two can really enjoy the pleasure of their bodies, especially after putting in a hard day’s work. Endurance is the word for their romance, love, and sex life.

Taurus Employer/Taurus Employee

The Taurus employer and the Taurus employee will work well together because they will have the same expectations and work ethic, which is practical, persistent, and reliable. In fact, these two can work together, if a situation calls for it, without any fanfare, conversation, or adjustment. They will begin the task, work until it is done, and return to their respective roles. So long as the employer earned his or her leadership role by being the strongest and most persistent, then the employee will work happily for him or her knowing the employer knows how to “get his or her hands dirty” because it was through hard work that they attained their employer role.

Taurus Co-worker/Taurus Co-worker

Taurus co-workers can get along just fine and without much fanfare as they work on tasks together or separately. They can be the co-workers who follow the well-worn path of consistency and reliability by showing up to work every day, at the same time, working productively, and leaving at the same time. They might even become friends outside of work, based on their attitudes and patterns at work.

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