Zodiac Signs with Fixed Quality

The Fixed Quality is one of three Astrology Qualities, the others being Cardinal and Mutable Qualities. The Fixed Quality, as its name implies, represents a stability and constancy of thoughts and actions. 

The Fixed Quality meaning encompasses a distaste for change, unlike their Cardinal Quality counterparts who embrace change as a means to further their ambitious pursuits. Rather, the Fixed Quality signs prefer the “Tortoise and the Hare” philosophy of slow and steady wins the race.

Fixed Quality is One of the Three Zodiac Qualities

Astrology information relies on mathematical precision to achieve a “complete picture” of all Zodiac signs, including the Zodiac Sign Qualities. A 120° mathematical equation was implemented in the design of the Zodiac. This equation also served to relegate the order of all Zodiac signs along an imaginary ecliptic. It is the position number on the ecliptic that defines the number of each Zodiac House. All Zodiac signs are assigned to Astrology Qualities in order to bolster a deeper meaning of the Astrology information imparted by the Planetary Houses and the Four Astrological Elements.

The Zodiac Qualities in Astrology are employed to give meaning to how an individual chooses to take action within their outer world. The Qualities of Zodiac signs are threefold; Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable, yet each one is allotted four Zodiac signs The Astrological Elements are fourfold; Water, Air, Earth and Fire. The Fixed dominant Quality is found in the Zodiac signs of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio. The Cardinal Qualities are distributed within the Zodiac signs of Cancer, Aries, Capricorn, and Libra. The Mutable Astrology Qualities are assigned to the Zodiac signs of Gemini, Virgo, Pisces and Sagittarius.


The Fixed Zodiac Signs Explained

Aquarians exhibit the Fixed Dominant Quality in their penchant for following traditions and fundamentalism within their creativity. Aquarians can, at times, be an enigma to others as they struggle with the stable nature of their Fixed Quality in relation to their Air Element which is both ungrounded and continuously moving.

Taurus is most likely the most comfortable within their Quality Fixed “skin”, as they are also impacted by the Astrological Element Earth. This provides Taurus with the “doubling-down” influences of stability and grounding.
Scorpio is another Fixed Quality that seems incongruent with their Astrological Element: Water. The fluidity of water may seem to be in opposition to a Fixed Quality meaning but it supports the Scorpion pursuit of transformation and change within a steady, highly focused, “dead-aim” approach to achieving their goals.

Leo, dramatic, creative and fun-loving, may seem the least likely of all Zodiac signs to have a Fixed Quality. However, it is the reliability of the Leo Fixed Dominant Qualities to be true to who they are and the constancy with which their Fire Element shines perpetually and burns in its purest form, that results in an Astrological symbiosis.

Quality: Fixed; Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

Zodiac Symbol: Water Bearer
Planetary House; Eleventh
Planet; Uranus & Saturn
Element: Air

The Zodiac sign Aquarius is ruled by the planets Uranus and Saturn which are in opposition with one another. This may explain the dichotomy within Aquarians to be open, friendly and intuitive, as well as unemotional and detached.
Aquarian dichotomy may be further exacerbated by their Fixed Qualities in juxtaposition with their Air Element. One supports fundamentalism in actions and the other supports “blowing with the wind”.

Aquarians can be difficult to understand, being both humanistic and altruistic. They crave friendships and to be a part of a team, but can, at the same time, favor independence and originality. Aquarians are generous, sometime to a fault, whereby they sacrifice their own well-being to help others. The Zodiac symbol of flowing water represents the fluidity with which Aquarians can move between being open, friendly and generous, to being emotionally detached, a “loner” and impersonal. This fluidity contributes to the perception that Aquarians can be a “bit odd”, even disingenuous.

Quality: Fixed; Taurus (April 20-May 21)

Element Symbol; The Bull
Planetary House; Second
Planet: Venus
Element: Earth

The Zodiac Sign Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus which confers the Fixed Quality sign to the Second House of the Zodiac known for the value placed on material wealth and possessions. Taureans can be “bullish” in their pursuit of rewards for their efforts.  A Taurus is more concerned with positive end results than the path they followed to get there. Influenced by Venus, so named for the Goddess of Love, rewards may be wealth, material possessions and/or love, generally considered to be the “finer things in life”.

The pursuit of pleasure and materialism is balanced by their Earth Element which provides persistence and determination in pursuit of their materialistic goals. The Fixed Quality meaning works in tandem with the Earth Element to further enhance a steady drive to enjoy life’s rewards.

Quality: Fixed; Leo (July 23-August 22)

Zodiac Symbol; The Lion
Planetary House; Fifth
Planet; Sun
Element: Fire

Leos are ruled by the Sun, the purest form of the Element Fire. Positioned in the Fifth House of the Zodiac, Leos are all about pleasure, theirs and what they are able to provide to others, be it through romance and/or creative pursuits. Leos are the most self-directed of all Zodiac signs within the Personal Houses but can be very giving in helping others to find happiness, especially children. Leos seek the limelight and they may be found in copious quantities in the Arts and Cultural genres.

The Fire Element is assigned to Leos due to the fact that they radiate light wherever they go. Strict routines are anathema to the fun loving, free-wheeling Leo which in counter to their Fixed Dominant Quality. However, Leos would be directionless in their pursuit of pleasure if it were not for the Fixed Quality with which they take action. It is said that: “Life is not all fun and games!”.

Quality: Fixed; Scorpio (October 23- November 21)

Element Symbol; The Scorpion
Planetary House; Eighth
Planet; Pluto
Element: Water

The Zodiac sign of Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto which is found within the Eighth House of the Zodiac. Pluto is named for the Roman God who reigned over the underworld. In the Greek he was known as Hades. It is not by chance that the Zodiac symbol is the deadly scorpion. Scorpios are about transformation and regeneration.

Scorpio’s intensity is driven by the Fixed Dominant Quality, whereby they are highly focused and determined in their pursuits. Scorpio is influenced by the Element Water. This produces a uniquely Scorpion trait to dive into the unknown. Scorpios also tend to “submerge” their fears and concerns rather than allowing them to create distractions from what they are laser focused on achieving.

Fixed Quality and the Four Astrological Elements

The relationship between the Qualities of Zodiac signs and their Astrological Element counterparts is shaped by both common and disparate traits. The Fixed Zodiac Sign Qualities are found in Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio. All of these Zodiac Signs exhibit in varying degrees, the Fixed Quality outer world behaviors of stability, determination, practicality and perseverance. However, each Fixed Quality is influenced by a different Astrological Element.

Aquarius is an Air Element, which is surprising given the Zodiac sign of the Water Bearer. The Air Element allows Aquarians to move with fluidity within the natural changes in their temperaments. Taurus is most in sync with its Fixed Quality Meaning and its Earth Element, both of which provide steadfastness and roots to remain grounded within the pursuit of material possessions. Leo is a Fire Element which is in perfect harmony with the fiery Leo personality and the pursuit of things pleasurable that will produce happiness.

The Fixed Quality that incorporates any kind of repetition, limitations or routine that would inhibit being free and spontaneous would be very grating to the Leo nature. However, if it were not for at least a modicum of steady Fixed Qualities, Leo’s flames would be in danger of burning out.  Scorpio is a Water Element, more as a means of transition between the outer world of action and the underworld of dark thoughts and hidden meanings than providing a life force. Being ruled by the God of the Underworld, either the Roman Pluto or the Greek Hades, the water is the River Styx which represents the transition provided to flow into another level of existence.

The Fixed Quality and Planetary Houses

The Zodiac provides layers of Astrological information in order to provide a greater understanding of mankind’s relationship with themselves as it relates to the heavens and earth. These layers include the Zodiac Qualities which give meaning to the preferences for all Zodiac signs to move through or take action within their outer surroundings.
Another layer in addition to the Zodiac Qualities, is found in the Astrology information provided by the Four Elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth.

However, inherent within any study of the Zodiac are the Planetary Houses. The Planetary Houses provide an understanding of the unique traits innate to each House, as determined by their ruling planets. The Fixed Quality signs of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio are ruled respectively by the Eleventh, Second, Fifth and Eighth Houses of the Zodiac. The allotted House numbers of one through twelve indicate the Zodiac sign and House placement on the Zodiac ecliptic. Aquarius sits in the Eleventh House of Friendships and the Power of the Collective, be they groups, organizations, clubs, etc. If the purpose of the group is humanitarian much the better for the higher purpose Aquarian.

Ruled by both Saturn and Uranus; planets which live in opposition to one another, Saturn represents limitations and restrictions and Uranus promotes a liberation that is free from limitations. The “push and pull” between the two opposed planets can evidence major temperament shifts with an Aquarian. A prime example is when a normally friendly and engaged Aquarian becomes detached and unpredictable. Taurus resides the Second House of Values and Material Rewards.

Ruled by the planet Venus, named for the Goddess of Love, Taurus is driven to pursue all of life’s rewards in the form of beauty, wealth, possessions and even food as an enrichment of the human experience. The reward-based values that Taureans hold dear, serve to define themselves by what they have amassed. It is one of their driving beliefs that they were born to enjoy life. It is their Fixed Quality that serves to keep them focused in a positive direction.

Leo radiates its light from the Fifth House of the Zodiac which supports the pursuit of happiness through all things pleasurable. Emotional enrichment, personal fulfilment and satisfaction are primary pursuits for the fun living Leo. Actions are predicated upon whether they will provide pleasure for themselves or others. Arguably the most self-directed House of the Zodiac, Leos do derive great pleasure from providing pleasure to others in the form of the creative arts. This also satisfies their craving for applause for their actions.

Bringing happiness to children, whether theirs or others, is very satisfying to the Leo psyche. Leos strive to know who they are and to act accordingly. Scorpio is positioned within the Eighth House of the Zodiac which is both dark and mysterious. Ruled by the God of the Underworld, Scorpio also engages in transformative actions for themselves and others. The darker Scorpio elements center on the tendencies toward keeping others in the dark” as to the deep feeling, thoughts and emotions held by some Scorpios. Their passion for creating transformative change gives a hint to their dissatisfaction with the status quo.

The Zodiac, as it has been scientifically constructed, is far more than just the Zodiac sign assigned to a person’s birth date. Interesting layers of Astrological information give deeper meaning to an individual’s Horoscope. These layers include the Zodiac Qualities of Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable, plus the Four Elements of Water, Fire, Earth and Air. Encompassing all of the layers are the Planetary Houses with their specific personality traits to which the Zodiac sign is assigned.

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