Queen of Wands Tarot Card

As a reminder, the suit of wands is driven by masculine energy and usually represents willpower, change, and an impulse to create and make something new. Scholars and academics have connected the suit of wands to the classical element of fire, and most of the cards from that suit embody the symbolic attributes of this element, one way or another.

Queen of Wands: Traditional meanings

The soul of the four court cards in the suit of wands, the Queen of Wands is a muse that will keep inspiring men and women around her, encouraging and nurturing their creative side while staying away from view. Though she may seem quiet and introvert, the Queen of Wands still has the element of Fire burning bright within her, a blaze that only becomes apparent when she gets angry. Like a wise, sleeping dragon, it is better to have her as a friend than as an enemy, and those who disregard her or lower their guard due to her friendly demeanor and a good disposition are in for a bad surprise if they take advantage of her kindness.

Upright: A dark-haired woman, of a reserved and discreet demeanor, kind, well behaved, and honorable.

Reversed: Jealous, resentful, and vindictive.

Upright Queen of Wands

The Queen usually embodies the soul of the court cards. As such, the Queen of Wands embodies the purest elements of the suit of Wands in a tarot deck. In the Rider-Waite-Smith(RWS) illustrated tarot, the Queen is sitting on a throne with a staff in her right hand, a sunflower in her left hand, and a black cat at her feet.

It is interesting to note that in Waite’s version, a lot of these elements could be seen as an echo of the Empress major arcana. More recent tarot decks from the minor arcana have usually moved away from this primal nature symbolism and introduced other symbols closer to the element of fire. This should be kept in mind because the primal aspect of the Queen of Wands is important to the tarot card meaning, this mixed status easily understandable given the role she is supposed to play

As the embodiment of the soul of the suit of Wands, the Queen of Wands card represents the source of inspiration and creativity, the muse whispering in the ears of artists and inventors to trigger the spark of imagination that was encountered in the Page of Wands.

Her role as the original source of new ideas and concepts makes her a kind of Mother figure for imagination and creativity. This nurturing, life-giving element is probably what justified the natural elements found in the original Rider Waite Smith depiction of the Queen of Wands. In order to be the source of all these concepts, the Queen of Wands needs to be as intuitive as the Queen of Cups and as fertile as the Queen of Pentacles, but the element of Fire remains her strongest aspect, allowing her to balance these two elements with burning determination. The Queen of Wands is passionate and more driven than her counterparts in the other suits and loyal to a fault.

Reversed Queen of Wands

The temperamental aspect that can be found in many cards in the suit of Wands is obviously present in the Queen of Wands too. In a way, she can be seen as a sleeping dragon. Her nature as a source of ideas and concepts keeps her focused on her task, but once she has reached her breaking point her anger is formidable and fiery.

One sure way to trigger her wrath is to repay her loyalty with betrayal and lies. This is a slight that will be hard to forgive, and even harder to forget. In that aspect, the Queen of Wands could be seen as an echo of the Goddess Hera in Ancient Greek myths, burning with the cold fire of jealousy and revenge with each new betrayal by Zeus.

Queen of Wands and love

In a love-driven reading, The Queen of Wands usually represents a dark-haired woman, friendly and honorable. Her calm demeanor hides a treasure trove of imagination and ideas, but she lacks the extrovert element of the Page of Wands and would rather inspire from the shadows than stand in the spotlight.

Cross her one time too many, however, and the Queen of Wands will abandon all pretense of discretion to turn into a wild fiery tornado willing to smite those who wronged her.