July 15, 2024
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The astrology chart is made up of four sources of data: the astronomical bodies (Sun, Moon, planets, and asteroids) and calculated points (Nodes of the Moon, Part of Fortune, and so on); the Signs; the Houses; and the Aspects. The bodies and points, Signs, and Houses are ruled by one of the four elements. The Aspects have no element assigned to them. Learn more about Air element…

The Air Points in the Sky (Sun, Moon, Planets, and Asteroids)

Mercury, Venus, and Uranus are the Air planets. Venus and Mercury also happen to be Earth planets because they co-rule Air and Earth Signs and Houses. Mercury rules Gemini and the 3rd House (Air) and Virgo and the 6th House (Earth). Venus rules Taurus and the 2nd House (Earth) and Libra and the 7th House (Air). Uranus rules Aquarius and the 11th House.

Mercury represents our minds at work daily, talking with people and communicating with the world around us, as well as interpreting the world and trying to make sense of it.

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Venus represents the communication between people, and the “languages” or “jargons” of family, friendships, co-workers, and lovers.

Uranus represents the mind in society and “of” society; how we understand and communicate society, civilization, and community.

The Zodiac Signs

Each sign has a quality (Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable) and an element.

Libra is the Cardinal Air Sign. Analytical Active Air fuels its Primary Drive. The Life Path energy operates best when acting logically; Libra individuals must learn to mix in feelings to manifest their best results.

Aquarius is the Fixed Air Sign. Unconventional Stable Air fuels its Primary Drive. The Life Path energy operates best when they are authentic and unrepentant; Aquarius individuals must learn quiet fortitude to manifest their best results.

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Gemini is the Mutable Air Sign. Curious Adaptable Air energy fuels its Primary Drive. The Life Path energy operates best-doing tasks that stimulate the mind in a variety of ways; Gemini individuals must learn how to focus-on-demand to manifest their best results.

Air element

Air and the Human Experience

Each elemental group process all the various life experiences through the nature of the element. Air sign individuals rely on the mind and intellect to make their way through life.


Air Signs can be playful, curious, and studious about love. They get turned on by wit, intelligence, information, philosophy, communication, and knowledge. The way to an Air Sign heart is through their heads.


Air Signs prefer to do the mind and communication work of any profession. If they are in the business of match-making, then they will want to design the questionnaires, analyze the data, and promote the marketing.

Every profession functions on communication, information, and knowledge; and Air Sign individuals will want to take on those roles so they can get the most out of their jobs and careers.

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If there is a family reunion, find the Air Sign to organize it. The Water signs may have an emotional investment in getting the family together, but the Air Signs will make sure everyone knows where and when. As parents, Air Signs tend to favor fairness, justice, and logic over material concerns (earth), independence (fire), and nurturing (water).


Money is an interesting idea for Air Signs; and they know it functions as a means to communicate, assign value, and network goods and services between producers and consumers. Trading, investment strategies, interest rates, and exchange rates between currencies would all be examples of Air energy tied to money.