Taurus Monthly Horoscope

September 2020

Money horoscope Money

If you previously drew up plans meant to improve your financial situation and if you followed them to the letter, they should start bearing fruit this month. If you haven’t drawn anything up yet, this period will be the ideal time to do that. The astral conjunctions of your astrological sign will indeed be extremely favorable for bold financial projects. A nice surprise might even await you at the end of the month if you act with enthusiasm and if you remain hopeful about the improvement of your finances.

Health horoscope Health

Your month will be extremely variable as far as your physical health and vitality are concerned. You may sometimes feel like you are running out of energy or motivation. Also, as soon as the month begins, draw up a specific plan with the goals you must achieve during this period and try to reach them. This will enable you to maintain a proper level of motivation, which will help you keep stress at bay. Physical exertion will also be excellent to ward off mood swings. If needed, turn to natural remedies to reinforce your organism.

Career horoscope Career

If you work during this month, your favorable period will begin as early as the first days of the month if you follow your ideas with boldness and without fearing failure. Otherwise, you might set limits to yourself and be afraid to act during this period, which will be auspicious for action. However, do not launch into just anything without thinking first and taking all the aspects of your projects into consideration. Let jealous people and protesters gossip. The results you will get thanks to the implementation of your ideas will silence your critics quickly enough.

Astrological Advice horoscope Astrological Advice

This month, in spite of a generally difficult conjuncture and the persistence of the financial crisis, relying on your circle of near and dear ones will bring you satisfaction ‘ especially when you meet with people you really like. Rub shoulders mainly with those who can lift your spirits when your motivation drops. Meet new people but only if they can really bring you something: advice or concrete help.

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