Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

August 2019

Money horoscope Money

Astral auguries about your finances do not herald any new financial incomes this month. You might even face some unexpected expenses but you will manage them. In such neutral astral circumstances, it is advised to keep faith in your ability to change the way of things. You will create positive vibrations that will help you to overcome this period without problem and then hasten the arrival of financial luck, by the end of the month, if you manage to be patient.

Health horoscope Health

Your month will be under good auspices, health-wise, and for your immune system. Astral energies favorable to the strengthening of your overall health should protect you both from little hindrances and from more serious physical problems. So do not hesitate to throw yourself into anything you do. If you act with a lot of conviction, you will collect many achievements that will in turn bolster your confidence and courage to overcome the obstacles that still stand between you and your goals. Observe your moments of rest to have enough strength to see any endeavor to the end.

Career horoscope Career

If you are working this month, you need to be bold and more steadfast because you often have the right idea but are afraid to speak it out loud or put it into practice. Lack of confidence and fear of the unknown can paralyze you sometimes. You need to bite the bullet this month, because your astral influences are really favorable to any initiative. Set up clear goals in the beginning of the month, and aim for them without letting anybody or any unexpected event distract you. Analyze every setback, and instead of looking at them like obstacles try to see how you can use them to turn the tables in your favor instead. It can always be done.

Astrological Advice horoscope Astrological Advice

This month, you will need to rely on your own strength and great personal qualities in order to get out of a few difficult situations. Be reasonable with every decision you make. Do not start any new project with other people unless you hold every detail in hand. You are the kind of person who knows how to take things seriously when it comes to your future. Keep it up, and keep a cool head. This will allow you to keep control of any situation.

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