Pisces Monthly Horoscope

March 2019


If you really want to have more money this month, don’t be content with just wanting it. You need to act to obtain all the cash you hope for. To motivate yourself, I recommend spending a few moments every day thinking about the money you desire. Concentrating on specific goals will help the astral forces favor you in the areas you want to use your money.


The stars will be with you. Although all should be fine as far as the physical aspect of your life is concerned, you may need to exercise more control over your emotional side. Otherwise, your emotions could have a negative impact on the choices you make. When decision time rolls around, give yourself enough time to reflect and think things through, especially when you feel you’re about to act too emotionally. Wait until you’ve regained control of yourself to make your decision.


Success in your job or career will depend on your ability to take the initiative in your area of expertise. Analyze things thoroughly before presenting your ideas or meeting the people you’ll present them to. Don’t let anyone make decisions for you, or speak in your place. You should be inspired with many new ideas this month, but you’ll need to sort through them, and retain only those that are really attainable.

Astrological Advice

To speed up the process of attaining the life you really want to lead, you absolutely need to orient yourself towards a field of endeavor, or group of activities, that allow you to feel free. You should express your opinions more often and demonstrate your abilities. You don’t like constraints, so try to avoid areas that force you to provide a detailed account of your activities, or where the rules are too strict to be followed properly.

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