Cancer Monthly Horoscope

January 2020

Money horoscope Money

You will earn the favors of the stars in the financial domain. As such, keep your eyes open because the stars will send you several nice opportunities to improve your finances, but you will need to seize them at the right time, fully aware of what you are doing. AS long as you have all the information in hand, and you have thought twice about your decision, you should pocket a nice amount of money. You could also try your luck at gambling.

Health horoscope Health

Remember to relax this month, or you might suffer from the consequences of stress. You might then have to face a period of demotivation and weariness. As such, keep your wits about you and deal with any fatigue or tension as soon as you start feeling it. Meditate if you can, or spend some time every day in a quiet place without doing anything. It will do you a lot of good.

Career horoscope Career

If you are working this month, all lights are green for you to stride ahead in your projects. Make the most of it! You will have some decisions to make but the choices will not always be obvious or easy. You will still need to make a swift decision to uphold your credibility and make sure you do not miss any opportunity to improve your situation. By the end of the month, you will have to try to impose some of your ideas.

Astrological Advice horoscope Astrological Advice

To make the most of this month on an astral level, you must keep a truly open mind and consider any new idea people will tell you about, whether during a meeting or in the media, or even from your own research. Sometimes you need to get off the beaten path and not hesitate to question your own principles in life, even more so when they have failed to bring you the existence you have been dreaming about.

Cancer Horoscope February 2020: Planets Influence

A lot is going on in the sign of Pisces and your 9th house this month. The 9th house is your house of higher education, travel, and your higher mind. Your focus this month is mainly on educating yourself and broadening your consciousness and overall perception. You might feel like traveling and discovering new cultures and places, or this can be a time where you are doing a lot of research and studying more than usual. You will want to learn as much as you can. You can retain information and knowledge without struggles. You will be focused on finding your higher truth. Spiritual and philosophical topics will spark your interest.

The sign of Capricorn and your 7th house of partnerships and relationships are also very active this month. Together with the 9th house being busy, it causes a harmonious blend where you are thinking of new unique ways that you can make your relationships with others more fulfilling. You will realize your right and wrongs when it comes to how you treat others, and you will make changes for the better in your relationships. You will also let go of old beliefs and values you hold onto that do not serve you in your relationships.

We are entering another Mercury retrograde period in the sign of Pisces on the 17th of February. Mercury rules your 3rd house of communication and your 12th house of the subconscious, dreams, spirituality, and things that are hidden. When Mercury retrogrades, it has an impact on your ability to communicate and relay information. You want to get your point across, but you don’t know-how. You can also be a bit forgetful, as your mind is more in a dreamlike state this month. Mercury is in your 10th house of career, which means that there can be some ups and downs in the workplace this month.

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Your Cancer horoscope is totally under the control of the planets, as is the state of your emotions. However, you can easily bring all of this under control by preparing for them in advance through Cancer monthly horoscopes. Our free Cancer horoscope is different in the way that we teach our readers Cancer zodiac reading (also referred to as Cancer horoscope reading). This lets them decipher the meanings behind planets by themselves.

Cancer Monthly Horoscope: Cancer Horoscope

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