Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

January 2020

Money horoscope Money

All lights are green for you to improve your financial situation this month. The stars will grant you many opportunities to do so. They will put on your path some people that can help you to win more money and better organize and see through all the projects you will have to perform in order to ensure your financial security, if you want it to happen within the next few weeks or months. If you do your best with that in mind, there is no reason why the stars should not reward you with several money incomes, some of them unexpected or which you had given up on. You should do something with your finances because you will be even more protected by the stars throughout the month.

Health horoscope Health

You should keep an eye on the following two aspects: your resistance to sickness and the way you react to stress. There are natural dietary supplements that can strengthen your immune system’ You will also be under stress when some people will try to put a spoke in your wheel. You must detect their noxious influence early on, or it will affect your body and mind.

Career horoscope Career

If you are working this month, you might have some trouble to further your projects and succeed in what you had planned within your deadline. This is due to mildly favorable astral conjunctions but also to negative energies radiating from some people in your workplace. Taking the initiative is encouraged because you will not be able to rely on many other people to support you. Try to avoid confiding in some people you do not know well enough, because they might twist your words.

Astrological Advice horoscope Astrological Advice

This month, in any situation you have to face, keep thinking generous thoughts and helping people. You can do it, not only with money but also with advice, support, or a friendly ear’ Do not become withdrawn, and act selflessly.

Aquarius Horoscope February 2020: Planets Influence

The Sun will be in your 1st house and your sign up until the 19th. Until the 19th, your attention is solely on your self-improvement. You spend extra time on your appearance as you want to look and feel good in your own skin! You will love to receive external attention and appreciation and will bask in it! This is the ideal time to start a new project, or a new hobby as you will have all the initiating energy in you to follow through with your plans. With the Sun in your 1st house, is the one rare time when you are allowed to focus on you, and when you can be selfish.

After the 19th, the Sun will move into Pisces and your 2nd house of finances and resources. A lot is happening in your 2nd house this month. From here on, you will focus less on your image and appearance and more on how much money and possessions you have. You might notice abundance and financial opportunities being presented and gifted to you at this time. You will start to realize what you really value, what is really worthy to you and what is not. Things that bring you spiritual significance you will deem as important.

We are entering another Mercury retrograde period in the sign of Pisces on the 17th of February. Mercury rules your 5th house of joy, creativity and pleasure, and your 8th house of mysteries, transformation, and deep connection with others. When Mercury retrogrades, it has an impact on your ability to creatively express yourself, and have fun. You can feel stuck and unable to create, and you might not be feeling as jolly and fun-loving as usual. Feeling a sense of connection to other people can also be quite challenging. Don’t stress too much; this will only temporarily affect you.

More Aquarius Horoscopes

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Aquarius Monthly Horoscopes: Aquarius Horoscope

In our Aquarius horoscope reading, we give you a lot of tiny details that you may miss otherwise. With that being said, you should check your Aquarius horoscope monthly to always stay on top of everything the planets have in store for you in all fields. Following this link, you will have updated Aquarius love insights. For your free Aquarius horoscope astrology, read on.

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