Numerology Number Meanings

When you think about numbers, the first thing that pops up in your mind is probably mathematics, which does not sound interesting at all. What you don’t know about numbers is that there is a whole new world hiding behind the façade of this mathematical language. It’s based on a consistent and contained language of numbers that tells us about planetary movements, gravity, and physics on the surface.

However, through another lens known as numerology, it can also tell us about the spiritual and the mystic world. Moreover, each digit in this numerical language has many numerology number meanings, which we can decode through the connection of the language of divine and spatial relationships.

What Do Numbers Mean In Numerology?

Number meanings in numerology use a distinct and sacred language, which defines the magical connection of the different worlds. There are ten numerology numbers in total, they start from zero and go up to nine. The number of meanings in numerology differs from number to number as each has its own divine logic and mystic foundation.

On their own, numerology readings of specified numbers would have a specified logic of divinity, attached to that specific number. Together, numerology meanings of the numbers may define complex relationships of the universe that may affect our lives, our relationships, our behavior, and our fate.


How Do Numbers and Numerology Work?

To this day, many people choose to have an inherent belief that our birth date defines our personality and habits. However, numerology predictions are based on a completely different belief. According to the numerological belief, our souls decide our birth date, and the time of our birth, our spirit corresponds with fate to decide the path laid in front of it.

Numerology clarifies the reason for the decisions made by our spirit in the divine world. It helps us understand, why we encounter difficulties in our lives and how we can dodge such encounters by following the proper path our spirit has chosen for us. Who better knows our woes and pains then our own spirit? Which is why, the numbers chosen by it will definitely hold meaning, meanings that can be understood through numerology.

How Can Numerology Help Us?

We can understand our lives and the energy surrounding us through numerology. Numerology can also unriddle the secrets behind our birth dates through number astrology, in which the numbers are read in a specified way to find our life path. Life path number meaning in numerology, helps us understand the destiny that is meant for us and us only. It can also be used for love readings, it uses prominent numbers in the lives of two individuals and defines the relationship they might have and how they will interact. To enumerate, let’s have a brief look at how numbers could affect different aspects of our lives.

Numerology Numbers and Names

We all have some kind of hidden potential that must be given a proper outlet, through which we could fulfill the purpose of lives and find peace within ourselves. There is a calling that is meant for us, our spirit decided it, and our soul yearns for it. Our spirit decided this fate for us by coming to this world on a specific date, on which we were given our names as well. The names given to us on our birth date can help us decipher our destiny.

For the same reason, numerology name meanings can shape your destiny, through which we can find a place in this world that is meant for us. Coincidentally, we can identify our unique talents and call by looking up our destiny number through full names given to us on our birth date.

Numerology Numbers and Career

Numerology definition of numbers has a huge part in our business and career; it can make or break the condition of jobs. Numerology life path number meaning can help us decide the best direction in our careers. We all have different life path numbers that can be found out through a numerology chart, which will give us specific numerology numbers.

Namely, it would be a number starting from one to ten. Each life path number has a career path and a specified purpose in life. For example, Life path number one is known as the leader; they have confidant and independent personalities. Similarly, life path number two is the mediator; life number three is the communicator, and so forth.

Numerology Numbers and Relationship

The life path number, also mentioned above, can also help you find a compatible relationship partner. Two people, who have a compatible life path number, will have better odds of building a romantic and long-term relationship. Life path number can be calculated through a numerology chart, it is important two know the life path numerology numbers of both partners to calculate the compatibility of the partners. Life path numbers will help you understand the traits that will be present in both you and your partner. By focusing on these traits, you find and develop a happy and loving relationship.

Life path number is the most important numerology number, which is used to find numerology number meanings; it could help you in a various facet of life. Similarly, in a compatible relationship, both partners will need compatible life path numbers, otherwise, their relationship may fall apart due to specific reasons. The reasons of compatibility and incompatibility can be found out through the reading of the life path numbers from each partner. This knowledge could also help incompatible couples find a roundabout way to make their relationship work.

History Numerology

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The Significance of Numerology Numbers

All the dates and life path numbers are based upon the basic numerology numbers from zero to nine. Each number associated with the divine language of numerology will have effects on the individual, even their behavior and attitude will change accordingly as numerology has personality number meanings as well. Let’s look closely at all the numbers and numerology number meanings.

Numerology number 0

It is not possible for any person to be associated with the number 0 as it has no numerology number meanings. The number zero denotes the infinite womb, from which everything is given life as well as death. Simply said, it is the universe and everything related to it. It has no personality or description. It is a chameleon, a blank page that has infinite knowledge.

Numerology number 1

Number 1 is denoted by qualities of being at the top as a leader or the winner. A person that has been given a numerology number one will have an admirable quality of leadership, they will have a charismatic personality that will help them reach the top. Such a person will also exude traits such as understanding and patience.

The love life of a person this number will have a few bumps as the personality of such a person will not understand co-dependency. They will have a hard time committing to those people that can be overly attached, as they don’t like being held back.

Numerology number 2

Number 2 will display two numerology number meanings; they thrive to be harmonious and stable in most aspects of their lives. Their relationship with co-workers, friends, romantic partners, and families will always have a balance and interpersonal touch. However, at times, a person with number two traits can become self-sacrificing in their thirst for finding balance.

For the advancement of career and business, this person will have a lot of potential at becoming a successful partner. The partnership will have good teamwork; this trait also allows them to be one of the best peacemakers in a discussion over sales.

Numerology number 3

The numerology number meanings for number three have a great connection with each other, as they allow teamwork, self-expression, generosity, sociality, and playfulness. The person with life path number 3 will have a happy and fun-loving life; they will love to live their life to the fullest.

They will also seek for better and better venues to find better pursuits, which can cause them to have shallow interests.  The love life of number 3 will definitely not be vicarious, they may have more than one lover at a time.

Numerology number 4

The numerology number meanings of a person with life path number 4 will have traits that emphasize organizing and planning skills. Most of the time, they become the handler of the executive department because of their knack for quick planning and implementing.

They have an ability to look at the bigger picture; the relationship of such a person will have equal grounds with their partner. They don’t like to take charge nor do their partners to take charge of their relationship. Moreover, if a date on a business plan has a sum of four for this person, then they will have more success in implementing that project.

Numerology number 5

People that have been given life path number 5 will have a free-spirited life. They will have a penchant to roam around the world and travel to exotic places. Such a person may also like freelance work better than settling at one job only. They also have a good ability to adapt to different situations. The love life of such a person will have to be with a person that enjoys freedom. As being bound to on place can cause them more harm than good.

Numerology number 6

A person with life path number 6 will have many numerology meanings as they have the ability to speak and think from the bottom of their heart. This ability gives them loving, warm, affectionate, and sincere attributes, which can become handy in careers such as social worker, kindergarten teacher, pediatrician, or a psychologist.

Their love life will have the quality to become a long-lived relationship with little effort. They enjoy spending time with their loved ones, they may also get attached as they find out more about their partner.

Numerology number 7

Those people that have a life path number 7 will have a logical and practical personality. They will rely on their mind and are influenced by philosophical discourses and intellectual pursuits. Such a person can have a wonderful career as a professor or a philosopher.

The love life of such a person will have to go through several issues before they can commit themselves. They like to get attached to reason so much that they may forget to use their emotions, which is why their partners may become distant in time. Number 7 also gives them a spiritual and meditative life that they can use to get in touch with their spirituality.

Numerology number 8

A person with life path number 8 may have hardworking and motivated qualities, they like to handle financial matters and have a good handle at budgeting. They will have a good eye for economy, which is why they may find success in jobs such as advisor, funds manager, CFO, and as an investor.

They may have a numerical way of thinking; it will make them set aside their love life. The analytical mind of such a person will a good match in a person who shares the same traits of intellectualism.

People with life path 9 will share humanitarian behavior; such people can find good partners and lovers in people with a similar mindset. They believe in humanity and religion, they don’t differentiate one person from the other due to such prejudices. They can find a good career as a leader of a social group or a non-profit organization.

The relationship of a person with life path number 9 will have giving quality, they live to help their partners and often times, will find partners that are in need of their help. It is important for such a person to work on their own worth so they don’t give away too much of their time and energy.

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