July 15, 2024
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The Numerology of the 4th of April

One of the most powerful days of 2024 (or of any year) is April 4th, as the double-four energies help create a structure so you can build on it. Since 2024 is the eight-year numerological, there is power to that as well. Let’s discuss why April 4th is one of the best days to lay a foundation for what you want to manifest, get clear on it, and then step into your power. If your birthday is on April 4th, then these energies will affect you even more. However, before getting into the nitty-gritty of it, let’s discuss the numerology of four and what it means for this day.


The Numerology of Four

The numerology of four is all about stability, practicality, and hard work, as it is a number representing structure and foundation. There is an energy of organization, grounding, and ambition around this number, and it is associated with the Earth element. Therefore, that means the entire month of April is influenced by these stable and practical energies that come from it being the fourth month of the year.

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However, depending on the day of the month, that can alter the practical and stable energies that four brings. For example, April 3rd is a day where there is creativity added to any structure from the number four, which can alter it, and the day after, April 5th, will indicate change and upheaval as there is less structure on that day due to the chaotic energies that come from five.

However, April 4th has some extra powerful energies, considering it became 44, a Master Number, so let’s delve further into the Master Number of 44 and its energies.

The Numerology of the Master Number 44 and Its Impact on the Day

Since the day’s energies are influenced by Master Number 44, which adds up to eight (4+4=8), you will feel intensely that you will want to work hard and achieve something significant on this day. It is the perfect day to be pragmatic and practical, to lay a foundation for your goals, and since 44 adds up to eight, the most powerful number, it is a day to step into your power. You may think that because four and eight are more materialistic, that is incorrect. Even though there are a lot of Earth’s element energies influencing this day, as there are a lot of four and eight energies, all Master Numbers are spiritual, which means Master Number 44 indicates a harmonious balance between the material and spiritual planes.

Therefore, it is an excellent day to put a plan into action and focus on how you can manifest something significant to you, something that you want for your highest good; put that energy into the Universe to turn it into something tangible. It does not only have to involve money. It can include anything that you can bring to you in the physical.

The other fascinating thing about April 4th of this year is that you are dealing with these heavy eight energies not only from Master Number 44, adding up to eight. However, 2024 is an eight-year numerologically. And since eight is a powerful and karmic number, you will want to step into your power to manifest what you want in your life and take the proper action steps. What you put in on this day will manifest how it is meant to be based on how you do it.

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There is a lot of energy and influence through the heavy four and eight numbers of hard work, discipline, and the ability to turn dreams into reality through diligent effort. The numerology of the day is potent and transformative, and there is also spiritual wisdom mixed with manifestation. The wisdom you will gain on this day adds up to seven numerologically (4+4+2+0+2+4=16/7). However, the way you may acquire the wisdom may be unsettling.


Why April 4th May Be an Unsettling Day

It may seem counterintuitive to read this title, considering I said that the heavy four energies of April 4th are stable and structured. However, when you add the day up with the year, it adds up to 16/7.

The number 16 is a karmic debt or malefic number, as you have the initiating energies of one next to the harmonious number of six, disrupting it, causing shock and self-reflection, which the number seven embodies, as seven is a highly spiritual number that involves self-reflection to gain wisdom. Consider why the Tower is the 16th card in the tarot’s Major Arcana.

Therefore, that unsettling energy may be needed to create that day’s structure, stability, and practical manifestation. For example, perhaps you suddenly lost a good client for your business, which will upset you initially, but you will also know you need to find a practical way to get yourself out there and market yourself more so you can manifest more clients.

However, the 16/7 does not always mean there is a sudden shock. Sometimes, you may end up with a significant revelation that will change your perspective, another thing the Tower represents. Either way, it is likely that something will trigger you to look within and have the need to create structure, abundance, and dreams coming into reality.

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A Practical Manifestation Ritual For April 4th

When you manifest a particular outcome, you will want to do a practical manifestation ritual on April 4th to set a clear foundation for what you want to manifest to grow. Since there is a lot of earth energy with the number four, you may wish to plant some seeds as part of the ritual. However, that is optional. If you would instead not do that, write out what you want to manifest, or you can do both. There is no right or wrong approach to this other than allowing self-doubt to derail your manifestation efforts.

However, you will want to smudge the room where you choose to do your ritual with palo santo or sage, starting with the corners of the room if you do the manifestation work indoors. If you plan to do the ritual outdoors, that is unnecessary. If you choose to do the ritual indoors, you may want to use green candles for growth and prosperity and brown for practicality, as those colors are aligned with the earth element. You can also carry some crystals, such as citrine, which helps bring you prosperity, and smoky quartz for grounding.

If you choose to plant some seeds, or a seed in your garden or for an indoor plant, set your intention as you plant them, and become apparent with what you want to manifest. Do you want to attract more clients for your business, relationship, or better health? Choose one thing to manifest so you are clear and the Universe can deliver. Focus on what you want to manifest as you plant your seeds, and you can also write them down on paper if you choose.

However, if you don’t want to plant seeds, you can always write your intention to manifest what you want on paper. You will want to keep the paper with you for the next step.

After you write your intention on the paper or plant the seeds, if you choose to do that, you will close your eyes, visualize yourself with what you want to manifest and get excited about it being a reality. Act as if you already have what you want to manifest, and then thank the Universe for blessing you.

If you had the paper with you, you would want to bury it in the ground, or if you don’t have a yard, you can always burn it. Then, you will take a journal and write down your actions to go after what you want to manifest and ensure you fulfill them. As you do it, allow the magic to happen. Don’t allow self-doubt to creep in as well. Now, let’s discuss your personality if April 4th is your birthday!


How the Energies of April 4th Affect Your Personality if it Is Your Birthday

Suppose April 4th is your birthday, Happy Birthday! How does the day you were born impact your personality? You must remember that you may be very different from your birthday twin, as your horoscope is unique. However, you will share some similarities. You will have a practical approach to starting and conquering things. Since Aries is your sun sign, you will likely have more of a go-getting personality, depending on other factors in your horoscope. You do have the desire to succeed, and you will experience periods of success, but you will also go through periods of failure, which will cause you to be quite hard on yourself. However, you have to remember that failure is always the stepping stone to success.

You also crave independence, and you would instead only ask for help if it is a situation where you have no choice. But you would instead do things on your own. You may also be indifferent to whether others like you, as you are more focused on what you want to do with your life as you do not desire to please others. Again, that also depends on other factors in your astrological and numerological makeup. You may be the type who is skeptical of what you hear or see once you research it thoroughly. Healthy skepticism is a good thing that makes you less naive. You may also be a loyal and devoted friend and will only spend time with those who mean a lot to you. And this is a perfect day to manifest what you want, as you will know how to do it practically.

April 4th, 2024, is a powerful day as you have a lot of four and eight energies, which is the day where you can set a foundation, create structure due to the energies of four, and step into your power due to the energies of eight. However, the day also holds the numerology of 16/7 (4+4+2+0+2+4=16/7), which means something unexpected will occur that will lead you to create a pragmatic approach to something after doing some self-reflection, whether it may be sudden news or a revelation.

It is a great day to manifest what you want to bring into your life, as you will want to do it practically, and planting seeds would be a great thing to incorporate into your manifestation ritual for the day if you choose to do it. Either way, it is a great day to take a practical approach and set a foundation and structure to go after what you want.