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You have quite an interesting year coming up, Scorpio! Your 2022 horoscope looks to be mainly focused on love and relationships, a topic that’s very close to your heart indeed. A new karmic cycle is coming your way, which will last about 18 months or so. This has a major influence on your personal life. Expect big changes, Scorpio!

You’ll also likely have some big developments happening at home as well as with your finances. These are both areas where some adjustment is needed, especially in times of stress, advises your 2022 yearly reding. Your health is something you may need to keep an eye on this year, especially over the last few months of the year. Curious to know more? Read on…

Scorpio Horoscope 2022: Your Main Planetary Influences

Your main Astrological influence for 2022, Scorpio, has to be the effects of the Mars Retrograde and the move of Jupiter into certain areas of your Astrology chart. Let’s start at the beginning :

Firstly, Mars is your ancient co-ruler, and in traditional Astrology, is considered your only ruler. Thus, anything he does tends to have a big impact on you, personally. Over 2022, Mars goes retrograde, which he only does every two years. Think back to 2020, Scorpio – what challenges did you meet then? Similar feelings may arise now but in different areas of your life. For you, Finances and health are the two topics you may find yourself grappling with during the period between October – January 2023.

Then, Jupiter’s move from your domestic zone and into your creative and romance zone bodes well. Love is likely coming your way, Scorpio, as well as a good dose of fun and creativity! Then, as Jupiter heads into your sixth house of work and health, you may find an increase in the projects on your plate as well as some improvement to health matters.

Challenges for Scorpio Horoscope 2022

The main challenge for 2022 lies in the transit of Uranus, still traveling through your long-term relationship area. Most of you are used to this by now, but it can still pose a challenge, says your yearly horoscope.

See, what this does, Scorpio, is to create some havoc on your love life. It could feel like you’re on an unpredictable rollercoaster – exciting, yet exhausting at the same time. Yes, Jupiter is hopefully bringing you some luck in your romantic world soon, but Uranus is still a disruptive force.  For those of you born in the early part of November, you’re in for quite a ride! You may experience a sudden breakup, or possibly a new romance right out of the blue – maybe both.

Whatever you do experience, Scorpio, you’ll have to find a way to shake off the stress and learn to go with the flow otherwise, you’re going to take on a lot of stain. This transit could also affect your health and wellness, but also offers the chance of a breakthrough.  The period between October and January 2023 could also be a bit tough for your health, warns your yearly horoscope, so take it easy then.

Career and Work Horoscope for Scorpio 2022

Career is a very important personal topic for you, always, Scorpio Your career horoscope for 2022 doesn’t look too bad at all, and you may even have some positive growth in this area over the year. The main planet you’re going to be looking at for professional matters for the year 2022 is Jupiter.

See, Jupiter transits the sign of Aries in 2022, which is your work sign, from May until October. During this period, you may get a huge increase in your workload, and perhaps be a touch overwhelmed by it. Fortunately, you are a hard worker and have the ability to stick to the course. You may also have multiple jobs over this period of time and it’s important that you don’t overdo it.

You may also find it important to take initiative over this period of time and kickstart a few projects that you can do solo. Go for it, Scorpio – the cosmos is on your side. It’ll be easy to get along with colleagues, managers, and employees, too, yet you may still want to have certain projects that you do alone.

Then, Scorpio the periods between January to May, and October to December, could be extremely creative for you. You may find yourself jumping into a passion project, and doing something you really care about. This is the time to let your hobbies take shape, and see how – and if – they can be integrated into your career.

Just be warned, Scorpio, that your career forecast indicates a tough period between October – January 2023. Your ancient ruler, Mars, goes retrograde, which will likely be rather draining for your physical energy levels, and you could feel like you’ve lost your motivation. This is an old-time to take a step back, rest and assess the path forward rather than push too hard.

Love, Marriage and Romance Horoscope for Scorpio 2022

Your Love and Romance horoscope for 2022 has both a very positive side – as well as a stressful side. Let’s start with the stressful parts and get it over with. As we’ve mentioned already, Uranus is transiting your commitment zone, long-term. He’s been here for a number of years, which often cerates unstable relationships, relationships that are on and off, or relationships with people who aren’t around a whole lot to commit. At best, this transit creates sudden and intense attractions or relationships with very unusual people.

Thus, Scorpio you may feel still quite anxious about your relationships and need to learn to let go and go with the flow. Now for the good part: Jupiter, between January and May, and October to December, is entering Pisces, which is your new romance and passion zone. If you are single, this could invite a lovely period of fun, play, and flirtation. In fact, you could even feel, around April, a strong soulmate connection. Just don’t try and force commitment yet, Scorpio – see where this goes first.

A major Astrological event for you is also the entry of the Moon’s node into your sign, and the sign of your relationships This can indicate one of two things: either, you’re going to take a major next step in your relationships such as getting engaged, married, moving in together or some other transition. Or you’re going to, over the next eighteen months, completely let go and find yourself.

One more heads up for your 2022 romance horoscope: Venus, your relationship ruler, is Retrograde until the end of January 2022. This is bound to cause some upsets for you, perhaps an ex-lover coming back or clashes with your shared values. You’ll have to find a way to navigate these challenges without going to any extremes, advises your yearly reading.

Financial Horoscope for Scorpio 2022

Your financial horoscope for 2022 is mostly quite positive. Jupiter, your money ruler, is entering a very strong sign between May and October, which may increase the resources you have. In fact, Scorpio, you could be rather indulgent over this period of time and need to be careful of going too far. For as much as you may be getting, you could also be splurging.

The next thing to watch for is the transit of Mars into your eighth house of shared resources for quite a long time – August until January 2023. This is because Mars is going retrograde here, and thus, you may have some issues when it comes to the money you share with your sweetheart or business partner as well as tax, debt, inheritances, money owed to you, and other expenses.

You need to try and not get too frustrated during this period, warns your 2022 financial horoscope. And most of all, don’t cause unnecessary fights with your partner, bank, or the taxman. Expect delays, hold-ups, and major or minor annoyances, and be sure to check and double-check every financial plan that you make, advises your year ahead reding.

Health Horoscope for Scorpio 2022

Your 2022 yearly health horoscope is also a mix of some good and some challenges. For those of you born in early November, you may have a health breakdown, where you experience a sudden and rapid health crisis that you never expected. However, at the same time, you are also likely to have a major health breakthrough, too, especially if you have been suffering recently.

Secondly, Jupiter enters your wellness zone from May until October, which can help to improve all health-related matters and give you good doctors and lifestyle habits that go a long way towards healing. Do be careful, however, as Jupiter’s transit through this area can sometimes bring about weight gain and going to excess when it comes to the good life! You’ll need to be careful of being too impulsive with eating, drinking and making merry., Scorpio.

The Moon’s North Node will also be entering the area related to your physical body, which, over the next eighteen months, may indicate that it’s time for a new lifestyle and to focus on getting your physical energy to a good place. Especially seeing as you are likely to be more tired and drained between October and January 2023.

Family and Social Life Horoscope for Scorpio 2022

Your family and social horoscope for 2022 is much the same as it was in 2021, Scorpio. Saturn, the planet of difficulties and restrictions, continues to travel through your domestic zone until the end of the year. This planet is likely causing some major karmic lessons and responsibilities when it comes to your home life, some of which aren’t easy.

It’s also important to note that Jupiter is leaving this zone of your astrology chart, which could put an end to the potentially constant moving around that may have been happening for you in2021. Now, you’re more likely to stay put, even if you’re not totally enjoying it. It’s important to see your 2022 family horoscope as a time of contained growth, Scorpio.

Socially, all looks about the same as it did in 2021, albeit with a more fun-filled period between January and May and October to December.

Spiritual Horoscope for Scorpio 2022

For those of you born sometime after the middle of November, your spirituality is set to skyrocket, says your spiritual horoscope for 2022. This is because Neptune is connecting with your Sun, creating a powerful sense of intuition and connection to a higher power. It’s possible that this connection springs from a creative project – often, music and art have the ability to spark our spiritual energy, Scorpio.

There’s also the chance of spiritual growth in your romantic relationships, says your yearly horoscope. Karmic lessons here can push you to grow enormously, and bring you a greater understanding of who you really are, Scorpio.

Advice and General Outline for Scorpio Horoscope 2022

Your yearly 2022 Horoscope is very much focused on love and relationships, Scorpio. With the Moon’s nodes moving into this area for the next eighteen ninths, Jupiter’s transit into your fifth house of romantic energy, as well as the continued transit of Uranus through your commitment zone, you’re in for quite a ride!

Your health is something you may need to watch. If you’re born in early November or even mid-November, you may have a health crisis or breakthrough, or possibly work-related stress causing some issues, especially for your teeth, skin, and bones. Luckily, Jupiter’s support can help you get through it and lend you more passion for a healthier lifestyle.

Work-wise, things are much the same as in 2021, though you may have a far more creative year than last year, says your 2022 general horoscope. You may tap into a few personal passions and enjoy this process of unfolding, an unfolding that also brings spiritual energy to your world.

Financially, you may have a tough cycle over October – January 2023, when your ancient ruler, Mars, goes retrograde. This is a time where you have to be extra careful and not jump into anything impulsively.