Scorpio Horoscope 2020

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You may feel stuck in a lot of problems this year. It may not bring the same energy as the past few years have brought along with them. You will feel lazy and unproductive, and things may not go the way you want them to, as predicted by Scorpio horoscope.  However, this will end soon for you, and the last few months will be very pleasant! 

Scorpio Horoscope 2020: Planet movement influence

Your free Scorpio horoscope states that unlike the previous years, even this year, Pluto will be in your house of communication. This brings with it a lot of opportunities and success. You will feel more creative and analytical and will be able to comprehend situations better. Pluto and Scorpio have a special energy that also prevents and shields you from negative thoughts, bad luck, anxiety, phobias, and other tensions.

Jupiter will also help you to overcome your bad habits and develop better habits. However, this will not happen until the fall of this year. Therefore, throughout the year, you may feel unproductive and will not be able to focus a lot on your work, but towards the end, you will see your hard work reap fruits. You will see an increase in your self-worth.

This year Neptune will pass your star in a rather slower motion. However, this may be problematic for you. You will experience drifts in your love life, and they won’t be easy to see, and Neptune is rather deceptive this year.

Mars is going to be in retrograde motion this year. Therefore, it might bring unproductivity and slow your speed down. This may exhaust you to the point that you might want to give up. However, this energy curse will be lifted by November. Make sure you remain calm and steadfast during this time.

You may also experience some problems at your workplace; these can be a result of the effect of Mercury, as suggested by Scorpio horoscope. These may get overheated and out of control if not managed properly.

Attributes and character traits for Scorpio

Your Scorpio 2020 horoscope, suggests that you are going to have a secretive nature this year. You will hide things from people you love, such as your feelings and emotions. One very strong attribute of Scorpio’s will be how they will have a way with words and they will be able to make everyone around them understand their point. However, you might get into some trouble because of this characteristic.

You will be very straight forward this year; you will tell everyone frankly about how you feel towards them. You will also not let anyone talk you into doing things; in fact, you will do that. It is good to be honest with people.

This year you will be labeled as a mysterious person by your friends and family, and you will want to get to the bottom of every situation. You are not scared of anything and will feel the need to transcend all boundaries to uncover the truth.

You are also a very emotional person. You will feel the need to express your feelings to your loved ones. You want to make sure that if you are intimate with a partner, you also have an emotional connection with them. You firmly believe in love.

You have a rather powerful personality, as suggested by Scorpio horoscope 2020. For you, domination is easy coming, and you love to have control over your surroundings.

Difficulties for Scorpio Horoscope 2020

2020 Scorpio horoscope suggests that this year, you will have issues regarding how you are able to get away with your words. You might fall into your own word trap. You may believe that others are not like you, and you will have a tough time to be humble. Similarly, you will also be very personal and secretive this year; this can give rise to many misconceptions and can break strong bonds that were meant to be forever.

Your positive energy will not be by your side at the beginning of the year. You may feel like the universe is against you, and nothing will seem to go as per your plan. You will get demotivated and lose the motivation to continue; however, if you can continue to push through these tough times, you will get the fruit of your labor and hard work.

As per your Scorpio horoscope, you are very blunt and straightforward. Although this could be a good character trait, it may cause you some trouble when it comes to hurting people. You may be brutally honest, and it may break someone’s heart. You should be considerate towards other people’s emotions.

This is one of the reasons why people will not want to talk to you unless they really have to. You may feel lonely and insecure about yourself.

Career and Work Horoscope for Scorpio 2020

Your Scorpio astrology states that you will have a moderate life in terms of your career and work. This year there will be a lot of opportunities that await you. Scorpio horoscope also predicts that you will develop a lot of skills in your work field, and this is the reason you will be well-liked by the end of the year as everyone will see your success and hard work. At the beginning of the year, if you find yourself stuck in a situation, go with your gut instinct as the planetary movement suggests a lot of luck by your side this year; it may help you breakthrough a terrible situation.

You will take a smart approach with your words and methods on your co-workers and enjoy the benefits that your planning brings to you. However, as the planetary movement suggests the withdrawal of positive energy, you may feel unmotivated to work. However, you can manage your career and work even in this period of difficulty if you try to look at the positive side and surround yourself with people who help you give your best.

Love, marriage or romance horoscope for Scorpio2020

According to your Scorpio yearly astrology, this year, nothing major will change about your relationship status. If you are in a relationship, you may have problems at the beginning of the year. These problems can disturb you mentally. You should try to approach these more strategically.

If you are single, you may not be able to find a suitable partner in this year because of your laziness. Maybe you will not want to put in the effort to find someone. However, you can meet someone if you have the intention to as you are going to have a lot of luck by your side this year.

This is rather a dull year when it comes to your love life, as there will be no spark between you and your loved one. If things are not working out between you and your partner, expect them to stay the same way till the end of the year. This can lead to a permanent end to your relationship, as well. However, if things are going smooth, they will remain smooth until the end of the year. Even though things will not take a drastic turn when it comes to your love horoscope, Scorpio horoscope 2020 predicts that this year, you can see your existing relationships get stronger because of your emotional contribution.

Financial horoscope for Scorpio2020

The prediction according to your Scorpio zodiac horoscope is that finances will be blooming this year. With the coming of the New Year, you will attract new energy that makes you stronger when it comes to finances. The past few years have not been as good as 2020 will be for you.

You will have really good luck this year that will also attract numerous opportunities that bring with them recognition and money. You will have abundant money throughout the year that will be able to fulfill your needs and desires.

You may have more than the money you need for yourself. This will open an opportunity for you to invest your earnings. A property investment might give you a lot of benefits. Make sure you consult the right person and make a good investment. A renovation of the house or maybe an upgrade of your car could be a good idea.

Scorpio horoscope also predicts that you will not be greedy or selfish when it comes to your money. You may find it difficult to give back to the universe, but you will eventually come to terms with it.

Health horoscope for Scorpio2020

The Scorpio oracle makes it evident that this year, you will feel healthier generally. You will be free of most mental issues as you have a positive planetary influence of Jupiter protecting you from it. Anxiety, depression, and other problems will be out of your way. You will also enjoy good physical health that may help you be productive at work. If you are young and under your 30’s you will find yourself indulged in a new healthy habit such as playing a sport or exercising.

However, if you are above 30, you will also enjoy good health, and you may find comfort in taking a walk regularly. If you have any serious health issues such as diabetes, ulcers, blood pressure, etc, you must take care of your health, or it may start to deteriorate.

Most Scorpios will find relief in spiritual healing methods such as yoga, as predicted by Scorpio horoscope 2020. You may find yourself joining a yoga class or meditation. However, the only drawback that your health brings along with it is that you may tend to lose things. By “losing” things, there is a specific reference to losing past practices. This could either be good for you, or it could be bad as well.

Family and lifestyle horoscope for Scorpio2020

Your Scorpio horoscope reading says that you will have some difficulties when it comes to your family. This can be in reference to your immediate family or your extended family. An old family feud between your siblings may heat up this year, disturbing the peace of your house. It might get very personal and involve your immediate family, such as your spouse.

You can also experience difficulties when it comes to coming to terms with your parents. You may believe that they think differently than you, and you will have trouble making them understand how you feel about certain situations. This can be because of the generation gap that exists between you and your parents. However, you should make efforts to come on the same page, or this might get more tangled, and you can end up leaving the house.

Scorpio horoscope predicts that even though you may have issues with your family, you still think home is the most comforting place. You will always come home if you want peace and want to relax. You will enjoy a good and comfortable lifestyle. You may also get your house renovated because you want it to be a reflection of your choice.

Advice and General outline for Scorpio

Scorpio zodiac reading makes sure that you know how the year ahead will look like for you. Now it depends on you and how you spend it. You can spend it either by going with the flow or plan it out and dodge all the possible difficulties that you may face.

As this year, you will have an impact of negative energy that will slow down your creative process; you should look into being productive. There are many ways you can counter this energy, such as using your birthstone to help absorb all the negative energy, surrounding yourself with positive people, and believing that you can do it! Don’t forget that you are the controller of everything that goes around you.

As you will find yourself being more creative, take this chance, and try to polish your skills or learn something that might benefit you a lot.

Make sure you are soft-spoken and approachable. This will help break the perception that you are not friendly. Scorpio horoscope says that this year, the best thing you can do is learn self-discipline. It may also be useful in the upcoming years.


You will be left confused with the passing of this year. There are so many ups and downs in different aspects of your life. However, don’t feel overwhelmed. Make sure you enjoy every bit of the year, by fully investing yourself into working hard. This year is also a bit unpredictable as the Scorpio horoscope reads.