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What a year you’ve had, Aquarius! Many of you reached new heights of success, particularly in your career. It’s been hard slog for the last few years, and finally, you’re reaching the pinnacle of success. What does your 2023 horoscope say for you? Well, it promises to continue the ride, Aquarius, with a great deal of pressure also finally coming off your shoulders. With that said, there are some major shifts and changes you’ll get a glimpse of halfway through the year, which is a teaser of what’s to come in 2024. Continue reading to explore what the year ahead has in store for you…

Aquarius Horoscope 2023: Your Main Planetary Influences

Aquarius, the main planetary influence for the year ahead is the move of your ancient and traditional ruler, Saturn, into a whole new sign. He’s been in your own sign of Aquarius since 2020 – yes, that’s right – three whole years! This has brought some major karmic lessons, some of them very difficult and testing, but most of which have brought you to a better place.

You may have found that your entire identity has shifted and that you’ve stepped into a more authoritative role, both within yourself and in your career. Now’s the time to continue allowing the ball to keep rolling, Aquarius, and build on the success you’ve had so far.

Challenges for Aquarius Horoscope 2023

Your challenges for your 2023 horoscope mostly involve two planets, Aquarius – Pluto and Uranus. It also depends on when you were born, so if that was either very close to the start of Aquarius season, or near to the middle, then you’ll be most affected. The rest of you may not feel this as much.

You see, Aquarius, Pluto is entering your sign for the first time in hundreds of years – yes, hundreds! He’s briefly stepping into Aquarius from March until June, which will give you some insight as to what to expect from 2024 onwards, when he’ll stay for the next decade and a half. This brings a powerful change in life circumstances, such as love, health or career. Uranus, on the other hand, lends the energy of sudden change, freedom and even liberation, even if it does feel difficult at first, reassures your 2023 yearly reading.

Career and Work Horoscope for Aquarius 2023

Let’s just take a moment to acknowledge how far you’ve come over the last few years when it comes to your career, Aquarius. Give yourself a big pat on the back for a job well done, because you truly have taken great strides. Now, your 2023 career and work prospects reading look pretty good too, with perhaps a little less pressure and responsibility. With that said, those of you born very close to the start of Aquarius Season will experience the intense, powerful energy of Pluto coming into your sign.

What does this mean for your career? Well, it means that you may step into a position of power and authority, such as getting a promotion for example. Or, you may experience a crisis in which you realize that you’ve been losing power the whole time, and now’s the time to get it back. It won’t be an easy process, Aquarist, but it will be worth it.

The Moon’s Nodes have also been traveling through your career sector for the last half of 2022, and will continue to affect this area for most of the year. The Eclipses in particular, during May and October, are likely to reflect major changes in your work direction. These changes say feel like they’re out of your control, Aquarius – and that’s because they are. The Universe is giving you what you need, not what you want, so avoid being stubborn. Adaptability is something important to embrace this year, Aquarius.  

Love, Marriage and Romance Horoscope for Aquarius 2023

Your love and romance horoscope for 2023 is very much the same as it was in 2022, Aquarius. Towards the latter half of the year, you may have had some trouble in paradise, as Mars went retrograde in this sector of your Astrology chart. His retrograde period ends at the very start of 2022, so you can heave a sigh of relief. However, with that said, you may still be collecting the debris of any damage done, and many of you may still be processing a breakup. If this is the case, gave yourself some time before you head out into the dating scene again, Aquarius. If not, then make sure you’re communicating openly with your partner so that you can put to bed any conflicts of the past year. It’s time to start on a clean slate, Aquarius.

The Venus retrograde, over July and September, hits your commitment sector and stirs it up. This is a time when ex-lovers are very likely to appear out of nowhere, so get ready, says your 2023 romance reading. Why does this happen? Well, it’s usually because there’s a need for closure. As much as you may long for reconciliation, it’s best that you stay away from the idea, Aquarius. Venus retrogrades generally aren’t the time for starting any new relationships.

If you are with someone, it’s time to revisit your values and see what’s working for you, and what’s not. You may have a few conflicts, and it’s important that you avoid drama, Aquarius. Instead, see where you can meet in the middle – but don’t let anyone mess you around, either.

You’re in a very strong place at the moment, Aquarius – mainly because you’ve probably dealt with a fair amount of loss and/or challenge in your love life over the last while. Because of this, you can take your pick when it comes to relationships, knowing you have the ability to be alone.

Financial Horoscope for Aquarius 2023

Your financial horoscope for 2023 is kind of a big deal, Aquarius. Why? Well, you have the move of planet Saturn into this sector from around March 2023, where he’ll be staying for three years or so. This is a major transit, Aquarius, make no mistake about it. Saturn only heads into this zone every thirty years, inviting you to restructure your finances and resources.

It seems that a major financial lesson for 2023 is going to be boundaries. With Neptune still traveling in this sector, you’ve probably already been learning this, perhaps even the hard way. If people have been taking advantage of you or exploiting you, Aquarius, then this is the time of reckoning. With Saturn here, it’s time to take stock and build walls of protection, financially speaking.

You could find ta the year kicks off with some tough challenges around money, and it may initially feel like a big stress. However, the moment you sit down, create a budget and stick to it, is the moment you take control. Trust and surrender, Aquarius – the Universe has your back, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Don’t let fear take over, and most of all, know your worth. In fact, if you know your value and worth, all of this will be so much easier. This is the time to hike up your prices, Aquarius, to ask for a raise or to draw a line. It’s going to feel hard at first, but in the end, you’ll feel better for it.

The other way that Saturn may work for you is if you invest in something like a property or something else quite big. Money will feel tight, but it’ll be because of a good reason. Even if you’re not investing, money may feel tight anyway, so avoid overspending or going past your budget in 2023, Aquarius.

Health Horoscope for Aquarius 2023

When it comes to your Health horoscope for 2023, Aquarius, it mostly looks good. You may have had a rough few years, what with Pluto traveling through your chronic illness sector, but that’s set to change properly, come 2024. In 2023, from March until June, you’ll get a glimpse of exactly how healthy you’ll start feeling.

You’ve also had a very long transit of Saturn through your physical body sector, since 2020. From March 2023, Saturn finally leaves this area, which gives you a well-deserved break from the health challenges you could have faced over the last three years. Hopefully, you took responsibility and went for your check-ups, took care of your teeth and got any aches and pains sorted out. You may have also started a new exercise regime and lost some weight over this time, Aquarius, so keep building on that momentum. 

Family and Social Life Horoscope for Aquarius 2023

Your 2023 family horoscope is quite active, Aquarius. You see, you have the move of abundant Jupiter into your domestic sector from May 2023, a transit which is bound to bring only good things for you. You may move into a bigger and more expansive home, or perhaps start enjoying the changes and renovations you’ve made to your space. You’ll also enjoy a generally happy family life, with easy connections to everyone that you love. Generosity flows this year, both from you and towards you, Aquarius.

However, there’s one small catch – Uranus is still transiting your home sector, which could reflect some level of instability and chaotic change. This is an energy perfect for living a gypsy life and for feeling greater freedom within your home space. if you’re considering moving overseas or having two homes in two different places, then this is perfect for you, Aquarius.

Regarding friendship, things look to be the same as they were in 2022. You’ve likely had quite a social 2022, so you may want to focus more attention on family than friends in the coming year, Aquarius.

Spiritual Horoscope for Aquarius 2023

Your 2023 spiritual horoscope is focused on building a strong sense of self-worth and understanding your relationship to money and finances, Aquarius. This may sound a little contradictory, but sometimes, the biggest spiritual lessons lie in your material world. You may have the feeling that you need to give away all of your material possessions, or perhaps you’re in a space, from March 2022, where you’re scared of losing what you have. Trusting the process is very important at the moment, Aquarius. Surrender into whatever is happening for you and don’t forget to value yourself and your gifts – whether spiritual or not.

Advice and General Outline for Aquarius Horoscope 2023

Your yearly 2023 horoscope looks like it’s going to be a whole lot easier on you than 2022, Aquarius.  For one thing, you have Saturn, the great taskmaster, finally moving out of your sign after three long years, in March 2023. You’ve grown a huge amount since then, and now’s the time to look back and acknowledge how far you’ve come. It’s a good idea to keep building on your career and continue believing in yourself – you are an authority now, Aquarius, whether you think so or not.

Health should also improve this year, and you should start feeling less tired and more willing to take on even more projects. Finances are where most of your energy is going to lie in 2023, as well as home life. It may be that you’re making a big investment or learning financial boundaries this year, Aquarius. Money even may be a little tight, so it’s up to you to restructure your resources and take more responsibility in this area. Remember to value yourself, Aquarius – don’t undersell your skills this year.

Pluto moving into your sign is the biggest news of 2023  for you. Between March and June, you’ll get an idea of what this is going to feel like, especially if you’re born at the start of Aquarius Season. It’s going to be intense, bit very transformative at the same time, Aquarius. Parts of you will die off so that you can be reborn, so get ready!

Relationship – wise, things stay more or less the same, with some tension at the start of the year, and in the middle, with Mars and Venus being retrograde. You can work through this, Aquarius. Make sure that you don’t return to ex-lovers, because that won’t serve you.

Home life is where most of your joy and pleasure lies throughout the year, so make the very most of it, Aquarius. Connect to the ones you love the most and immerse yourself in your family over 2023. It’s a year in which you’ll continue taking big steps in the world, so you need all the support that you can get!