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You’ve got quite the year ahead of you, Aquarius! Your 2022 horoscope is full of changes, much like 2021 but with some extra spice added into the mix.

The most beneficial area for you this year is likely to be finances, as Jupiter blesses this area of your chart and rewards you for all the hard work you’ve been doing. Career also looks like it’s going well. and you could expect some big shifts to happen in this area, starting this year and lasting for almost eighteen months.

Love and health look to be the two areas in which you could find some challenges coming up for you, says your 2022 year ahead reading. Nothing dramatic, and the stars do have some great guidance for you so that you can handle the cosmic configurations with wisdom. So, without further ado, let’s read on to find out what the year has in store for you:

Aquarius Horoscope 2022: Your Main Planetary Influences

Your main Astrological influence for 2022, Aquarius, would have to be your ancient ruler, Saturn’s influence. He’s been in your sign for the last year already, and many of you have felt his pressure. However, for many of you, you have yet to feel his influence. His transit is said to make us ‘grow up and take responsibility’, whether that’s in our personal lives, career, or any other area of your world, says your yearly horoscope.

Jupiter has also been in your sign for the last year, blessing many of you and offering you all kinds of great opportunities for growth – perhaps even softening the blow of tough-love Saturn. However, Jupiter does move away now and you’re mostly on your own. You’ll have to handle the Saturn lessons independently  – you are more than capable, Aquarius.

Challenges for Aquarius Horoscope 2022

The challenges for your 2022 horoscope are threefold – first, as we’ve mentioned, many of you – especially those born in mid-February – will have Saturn’s hard life lessons to learn. This could be medical, relationship orientated, or career-related.

The next planet that could create a challenge for you is Uranus, says your 2022 reading. Uranus is the planet of sudden and abrupt changes, and a couple of you will be feeling a square from this planet of disruption. Maybe you’ve been feeling it already, or maybe you’ve been sensing a build-up. Uranus will likely create a few breakdowns, as well as breakthroughs for you, especially in your domestic life, Aquarius. Thus, it’s best to stay as flexible as you can.

The final challenge to watch out for in 2022 would be the retrograde of Mars in your romance and love zone, from October until January 2023. This one could be tricky, and it’s important that you navigate it with care. Scroll down to your romance horoscope for 2022 to see how this will affect you, but don’t forget to read the rest of your forecasts, too!

Career and Work Horoscope for Aquarius 2022

One positive thing that Saturn will bring you is great career growth, says your career horoscope for 2022. But that’s only if you step up, take responsibility, and be brave enough to own your authority. Transits like this have the chance of really changing our lives if we let them. You may even get a promotion over 2022, Aquarius, but you’ll have to work extremely hard and accepting of limitations on your time and energy. You might be rather exhausted, but it’ll be worth it, promises your 2022 horoscope.

Between January – May, and October – December, is a great time to use your creative or healing skills in the workplace if that’s your field of work, Aquarius. Either way, you should be feeling extremely inspired and willing to compassionately help anyone who needs it. You are a humanitarian, after all, and you do love to uplift and support your fellow (wo)man.

Uranus will also be squaring many of your Suns, which creates a strong desire for more freedom in your life, Aquarius, Thus, you may find it a good idea to go freelance in 2022, especially if you are born in the early part of February. You may even abruptly change your job and do something totally different, says your career reading for the year. You love shocking people, and this year may urge some of you to do just that and go against the status quo. You may even work more with technology and the online space, suggests your 2022 year ahead.

And don’t worry, Aquarius, you will be rewarded for your work financially. But more on that a little later! Just keep in mind that Mars is going retrograde this year, between October to January 2023. This transit makes everyone slow down and feel more exhausted, less motivated, and more irritable in general.

This period may have you going back to the drawing board, creatively speaking, and you might have to delay a couple of personal projects or feel blocked in some way. This is only for a short time, so try not to get too upset about it, Aquarius.

Lastly, the Moon’s nodes are entering your career area, but this may have the effect of making you focus more on your private, personal life than on your career, Aquarius. Keep in mind that these things work in cycles and are trying to teach you balance.

Love, Marriage and Romance Horoscope for Aquarius 2022

Your Love and Romance horoscope for 2022 is more focused on you, Aquarius. It’s about building up your self-esteem and feeling good about yourself. 2022 wants you to take more responsibility for yourself and your life. This may mean, for some of you, walking away from a relationship that is no longer working anymore, or one that’s grown toxic or stale. Saturn in your sign can often indicate things like divorce, but only if you are both no longer willing to work on it.

On the other hand, Saturn also may create commitment and a willingness to take the next step in your relationship. This could look like getting married or having a baby, or simply moving in together. Again, it’s all about taking responsibility.

You’ll have to be careful, Aquarius, as it’s possible you’re feeling a little insecure this year and because of that, you may not be selecting the best partners for yourself. Or that you’re projecting all of your insecurities onto your partner in some way. Take great care, Aquarius, as this insecurity could really affect your relationships over the course of the year 2022.

Finally, the Mars retrograde will specifically affect your love life, so get ready for a roller-coaster between October and January 2023 – although it may start as early as August already. Perhaps you find that you’re picking fights with your partner and struggling to feel any kind of desire for them. Or, that there’s plenty of desire and passion, but way too much conflict. You’ll have to learn to walk that balance and do your best not to overreact or explode. Manage your anger wisely, Aquarius.

This transit may also make it harder to date, and you could be let down more than once by people who don’t have your best interests at heart. Take it easy over these few months, Aquarius, and don’t fall for everything you hear and see.

Financial Horoscope for Aquarius 2022

Although you’ve still got naughty Neptune in your financial zone for quite a few years, abundant Jupiter’s coming along to shake up your financial world up, says your financial horoscope for 2022. The months between January and May and October to December are particularly great for money, and you could find yourself getting a raise, or just earning more. But, be careful, Aquarius, because you also might be spending more. Jupiter is excess and doesn’t care whether that excess is good or bad.

You’ll also have to be careful about your financial boundaries, especially in April, Aquarius.  You may achieve a financial dream at this time, and it can be great for you as long as you stay grounded and realistic.

Health Horoscope for Aquarius 2022

There are two main planets involved in your health horoscope for 2022, Aquarius: are Saturn (again!) and Uranus. If you are born in mid-February, especially, this could reflect a time in which your skeletal structure, joints, teeth skin, and bones are highlighted. You could have some issues and limitations here, and struggle with a health condition in one or more of these areas.

However, if you learn to live with your limitations and take responsibility for your health, you could find yourself in a stronger physical position than ever before by the end of the year, promises your 2022 health reading. If you ignore any issues, then things are likely to get worse. Stress-related health issues are also likely because you’re working so hard, Aquarius. Learn to delegate, but also learn to shoulder the responsibilities that the universe is giving you.

Finally, if you are born in early February, Uranus will be on your Sun, saying that it’s likely for you to have sudden health breakdowns. But also that breakthroughs are also very possible, as well. Either way, you are being tested in some way, and there’s an urge to find a way to break free of the habits that are perhaps causing you harm, health-wise.

Family and Social Life Horoscope for Aquarius 2022

Your family horoscope for 2022 looks great for siblings and extended family, especially in the period between May and October, Aquarius. Jupiter enters this area of your Astrology chart and brings with him blessings and gifts, such as greater connections and even a new family member. Communication will come easily, and you’ll likely take quite a few trips away with the ones you love.

Your social life is often very important to you, Aquarius. This year, some of you may feel a bit like a hermit, mostly due to your insecurities. It’s important not to allow these insecurities to dominate your life, Aquarius – you need your people around you. Surround yourself with the ones who you love, especially between October -January 2023, where friendships could get a bit tense.

Spiritual Horoscope for Aquarius 2022

Pluto is still traveling through your spiritual zone at the moment, Aquarius. This means major, if subtle, transformation going on behind the scenes for you. You’re still learning about your personal power at the moment, and perhaps purging and working through some of your deepest, darkest shadows. This is a great time to have a therapist of some kind to assist you in this process to grow spiritually.

Otherwise, you should also, along with everyone else, be feeling the lovely transit of Jupiter through the sign of spiritual Pisces. This is likely to make you feel quite inspired to help your fellow man, which is the most spiritual act anyone can do, as far as you’re concerned.

Advice and General Outline for Aquarius Horoscope 2022

Your yearly 2022 Horoscope is quite similar in some ways to 2021, Aquarius. Many of the fixed signs – Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio are the ones most affected at the moment by the planetary movements. Saturn is a major planet for you at the moment and has so much to teach you. He’s teaching you through limitations, challenges, tests, and insecurities, Aquarius, and it’s up to you to do the hard work. It’s only one more year like this, and you’ll feel much more at ease, come 2023.

Uranus is also a big influence, especially if you are born in early February, says your yearly reading for 2022. This planet creates sudden and abrupt changes in your personal and domestic life, as well as health breakdowns and breakthroughs. You do have to try and be as flexible as you can, Aquarius. Don’t be stubborn or hold on too tightly to anything. Uranus wants you to be free, after all.

The Mars Retrograde will bring along some tests in your love life towards the end of the year, but a possibly very creative time too. This creativity is boosted by the transit of Jupiter in Pisces from January – May, and October – December. This is also the time where you’re likely to be earning good money and achieving a financial dream. Just keep your boundaries strong, Aquarius!

Go traveling between May and October as that’s the best time for you to do it, and you’ll find yourself truly enjoying taking a much-needed break from the responsibilities that are undoubtedly sitting on your shoulders at the moment.

Life has a lot to offer you this year, if you look for the gifts, Aquarius. You are growing in wonderful ways even if, at times, it feels tough! Nothing worth doing is ever easy, and there are plenty of great moments awaiting you throughout your year ahead to make it all worth your while!