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Things are looking quite bright for you for 2022, Cancer! There are some big ups and downs for some of you, but on the whole, it looks like a year in which you could be very blessed indeed. Quite a few areas of your life look set to be a little less challenging, with some great growth happening in your spiritual and career areas!

Your intuition should be growing in a big way, too, and travel looks like it could be on the cards for you during your 2022 year ahead. Financially speaking, you will still need to exercise discipline and take responsibility. When you do, you’ll reap the rewards, says your 2022 yearly reading.

Cancer Horoscope 2022: Your Main Planetary Influences

The Moon is the ruler of your horoscope, Cancer. Thus, following the Moon’s movements is quite important for your 2022 year ahead reading. This year, the Moon’s Nodes move into the signs of Scorpio and Taurus. This is important for you, as the Nodes talk about where your karmic path is headed. More importantly, the Eclipse this year will be in a different zone of your Astrology chart and will urge you to explore your friendships, creative side, and personal passions – and to find some balance between the two. Eclipse Season happens in April/May and Oct/November. These are very important times for your social relationships, goals, and passions, Cancer.

The other major transit to look out for will be the arrival of Jupiter in Aries, in your career zone. This can bring about some seriously wonderful professional opportunities for growth, Cancer, and work should feel like a joy, promises your 2022 general horoscope for the year ahead.  

Challenges for Cancer Horoscope 2022

The main challenge for your 2022 horoscope is the continued transit of Pluto in your relationship sign. Those of you born just around the middle of July will feel this the most, as this planet challenges you to take your power back when it comes to your partnerships. You may feel a sense of dread and there’s potentially a huge amount of pressure on a few of you, says your 2022 yearly reading. However, Pluto’s job is to change and transform you and your relationships so that there’s more authenticity in your life.

You’ll also need to be mindful of the Mars retrograde this year, which will affect everyone to some level or another. For you, this could mean frustration behind the scenes and repressed explosive anger and panic between the months of August and January 2023. You’ll need to explore your rage, Cancer, and channel it in healthy ways, learning to assert yourself better without blowing up. You’ll also need to keep a good eye on your health and wellbeing over these particular months.

Career and Work Horoscope for Cancer 2022

Cancer, your 2022 horoscope for your career is excellent! Jupiter bringer of gifts and luck, enters the sign of Aries which is your career sign, from May until October 2022, and at the beginning of 2023 as well.

This planet is all about expansion and freedom, and in Aries, Jupiter is urging you to take a risk at work, to put yourself out there and start something brand-new. If you’ve been feeling stifled in your job, now’s the time to break free and spread your wings. And now’s the time where you’ll have the courage to do it! The rewards can be great, Cancer. However, the only catch is that you will have to be careful of being too impulsive and think things through for a little bit before you take a sudden leap. You’re feeling lucky – and you are – but you need to temper your luck with practicality.  

With the Eclipses moving into your hopes, dreams, and wishes zone, you may be methodically building up an idea of what you want your future to look like. It could be a bit tough to balance your passions with this bigger picture, and you might be pulled back and forth between these two until you eventually learn to integrate these energies over the next two years or so.

Powerful professional partnerships may also still come your way, if they haven’t already, promises your 2022 horoscope. However, you will need to make sure that you aren’t giving too much of your power away and are staying true to your integrity. Don’t allow yourself to be disempowered, Cancer.  This is especially true for the Mars retrograde period, where you are unlikely to be standing up for yourself, thus leading to repressed tension in the workplace. Expect things to slow down somewhat between the months of October and January 2023, Cancer – you may want to work on projects behind the scenes, rather than trying to take drastic outward action.

Love, Marriage and Romance Horoscope for Cancer 2022

Your Love and romance horoscope for 2022 is quite similar to the previous year, Cancer. Your relationship ruler, Saturn, stays in the same sign of Aquarius, creating a fairly stable situation in your love life. It looks like you and your partner or either building up a life together at the moment and learning to share finances and responsibilities – or you’ve ended things and are just now trying to rebuild your world.  

Either way, it’s a time of slow, measured, and sustained change. There are certainly moments of crisis, Cancer, as Saturn is transiting through your eighth house of transformation. You’ll need to navigate these themes with maturity, whatever your relationship status is. You may also be dealing with vulnerability and intimacy issues, perhaps even issues related to sexuality. Again, it’s important that you take a calm, responsible, and mature approach to all of these topics rather than just shutting down.

You also have the long-term transit of Pluto through your commitment and romance one, says your love horoscope for 2022. This is likely bringing about major transformation to your relationship, and showing you exactly what the power dynamic is looking like at the moment. At best, you are learning to work as a team. At worst, the relationship is toxic, destructive or one in which there are constant power games. You’ll need to know when to move on, Cancer, if it’s the latter. Those of you born just after the middle of July may have a major change of heart when it comes to your relationship.

With the South Node moving also moving through one of your romance zones, children and pleasure can become a hot topic. A new relationship could be formed either in April/May or October/November at the time of the Eclipses – or you may get pregnant. You may also decide at these times to fully let go of a certain relationship, says your yearly reading.

Financial Horoscope for Cancer 2022

Your financial horoscope for 2022 is also fairly similar to what it was in 2021. Saturn is still traveling through one of your money zones, all the way until the end of 2022. This is helping you take much more responsibly for your finances, and possibly even assist you with things such as tax, debts, loans, and inheritances. You may have some restrictions, but only because you are likely making wiser choices than ever before at the moment.

There is one tough period, during October 2022, when Saturn and Uranus come together in a square. These squares have been happening for the whole of 2021, so you should be familiar with the flavor of this, says your 2022 year ahead. Unexpected developments could happen quickly, so make sure that you have money set aside for a rainy day, Cancer.

You also have the long-term transit of Uranus in your money-earned zone, bringing opportunities to earn money from unexpected places. This is a great transit for freelancers! However, it can be a little bit of a roller-coaster, especially with the North Node moving into this area too and coming close to Uranus. It’s a good idea to look at new ways of earning money, Cancer, and to possibly also look forward to an increase during the months of April and May, and again in October to November.

Health Horoscope for Cancer 2022

Your 2022 yearly health horoscope is where you may be challenged, Cancer, but more so for those of you born just after the middle of the month of July. Pluto will be opposing your Sun which can lead to a breakdown in your physical body. It could be from too much pressure, so please take it easy, asks your 2022 health horoscope.

The other reason for potential poor health could be due to the Mars retrograde happening in your chronic issues zone, from October 2022 until January 2023, Cancer. However, he does enter this area already from August 2022, which may be the start of some health problems. Don’t brush anything under the carpet, Cancer, as you may come to regret it!

Also, from May until October, you are likelier to be pushing yourself very hard and overdoing it, due to the Jupiter square on your Sun. This is an alignment often indicative of going overboard, working too hard, eating badly, or just doing too much. Notice where you are doing this, Cancer, and hit the brakes when you need to.

Family and Social Life Horoscope for Cancer 2022

The North Node moves into your social zone for the year 2022 and longer, says your yearly reading. This can bring new growth to your friendships, and possibly even indicate a few ‘fated’ meetings with people who will be important for your life’s journey. You’ll need to somehow balance your friendships with your love relationships, however, as your social horoscope for 2022 indicates that you may feel pulled in two directions.

Also be aware that the Eclipse Seasons – May to April, and October to November, could be critical turning points for your social life, where certain people may be ‘eclipsed’ out of your life, making space for new people to take their place. Welcome the process, and don’t hold on too tightly, Cancer.

Family life looks much the same as it did for 2021, although the beginning of the year may be a bit touchy for you. Luckily, this cycle ends in January 2022, making the rest of the year easier. Those of you born after the middle of July may have a family crisis or drama, where it becomes essential to empower yourself.  

Spiritual Horoscope for Cancer 2022

Your spiritual horoscope for the year 2022 is very powerful, Cancer. Both Jupiter and Neptune are traveling through the sign of Pisces in the early part of the year, with April being an especially spiritual month for you. This time may even indicate you taking a magical trip abroad and making all of your dreams come true.

What’s more, these two planets connect to your Sun, making this a year where your intuition could be in full force, says your 2022 yearly reading. You may have a much more powerful than usual connection with your own higher power, with angels, astrology, energy healing, or whatever it is that you believe. January to May and October to November are particularly spiritual periods of you, states your 2022 year ahead. You are growing hugely at the moment and your perspective and beliefs are shifting for the better, Cancer.

Advice and General Outline for Cancer Horoscope 2022

Your yearly 2022 Horoscope is mostly on the positive side, Cancer. Jupiter’s transit through your spiritual and travel area could be an especially lovely time for you from January until  May and even during October and November. Your career also looks set to receive a massive boost of luck and growth from May until October, and you may decide to spread your wings and fly, promises your 2022 horoscope for the year ahead.

However, you will have to be careful of overdoing it and taking too many risks, as you may all too easily burn out, Cancer. Mars is in your health zone for 2022, from August until January 2023, reminding you to be more mindful with your energy and address any underlying health concerns. You’ll also need to work on any repressed anger issues during this time.

Finally, the Eclipses and Nodal shift into new signs indicate that social relationships, goals, and dreams have to be balanced with personal passions and relationships.