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The last two years haven’t been easy on you, Leo. Does your 2023 horoscope have some good news for you? Absolutely! Life has been testing you in all kinds of ways, from love, to health, career, finance and so much more. Now, you’re ready to allow your light to shine once again and take on the world. You may feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders, allowing you to, once again, see all the positives in the world.

Of course, there will be a few challenges to come up, and 2023 is the start of a powerfully transformative process for many of you. you’ll learn a great deal about power and how to wield it – when to surrender versus when to truly let go. Excitement is part and parcel of your year ahead, so do your best to embrace sudden change and be as adaptable as possible, Leo.

Leo Horoscope 2023: Your Main Planetary Influences

Your 2023 free yearly horoscope’s main influence are the planets Uranus and Pluto. For those of you born very early in Leo season, you’ll find that there’s going to be intense, powerful and unstoppable shifts that come your way. This will help you step into your true individual power.

Career also looks on the up and up, with plenty of refreshing change going on and a desire to create greater freedom in your professional world. Once again, you will have to learn to be flexible, Leo, or else you may suffer the consequences.

Challenges for Leo Horoscope 2023

The greatest challenges for you, Leo, lie not in 2023 but in the last few years. The universe has decided to give you somewhat of a break going forward, so for many of you, there won’t be too many obstacles standing in your way over the year ahead.

However, Pluto is moving into your opposite sign of Aquarius for just a few months, from March until June 2023. For those of you born in the early part of Leo season, around the 22nd, 23rd or 24th of July, you’re in for quite a wild ride! This is a transit in which your life will likely change rather dramatically, where you may be pushed to your absolute limits. Trust in this process of transformation, Leo.

Career and Work Horoscope for Leo 2023

Your Career and Work horoscope for 2023 is somewhat the same as 2022, but with a few extra added benefits. Uranus, planet of sudden change, is still traveling through your career sector, as he has been for the last few years. This reflects plenty of disruptions and sudden shifts in your professional world out of your control. By now, Leo, you should be more than used to this energy and hopefully flowing and adapting with the changes. This is an ideal transit for those of you who wish to dip your feet into the world of freelancing or working for yourself.

You do have some great things to look forward to from the middle of the year, when Jupiter, planet of gifts and abundance, heads into the career sector of your Astrology chart. This is an expansive energy, one that boosts the probability of great opportunities coming your way. Make use of it, Leo, because this transit only happens every twelve to thirteen years. Watch for any new doors opening, and even the ones that are closing. This is also the end of a cycle, but in the most positive sense. Sometimes, we can dread endings, but if there is something you have wanted to walk away from, then this would be the year to do it, promises your 2023 career reading.

You can also look forward to Pluto leaving your work zone for a few short weeks over March, April and May. This is but a glimpse into the future, as he’ll move back into this sector until January 2024. Notice, Leo, how much less pressure there is during these months – for once you’ll be able to heave a huge sigh of relief.

Love, Marriage and Romance Horoscope for Leo 2023

Love has not been easy for you lately, to say the least, Leo. How does your romance horoscope hold up for 2023? There’s good news – Saturn, the tough taskmaster, is finally leaving your relationship sector after a brutal two to three years. For some of you, you’ve had a trial by fire and your relationship has come out stronger and more secure on the other side. For others, you may have realized that this was simply not the person for you and that the tests life threw at you both have been too much.

Whatever your situation, the Universe does have some ease in store for you. Laying the foundation seems to have been the key as you move forward into 2023. Themes for love this year include intimacy, sharing resources, merging and physical connection. Some of these themes may actually prove to be rather difficult for you, at least initially. Maybe it’s a matter where you have to blend your finances, and it’s just not comfortable for you. This is a big lesson, Leo, so be open to it.

If you are married and your relationship has been on the rocks, the next year may hold a separation or even a divorce. However, before you panic Leo, remember that it’s your choice whether or not to let that happen. You can always work harder and do your best to get even closer.

Venus, planet of love and relationships, is going retrograde from July until September. This isn’t bad news for you, Leo, as she spends an extra-long time in your very own sign. You’re going to be looking and feeling at your best, which will only serve to put the limelight on you. You’ll probably be doing a lot to improve your appearance, which is never a bad thing.

Financial Horoscope for Leo 2023

Your financial horoscope for 2023 is an interesting one, especially from May onwards, Leo. You have the planet Saturn – planet of lessons, challenges and restrictions – entering this sector of your Astrology chart, which may reflect somewhat of a challenging time.

What Saturn needs from you for the next two to three years is learning to discipline yourself financially. Create a solid plan to pay off your debts, lands and mortgage, Leo – this is the time to step up. Many of you will need to get out of debt, and the only way you can do it is by creating better boundaries.

Speaking of boundaries, Neptune is still traveling through your shared finances sector, and although he’s been here for quite a while, you still need to learn some of his lessons. Have you been sharing, giving too much? Have you co-created a situation in which you’re enabling someone financially and feeling resentful? Have you been taken advantage of materially? Exploited? Now would be the time to draw the line, Leo.

If you are in a business partnership or relationship, you’ll need to ensure that you, as a pair, are balancing how you give and take together. This is also an area where you can create better structures for you both. It will take a little trying and testing – as well as failing – but you’ll be grateful one day that you tried.

Health Horoscope for Leo 2023

It’s likely that your health over 2022 was very tough, and even back into 2021 and 2020. Are you finally out of the woods? Well, your health horoscope for 2023 says that things look a great deal better. This is particularly true if you stepped up and took responsibility, such as went for dental work, visited a physio or picked up healthier lifestyle habits. Yes, your general structure looks as if it’s taken somewhat of a knock  – maybe you’ve had back pains, shoulder issues or other skeletal problems – but that looks all set to end by about March 2023.

Is there anything else to expect? Well, Pluto has been moving through your health sector over the last decade or so, which, for many of you, may have had a health crisis pop up from time to time. But, you’ve also learnt to take better control, Leo. Pluto will be heading out of this sector around March – July, very briefly, which should give you a break from the health challenges you have faced.

However, for those of you born around the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of July, take note – Pluto will oppose your Sun which rules your vitality. This may bring about a purge or detox of some kind, either out of your own volition or out of circumstances surrounding you. it won’t be easy, but it will be transformative.

Family and Social Life Horoscope for Leo 2023

Your 2023 home and family horoscope will probably start feeling a little lighter, although the drama will only go away completely by the end of 2023. There seem to have been a few massive shift over 2022, a theme which may continue into 2023. April and October are particularly important times for new beginnings and endings in your home environment, so take note, Leo.

Socially, you don’t really have much difference from 2022, Leo. The last half of 2022 is likely to have been quite a challenge for your friendships, with plenty of conflicts popping up all over the show. This theme continues into March 2023 and then finally fades away. Hopefully, you kept a good hold of your temper, Leo.

Spiritual Horoscope for Leo 2023

Your 2023 spiritual horoscope looks interesting from about July onwards, Leo. The Moon’s nodes head into the sector of your Astrology chart ruling spiritual growth and personal expansion.  This may look like you needing to take a trip and travel somewhere interesting in the next year or so, which will fill your spiritual cup. Educating yourself in something philosophical– such as Astrology, or going to a temple group – will also help to boost your connection to a Higher Power. There seems to be more of a hunger to understand, Leo, so embrace it fully.

Advice and General Outline for Leo Horoscope 2023

Your yearly 2023 horoscope looks much more positive than 2022, Leo. Saturn is finally going to be leaving you alone from March onwards, allowing your relationships, health and overall wellness to recover. You may feel your old confidence returning, and your light begins to shine brightly once again. This allows you to accomplish and take on tasks with so much more optimism and ease.

Career is an area where you could experience some major growth and opportunity, so watch for the doors that are opening for you right now. Allow certain cycles to come to an end so that you can embrace what the Universe is offering. Rewards seem to be coming in thick and fast here, and with careful, methodical effort you may draw a great deal of abundance your way. Freedom also seems to be an important theme for you at work – do your best to create greater flexibility and you’ll be so much happier.

Some of you may experience rapid and unexpected career changes, so you’ll need to roll with it instead of resisting. Trust that there’s a higher plan for you at the moment. You may want to express yourself in very new, strange or unusual ways, so go ahead and do just that, Leo. Dye your hair (your mane!) a new color, try out skydiving or take up surfing. There’s definitely room for your identity to shift a little.

Relationships also look to be a lot easier though there can be some changes and transformations he too, especially if you are getting married or divorced. Either way, you’ll be learning about sharing, merging and unmerging. Balancing the power dynamic will be important, especially if you are born during the start of Leo season. Around March – June, if you are born during this time, you may experience powerful changes beyond your control. Take back your power by surrendering into the process, Leo.

All in all, Leo, it’s time for you to show the world who you truly are, and celebrate yourself to the absolute fullest.