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Your 2022 yearly horoscope looks just as much of a whirlwind as 2021, Leo, so get ready! In fact, this year might even see some more big changes for you, especially when it comes to love and career. You’re going through quite a lot of shifts, and it’s essential that you see these as liberating rather than stressful. Think of this as the universe bringing you more of what you need, and cutting out everything and everyone that isn’t serving your highest calling.

More structure is needed when it comes to all your partnerships, and you may need to face up to some hard realities, says your 2022 yearly reading. If you do the hard work and take responsibility, you could be rewarded with partnerships that are long-lasting and strong. The same goes for your professional world, yet here, you need to learn to let go. Not an easy move for you, but one that is necessary for your soul’s highest growth.

The best aspect this year for you, Leo, is the move of Jupiter into fiery Aries. This will bring you increased growth and optimism, and possibly even some travel opportunities mid-year.

Leo Horoscope 2022: Your Main Planetary Influences

Your main planetary influence for 2022 is still the planet Saturn, Leo. He’s been in your opposite sign of Aquarius for the last year, and he’s set to stay for the current year, too. This brings a major focus onto relationships for you, where some of you may encounter a very serious long-term relationship, and some of you may decide it’s time to walk away. Says your year ahead. Either way, the universe is testing to see how ready you are to step up and take charge.  

Keep in mind that Jupiter, the planet of gifts and abundance, has now shifted out of Aquarius, thus allowing you to integrate the good things he brought to your relationship area in the last while. His move could make the work a little harder, but you’re ready for it. Plus, he does move into fellow fire sign, Aries, which should ramp up your passion, make you feel good, and bring some needed expansion to your world.

Challenges for Leo Horoscope 2022

For those of you born in mid-August, Saturn will be opposing your Sun, which could bring about difficulties health-wise and possibly also within your relationships. These are the main challenges for your 202 year ahead as well as some ups and downs in your career, due to Uranus’s long-term transit to this area of your Astrology Chart.

You may also experience an external challenge or difficulty coming through someone or something else, where you have to learn not to resist or push back. In fact, you need to step up and take responsibility, advises your 2022 horoscope. If you rebel against any type of authority, you may come up short and exhaust yourself. This year is not about having fun and partying, it’s about grounding yourself in the real world and working hard to manifest your reality. Next year will be much easier, promises your 2022 horoscope, especially if you put in the blood, sweat, and tears right now, Leo.

Career and Work Horoscope for Leo 2022

Leo, your 2022 horoscope for your career is governed by the energy of planet Uranus. This planet has been in your professional zone for a few years already, so it should come as no great shock to you to hear that things are still up and down.

The thing is, says your 2022 yearly reading, you need to start enjoying the ride. These changes are here to give you greater freedom and liberation and bring to your working world new possibilities. Freelancing is often on the cards when this planet moves through this area of your Astrology chart, Leo. this is especially true if you’re born in the earlier part of August – if so, this year is bound to be a wild ride professionally, and you may find yourself deciding to completely break free and do something totally different. Breath in the fresh air, Leo. Doesn’t it feel great?

You also still have the long-term transit of powerful Pluto in your day-to-day work zone, bringing a sense of transformation to your daily projects. The planet can place you in a position of great power, yet at the same time, may bring along continued crisis in order to get you to a place of empowerment. Be careful of power struggle with employees, clients, or colleagues, especially during the month of January 2022, warns your 2022 year ahead. Venus is retrograde here and may bring some issues, issues which will be smoothed out by February/March of 2022. Just don’t do anything hasty over this time, and you’ll be just fine, reassures your year ahead career reading.

Finally, the Mars retrograde from October until January 2023 will affect everyone in a big way. For you, you’ll have to keep a good eye on your future goals, even if the goalposts seem to shift all the time, making it hard to move forward with clarity. Don’t allow frustration to get the better of you, Leo.

Love, Marriage and Romance Horoscope for Leo 2022

Your Love and Romance horoscope for 2022 is quite similar to 2021, Leo. Saturn is still traveling through your long-term relationship zone, creating one of two things: the first is often a committed, long-term relationship coming along or developing – though one that will also have its fair share of challenges. The second is a potential split, especially if the relationship is one you have outgrown. You may come face to face with who someone really is, and realize that they are just no longer a good fit, as painful as that may be.

You can choose, Leo, to either work very hard on your relationship, or let it go. Astrology doesn’t make your choices for you – it simply helps you understand what the current themes are. if you are with someone at the moment and you’re working on the commitment side, Jupiter will support you by his entry into your eighth house of shared resources. This could mean that your partner will be able to support you financially or in other ways and that you have the chance to navigate change and crisis with a sense of grace and optimism, offers your 2022 online horoscope.

One period to watch will be the very beginning of the year when the planet of love and relationships – Venus – is retrograde. For everyone, this is a challenge romantically, including you. By the end of February, things should feel a lot less challenging in this regard, Leo.

Financial Horoscope for Leo 2022

Your financial horoscope for 2022 could be very good indeed, Leo. Whilst you seem to be going through major ups and downs when it comes to your career, the financial rewards may show you that it’s all worth it.

The reason for this, astrologically speaking, is the move of planet Jupiter into the area of joint finances, inheritances, gains, and financial support through others. Jupiter is the planet of abundance, so when he travels through one of your money houses, good things could happen.

Financial rewards may come through others, such as a tax return or a gift from the family or your partner. You may receive a property or some sort of other material asset. Remember to receive, advises your yearly reading. Don’t be too proud to let the support in that the universe wants to give you.

Of course, there is a potential downside. Jupiter in this area may also tempt you to increase your bank limits or overdraft, urging you to get more into debt. Be careful, Leo, because it could come back to bite you if you don’t have your ducks in a row. Currently, Neptune is also traveling through this area, which could indicate problems with boundaries, loss, or money slipping away from you without you really being aware of it. Don’t be exploited by others, Leo, and keep your head on straight. April is a time in which you could realize a financial dream through someone else but ensure that all your t’s are crossed, and your i’s dotted. Avoid getting too caught up in financial fantasy, in other words.

Health Horoscope for Leo 2022

Your 2022 yearly health horoscope is more or less the same as it was for 2021, Leo, with a few changes here and there. For one thing, Pluto is still in your health zone, long-term, creating potential opportunities to completely change your health regime. Unfortunately, sometimes we need a crisis in order for us to make the needed changes. But, you seem to have a lot more control over your body at the moment – just be sure it isn’t too much control, as that’s unhealthy too. January could be a tough month of indulgence for you, as Venus retrogrades in this area of your astrology chart – be careful of too much of a good thing!

For those of you born early and mid-August, you’ll be receiving some possibly quite intense health-related transits.  For early August Leo’s, Uranus will be squaring your Sun, which could make you feel quite anxious and frazzled, warns your 2022 health horoscope. You’ll need to slow down, otherwise, you may have a breakdown. Luckily, this transit could also bring about a health breakthrough, reassures your yearly reading.

And for those of you born mid-August, you’ll be having a Saturn opposition to your Sun. Usually, this is a little more serious, health-wise, and could bring about issues with your physical structure, such as back issues, mobility problems, or dental work that needs to be done. You’ll have to be careful of pushing yourself too hard, Leo, especially at work, if you want to avoid long-term complications. 

Family and Social Life Horoscope for Leo 2022

Your family horoscope for 2022 isn’t too negative or positive – it’s quite neutral, says your yearly reading. When Mars goes retrograde – being the ancient ruler of your family area – this could pose a few issues in terms of conflict resolution. This will be from October 2022 to January 2023, and you’ll need to carefully watch your words.

However, Leo, this seems to apply more to your social life and for that period of time, even a little earlier – say from August already – you may have some clashes with your friends. You’ll need to be very careful of being a know-it-all, however good your intentions are. You’ll also need to learn how to handle disagreements with grace and understanding.

Spiritual Horoscope for Leo 2022

As Jupiter enters your eighth house this year, Leo, you’ll likely start having a much more serious interest in anything occult or spiritual. Life and death may fascinate you, and you could do a deep dive into all kinds of interesting things, such as tarot and astrology, for example. Your intuition will also be extremely high between January and April, and again from October. December, so be sure to exercise this muscle.

Then, as Jupiter enters Aries for the brief period between May and October, you should be eager to take to the skies traveling or do some sort of spiritual retreat. This will have you feeling very good indeed, Leo!

Advice and General Outline for Leo Horoscope 2022

Your yearly 2022 Horoscope is somewhat similar to 2021, with a couple of positive challenges in love and career, giving you the opportunity to grow, commit, and set yourself free. Many breakthroughs could be on the horizon for you, especially professionally, and you may encounter the love of your life, move in with a partner, get engaged, married, or perhaps decide it’s time to move on if the one you’re with isn’t serious enough about you.

With Jupiter entering one of your financial zones, you’re all set to receive some material gifts from the universe and to grow intuitively. You just need to make sure that you have good boundaries, offers your year-ahead reading.

Jupiter’s move into Aries mid-year could bring amazing travel or education opportunities, so look out for those, Leo!