Leo Horoscope 2020

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According to Leo horoscope, this year is all about handling responsibilities and adapting to change. Lions will experience a different lifestyle from what they are used to. The challenge of the year is to be able to conquer the change and use it to your advantage. You will rather have a zealous year if you can manage it correctly. In spite of the change, you must remain positive and try to face all the problems that come your way with confidence and positivity. Read ahead to get access to your free Leo horoscope.

Leo Horoscope 2020: Planet movement influence

Regarding Leo astrology, this year, change or reform will be a huge part of Leo’s life.

Saturn will be in conjunction with the dwarf planet Pluto towards the mid of January; this will bring a lot of good tidings with it. You will see luck, happiness, and optimism around you. This will help you a lot to work with more productivity. This happiness will also be projected in your relationships.

Therefore, according to Leo horoscope, this might be the best time to take your relationships to a higher notch.

Jupiter will be orbiting and will bring you some good opportunities on its way during the first eight months of the year. However, it depends on you whether you take these opportunities or not. It may be difficult to take them as they involve a big change.

However, there is a high level of risk indicated during late spring to early fall. This time might not be good for Leos. They can bring a lot of problems and challenges in Leo’s life.

According to Leo horoscope 2020, Saturn that governs Leo’s love house is also going to be in a key position this year. This is mainly because it is going to make a bond with Uranus that is located in the 9th house of Leo. This will bring a lot of love for all Leos. The movement also shows that romance, bond with your children, and your creativity will be on the rise this year.

Attributes and character traits for Leo

Leo 2020 horoscope reading suggests that this year, Leos, just like Lions, will exhibit a strong personality. They will be able to express themselves and make others aware of their desires. This year you will exhibit strong energy that will make you rather positive even through some serious times. You will be warmly welcomed by others because of your humility and will be very popular amongst your friends.

As you are very nice to others, people will see a leader in you. Many will look up to you and expect you to guide them. You may be a role model for others. You are also very easy to interact with, and you make people feel very comfortable around you because of your kind nature. However, if you do not get the attention you are looking for, you might get it by creating a scene, or you may find yourself another way.

You view life from an artistic vision. You ensure that you are following your dreams, and others around you are pursuing theirs as well. You love to create and inspire others no matter what the situation is for you.

For you adapting to newer things is a little difficult, as suggested by Leo horoscope. However, you believe that everything happens for a reason, and you continue to look for some positivity even in the storm.

Difficulties for Leo Horoscope 2020

Horoscope reading for Leo suggests that your attitude can lead to several problems. Being a Leo, you are mostly used to the feeling of bossing around. However, if someone resents, you easily get enraged, and that is reflected in your tone. This can cause problems in your professional as well as your love life. To work on this problem, you need to have a much more open approach to other’s opinions. Do not have high expectations for yourself, and you can do so by helping others.

You always want to stay in the limelight. This can also be problematic for you. This can be perceived by others as if you are self-centered and some may think of you as an attention seeker. You may treat them as inferior to you as you think of yourself as someone superior. As harsh as it sounds, you should keep your ego in check. This can cause problems with co-workers at work and can also be the reason for you quitting your job. Be kind to others and never make anyone feel as if they are inferior to you.

This year, Leos may assume a lot of things. They may make assumptions regarding friends, family members, and the workplace. This can be problematic for you as it may result in a breakup.

Career and Work Horoscope for Leo 2020

According to your Leo yearly horoscope, the beginning of the year will rather be full of challenges at the workplace. You may have gotten yourself involved in a workplace fight without the knowledge of it. This may result in a bad reputation at work because of ongoing rumors that may force you to quit your job, or you may get transferred. This can be a huge change in your life. However, it all happens for the best, and you know that.

There may be better opportunities out there for you. The planetary movement suggests that during the end of the year, the luck and your hard work together will help you secure the best job. This year could also be the revolutionary year where you discovered that instead of a 9 to 5 job, you would rather go after your hobby.

As Leo oracle suggests, you are all about chasing your dreams, and you will not settle for anything where your fun and interest are being compromised. Money does not matter for you. Although it is part of your job, you are more interested in getting the work done wholeheartedly.

Love, marriage and romance horoscope for Leo 2020

As the Leo zodiac horoscope says, this year might be difficult for you in terms of relationships. However, once you overcome the difficulty, you will feel rather happier.  At the beginning of the year, you will find yourself uninterested in dating. You may not make it on time to date or other events, and your lovers may be disappointed.

However, you might crossroads with someone whom you have been eyeing for a while.

This year is all about forming new relationships. Therefore, if you are a single Leo, this year might be the best year for starting a romantic relationship. Venus governs in your favor, and you might meet the special someone at the starting of the summers. You will feel an instant connection with them, and you might feel a stronger emotional inclination towards them. Leo will feel the need for someone to be there for them. They might feel lonely and would want someone to be emotionally available to them.

As the year passes by, Leo horoscope 2020 suggests that Leos will be able to find a compatible partner with more ease. At the beginning of the year, there may be some unpredicted circumstances. However, it will all get better towards the end.

Financial horoscope for Leo 2020

Leo zodiac reading suggests that this year, you will have varying finances. Everything will go as you planned it. However, you may have a cash inflow in the mid of the year that you did not quite expect. This can be a result of the success of your hard work regarding your hobby. The sudden increase in money can be problematic if you will not be able to handle it properly. For starters, you must look into paying off any previous loans that you have taken from your family or friends. Similarly, save your money, so that you have something to spend when the days are not that good for you.

As you may leave your job, your financial condition may weaken. However, you would rather focus following on your dream. This is good in the sense that you will see your hard work pay you back till mid-summer or maybe in November towards the end of the year. A small job to pay the bills can also be a good option on the side.

However, if you are working a corporate job, this year is most likely to be very stable for you, as suggested by your 2020 Leo horoscope. It will pass by fast, and you will see no sudden increase or decrease in your financial condition.

Health horoscope for Leo 2020

The Leo zodiac horoscope says that during the beginning of the year, you may not have to worry a lot about health. However, you will be susceptible to attack by any major or minor virus or infection towards the end. You may suffer from an eye infection during the summer season.  You can always get vaccinated for any such viral infection so that you do not have it in the future.

You can start to feel very stressed during the summertime as you may have made some huge decisions that require a lot of change. Therefore, you may have difficulties managing all the things side by side. Therefore, yoga is suggested for anyone who is going through this phase. You can also try other forms of meditation to calm the bran down and remove all the worldly stress from it.

Leo horoscope suggests that this year is ideal for weight loss for any Leo. If you have been planning for a while to make healthier changes in your lifestyle, this year is good to invest in some working out equipment and getting started. You can also purchase a gym membership.

Family and lifestyle horoscope for Leo 2020

Leo horoscope suggests that there might be some difficulties between you and your family. These difficulties can occur as a result of disagreements. You may want to follow your artistic dream. However, some people may mock you for doing so and can become a hindrance to your career. You will find your family’s resentment in this matter.

Leo’s may find it difficult to manage their family’s needs and desires with their personal engagement. Even though there might be many differences, you shall try to make some adjustments and work up a solution. You can discuss with each family member about how you feel about certain things and how you think they can be worked through. Talking and communication are very important to Leo’s. They will help clear any doubts and problems.

Advice and General outline for Leo

The Leo horoscope suggests that this year, each Leo should be very careful about what they say to their family members.  They should try to be understanding of everyone’s feelings in the family and should never make them feel as if their emotions are invalid.

Similarly, do not get caught up in the fantasy of “I am the best.” Instead, you should try to be humbler towards your friends and family. Instead of boasting about your skills, you will feel much better if you help others learn.

You might think calmly in situations of anger. Make sure you are there to stop the fire. Do not get yourself involved in the feuds of other people. You should try to keep yourself distracted so that you do not end up overthinking. If you catch yourself overthinking, make sure you stop it because it may make harder for you to work productively.


This year is all about learning for Lions. Don’t be scared to learn a new talent or hobby. You can also take up an old one and start to build upon that. You want to make a difference in the world through your actions and speech, which is great. This year is going to be difficult, but it will also bring along with it many challenges as well as fun, as the Leo horoscope suggests.