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You’ve likely had a super-successful year in 2021, Aries. Despite the challenges that the rest of the world faced, you seemed to come out on top, succeeding in everything you did. Your 2022 yearly horoscope promises to be just as successful in most areas, and you should have a year of immense growth and expansion to look forward to -in more ways the one!

The main challenges for your 2022 year ahead seem to be financial in nature, but if you’re prepared, you can be forewarned. This is simply a continuation of some of 2021’s themes, with a little bit of extra spice! The Eclipse Seasons will be especially telling for your finances and material wellbeing.

Aries Horoscope 2022: Your Main Planetary Influences

Your free yearly horoscope for 2022 is all about the planet Jupiter, Aries. You see, he enters your sign in May and hangs around here all the way until May 2023. This is major for you, as it signifies huge personal growth and joy, happiness, and your dreams come true. Jupiter will be in your First House, which can also indicate the body and physical appearance – be careful the growth of Jupiter doesn’t extend to gaining too much weight. It could be hard to curb your indulgences over the year 2022, Aries!

Your ruler, Mars, changes signs a few times throughout the year, coming to stay in airy Gemini for an extended period from August until January 2023. This brings up big decisions that you may go back and forth on throughout this time, Aries, and you’ll have to learn to bite your tongue. Otherwise, you could be faced with more than a few arguments!

Challenges for Aries Horoscope 2022

Your Aries horoscope for 2022 challenges are really focused on your planetary ruler, Mars, going Retrograde from Oct 2022, until Jan 2023. Being in your communication zone, this Retrograde could reflect a time where you’re more provocative than usual and more likely to pick an argument. Relationships with siblings, extended family, and neighbors may be tested, and there could be a temporary ‘breakup’ where you need to reassess these connections. You may also have travel issues, and it’s important that you don’t lose your temper behind the wheel. Finally, this Retrograde can make you extremely busy, with a huge amount on your plate. This is likely to make you snap if you’re not careful.

The other challenges may come in the form of finances, as the Nodes of the Moon shift from Gemini and Sagittarius into the signs of Taurus and Scorpio. These two signs govern your material world, and the Eclipses in April, May, October, and November of 2022 may reflect an item of major, sudden financial changes that you just have to adapt to. This doesn’t necessarily have to be negative – with Jupiter in your sign for your 2022 horoscope, you’re likely to come off lucky in any case.

Career and Work Horoscope for Aries 2022

Aries, your 2022 horoscope for your career looks to be more or less the same as it has been for 2021. However, your year may get off to a bit of a bumpy start as Venus, the planet of compromise and negotiation, is Retrograde in your career sector for the first part of 2022. She goes direct at the end of January, so you have just a month or so when your 2022 career horoscope feels a bit challenging.

The main challenge with Venus Retrograde is your professional relationships. You may find it harder to reach a point of harmony, and you may find yourself either people-pleasing and bending over backward or coming up against others with who you just disagree. Watch your professional relationships and do your best not to overreact or make hasty career decisions in the early part of 2022. A new beginning can be had, but you have to remain realistic and grounded.

Mercury is also Retrograde are at the start of January 2022 and shifts into your career sign (Capricorn) for a short stint. This, too, indicates issues with communication and relationships in your career environment. Fortunately, once January is over, all seems well and back to business as usual.

Of course, you still have the long-term transits of Pluto in your career zone – restructuring, destroying, recreating, and representing power dynamics to be negotiated. Those of you who are born mid-April are likely to feel a major career transition the most says your 2022 horoscope. Be prepared to stand your ground and hold onto your integrity and remember that surrender doesn’t always mean submitting – not easy for a warrior sign such as yourself!

The New Moon on 12 January and 23 December 2022 can indicate a brand-new beginning in the area of career, so if you are looking to start over, then those are the times to do it.

Love, Marriage and Romance Horoscope for Aries 2022

There’s not a huge amount happening in your romance and relationship zone for the year 2022, Aries. As they say: no news is good news! That’s not to say that you can’t meet someone and are madly in love, and it’s also not necessarily saying that your current relationship won’t improve. Things stay more or less the same as they have in 2021, mentions your love horoscope for the year 2022.

One thing you’ll have to keep in mind, Aries, is that with Jupiter entering your sign to stay for a year, you’re probably going to be eager to spread your wings and fly free. Your current relationship will need to be able to handle this, advises your yearly horoscope. Traveling or other personal activities will become that much more important for you. In fact, if you are single, enjoy this year being with yourself – 2022 is one of those years where you can really just enjoy your own company.

The ruler of your relationship sector, Venus, is Retrograde in early 2022 until the end of January, so this may reflect problems in any of your relationships, especially issues related to commitment. But don’t worry too much about this, Aries – things should clear up as February comes along. Mercury is Retrograde in your relationship sign – Libra – over the month of September 2022, which could bring tricky times for love. An ex may reappear, or you could encounter issues coming to an agreement with a lover.

If you really want to meet someone new, time your actions for the New Moon at the end of September = Mercury will almost be out of Retrograde and there’s a New Moon in the romance sector of your astrology chart.

Financial Horoscope for Aries 2022

Your financial horoscope for 2022 is quite important, Aries, with plenty of planetary action in this area. For one thing, the Eclipses shift into your material zones and highlight major, sudden changes for you over the year 2022. These changes can be beneficial, but at times, stressful too. You’ll have to learn to be adaptable, Aries, which you are doing as Uranus is still currently in your personal resources zone and will stay here until 2023.

Be open to surprises, as Saturn and Uranus are still meeting in their ongoing square, with the final one happening in October of 2022. This happens are more or less the same time as the Taurus Lunar Eclipse in November, so can be a very important month to keep in mind, says your 2022 yearly horoscope. You may come up against a sudden loss and need to let go or make a big payment of some kind. You should recover, Aries, so don’t get too stressed about it. Remember – Jupiter is protecting you and giving you good luck wherever he can.

Health Horoscope for Aries 2022

According to your 2022 yearly horoscope, Aries, your health looks more or less just fine. The three Mercury Retrogrades in January, May- June, September – October, and December – January could be a little trickier, but it’s the same whenever Mercury goes Retrograde. These three or four times a year are times for you to rest and recuperate, advises your 2022 horoscope.

What you may need to watch for, Aries is the periods from January – May, and October – December of 2022, when Jupiter slips back into Pisces and connects with escapist-loving Neptune. You may be subject to falling into destructive physical habits and patterns, such as drinking too much indulging, or generally overindulging. Then, as Jupiter enters your sign in May until October, you are likely to be enjoying life’s pleasures so much that you put on a little too much extra weight for your liking, warns your health horoscope for 2022.  You like to stay slim and trim, Aries, so be sure to exercise plenty and watch your diet carefully.

Family and Social Life Horoscope for Aries 2022

Saturn, the planet of limitation, lesson, and restrictions, is still transiting your social zone for the rest of 2022, says your social horoscope. This means that you may feel cut off from people, or perhaps are still reassessing the friendships that you have and restructuring your social ties. In other words, you’re likely to still quite serious in matters of friendship. You’re craving real, authentic connections instead of superficial ones.

Family-wise, the Full Moon on 17 January 2022 and New Moon on 28 June 2022, are the two lunations to watch if you ware wanting to either move or shake things up at home. The Full Moon in January is likely to feel a touch emotional, and it’s important that you allow your feelings to flow in family matters so that you can process.

Be careful of arguments and problems with your siblings, aunts, uncles, or cousins from August until January 2023, warns your yearly horoscope. With Mars retrograde, you’re likely to blow up and be quite provocative, resulting in problems with communication.  

Spiritual Horoscope for Aries 2022

Jupiter, the planet of faith, will still be in the spiritual sign of Pisces from January – May, and then from October until December, says your spiritual horoscope for the year 2022. Not only is Jupiter in this sign, but he also will be in the most spiritual zone of your horoscope. You may experience a profound divine connection around this time, offers your horoscope of the year ahead.

Additionally, Jupiter connects with Neptune, the planetary ruler of compassion and soul growth. April could be a particularly spiritual month for you, where you are moved to do a retreat, meditate more, or receive an important message from the cosmos.

Advice and General Outline for Aries Horoscope 2022

Your yearly 2022 Horoscope looks mostly drama-free, with the bountiful blessings of Jupiter filling your life from May until October, and again in January of 2023. This indicates huge personal growth, adventure, travel, and expansion, Aries, and you’re likely to be in a great personal space.

Your health, love life, and spiritual life also look to be on a mostly even keel for the year, although the start of 2022 may feel a touch frustrating for you, work-wise. Also, the retrograde of your planetary ruler, Mars, in the busy sign of Gemini, might be somewhat frustrating for you. From September until January 2023. You’ll need to learn patience, Aries, because if you don’t, you’re likely to come up against more than a few arguments and issues. Be mindful around family members and neighbors and try to make sure that you rest and recuperate during this time instead of pushing too hard for progress.

Spiritually, you should grow in leaps and bounds in the first half of 2022, says your Aries horoscope for the year. This is simply the continued growth from 2021. And Healthwise, you should be mostly well, although if you are born around mid-April, you may need to slow down and go slow as Pluto connects with your Sun, creating major personal transformations for some of you.

All in all, Aries your yearly 2022 horoscope is a good balance of normal highs and lows, and a time where you need to make the best use of the opportunities that can come your way.