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Shocks to the System! The Full Lunar Eclipse November 8th

Shocks to the System! The Full Lunar Eclipse November 8th

Eclipses are important astronomical and astrological phenomenon. Astronomically, they occur two to six times a year depending on the motion of the universe for a given year. This year (2022), there will be four eclipses. The full lunar eclipse on November 8th, 2022 will be the fourth and final eclipse of this year. Astrologically, eclipses reveal what is hidden, bringing secrets into the light.

The Sign and Degree of the Eclipse

Lunar eclipses happen during the Full Moon and solar eclipses happen during the New Moon. This particular eclipse will happen when the Full Moon is in Taurus at 16 degrees and 0 minutes and will transpire from 3 am to 9 am eastern standard time (EST). This eclipse will be visible in North America. It will also be visible in North/East Europe, Asia, Australia, much of South America, the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Indian Ocean, and Antarctica.

Here is a video showing where you will be able to see the eclipse.

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Here’s what the chart looks like at the exact moment of the Full Moon (6:02 am EST).

The Full Beaver Moon 2022

Since Taurus is an earth energy, ruled by Venus, this Full Moon is in energy that feels the need to be safe, stable, and enduring. We will feel the need to address profound issues around money, traditions, and the earth. Taurus is the “I build and sustain” energy of the Zodiac. What is important to note about this Full Moon is the nearness of Uranus (a conjunction), which causes breakthroughs and sudden disruptions. We should expect shocks to the foundations of our lives and the world around us with this combination.

With this Full Moon at 16d00m the Sabian Symbol is 17 Taurus, “A battle between the swords and the torches.” According to Marc Jones, “This is a symbol of the eternal struggle between the practical necessities of transient competitions of life on the one hand and the motives and meanings which give them direction and order on the other, as here emphasized on the world stage. Man survives and gains a genuine self-fulfillment as he aligns himself with the cause of enlightenment while yet respecting the manifestations of might.” The key word is: RESOLUTION.

Shocks to the System!

There is no sign better at holding firm to “what is” than Taurus; it is the sign of the land and of traditions. However, the close proximity of Uranus means we will probably get shocks to the system, none of which will be larger than what plays out in the United States midterm elections. I have written numerous articles about Uranus in Taurus, discussing various ways the foundations will be “struck by lightening” from 2019 to 2026:

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The US Midterm Elections

With the election day falling on the Full Moon and the lunar eclipse, with Uranus merged to the Moon, surprising outcomes will pour in throughout the day, for each party and the American electorate. The main goal, under a Taurus moon, is stability, so we can expect each voter to try to make the choice they believe will make the world around them more stable.

For those who prefer top-down authority, they will believe a strong, even strong-armed leader will be the best outcome. For those who believe integration and compassion offer the best chance for stability, they will vote for the leader who offers unity and inclusiveness. Unfortunately the current transits do not support a mixed outcome, but rather a divided one.

The increasing balkanization of the United States “into smaller mutually hostile states or groups” will show more clearly after this election. It is the “blind spot” of America to think that what is united and has been united cannot be undone, when it most certainly can unravel, and has been unraveling for some time.

Think of the passing of the eclipse as a metaphor for a view of what appears illuminated by the Sun prior to the eclipse, which is one truth. The eclipse bring darkness to that truth and when its work is done a new truth, entirely different, shines forth.

Do You Know Your Chart?

If you know your chart, then any points between 14 degrees and 18 degrees will get triggered by this eclipse. Since the eclipse takes place in Taurus, any points in Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, or Pisces will connect through the flowing energy of the trine (to the earth signs) and the sextile (to the water signs). Your journey to the truth, and the new reality (Taurus), will flow between this eclipse (Sun and Moon) and Uranus (also at 16 degrees) and the other points involved. Let’s consider Venus as an example.

If Venus in your natal chart happens to be at 17 degrees of Capricorn, then you may unlock the secret regarding the stability of your relationship, which in a supportive trine, should show itself to be secure. Depending on the houses involved you will discover “where” the flowing energy is connecting. The real power of any astronomical phenomenon, any transit that is, really only offers its peak insight when applied to your specific chart.

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Should the placement of the eclipse square (points in Leo or Aquarius) or inconjunct (Libra or Sagittarius), then the unlocking of the secret might be a forceful and disruptive experience, like finding out your spouse is having an affair, or your child has an alcohol addiction, or your employee has embezzled from your company. Where the difficult aspects reveal their secrets in your life will also be tied to which houses are involved in your chart.

Lastly, if you have points at these degrees in Taurus or the opposite sign Scorpio, then be prepared for the most intense transformative energy, which may be uplifting or extremely difficult. The conjunction and opposition aspects are the two aspects that can go either way since these alignments are about merging or balancing instead of support (sextile/trine) or challenge (square/inconjunct).

If you do not have any aspects with this eclipse or any points in Taurus, the event could hit you in surprising ways, or with very little impact. Just be aware that on November 8th some profound, important, challenging, and surprising truths may come to light!