Tarot Reading

Are you looking to take back control of your life? Do you think merely astrological symbols and methods involving numerology are not cutting it? There is one more thing that you can try, and it is tarot reading. Tarot card reading has existed for quite a while now and has a certain build to it that makes it not only likeable and entertaining but also something on the serious side. It would not be wrong of you to assume that tarot card reading is only something you would see at a psychic fair or at a temporary stall in your mall.

However, there is more than just entertainment to this activity. Your friends may take you out for dinner, and while passing by a stall, encourage you to give it a shot, and know more about your future, having forgotten completely about it by the next day. But if you want to, you can really use these services for the betterment of your life and steering it in the way that you have always wanted to.

More about Tarot Card Reading

Besides Numerology Reading, there are significant reasons to believe that it is a reliable method to determine the future and get your fortune told. First off, it believes in the principle that everything in this world and outside of it is moving or acting in a certain order.

Although this order is not determined or found yet, it definitely exists and governs every living and non-living thing. In this belief, it is important to know that everything, which seemingly happens at a random time in a random manner, is not so random after all. Tarot card predictions state that all the random acts are basically happening due to a specific reason too.

Tarot Reading Online and its Principle

Online tarot reading works on the principle of randomization too. Imagine a deck of cards in front of you, and you have to choose one of these. Each card has a different meaning to it and would help in guiding you to your life’s true calling. Out of all the cards in front of you, you choose only one. This card, which is chosen completely at random, tells you what to expect from life. While all of this may seem superficial, it begins to make sense when you consider the primary belief that lies behind tarot predictions. The principle, as we said before, is that there is a certain order in everything that occurs in this world, even if it seems random.

Now you may have chosen a card at random or may even have put some thought into which card you wanted to bring out. You may have thought about what numbers have been lucky for you, your entire life. And you may have chosen the third card from the right because, well, your lucky number has been three all these years.

On the other hand, maybe you are a liberal person, and right as a direction does not sit well with you, so instead, you chose the third card from the left. Whatever the case may be, there is no way you could have known what is behind the card that you chose to be revealed. And this randomization is what makes online tarot reading so interesting.

How does online tarot work?

You may be wondering, it is alright for all the things mentioned above to happen in real life, but how does a computer create randomness? Let us answer this confusion of yours too. Since the inception of the random function, things have become super easy for computers. Now all you need to do is make one click, and the cards shuffle, totally at random, just like you would expect them to in the hands of a dealer. Next up, all you have to do is choose one of all the cards laid in front of you, and your online tarot will be revealed.

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Love Tarot Reading

Card reading takes a huge twist when it is revealed that they can also be used to predict specific scenarios and departments in life. One such way is love tarot card reading. After all, who would not appreciate knowing in advance if a new love interest they have is worth the time or the numbers just do not add up? Love compatibility is already a very popular subject when it comes to regular astrology that involves celestial bodies and star signs. However, love tarot reading online is slowly coming close in the chase.

One of the many reasons behind this is because of how easy and convenient it is. Regular astrology requires a lot of information, and the subsequent processing. It will ask you for your date of birth, which will then be used to make a birth chart, which is also known as a natal chart. In this chart, the planets and celestial bodies responsible for love are then found and their meanings interpreted.

The same procedure must be applied to your lover too, taking even more time. Once the two charts are ready can an astrologer compare them for similarities or differences to tell you whether you two are compatible or not. In contrast to this, love tarot card reading is so simple you will be amazed. All you have to do is pick up a card from a deck, and on it is written whether you are compatible or not. Of course, it is never as simple as that. However, you always get the gist of it and know what direction to take.

Tarot Reading Celtic Cross

Not as old as the Rune Reading, this tarot method is pretty different from your regular tarot online predictions. The surprising factor is that where you are required to normally choose one card out of a deck, over here, you pick out ten. This can give you your daily tarot reading, or even a weekly or monthly one, as you please. Just ask your psychic for the right interpretations. There is also the added issue of concentration in this method. When getting your tarot horoscope of the Celtic cross, you must be fully confident, calm, patient, and have your full concentration towards the task at hand, and nowhere else.

This ensures that the reading that comes, in the end, is specifically catered to you and no one else. The method for this is simple. If you are in a rush, get your things in order and come back for it when you do not have anything else clogging your mind. If there is a strain on your head, release it by taking deep breaths and forgetting about stuff for the moment.

It is hard for some people to mentally let go of their troubles. If you are one, just tell your mind to forget it all for 15 minutes, and that it can start worrying after that. Once you are done with that, close your eyes and think about all the things that define you, all the things that you love, which or whom you cannot live without. Basking in this energy of yourself, when you feel there is nothing left that you have not thought of, open your eyes. Now choose ten cards out of the specially designed pile in front of you.

Psychic Tarot Reading

Back in the days, knowing your fortune through tarot cards required not only a proper psychic reader but also money, because their services were not free. Now, it has taken a turn for the difference with not only tarot card reading becoming free, but being available online for you to decipher everything by yourself.

There are a lot of complications, however, involving tarot reading, which we will be briefing you about, in case you set out to know more about yourself through tarot reading. For starters, you need to realize that tarot cards are not a game fully. They may be used for entertainment purposes worldwide, but they have a deeper meaning that only a few are lucky enough to grasp. They cannot be simply picked up and put into use; there is a specific term called attunement, which needs to be done for your deck of tarot cards to perform. If all the cares are met properly, only then do the cards, tend to give readings that are accurate and right. Let us give you a little guideline into becoming independent with regards to tarot reading.

Choosing your deck

Picking a deck is your first step towards tarot reading and is one of the most important ones. Just like in Harry Potter, where the wand chooses the wizard, the deck of cards chooses its person. In order to know whether a deck of cards has chosen you, you will feel certain energy drawing you towards it. There are a few very simple signs that can indicate that you have found the deck of cards perfectly suited to you.

If you tend to keep looking at the same cards over and over again, it is a very clear indication that you have found the deck that connects to you. If there are a few discrepancies, however, you should not be worrying about them, as it is perfectly normal. There are a lot of different questions that one might ask themselves or wonder at if they encounter trouble finding the right deck. One of these thoughts includes simply choosing the cards with the pictures that appeal the most to you. Each set tends to have its own deeper meaning collectively, as compared to another set.

While across all Tarot, meanings are generally universal, there is a certain amount of tweaking that makes each set stand out on its own too. With that in order and established, all you can do is be patient until a deck of cards chooses you, after which you can move about and start making predictions.

Deck Attuning in Tarot Reading

Once you have a deck that speaks to you on a personal level, there is another important step. However, be aware that you have passed through the hardest of parts. With your deck in order, you now have to attune the cards, or “arcana”, to your own energy so that they give out accurate readings about whatever you ask for. This is also why it is usually accepted that the more experienced you become in tarot readings with your own tarot decks, the harder it will be for you to get accurate readings using someone else’s deck. You slowly develop a sympathetic connection with your decks, and your intuition will be honed to detect more specific details than with any other unfamiliar deck, especially one that might already be attuned to someone else.

Attuning is the process of getting familiar and comfortable with each of the cards in the deck. This is just like practicing with a wand, for instance. However, there are many cards in a deck (usually 78), and you need to give each of the cards their separate time in order for you to bind with them properly. With at least a day spent with each card, you begin to see through the imagery on it. You will know the deeper meaning behind every single card, noticing smaller details that were otherwise hidden. This conditions your eyes to know each card inside out. Whatever feature your eye lands on first then tells you what meanings it holds and what implications it carries for your current reading.

More about Attuning

Start off by ridding your mind of any troubles in your life. You need to be absolutely clearheaded when getting to know your cards. In addition to that, choose a place where no one will be disturbing you. Hold the card right in front of you and focus. However, do not let the thoughts that come be fought with.

These are the very thoughts that will be building blocks in your mind about the card that you are holding in your hand. Once your first try with this is done, you have to keep repeating the cycle throughout the day, because every time you do so, there is a high chance of getting to know something new that you did not notice previously.

Starting off with your First Reading

As is customary, before you start off, you should completely shuffle the deck in your hands to bring about the sense of authenticity. Before each reading, you are supposed to shuffle the deck of remaining cards. However, before this first one, you should take the longest time to shuffle. Concentration is the only factor important in shuffling because even if you notice it or not, the degree of randomness brought about by shuffling is in its actuality a pattern to put the card in a position from which it can be picked.

You should know that some traditions in tarot reading allow no room for doing a reading on one’s own self, and also, sometimes doing a reading on yourself is very hard to interpret. This is why it is recommended that you start your first reading on a friend. Some people do not appreciate the fact that other people touch their cards, however, if you are comfortable with it, it is a great way to start off by letting the other person shuffle the cards by themselves. It not only adds to the moment but builds the other person’s trust in tarot reading right from the very start.


Next up, lay the cards down in an arrangement that you prefer, once they have been shuffled according to your liking. Now ask your subject to choose a card. They may take their time, or simply point to one at random, as we discussed above. The point here is that there is no way for either of you to know what lies behind this. With that in order, you can now easily get your card and read it from the observations you had made while attuning your deck. The first things you notice are the ones that form the basics of the reading.

We hope you now know all that there is to Tarot reading.

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