The Tiger Horoscope 2019

Tigers are extremely brave beings that can easily become heroes because they are practically fearless. They stand out thanks to their frankness, warmth and sense of honor. For them, it’s important to live by noble values, in order to live life to the fullest, with dignity.

Their strong personalities and authority make tigers natural leaders, bosses and guides, that are respected and listened to. One does not challenge the orders of a Tiger.

Tigers have a very high level of ambition, which it is difficult to steer them away from. They are ready to fight for any cause that they deem worthy. They won’t drop anything until they achieve satisfaction. They are respectful of the law and justice. It’s not easy to deal with them socially as their mood is very changeable. They are hypersensitive and struggle to take criticism.

Tigers are quite emotional. They struggle to hide their feelings and emotions. If they are stressed or provoked, they can lose control of themselves and say very hurtful things or become very violent.

Their mood swings are usually feared. When they begin to let themselves be carried away by emotion, it’s clear that it risks being devastating. Tigers need to learn how to control their emotions and how to master their extraordinary power. Then they will experience dazzling success.

Astrological predictions for the Tiger for the year of the Pig

The year of the Pig is a year that will bring many changes for those born under the sign of the Tiger. It will be the year for active people who will make the effort necessary to realize their projects and satisfy their desires.

General tips

It’s great that you’re a Tiger, since people born under this sign are inclined to take action and know how to see their goals through to realization, if they are genuinely motivated.

This year of the Pig will therefore be very favorable for you because it is presenting the characteristics most likely to give you the perfect framework within which to realize yourself and allow you to fully express your personality. Nevertheless, if you take action too quickly, you’ll run out of steam fast and soon give up or bite the dust.

If that happens to you, you’ll find it very difficult to recover. Which could risk paralyzing you in the future by making you fall back into line and, even worse, making you think that you can’t succeed.

That would be a poor analysis of the situation. Of course, that would prove that you had lost a battle, but certainly not the war! In other words, experiencing failure does not mean that you can’t make your life a success!

Moreover, once a project is ready to be started, take the time to go through the steps without setting yourself deadlines that are too strict for achieving them. Don’t panic if you haven’t completed a step in the time assigned for it. They are simply guidelines and limits to avoid letting your projects drag on for ages. That can be demotivating.

Similarly, don’t wait to have the perfect plan before implementing it. Set out the main steps and throw yourself in. You’ll have time to change whatever isn’t right as you go, as you confront it to reality. Rely on your fears to make you grow by seeing them as reminders of the goals you wish to reach.

Use your doubts and fears as ways of driving yourself forwards and not letting yourself get distracted by activities that would take you away from your projects. You should be in excellent shape if you have a healthy lifestyle, eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly. In any case, this habit will be a good one to get into if you want to live a healthy life, free from diseases.

You’ll manage to implement your projects and achieve real results if you apply a specific methodology.

Even if this year of the Pig will be favorable for your projects, you’ll nonetheless find it slightly difficult to find reliable people to further them. Especially during the first months of the year of the Pig. Choose them carefully and look beyond appearances to make sure that they have the skills you need to further your plans.

Career – Money

You should be realistic and not content yourself with simply thinking about changing your life. Take action in this regard, as quickly as possible, in a practical way. Be realistic and logical.

So, set yourself realistic objectives with practical steps to implement, with reasonable deadlines between each.

Once you reach the objectives of the first step, consolidate its results by guaranteeing that you get the most out of them, on a psychological level, like improving your self-confidence, reinforcing your motivation or becoming more assertive.

In material terms, analyze whether the relevant step brought in enough money, material goods or any other natural advantage. Check that before moving onto the second step of your project, which you will have to complete under the same conditions.

Ensure that you have objective proof that this second step was rewarding for you in every sense of the word. You can then move onto the next step, and so on, until the complete success of your project.

Do your utmost to meet the deadlines you set for each step, but don’t let yourself get stuck if you don’t always manage to meet the deadlines you set.

If you need a few days or even more to complete each step, it’s not a problem. Don’t worry about it too much. What matters is that you achieve your goal. Even if that takes you a little longer than planned!

If you believe it, you’ll realize your projects if you are positively motivated and if you work at them regularly and enthusiastically.

Love – Friendship

In terms of relationships, you’ll need to be careful to not dream too much about your life, but to live your dreams. Nonetheless be careful: do so in a realistic way. In this field, don’t set yourself goals that are too high and learn to curb your ambition to focus on conquests within your reach.

Don’t let yourself be intimidated by the outer appearance of people who draw your attention, because appearances are often deceiving.

By acting this way, you won’t waste time desiring people who don’t correspond to you much or at all, and you’ll have a mindset that will attract conquests likely to be compatible with you. That way, you’ll keep your feet firmly on the ground, and you won’t experience the disappointment, breaks or arguments that are otherwise threatening you.

If there is already someone in your heart, this realistic mindset will help you to know if that person is compatible with you and to make the appropriate decisions in relation to your analysis of your current relationships.

Take advantage of this new year to take stock of your current romantic relationships, because circumstances will be favorable for re-assessments in this field. Don’t hesitate to discuss things that cause anger and to resolve them.

Similarly, analyze situations that worry you. If they aren’t satisfying you as you expected them to, you should question them and make appropriate decisions.

Behave in the same way with your friendships and that will enable you to sort your true friends from the fake ones – those who spend time with you out of self-interest or who take advantage of you. It will be time for a clear-out!


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