The Rat Horoscope 2020

They are known for their powers of persuasion. They have a natural charm that is difficult to resist. Their natural social skills allow them to fit in anywhere. Their easy-going manner and sweet disposition make them a very sought-out friend.

Rats have a tendency to accumulate, scrimp, save, and keep things, even if they don’t them. They are therefore a little inclined to be greedy and favor their personal interests.

They may seem amiable, but underneath they’re ruthlessly calculating and never do anything for nothing, because they are very materialistic. They never miss an opportunity to say what they’re thinking. They are quick to lose their temper. But although these fits of anger are violent, they often know how to regain control and not overstep certain limits.

They are very curious. Their vivacious spirit allows them to accumulate lots of knowledge and wisdom that they store in anticipation of potential future use. Rats love challenges because that allows them to stay alert all the time and to improve themselves.

They do lots of activities. Which doesn’t leave much room for their private lives. And yet, it’s by making room for someone else that they will be able to be truly happy.

Astrological Predictions for the Rat for the year of the Rat

This year should be twice as positive for you if you were born under the sign of the Rat because it’s the year of your sign. If you manage to be optimistic, which is a typical feature of people born under the sign of the Rat, and if you put all your energy into your projects, you’ll experience a great year in every area.

General tips

You will need to show genuine interest in the people you meet and not associate with them simply out of self-interest. Otherwise, you won’t get anything from them, or merely fleeting benefits that will leave you with regrets.

If you see them in a truly selfless way, without expecting anything in return, you’ll receive endless rewards in many forms, sometimes unexpected, but which will enable you to really improve your life.

Nevertheless, you will have to make an effort with communication, because you can sometimes be very frank and direct, verging on rude, which may be poorly received by the people you’re speaking to.

Learn to be more diplomatic and you’ll find it easier to convince people of your opinions and bring them over to your side when you need them. They will then be able to help you in various ways, whether it’s by giving you advice, granting you their time or providing you with funding.

Avoid being too stubborn, as that could play tricks on you and cut you off from certain people, temporarily or permanently. Learn to smooth the rough edges and to recognize when you’re wrong.

When someone asks for your opinion, give it to them, but also try to listen to others in the same way you expect them to do for you.

Open yourself up to the ideas of others and don’t stick to your views if they’re proven wrong and if they won’t help you improve your situation or resolve your problems.

Don’t reject new ideas off the bat, but examine them with an open mind, then test them to see if your wariness was justified or not. That’s the only way you can form an opinion.

Career – Money

A wonderful year awaits you on a financial level, but you should avoid unnecessary spending, which would deprive you of resources you may subsequently need to cover expenses you perhaps weren’t expecting.

Even though you will be able to treat yourself with the sums you’ll receive this year, don’t forget to save some of it and to grow some of it by making secure long-term investments.

If you rely on your qualities and if you call upon the responsiveness typical of people born under the sign of the Rat, you will even be capable of straightening out financial situations that seem desperate at first glance or making up for losses in this field.

When you undertake projects in the financial sector, take the time to think them through and develop them. Once you implement them, plan for every possible outcome and for obstacles that could appear along the way. You should complete most of your projects, but you will sometimes need to take your courage in both hands and not shy away from certain obstacles at the last minute.

You’ll succeed in completing your projects and achieving your goals if you call upon the meticulousness typical of Rats. That will enable you to organize your projects while paying attention to every detail.

Similarly, you should succeed in jobs that require great creativity if you try to get ahead of others by regularly taking an interest in what’s new in fields that interest you.

You’ll be able to express your strong personality and independence of mind in independent professions or in jobs where you have lots of responsibilities and where you will be given the human and financial resources to succeed. Your constructive imagination should also be a strength for you in 2020.

Love – Friendship

This year promises to be more difficult in the field of love as you will encounter relationship and communication problems in your romantic affairs.

If you are single, you should experience a turbulent year, in which it should be difficult for you to build a lasting relationship or find love.

You’ll be able to reverse this trend if you show a real interest in the person you fancy and if you do your utmost to help them resolve their problems. Moreover, you should be there for them to lean on when they need to fulfill their desires, but in a selfless way, without ever expecting anything in return.

This attitude will provide you with many opportunities in the field of love, will enable you to achieve your deepest desires and will make this year, which initially promised to be unfavorable on a romantic level, more enjoyable.

Remain optimistic, despite hardship, and don’t be discouraged in the face of adversity. If you can take it all in your stride and learn from your romantic disappointments or emotional setbacks, you’ll manage to get out of any tricky situation.

Even if you don’t manage to find genuine satisfaction or a lasting relationship this year, you will nonetheless have lots of opportunities to have fun and enjoy yourself. To do so, remember to put your emotional worries into perspective and to enjoy the good times you do experience.

Make as many friends as possible. Make the most of your current friends, but don’t keep going around in circles with your usual group. Discover new places. Associate, preferably, with joyful, optimistic and bold people. Otherwise, you run the risk of becoming bored, thinking dark thoughts or even falling into depression. Which wouldn’t help you get back on your feet!