Rabbit Horoscope 2020

The company of Rabbits is very sought-after because they are warm and sweet. They love socializing, family and finding themselves in groups, because they adore being surrounded by people.

Generally, they try to avoid conflict. They avoid arguments and situations that could deteriorate like the plague. They generally seek to calm things down and ease people’s minds. Rabbits are extremely compassionate towards others. They are easily overwhelmed by the suffering of others. When they love someone, they become very protective, sometimes excessively so.

Rabbits are greatly appreciated as friends as they know how to create a good atmosphere. Similarly, family life is never gloomy with them. They enjoy living in a comfortable, pleasant environment and have an affinity for aesthetics.

On a romantic level, their heightened sensitivity drives them to often idealize their partner and sometimes to do too much to make them happy. They give themselves entirely to their partner.

Rabbits are very sensitive and fear loneliness. That’s why they always need to be surrounded by people: by family, friends or colleagues. They love places that are packed and lively.

When they feel lonely, they tend to feel depressed and sad, and even burst into tears. Rabbits are intellectually sharp and very discerning. To be happy, Rabbits need to be more self-confident and believe more in their own abilities.

Astrological Predictions for the Rabbit for the year of the Rat

A wonderful year of the Rat is in store for people born under the sign of the Rabbit, as long as they continue projects started in previous years, or launch new ones during the year 2020.

Work at them regularly and you’ll have an excellent chance of successfully completing them, including those you undertake during the year of the Rat.

General tips

This year of the Rat will be very hectic if you are born under the sign of the Rabbit, with highs and lows. However, overall, it will be satisfying if you don’t relax in your efforts in the areas where you want to fulfill a desire and achieve your projects.

Your weakness will come from the psychological side. You’ll be under lots of pressure in your work as well as in your professional, social, family and romantic relationships. If you don’t know how to control your emotions, communicating with others will be difficult. Don’t let your emotions dictate your behavior.

If you don’t take the time to rest and relax, you even run the risk of having lots of dark thoughts. Resist them because, if you aren’t careful, they could lead you towards a form of temporary or lasting depression.

If you feel your motivations dwindling, that could have negative consequences on your work. Avoid losing motivation, which could make you passive and be detrimental to your business.

So, always remain highly motivated in everything you do. If you feel yourself losing motivation, find a way to motivate yourself again or find more motivating… motivations! That way, you’ll avoid more serious crises.

Moreover, don’t stretch yourself too thin, don’t accept too many tasks and don’t throw yourself into too many things at once. Because of your desire to do well and to finish what was asked of you, you run the risk of overworking yourself and experiencing too much stress and fatigue.

Learn how to say no when you feel you can’t manage it. When you feel like you’re not up to the task, don’t be proud or stubborn. Learn how to delegate the tasks you need to carry out, while always retaining control and decision-making power over ongoing projects.

Career – Money

In terms of finances, great success is in store for you if you can make good decisions without rushing. In certain situations where you aren’t reaching your goals, before seeking outside help, draw upon your own abilities to achieve your financial objectives.

An obstacle or setback shouldn’t make you give up or force you to call upon someone else to resolve these problems. Try to achieve it for yourself first. See obstacles and setbacks for what they are: challenges to take up and opportunities to push your limits and discover lots of abilities you didn’t know you had. There will be plenty of opportunities.

To succeed financially, you’ll need to acquire specific skills in the field of money, in terms of earning and growing it. Similarly, instead of asking an expert or loved one to help you, it will be the opportunity to acquire new skills, enabling you to discover abilities you didn’t know you had.

Keep an open mind because you’ll have several opportunities to become rich during the year of the Rat. Don’t let yourself be swayed by humanitarian arguments benefiting others that will be suggested to you in certain cases to convince you to invest. You can, of course, invest in projects to help others, but they must also bring you and/or your loved ones, money or material goods.

You’ll also need to be serious and calm, two characteristics of people born under the sign of the Tiger, in order to successfully complete your projects and see wonderful windfalls materialize throughout the year of the Rat.

Take the time to prepare your financial projects, and carry them out step by step, without cutting corners out of impatience, even if the results take a while to appear. Persist in your efforts calmly.

Don’t let a lack of recognition from others about what you do for them stop you or get in your way. You’ll certainly be rewarded with successes in other areas.

Love – Friendship

Your natural propensity for genuine calm, kindness, and empathy towards others will contribute to your success in the field of love and friendship. Express these qualities naturally, without ulterior motive, and you’ll reap the rewards when trying to seduce someone or strengthen your romantic relationships.

You’ll then attract people you’re interested in, without having to force things. You’ll also attract people who you didn’t expect. Some of whom will even play an important role in your life.

Your calm and open disposition, your genuine interest in others and your listening skills will make others confide in you spontaneously.

They’ll trust you readily. It’s up to you to prove yourself worthy of their trust and never abuse it. If you grant their secret wishes, they will also be more open to your personal desires in the field of love.

In return, you’ll experience great pleasure in your intimate relationships, because they’ll be the result of intentionally shared happiness and you’ll have a wonderful time enjoying these pleasant sensations. Moreover, be romantic and make constant shows of affection towards your partner.

Even when you encounter romantic setbacks, maintain your high standards, because that will enable you to touch the heart of people who best correspond to what you’re looking for.

Never give in to quick fixes and/or vulgar behavior, which would only leave you with bitter, frustrating memories.

If you behave in this way and make the necessary effort, you’ll see people get closer to you, even people who seemed unavailable or who intimidated you with their beauty or inner qualities, sometimes even when you aren’t expecting it.

However, do be careful with your seduction skills. Even if they are convincing, you shouldn’t abuse them. Lots of romantic achievements could drive you to see if the grass is greener elsewhere, in the arms of someone other than your partner. In that case, be wary of the risk of breaking up, unless that’s what you want.