The Pig Horoscope 2020

Pigs are sensitive animals. They love wealth, luxury and anything flashy, especially in terms of clothing and decoration. They make very pleasant partners in all fields – in society, at work, with their families… They are humble and are never vain enough to believe themselves better than others.

Pigs are very careful about ensuring that everyone is basking in bliss and in a good mood; whether in their private or family life, or among friends. They will do everything in their power to help anyone who is in trouble or in pain. They will work tirelessly until they complete what they see as a mission: making the world a better place. Pigs are so obliging that some people take advantage of their kindness. As a result, Pigs are sometimes fooled or exploited.

In their love lives, Pigs often idealize their partner and make lots of allowances for their flaws, quirks and mistakes… Pigs have a great thirst for knowledge and love studying. They are a fount of science. They are constantly seeking to accumulate more knowledge.

Their sometimes-lethargic side and their love for the good things in life occasionally makes them come across as lazy, when in fact they are capable of working tirelessly when they are motivated or want to acquire more knowledge. From time to time, Pigs nonetheless need to venture outside their little circle to meet other people and be confronted with other ways of living, in order to broaden their horizons.

Astrological Predictions for the Pig for the year of the Rat

The year of the Rat offers great prospects for people born under the sign of the Pig. So, if this is your sign, you can contemplate your future optimistically… as long as you put into practice the advice given to you by the Rat for 2020. You should then experience a marked improvement in your situation and lots more happiness than the previous year in lots of fields.

General tips

You should encounter lots of opportunities to change what you don’t like about your life, which not so long ago brought you some disappointments. The wind seems to be turning in your favor.

The changes you were hoping for will take place if you trigger them by being more determined and regularly expending efforts to change the course of your life. Your patience will gradually be rewarded with more and more success, throughout the year 2020.

You will nevertheless sometimes have to champ at the bit in anticipation of urgently-awaited results, which will sometimes take a while to appear. They will end up materializing if you continue, no matter what, to believe in your capacity for change and in the positive events predicted for people born under the sign of the Pig during this year of the Rat.

You’ll experience some difficult times. However, don’t see those as signs that you aren’t succeeding in your projects, but as tests of how strong your motivations are and how serious your goals are.

On the contrary, see setbacks, ordeals, and problems as signs that you are getting closer to the finish line and that you need to make more effort to achieve your projects or change direction.

The meaning you will give to these obstacles in your path will depend on your understanding of the situations in question. Whatever the case may be, take the necessary measures without hesitation because this concerns your ultimate success and the fulfillment of your personal wishes and desires.

Career – Money

You’ll experience great success in the financial sphere if you can dedicate your strengths and resources to achieving the sums you’re expecting or the wealth you want to experience during the year of the Rat.

Don’t let yourself get sidetracked by activities that would turn you away from your goals or delay you putting in the necessary effort to attract money. Which will be your main goal during this year of the Rat to finally escape the financial problems which didn’t seem to want to abate.

This year of the Rat should finally give you the opportunity to break the vicious cycle of financial misfortune and enable you to guarantee yourself the security you’ve long sought in this area.

Never doubt the happy success of your efforts to get more money, whether it’s through work, projects you undertake or wise investments or initiatives of yours.

Financial luck and prosperity will end up materializing through one or more of the means at your disposal depending on the power of your conviction and on the effort you make to put an end to your unsatisfying financial situation, which has experienced more lows than highs in the past.

By calling upon certain characteristics of the Pig, like great optimism and strength when you have strong motivations, you should achieve your objectives in the professional sphere.

You’ll then see what you were hoping would materialize in the financial sphere appear through the realization of your projects. In the professional sphere, that will translate into a raise, a promotion or a new role you’ve been dreaming of… You won’t achieve that by repeatedly asking for it, but as a reward for being diligent, consistent and conscientious.

Love – Friendship

A wonderful year awaits you in terms of love and friendship, which will be marked by lots of pleasant experiences in these two areas if you rely on the inherent qualities of people born under the sign of the Pig.

You could and should primarily express the gentle and calm nature of Pigs, their natural kindness and their qualities as romantic people, who respect their partner’s personality.

Moreover, generally, people born under the sign of the Pig are easy-going. They are appreciated because they rarely try to add fuel to the fire and are rather good at making concessions, compromises and amicable arrangements preserving the interests of both parties.

Moreover, they rarely lose their cool and generally know how to hold their nerve and how to stay in control of themselves, without being overwhelmed by emotions, at the time of making important decisions.

People born under the sign of the Pig also have great empathy for others and try to understand without judging. Which will be of great help to you in lots of circumstances where you have emotional choices to make.

You’ll, therefore, get through the few ordeals that will appear in your life throughout this year of the Rat without any problems.

Where others would make mistakes or bad decisions that could lead to misunderstandings or even break-ups, you’ll prove yourself capable of reversing emotional situations that initially appeared bad.

Pigs are not destroyers but builders of happiness. That will be a strength for you to develop an ongoing relationship if you already have a partner, or to find one if that’s your main desire in terms of love for the year of the Rat!