The Monkey Horoscope 2020

Monkeys are bon viveurs. They enjoy playing, having fun and having a good time. They are funny and mischievous. They are always the first to party. They are always on the lookout for the slightest reason to celebrate.

They are natural clowns. They like to entertain, make people laugh and spread joy and good cheer wherever they go. They know how to listen to others and are good confidants.

They avoid complicated, contentious situations and conflict. They always manage to get by skillfully.

Nonetheless, they don’t have a very strong moral compass. They are capable of breaking all the rules, all the taboos, and all the habits to quench their unquenchable thirst for pleasure and enjoyment.

Monkeys are very curious and interested in everything, all the time. Which means they are very knowledgeable. They are in fact sought out because they know how to present things while being funny and skillfully capturing the attention of their listeners.

The main problem for Monkeys is that they don’t have any limits and they struggle to control themselves. Which can lead to all sorts of excesses: alcohol, sex, drugs, obesity… or addictions that they will struggle to kick given their nature as bon viveurs and pleasure-seekers.

They are capable of letting themselves go without holding back because they are very self-indulgent. They find it extremely difficult to set themselves limits.

To grow, Monkeys must learn to better control themselves and to curb and limit their excesses. They must also be less selfish because they don’t think about the consequences of their actions enough. Similarly, it’s crucial that they slow down their hectic pace of life to guarantee themselves a long stress-free life.

Astrological Predictions for the Monkey for the year of the Rat

The year of the Rat will be favorable in lots of areas for people born under the sign of the Monkey, but it will be more difficult in the professional sphere and in terms of windfalls.

Which does not mean that it will be bad in this area, but that Monkeys will need to expend lots more effort than in other areas to succeed, and if they do, they’ll experience roaring success.

General tips

People born under the sign of the Monkey will specifically need to be wary of a certain tendency they sometimes have to take things too lightly because they have challenges to take on or come across problems. During this year of the Rat, they’ll need to take them seriously if they want to overcome certain obstacles.

They’ll achieve their goals if they don’t see these ordeals as unfair troubles befalling them by coincidence or because they’re the victims of misfortune. They’ll sweep away worries and cast aside ill-intentioned people if they see these events as challenges to rise to, and from which they’ll emerge stronger if they succeed.

When Monkeys take things in hand, if they apply themselves seriously, without being superficial, and if they are very motivated, they can achieve all the goals they set themselves.

If you are born under the sign of the Monkey, try to avoid dawdling when working on your projects because you run the risk of running out of time and not being able to complete your projects in a good time.

And worse, you could be tempted to botch them to respect your deadlines, overlooking details or making mistakes. To succeed, work regularly towards achieving your projects, and not in short bursts. Which will guarantee you success, thereby consolidating your reputation.

Career – Money

This will be the area where you’ll experience the most trouble making a break-through and improving your professional situation or increasing your income.

It won’t be impossible, but you’ll need to expend more energy than usual to achieve your goals. Moreover, in the event of problems, setbacks or delayed windfalls, don’t let yourself be overcome by stress, anxiety or the fear of what tomorrow holds.

These negative reactions wouldn’t make the money you’re expecting appear any faster. Moreover, they would put you in a negative state of mind that would slow down, or even prevent, your attempts to get extra money.

When the improvement of your financial situation is difficult or delayed, whatever you do, don’t throw in the towel or despair. These unfortunate events will merely be signs that you need to redouble your efforts to speed up the appearance of the expected sums.

In those cases, don’t panic. Don’t make rushed decisions or try to make up your losses by investing more money hastily in new projects presented to you to get rich.

Don’t make that mistake because that could land you in unpleasant situations and make you dependent on people from whom you borrow money, but cannot pay back promptly, if ever!

Your stress would then build-up, which would not only paralyze you, preventing you from seeking other sources of income, it would also poison your everyday life.

Therefore, it would be better to calmly analyze your plans to get rich, to see what didn’t work. Call upon abilities that you have deep down including your persuasiveness, and upon the motivation, you can muster when you want to achieve your goals.

These qualities will enable you to get out of all sorts of situations, to escape certain traps set for you to squeeze you out of your money, but above all, to reconnect with your financial luck.

Moreover, don’t persist if a way of getting rich doesn’t work for you. It will be a sign that you should explore other paths if you experience too many problems with your first way of getting rich.

Love – Friendship

As hectic as your life will be on a financial level, it will be able to smile upon you in terms of your romantic relationships, as well as your friendships and family. Moreover, you shouldn’t have much to do to seduce people and/or build your romantic relationships and see your dearest wishes granted.

All you’ll need to do is be natural and express the qualities of people born under the sign of the Monkey, such as their intuitive intelligence, as well as their ability to make people feel comfortable and create a good atmosphere.

Monkeys have a gift for boosting people’s self-confidence and for making it easy for them to express their inner selves, without being limited by taboos or holding back from expressing their desires.

You’ll, therefore, have a great power of seduction and persuasion, which you’ll be able to use, depending on what you want, either to get closer to someone in particular or to have fun with various partners.

If you are already in a relationship, by expressing your best qualities in your love life, your year should be filled with happiness, complicity, successful projects and shared joys.

If you are single, depending on what you want: you could make use of your power of seduction repeatedly or you could establish a stable relationship with one person in particular thanks to your natural magnetism. Your warm and charming nature will be another asset.